Lights of Orion
- powerful energy source used to grant enhanced golden armor, generallyin conjunction with Galaxy Ranger powers
Lights of Orion
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First Appearance: 712-ORis
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Lights' cave, with magical seal (close-up), Lights' cave, without magical seal (long shot), Lights of Orion (shown at right), Destruxo's Orion urn, Destruxo with Orion power, Galaxy Rangers with Orion armor, Orion armor claw, Orionized Quasar Saber, Orion Galaxy Megazord, Orion Omega Megazord


  • In the Forest Dome, Furio walked up to a mountain wall with some vines on it; in the wall was a diamond-shaped reddish metallic panel, with red curly designs.
  • This cave opening (currently sealed) was identical to the cave containing Auric's tiki on Mysterio Island. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)
  • When Trakeena came bringing ominous news for Furio, he urged Trakeena to convince Scorpius to give him a small extension, as this time he would bring him the Lights of Orion; as he said this, he held a small crystal pendant.
  • Trakeena was excited by the idea of actually getting the Lights.
  • Handing Trakeena the pendant, Furio said they first needed to gain entrance to the cave.
  • The villains stood back and Furio whipped a red energy bolt from his sword at the panel, but nothing happened, and Furio was confused as a second blast failed as well; Trakeena coyly pointed out that he would never get in, as he wasn't "chosen."
  • Mutantrum, impersonating his brother Mike, told Leo they had to get to the Lights of Orion before Furio; Leo wasn't familiar with the Lights, and Mike explained that they were one of the most powerful sources of energy in the universe.
  • Holding the aforementioned crystal pendant, Mike told Leo about the cave ahead in which the Lights had supposedly been sealed for eons; for Leo not to have found this ridiculous, it had to have been common knowledge that the land used aboard Terra Venture was quite old.
  • At the panel in the rock wall, Mike told Leo he had to get inside; Leo approached it, and when he touched the panel, the designs glowed blue, and the foot-thick barrier dissolved with purple energy.
  • Leo climbed in and found himself in a cave; in the main cavern was a man-sized iron cage with a trasure chest inside.
  • Leo sliced open the chain/lock on the cage door, then the same type of iron padlock on the chest as well; inside was a smaller shiny gray box with modern-looking silver latches and rounded corners.
  • After a fierce struggle over the box against Leo, Furio crawled over to the box, saying it was time to put the Lights to use; he held the crystal pendant near the box's latch, and a purple energy bolt from the crystal went into the latch, allowing him to open it.
  • Furio was shocked to find the box's black interior empty, saying it was impossible; Trakeena demanded an explanation, saying her father would be furious to learn of his failure, but Furio begged for another chance, saying he'd find them.
  • Maya wondered if the Lights really existed at all.


  • Scorpius told Furio that many had tried to find the Lights of Orion, and all had failed, including Furio.
  • Furio said that Wisewizard had new information that could prove helpful, and Wisewizard said he believed the Lights were hidden in an ordinary camera and that the trick was to find out which one.
  • How Wisewizard had come to the conclusion that the Lights were in a camera is unknown.
  • During Carolyn Pickets' photo shoot in a Terra Venture mountain park as the teens approached, Wisewizard wanted to see whether the Lights were in the camera, so he projected a glowing blue page from his notebook; sticking to the camera, the page made the camera explode into pieces, but Wisewizard found nothing upon checking the scrap on the tripod.
  • Another day after the final scene of Star Crossed Lovers, Wisewizard attacked again, sending another explosive page sticking to the movie camera, but he found nothing in its remains either.
  • Before fleeing, Wisewizard told the Rangers they would be powerless against him once he found the Lights.


  • Another day, Furio said he was very close and now believed the Lights were buried in the soil of Terra Venture.
  • Apparently in the Forest Dome, Furio had Quakemaker shake up the colony, planning to shake the place until the Lights showed themselves, and he had the monster begin making quakes, shouting for the Lights to arise; they did not, however.
  • Fleeing Scorpius's wrath for his failures, Furio was later inside the same cave from 706-LOrn, but empty and without the rock which had immediately surrounded the original metal seal on the cave. (Source: Cave similarity submitted by SirSTACK)
  • Inside, Furio defeated Stingwingers which had been sent after him; he then went in one direction but suddenly looked at a rock area in the wall, asking as he approached, "What's this? Could it be, the Lights of Orion have been right under our noses the whole time?"


  • When Leo, recalling either a recent vision of Mike or his deceit by Mutantrum in 706-LOrn, went to the cave and fought Furio there, Furio soon self-destructed so neither one of them would get the Lights; Magna Defender would then carry Leo out of the cave following the explosion.
  • Treacheron called Magna Defender his arch-rival, saying he too would be seeking the Lights of Orion.
  • Soon, a monster was chipping at the rock wall in the cave with a pickaxe; after scaring off the monster, Leo examined the rocks that he'd been chipping at.
  • With a slash from his Quasar Saber, Leo sliced off a hunk of rock, and inside was an egg-shaped stone roughly the size of a human head.
  • Kendrix was unable to crack the stone, even with a laser in the Science Division.
  • Taking the stone from Kendrix the next day, Ruptor said the Lights of Orion were his.
  • Before Ruptor had taken the stone, Magna Defender had come to take it from her before the other Rangers had arrived to back her up.
  • Ruptor soon stole the stone, and Magna Defender would leave, intending to get the Lights back.
  • Preparing to strike the stone with his sledgehammer, Samuron called out, "Lights of Orion, come forth so we can see you!"; he then proceeded to hit the stone three times with increasing power until the third strike broke his sledgehammer.
  • Samuron was astonished, exclaiming that for thousands of years, nothing had withstood the crash of his hammer; he concluded that the rock was completely impenetrable, but Treacheron had a plan to crack it open.
  • Elsewhere, Samuron asked the Rangers to show him what they had, and when they fired their Quasar Launchers at him, he held the stone in front of him to take the blast.
  • Looking at the smoking stone after it had deflected the blasts back at the Rangers, Samuron found the stone undamaged, shocking the villains.
  • Arriving, Magna Defender told Samuron he had something that belonged to him.
  • After Magna Defender's lightning slash attack, Samuron dropped the stone, which had been neatly sliced in two, revealing its hollow smaller core, shocking everyone with the apparent exception of Magna Defender.
  • Treacheron was angry but impressed, observing that Magna Defender's skill was flawless, his power magnificent, adding that he'd even managed to split the rock, though Trakeena was quick to point out that it had been a fake.
  • 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender, before being confronted and defeated by Treacheron, had stumbled up a mountainous cliff on Mirinoi holding an old, tiny chest with a key in it, which he opened, releasing the Lights of Orion (or perhaps a fake; see 711-SiSl) and allowing them to slowly fly into the air.
  • The Lights of Orion were a golden sphere of energy which gleamed brightly.


  • Erroneously believing that Kendrix and Maya had been speaking in code about the Lights of Orion being in a sunflower statue, Fishface blew up all of the sunflower statues on Terra Venture to search them but found nothing.
  • Despite the apparent flaw in the logic of Fishface's search, Magna Defender would actively attempt to block Fishface's approach of the various statues before the monster's destruction of them.
  • After Fishface had destroyed the last statue and was dismayed to find no Lights, Magna Defender told the monster the Lights would never be owned by evil.


  • In an effort to find the Lights of Orion more easily, Chillyfish froze the colony and everyone on it.
  • The next morning, after Treacheron had left to find the Lights, saying they called, Magna Defender was in a park area holding up a small box, into which the Lights of Orion flew before he closed it.
  • Leo wanted the Lights to unfreeze the colony, but Magna Defender wouldn't waver from his mission to destroy Scorpius.
  • Leo knocked the box from Magna Defender's hand, making Magna Defender cry out for the Lights.
  • In the ensuing fight, a stray blast from Magna Defender's blaster accidentally opened the wooden box, and the Lights flew out into the sky, with Magna Defender leaping after them to attempt to catch them.
  • Chillyfish, racing after the flying Lights through a field on a horse, caught them in his hand, saying they were finally his; he slowly opened his hand and looked at the gleaming gold sphere, but it suddenly shattered into nothingness, making him realize it had been a fake.
  • Magna Defender irritatedly told Leo that those Lights had been a decoy, but Leo had ruined his plans.
  • Giant Mega Defender told Chillyfish to tell him what he knew of the Lights of Orion, and he would spare the monster, but Chillyfish refused.


  • After sealing off a portion of the city dome inside a forcefield, Destruxo followed a Treacheron-themed locator which led him to the grass near the white halfpipe building associated with the GSA; he proceeded to push the blade end of his staff into the grass.
  • Soon, it began to rumble slightly, and it sprayed water from its top end; Destruxo exclaimed that at last, the Lights of Orion were almost within his grasp, saying it was nearly complete.
  • A bit later, gold flecks of light began to emerge from the staff amidst the water spraying out of it.
  • Later, the ground suddenly began to rumble; a gold energy bolt shot up from Destruxo's staff, causing the holographic colony sky above to open up into a vast sky-full of raging storm clouds.
  • Specter-like blue energy forms flew down from the sky and flew around the area; such wraiths would also be seen in relation to Magna Defender.
  • With the wind raging, Destruxo declared that the Lights of Orion were here.
  • A bright orange energy sphere emerged from the staff and hovered over the Rangers; holding out his hand, a weak Magna Defender called out for the Lights to come to him, but they began to move away and soon flew out of the dome and into space as Destruxo had been running after them.
  • Later, Maya was looking into space; she said the Lights were out there somewhere, and some day they would be back.


  • One night perhaps days or weeks later, a gentle wind was blowing around Maya as she slept in her GSA dorm, but it stopped as she awoke from a dream.
  • At the guys' room with Kendrix, Maya told them she'd had a dream, then got the urge to approach the window, saying, "There," and the Lights of Orion flew by as the regular yellow orb with rays of light flaring out of it.
  • The Lights were on the Scorpion Stinger's viewscreen as Treacheron said he'd located them; Trakeena, having first pointed to them on the viewscreen, said he'd stumbled onto them instead.
  • As the Lights flew into space again, the Megaship was in pursuit but was then disabled by the Scorpion Stinger.
  • The Rangers flew out in their Jet Jammers, but the Lights would then return to Terra Venture, in what appeared to be the Forest Dome.
  • At a wooded hilltop on a grassy hill overlooking a distant town, the bright golden Lights hovered near the trees releasing gold specks, and a fierce wind was blowing around it.
  • Standing beneath the Lights, Destruxo held a gold urn with a dragon design wrapped around it; extending slightly from the lid was a red ruby sphere.
  • Destruxo called the Lights to him and opened the lid, causing a gold energy web to extend from the urn, drawing the Lights in, and he then clamped it shut.
  • Elsewhere, "Treacheron" (actually Impostra) congratulated Destruxo on succeeding where many others had failed, saying with the power inside the jar, Scorpius would be unstoppable.
  • "Treacheron" said that the power of the Lights had to be tested first and that they had to find a warrior brave enough to volunteer; Destruxo volunteered even though Treacheron said the power might be too much for him.
  • Confronting the Rangers, Destruxo removed the lid with a cry of, "Lights of Orion, activate!"; the released Lights were absorbed into his chest, and gold energy transformed portions of Destruxo's body.
  • Destruxo's shoulders were covered in black/gold ripple-like marks, with a curved blade now projecting from each; his left arm was now black/gold as well, with his hand having turned into a lobster claw.
  • Destruxo's gold helmet horn-like projections were enhanced as well, and his sword was much larger and more advanced now, with a large gold dragon head in the hilt appearing to blow a stream of fire, actually the large curved blade, which was silver on the "bottom" half and wavy gold/black "top" half which looked like flames.
  • Destruxo charged the blade with red energy, then shot a flaming red energy blast at the Rangers, making a large explosion; after rolling down a hill, the Rangers lay unmorphed and weak in a smoking area.
  • After Destruxo had left, Impostra said everything was going as planned, picking up the discarded urn.
  • To test his powers, Destruxo planned to destroy everything; he then projected an enormous stream of fire from his sword, and a vast river of fire flowed through the forest, rolling down a hillside, apparently striking the teens and Stingwingers below and knocking them down.
  • Destruxo soon projected another fire wave from flaming energy spheres from his claw arm, and as the wave swept over the teens, they soon emerged from the firestorm morphed.
  • As Destruxo fought the Rangers, the snake on his bracelet blew black smoke into his face; in a tree nearby with the urn, Impostra revealed that she'd tricked him into getting the Lights for her, and she prepared to take them back with the urn, but it suddenly exploded into pieces as Magna Defender walked in with his blaster.
  • Impostra's claim to have tricked Destruxo into getting the Lights for her made little sense, as he'd already had the Lights when she'd had him absorb their powers, supposedly to test them.
  • Magna Defender told Destruxo he might have more power than he did, but power alone wouldn't be enough, calling him pathetic.
  • Swordfighting Destruxo, Magna Defender slashed him, then did a midair flipping sword slash, striking a red sphereical gem in Destruxo's left shoulder, and it crackled with red energy bolts; this gem was much like the green gems later shown in the armbands of the Orion-powered Rangers.
  • Destruxo reverted to normal form with a gold glow as the Lights flew from his chest and hovered over a clearing where the wind blew fiercely.
  • Magna Defender ran to get the Lights, but the Rangers stood in his way, Leo telling him they couldn't let him get them because he had too much anger inside him.
  • Left with no choice, Magna Defender shot the Rangers and ran past them to get the Lights; in a desperate move to stop him from getting the Lights, as he would destroy anything including them to get his revenge, the Rangers aimed their Quasar Launchers at the Lights to destroy them.
  • As Magna Defender threatened to destroy the Rangers, the Lights let out two golden energy pulses, making the Rangers hold their fire; the Lights then flew down and hovered right over the Rangers' heads, apparently choosing them, to the Rangers' and Magna Defender's startlement.
  • Leo figured that the Lights could only be used for good, so they were going to give the Rangers their power.
  • The Rangers gathered around the Lights and held up their hands, almost able to touch it, and gold energy bolts blasted in all directions, some of which blasted Magna Defender back.
  • The Rangers' Orion armor formed on them; the armor was never explicitly named beyond "power-up mode," but this name was generally used to describe the energy attack rather than the armor itself.
  • The armor consisted of a gold left bicep cuff with a green oval gem in it, a much larger gold belt buckle with a green V in it (see "Recurring letters"), gold boot cuffs with zigzag designs in them, a larger mutated gold Quasar Saber hilt covering, with some gems in it and a gold zigzag ring around the animal emblem, gold forearm cuffs with the zigzag designs in them, and a Ranger-colored claw weapon covering the left hand and forearm and attached to the left arm's forearm cuff; the claw weapon bore the Ranger's gold Galactabeast emblem, with two silver claw prongs.
  • Their transformation complete, the Rangers were holding their advanced sabers together, and they then posed with a gold sparkle explosion behind them.
  • As an angry Destruxo charged, the Rangers' arm claws extended.
  • As the Rangers charged, they activated their "power-up mode" attack, combining into a single golden fireball which shot through Destruxo, and they materialized on the other side as the monster fell and exploded.
  • Most often, Leo would be in the center position during the Rangers' energy attack.
  • The Rangers unexpectedly demorphed with gold energy, and the Lights, overhead, split with a gold energy pulse into five smaller pieces, which flew into the teens' Morphers, making the blue discs briefly glow gold.
  • Watching with a smoking chest, Magna Defender despaired that he had failed and that the Lights were gone from him forever; he then ran off.


  • The Shark Brothers knew about the Rangers' power with the Lights of Orion, but Treacheron said they would be unable to activate them if they weren't all together.
  • For the four Rangers (Leo absent) to attempt to summon the Orion armor, they synchronously touched the ground, then held up their hands and made a fist as they called for the Lights to activate, but nothing happened.
  • The Rangers were surprised, and Treacheron arrived laughing and told them the secret.
  • When the Rangers later called for the Lights again with raised hands after Leo had arrived, the transformation began with gold light coming from the wrist where the Transmorpher would've been located.
  • As the Rangers posed in the Orion armor, Leo announced, "power-up mode," the only time their armored mode, rather than the energy attack, would be referred to as "power-up mode."
  • Orion-armored Leo slashed his advanced Quasar Saber in midair, and a spinning red energy sphere flew off it and blasted the Shark Brothers.
  • As Leo fought Treacheron, his arm claw weapon extended on command.
  • As Leo charged up his Quasar Saber as normal, but with the Orion armor, the flames from his normal saber attack rose up around him, and he and Treacheron proceeded to fight within Leo's flaming background.
  • Treacheron charged his sword with blue energy and struck, but Leo blocked with his arm claw and broke the sword blade in two with the handle of his Quasar Saber.
  • From the hilt, Leo charged up his advanced Quasar Saber with flaming gold energy, then with his claw glowing gold as well, slashed with an X strike, his saber having a red/gold/blue energy slash and the claw having a gold/green/black energy bolt slash; Treacheron stumbled back smoking and coughing in the real world, near destruction.
  • After the Orion-armored Rangers had formed the Galaxy Megazord, Leo's Transdagger and arm cuff began to glow red and gold respectively, startling Leo.
  • With gold streaks of light, a large, triangular, gold shield formed on the Galaxy Megazord's chest, bearing a massive silver V; at the same time, the Galaxy Megazord Saber had become more advanced, with a red V in the hilt (see "Recurring letters"), and gold crown-like spokes had formed on the Galaxy Megazord's head; Damon observed that the "power-up mode" had been activated on the entire Megazord.
  • Following charged slashes from the advanced Galaxy Megazord Saber, the Shark Brothers turned to stone and shattered into pieces, as would be the common manner of destruction for monsters destroyed by the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber.


  • The Orion-armored Rangers' fireball attack seemed to destroy Freaky Tiki with an explosion, but he weakly got up and grew.


  • The Orion fireball attack seemed to destroy Skelekron with an explosion, but he immediately grew.


  • When Leo and Kai summoned the Lights for all five Rangers and held up their hands, they were morphed instantly into the Orion armor with a golden gleam; the Rangers then split up into nearby areas of forest to fight Stingwingers and Crumummy separately, yet they retained the Orion armor.
  • Orion-armored Leo teleported over to a Stingwinger to punch it with a red impact gleam.
  • The only Ranger helping Mike against Crumummy, Orion-armored Kendrix charged and turned into a pink energy fireball, a solo version of the Orion fireball attack, and shot through Crumummy, then materialized beside Mike.
  • Crumummy fell and exploded but then grew.
  • Giant Crumummy shot a red energy fireball at the Galaxy Megazord's leg, making an explosion on it, and the Megazord collapsed from a total power loss, its knee damaged.
  • Soon back online, the Megazord got back up and summoned its Orion armor, healing the damage in its knee with red energy.


  • The Rangers performed their energy attack on Deviot after Magna Defender had performed his lightning slash attack, but Deviot laughed as the golden energy crackling around him flowed from into the remote in his hand.


  • The Rangers' energy attack, following a slash from Magna Defender, defeated Hardtochoke, but he then grew.


  • After calling for the Lights of Orion on this occasion, the five armorless Rangers teleported several yards, materializing in the Orion armor.
  • Behind Scorpius, Orion-armored Leo charged his advanced Quasar Saber in flaming gold energy like he'd used on Treacheron; the claw was charged gold as well, but it was unused on this occasion.
  • Leo struck Scorpius from behind, delivering a fatal blow to the overlord and creating a huge explosion which flung the Rangers back; the mortally wounded Scorpius then teleported away.


  • The Rangers' Orion energy attack, following a non-energized flipping slash from armored Mike, defeated Rykon, but she then grew.


  • After the Rangers had summoned the Orion armor, morphed Damon flipped through the air alone and called for the power-up mode, transforming into a lone green energy fireball which shot through Cannonbrawl, making the monster spark and grow.


  • The Rangers' Orion energy attack, following armored Mike's lightning flip, caused Icy Angel to fall and explode, but she then grew.


  • As the Rangers' Orion energy attack struck the front of Maronda's bike, the fireball was split into five spiraling pieces, causing the Rangers to fall as they materialized; the Red Capsular Cycle would later destroy the bike.


  • When the Rangers flew toward Chameliac in fireball form, he invoked duplicate Orion powers and kicked their fireball back in fragmented form, causing the Rangers to fall.


  • The blasts of the Space Rangers' Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode, followed by the Galaxy Rangers' Orion fireball, destroyed the Psycho Rangers, although Psycho Pink would survive.


  • The Rangers' Orion fireball destroyed Spikaka.


  • Fighting monster-Deviot, the Orionized Rangers struck with their claw arms but bounced off him.
  • Deviot said the power he now held was limitless.
  • As the Rangers performed their Orion fireball attack, monster-Deviot casually batted the fireball aside, fragmenting it and making the Rangers fall to the ground.
  • Five gems give to Kai by the Galaxy Book's Guardian equipped the Rangers with Galaxy Quasar Launchers; the Galaxy Quasar Launchers simply appeared to be the Quasar Launchers with added gold fins, as though they had been Orionized.
  • The Galaxy Quasar Launchers fired at once, and a single gleaming gold point of bright light raced toward Deviot, also similar to the Rangers' Orion attack.
  • Stratoforce and Centaurus, fighting giant monster-Deviot, swirled around together in a red/blue energy cyclone which then shot through Deviot as a gold energy streak, also reminiscent of the Orion powers.


  • After Hexuba's crystal ball had been shattered, the Rangers summoned their Orion armor in her nightmare world, realizing the spell must have been broken, but their fireball attack bounced off the Nightmare monster's exterior in fragmented form nonetheless.
  • When Nightmare opened his chest to blast, Damon leapt and seemed unfazed by the barrage, plunging his claw arm into Nightmare's exposed chest and soon pulling it out as the monster groaned and sparked; Nightmare then fell and exploded but immediately grew.


  • Conglomerate Hexuba was alarmed when the Orion-armored Rangers ran through her projectile blasts.
  • After the Rangers' Orion fireball had gone through her, Hexuba said it only made her stronger, so Leo transformed into the Red Armored Ranger and fired his lasers, but she merely laughed and grew.


  • The Rangers had no Orion armor on the Galactabeasts' heads during their second battle with Titanisaur but did once inside the Zords.


  • After the Quasar Sabers had been returned to their stone on Mirinoi, demorphing the Rangers, they continued to shine, and the now bluish-white streaks continued to fly around the stone people, restoring everyone and everything in the village; this may have had something to do with the Lights of Orion, or it may have been solely a function of the sabers.
  • Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.


  • The Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber's finishing slash made giant monster-Trakeena crackle with blue electricity; following the Omega Megazord's missile, she erupted with enormous explosions which spread outward and struck the Zords, and the defeated Galactabeasts fell.
  • Crackling with green energy as they teleported down, the defeated Galaxy Rangers fell to the city below and lay sprawled and motionless.
  • After they'd been picked up in the Omega Megazord's hand, Leo came to, as did the others; as they wondered how they could finish off Trakeena, saying they were out of power, their green Orion arm gems began to glow with gold light which spread over their bodies.
  • The golden light spread up through the Omega Megazord; in the cockpit, the displays in front of the Lightspeed Rangers were glowing gold with specks of light in the air, and the Galaxy Rangers materialized behind their matching Rangers from gold light.
  • As the Omega Megazord glowed gold, the Orion Galaxy Megazord's shield and crown formed on it.
  • As Carter called for all of their combined powers and weapons, the Orion Omega Megazord held the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber (now bearing the Lightspeed insignia in place of a V) and its staff.
  • As the Megazord's chest, crown, and blades glowed with gold light, it delivered an X slash with its dual blades, and the two golden slashes made monster-Trakeena explode.

    - Phrases used to call Lights of Orion
    708-BlCr Furio: "Lights of Orion, arise!"
    - nothing happens
    709-MagD Samuron: "Lights of Orion, come forth so we can see you!"
    - nothing happens
    712-ORis Magna Defender: "Lights of Orion, come to me!"
    - Lights fly away
    713-ORet Destruxo: "Lights of Orion, come forth!"
    - Lights are sucked into gold urn

    - Phrases used for Destruxo to absorb power of Lights
    713-ORet Destruxo: "Lights of Orion, activate!"

    - Phrases used for Rangers to summon Orion armor

    Rangers: "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    717-StlB Leo/Kai (for group): "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    Leo: "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    732-PQsS Karone: "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    734-TVol Rangers (Damon center): "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    739-DrBa Rangers (Damon center, in nightmare world): "Lights of Orion, activate!"

    - Phrases used as Orion-armored Rangers pose
    714-ShAt Leo: "Power Rangers, power-up mode!"

    - Phrases used to extend arm claw weapon
    714-ShAt Leo: "Power up claw!"

    - Phrases used for Orion-armored Rangers to charge
    Leo: "Power-up mode!"
    723-MMir Rangers (Maya center): "Power-up mode!"

    - Phrases used for charging Orion-armored Rangers to combine into golden fireball
    713-ORet Rangers: "Rangers, power up!"
    719-LGb1 Leo (Maya center): "Power-up mode!"
    Leo: "Power-up mode!"
    723-MMir Maya (center): "Power-up mode!"
    732-PQsS Karone: "Power-up mode!"
    734-TVol Damon (center): "Power-up mode!"
    735-EnLG Leo: "Lights of Orion, activate!"
    739-DrBa Leo (Damon center): "Power-up mode!"

    - Phrases used for single Ranger to perform solo energy fireball attack
    724-GrCr Damon: "Power-up mode!"

    - Phrases used to summon Galaxy Megazord's Orion armor
    Leo: "Power-up mode, now!"
    717-StlB Leo: "Power-up mode!"
    Leo: "Galaxy Megazord, power-up mode!"
    720-LGb2 Leo: "Galaxy Megazord, power-up mode, now!"
    728-RRom Leo: "Galaxy Megazord, power up!"
    739-DrBa Leo (in nightmare world): "Galaxy Megazord, power-up mode!"

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