- initially secret operation off the coast of Mariner Bay designed to defend city against demons
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  • Shortly after the demons had been released from the Tomb of Forever, Dana vaguely reported that something had come up, at which point Captain Mitchell dismissed his personnel in attendance before continuing privately although not altogether secretively.
  • In private, Dana told Mitchell, now speaking as daughter to father, that "they" had escaped, prompting him to remove the four confidential Ranger files from his safe in his quarters; opening the seals on the files, Mitchell told Dana, "It's time to bring them in." (See "Teens, group 12" for further selection information.)
  • Almost all Aquabase display panels and controls bore striking similarities to Astro Megaship controls, with some panels actually identical to the Megaship's, including the "Education" paneling seen in 807-CybR; see "Miss Fairweather" for further Space-Lightspeed parallels, as well as strong Turbo-Lightspeed parallels.
  • The existence of the Aquabase was apparently classified, as the teens didn't know where they were after their submarine ride; furthermore, Joel didn't originally know who Captain Mitchell was.
  • Two guards, having led the teens in with Dana, stood by the doors of the conference room as Mitchell debriefed the teens on the demon crisis and their selection as Lightspeed Rangers, preventing the teens from leaving until they'd heard the captain out.
  • After explaining the demons' ancient capture and recent release, Mitchell told the teens Lightspeed had developed technology and highly sophisticated weapons which they believed could stop the demons.
  • Because of their skills, the teens had been chosen to use the weapons to become Lightspeed Power Rangers and defend the city.
  • Kelsey asked, "You built this whole 'Aquabase' so that the four of us could fight off a bunch of... angry demons?" and Mitchell agreed, although noting it was putting it simply.
  • The five Rescue Morphers were kept in a silver sigiled "Top Secret" briefcase.
  • When Dana saw the fifth Morpher, Mitchell revealed he'd been training her for this for 18 years, although his year-counting was not always completely accurate (see Mitchell, 812-TDis).
  • People cheered for the sigil-laden Rangers after they'd arrived in their clearly marked "Lightspeed Rescue" Humvee and destroyed Ghouligan; the existence of Lightspeed was presumably secret no longer.


  • Seeing Miss Fairweather, Mitchell introduced her to the teens as "the genius behind everything," from the Rescue Morphers to their newest weapons.
  • Welcoming the teens to Lightspeed, Miss Fairweather told them Diabolico would stop at nothing to destroy the city, and it was her job to make sure the Rangers remained one step ahead of him and his monsters.
  • After the Train Bay had emerged from the water, joined by a length of track from underwater as well, the standard Rail Rescue deployment would involve the swiveling of a nearby suspension bridge to join to the end of the Rail Rescue track, all the cars on the bridge moving to the shoulder lanes to make way for the giant train which would then race unobstructed along highways and rail lines.


  • Saying she should have known daredevil Kelsey would turn out to be a Power Ranger, pilot Nancy asked what it was like to be a part of Lightspeed Rescue, possessing prior awareness of the organization; this knowledge was presumably public and not exclusive to the space program.


  • Bewildered upon seeing the Cyborg Rangers and their associated red-sigiled crew, Mitchell turned to Miss Fairweather, but she replied uneasily, "We aren't developing any such Cyborg Rangers."
  • Mitchell asked if they hadn't sent the Cyborgs, who had, at which point General McKnight, entering the Transport control area, answered he had; on his military uniform, as well as the uniforms of the two officers accompanying him, was the same red sigil of unknown meaning.
  • While exercising authority over Lightspeed, General McKnight was apparently part of the Third Army, and the two noncommissioned officers accompanying McKnight apparently belonged to the 24th Infantry Division, both of which have been involved in the Middle East.
  • Stiffening nervously upon seeing McKnight, Mitchell saluted and addressed him by name, then asked semi-curiously, "What in the world's going on? I wasn't told--"; McKnight replied that no one was told, as the Cyborg Rangers were a top secret project.
  • The teens raved over the Cyborgs, excited to team up with them, but McKnight replied the Cyborgs weren't there to join them, but rather to replace them.
  • McKnight softly asked Mitchell, "What were you thinking, Bill?" telling him the teens could never defeat Diabolico and his evils.
  • McKnight said the Cyborg Rangers were the future of Lightspeed Rescue, and Diabolico wouldn't know what hit him.
  • After the human Rangers had destroyed both the malfunctioning Cyborg Rangers and giant Strikning, General McKnight apologized to the teens and told Mitchell he wouldn't interfere again, telling him to carry on.


  • The teens now knew the names of both Magmavore and Trifire despite never being shown told their names.


  • Learning the feathers which were all over Mariner Bay would explode at nightfall, Mitchell had them put out a city-wide alert, and an officer with a headset spoke into his headset; Mitchell said they had to retrieve all of the feathers.
  • Around 6 PM, a TV reporter spoke, "We interrupt this program to bring you this breaking story. Feathers have been scattered throughout Mariner Bay by Diabolico. Lightspeed has declared a city-wide emergency. These feathers are said to be explosive and should be avoided at all costs. Rescue teams around Mariner Bay have been mobilized in an attempt to avoid..."
  • By this point, Diabolico and Lightspeed were public knowledge.


  • When asked who had designed everything in the labs, Mitchell replied the Lightspeed Megazord, Rescue Morphers, Rescue Blasters, Rescue Bird, and Rescue Rover had all been designed by Miss Fairweather's team.


  • As the crew celebrated Diabolico's destruction, Mitchell proposed a toast, for Mariner Bay, which he began to describe as the safest city, as of now, in the --, but the alarm sounded; Carter asked if it was a drill, and Mitchell oddly remarked they didn't have drills, calling for everyone to move.


  • Olympius referred to the entry gate, still marked with only a dolphin design and large sigil-bearing locks, as "the secret entrance."


  • Young inventor Simon asked if friend Joel thought he was ready to work at Lightspeed, but Joel told him they did serious work, but that someday if he worked hard enough, he could work wherever he wanted.


  • Kelsey was able to identify Leo Corbett by name and Ranger position merely by seeing that the stranger, with his head lowered, held the Lion Quasar Saber.
  • Dana and the others were apparently previously familiar with the name Trakeena.
  • When Carter reluctantly agreed to let Heather come with him to look for her captured parents, Heather asked, "Kinda like I'm a junior Ranger?" and Carter searchingly agreed.
  • As the teens conversed with Galaxy Ranger teens Leo, Kai, and Maya in the galley, various techs sat around doing their own things, paying no attention to the visitors' presence.
  • The Galaxy teens told the Lightspeed teens of Trakeena's green form, as though this weren't common knowledge.


  • Dana knew that the Galaxy teens had had to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi.
  • Following young Heather's help to rescue her parents and other victims of Trakeena, Carter gave Heather a silver "Lightspeed Rescue" badge bearing a Lightspeed sigil as he told her parents that she was in fact an official junior Ranger.


  • As Mitchell discussed needing something more against Infinitor, he asked Miss Fairweather about Clark's new technology, unsure if he would help them, but Miss Fairweather was giddy over his expertise and called him right away.
  • According to Miss Fairweather, Clark had written the book (said figuratively) on energy transformation, and she said he was able to build a Megazord blindfolded.
  • While Clark was visiting, a trash can in Transport was filled with the remains of shredded documents.


  • After an unsuccessful test of the experimental Lifeforce Megazord mockup cockpit, Mitchell said it was too dangerous and thought they should shut the project down, but the teens convinced him to allow them to continue.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord wielded a saber with a large red sigil for a hilt, perhaps implying an association with General McKnight's operation.


  • As Miss Fairweather reported they were working on the damaged Omega Megazord, a hardhat crew with hardhats perhaps bearing Lightspeed sigils operated a crane as it lowered the Omega Megazord's severed arm onto a flatbed truck bearing a Lightspeed sigil.
  • There were numerous spectators around the Omega Megazord recovery, denoting a lack of secrecy about Lightspeed operations.
  • Stunned by the ongoing destruction of the Aquabase, Captain Mitchell distantly remarked, "Everything I've worked so hard for... It's gone."


  • The six teens (except Joel, dressed up for a date) all wore their Lightspeed jackets while turning in their Morphers to Captain Mitchell in the park another day; the four teens (sans Carter) would have lost theirs in the Aquabase destruction, while Ryan was not shown wearing his jacket in the desert.
  • As Carter proudly removed his Morpher and handed it to Mitchell, he apologized about the Aquabase, but Mitchell replied at least Bansheera and her demons were gone forever and Mariner Bay was safe again.
  • None of the supporting Lightspeed crew were shown again at this point; even Miss Fairweather was present only for her date with Joel, not the returning of the Morphers.

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