Lion Galactabeast/Galactazord
- Red Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast/Galactazord
Lion Galactabeast
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First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: Lion emblem, Lion Galactabeast (shown at right), Lion Galactazord


  • The Lion was the Red Galaxy Ranger's Galactabeast.


  • The Lion had the same five yellow lines in his head as were on Red Ranger's helmet.
  • The Lion had a yellow circle in each shoulder and hindquarters, the ones in front larger than the ones in the rear.
  • As the Galactabeasts confronted giant Radster on Terra Venture, the Lion stepped forward and roared loudly with some flames rising up near its face.
  • Leo asked Maya what he was saying, and she told him that if they combined powers they could beat Radster, and that the Lion wanted Leo to jump on.
  • Pointing to himself, Leo asked the Lion, "Me?" and the Lion growled faintly, so he leapt up onto its head, at which point flames rose up all around the Lion, some being breathed from its mouth.
  • Flaming streaks and geysers leapt around the Lion, going back in at various points, and others extending away; Leo focused his energies, and flames rose up around him as well.
  • As Radster prepared to shoot, Leo caused the flaming Lion to shoot a stream of fire from his mouth, competing with Radster's blue energy beam.
  • The fire soon overpowered Radster's beam, beginning to dissolve Radster as the flamethrower blast enveloped him; he then exploded.


  • When Leo called for the Lion Galactabeast, an explosion erupted from a rock cliff somewhere in Terra Venture, and the Lion rose from a glowing red pit in the rocky ground.
  • As he charged, giant Horn was sent flying back by the Lion's fire breath and soon exploded.


  • The Lion Galactazord formed the head and upper torso of the Galaxy Megazord.


  • The Lion Galactazord could shoot fiery energy beams from four points, two on each shoulder, arranged vertically.


  • Riding a white horse, Leo morphed with a blaze of flaming red energy; afterward, the horse had a red head covering bearing the yellow head stripes of the Lion Galactabeast, as well as a red saddle cloth and red bands on its legs above the hooves.


  • The night after he'd lost a race with Motor Mantis, Leo was frustratedly looking over a building's railing at the woods when he heard Motor Mantis in the distance, then the roar of the Lion Galactabeast, and he ran down and found the Lion in the woods, asking the beast what it was telling him.
  • Unable to understand, Leo remembered Maya's words, listening with his heart as the Lion continued to growl softly, and he suddenly knew it was leading him to more power; when asked where, the Lion replied, and Leo understood that the answer was his Astro Cycle.
  • Later, walking with Maya, Leo explained the Lion had told him about the Capsular Cycle, surprising Maya.
  • Leo joked that they'd talked for hours, all night long, and he'd told Leo about back when he'd been just a baby Lion Galactabeast growing up in another galaxy.
  • Actually, the Lion had told Leo his Astro Cycle had more powers, so he'd just crossed his fingers and gone for it.


  • Later after Mike had destroyed a laser dish which would have destroyed the Galactabeasts, Leo and Mike jogged through the Forest Dome, and as they finished, the Lion Galactabeast growled gently to them from over a mountainside in what Leo thought were thanks.


  • During the second battle against Titanisaur, which was vulnerable to overheating, the Lion Galactabeast firebreathed Titanisaur in the back; flames then gathered into Leo, and he fired a second, more powerful blast, knocking Titanisaur down briefly.

    - Phrases used to summon Lion Galactabeast
    704-Rook Leo: "Lion Galactabeast!"

    - Phrases used upon landing on Lion Galactabeast
    705-Hmsk Leo: "Lion Galactabeast!"
    Leo: "Lion!"

    - Phrases used to increase flames around Lion Galactabeast
    703-RTTR Leo: "All right, let's turn up the heat!"
    704-Rook Leo: "Galactic fire power!"

    - Phrases used to shoot fire stream from Lion's mouth
    Leo: "Fire power!"

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