- demonic warrior; formerly allied with Queen Bansheera (until 837-WrQn)
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 837-WrQn
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  • Materializing with the other demons in the skull castle lair soon after their release from the Tomb of Forever, Loki formed from a blue demonic wisp.
  • Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image onto the floor with an orange beam from his finger, showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki (pronounced LO-kai) was a dark blue demon with large shoulder horns and long white head horns; he had yellow eyes, and in his chest was a large round orange gem shape, a smaller one on his forehead.
  • Loki's voice was suggestive of a tough macho grunt.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power.


  • Diabolico said they had to find the Power Rangers' base and destroy it; Loki said he'd already found it but that it was underwater, and he knew what water did to them.


  • Loki watched a green-rippling archive projection of the Lightspeed Megazord destroying Magmavore, remarking, "This new Lightspeed Megazord is really powerful," and that they had to defeat it fast in order to destroy the city.
  • After Vypra's quake stakes had been destroyed, Loki told Jinxer that perhaps she could use a little help; from five monster cards in his hand, he selected one to give to Jinxer.
  • When the Rangers chased Vypra into the mountains, Jinxer, nearby, spotted her, and Loki, on a peak nearby, had Jinxer do his stuff, where he created Quakemon.
  • Loki held a two-pronged staff.


  • Diabolico again spoke of reclaiming Mariner Bay; Loki asked Diabolico to let him handle it, but Vypra said they needed a monster the Rangers couldn't get close to, and Diabolico agreed.


  • When Impus whimpered, Loki angrily hoisted him up into the air, crazy from his crying, but Jinxer quickly took the child, saying he thought he was maturing and was ready to create his first monster.
  • As Loki was cocky and bullying after Impus's monster had been created, Fireor suddenly turned his head and blasted Loki back with fireballs from his eyes; Diabolico approved, sending Fireor after the fuel cell.


  • After Vypra's Vyprari escapade, Loki teased her and her silly "toy," telling her to grow up; Diabolico asked if he had a better idea, and Loki presented the card for Elestomp.


  • Jinxer was tending to the whining Impus when the others entered, Loki furious with the crying which Jinxer was unable to stop.


  • As Diabolico explained to Queen Bansheera about the palace, Loki blurted out that there was a city on top of it, and it was protected by Power Rangers whose base was underwater, and she knew how they felt about water.


  • After Bansheera had threatened to give Diabolico's Star Power to Impus, Loki insisted there was no way he was taking orders from that little squirt, and Diabolico agreed, saying he was the only leader around there.


  • As Loki wondered what Diabolico would do now that his monsters hadn't been successful, both Loki and Jinxer recalled Bansheera's threat to replace him with Impus.


  • After Demonite had been destroyed, Loki asked to make a monster, but Diabolico silenced him, saying they didn't need another monster.


  • When Diabolico was destroyed, Loki and Vypra were highly agitated, Loki striking a pillar in rage, planning to make the Rangers pay dearly.
  • Just then, the Star Power flew in from the ceiling and went into Impus's forehead.


  • In response to Olympius's presence, Loki was startled, wondering if it was really the little runt Impus.
  • In the skull castle after Olympius's capture of four teens, Loki remarked not bad for a kid, wanting to destroy the teens, but Olympius had use for them first.
  • Olympius planned to infiltrate the Aquabase; Loki sarcastically told the "genius" great idea, as the Aquabase was underwater, asking, "Ever see a monster get into water? Of course not! We lose our power!"
  • After Thunderclaw's destruction, the weakened Olympius was angry, and Loki told him to grow up and learn a thing or two from "the master."


  • Vypra planned to leave the Aquabase in the dark by destroying Mariner Bay's two power stations, and Loki had complete faith in Shockatron.
  • Later, as the planets approached alignment, Olympius said the Rangers had to be destroyed by the time they brought his mother back; Loki had a plan - the plan of all plans - and he and Vypra left together.


  • As the planets aligned and Vypra had Jinxer get Olympius for the ceremony, Loki wanted to figure out a way so he and Vypra would get all the credit instead of Olympius.
  • At the ceremony cite, Loki told Spellbinder he'd be in charge, but Olympius didn't think so, as it was too important and Loki had failed his mother too many times; Loki was outraged.
  • To teach him respect for his insolence, Loki ordered him to spend the ceremony in the Skull Cavern; Olympius left telling Jinxer he wasn't yet strong enough to stop them, but he would be soon.
  • When the Rangers attacked during the ceremony, Loki and Vypra charged, but while the Rangers fought Batlings, Loki fled the building, chased by Kelsey and Chad.
  • His wrists tied by the duo's ropes, Loki blasted back at them with blue eyebolts.
  • Vypra and Loki were pleased as Spellbinder grew to fight the Rangers outside.
  • As Bansheera appeared over the city to destroy it with a tidal wave while the Rangers battled giant Spellbinder, Ryan's destruction of the altar stopped the ceremony, and Bansheera, the energy beam, the tidal wave, and the dark clouds all vanished.
  • In the fiery basement, Jinxer and Olympius were dismayed as Loki and Vypra entered; Olympius was furious with them.
  • As Olympius shouted at Vypra's excuse, Loki stood in front of Vypra and threatened to teach him a lesson he'd never forget if he ever spoke to them that way again.
  • Olympius kicked Loki down, saying he was through with them, but Bansheera then appeared in a hovering mass.


  • After Olympius had successfully deterred the Rangers from blasting his approaching asteroid, Bansheera said if the plan worked, Olympius would be her second in command; Loki was surprised, and Vypra stormed out, but the plan would eventually fail.


  • As Olympius found that Trakeena planned to doublecross them, Vypra obstinately asked Olympius what he was going to do, and he planned to destroy all of them; Loki begged to let him do it, but Olympius planned to have revenge himself.
  • As Olympius confronted the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers, he was joined by Loki, Vypra, Jinxer, and Batlings.
  • Loki briefly fought the two Yellow Rangers.
  • Soon, a golden beam formed from blasts from eight of the Rangers struck Jinxer, Olympius, and Loki with little ill effect.


  • As Vypra's Starlight Crystal plan was coming to fruition, Bansheera assigned Loki to stop the Rangers' interference, sending Olympius along with him.
  • In the mountains, the Rangers found Olympius and Loki strolling past a cave in the mountains.
  • Two slashes from Carter's V-Lancer had minimal effect on Loki, although when he was seen again a while later, he seemed somewhat tired.
  • Olympius told the Rangers he would destroy them, but Loki wanted a piece of them too.
  • Two charged V-Lancer slashes struck Loki; he and Olympius then joined the nearly defeated Moleman, but when the Rangers fired the Spectra Blast, Olympius leapt aside, and the monster's explosion sent Loki flying in agony.
  • Smoking in agony, Loki swore revenge on the Rangers.


  • As Vypra, Olympius, and Loki sat at a banquet table in the skull castle, Loki discarded the skeleton of a "delicious" rat and wanted another, with a bloodstained napkin tucked below his neck; further down the table, a live white rat crawled in front of Vypra.
  • Olympius told Loki to stop playing with his food, but, dangling a live rat by the tail over his mouth, he said they were so much tastier when they were all riled up.
  • Olympius called Loki disgusting and useless, and Loki angrily stood, demanding he take it back; an unamused Vypra meanwhile rose as well, and Jinxer fretted.
  • Olympius remarked it was true, as Loki hadn't created a monster in ages, and he doubted if Loki even could; to prove otherwise, Loki threw a card into the demon maw, and Cyclopter emerged.
  • Cyclopter asked for someone worthy of challenging him, and Loki had an idea in mind.
  • After Chad's sensei Mr. Tamashiro had effortlessly helped the Rangers against Cyclopter, the monster approached the sensei at his home in the woods and asked to train with him.
  • Just then, Loki appeared and stormed up, as he was supposed to be destroying the Power Rangers, but Cyclopter kicked him back, and Loki vanished saying he'd regret this, after which Mr. Tamashiro agreed to train the seemingly rebellious monster.
  • When Cyclopter was later destroyed, Loki in the skull castle told Jinxer to do something, and Jinxer threw a growth card.


  • As Bansheera planned to put Vypra and Loki in charge, Loki and Vypra approached Olympius in an isolated area outside Mariner Bay to which he'd called them.
  • Olympius offered to put their differences aside, saying they'd only have enough power to defeat the Rangers and build the palace if they used their energy together, and Loki reluctantly accepted.
  • Vypra asked why they should trust him, and he gave them his word; he called for them to put down their weapons and shake on it.
  • Loki was confused but decided to drop his staff and shook, agreeing, and Vypra slowly and hesitantly followed.
  • As they shook, Vilevine's finger tentacles emerged from the earth and wrapped around Vypra and Loki's legs, slowly pulling them underground as they struggled.
  • As the two were pulled under, Olympius told them no one replaced him, laughing that they'd actually believed he'd share his power with the likes of them.
  • Vypra and Loki eventually surfaced from the sand in the apparently Egyptian desert on the other side of the world.
  • Vypra was furious that they'd trusted Olympius, and they began to walk off scheming over how to get him back, Loki suggesting first plucking his wings.
  • As Vypra and Loki came to the desert ruins, Vypra said she'd been there before; looking around, she led Loki one way and found the small crevice which she then realized led into "the tomb," but Loki remained sarcastic and clueless throughout.
  • Vypra had them go inside to get somebody who could help them go after Olympius, and she shoved the reluctant Loki down the hole and hopped down after him.
  • Inside the tomb as they looked around, Loki remarked he'd forgotten how amazing the place was.
  • When Diabolico was summoned by Vypra's incantation out of the sarcophagus, Loki, initially startled, then realized he was on their side.
  • Vypra explained Olympius's efforts to destroy them and their search for revenge, Loki describing the Star Power's transformation of Impus into Olympius, and Diabolico told them it would be his pleasure to destroy the fool.


  • On this occasion, Ryan pronounced Loki "Lokee" as it would normally be pronounced, although the "Lo-kai" pronunciation was standard for the villain.
  • As Olympius and Freezard fought the Rangers (only Carter now remaining), Loki and Vypra blasted the two from behind, amusedly betting Olympius was surprised to see them again.
  • Vypra summoned Diabolico, and he proceeded to fight Olympius before Bansheera ordered them all to the Skull Cavern.
  • As Loki and Vypra entered claiming Olympius had tried to destroy them, bickering broke out among the villains until Bansheera ordered them all quiet, not caring about their petty lies and hatred.


  • Loki joined Vypra after she'd manipulatively freed Marina the mermaid; he was surprised she'd actually found her.
  • As Marina tried to swim away during an ambush, Loki and Batlings summoned a net with purple and red energy.
  • After catching and hauling up the mermaid, Batlings attached a massive weight and dumped her back into the water, pulling her to the sea floor.
  • After thinking they'd drowned Chad and Marina, Loki remarked, "Two down, four to go."; their consideration of Ryan is unknown.
  • When Vypra and Loki were blasted by the five Rangers' V-Lancers, a huge explosion engulfed the pier with a fiery shockwave.
  • As the smoky and weakened duo prepared to retreat, Vypra noted they now knew Blue Ranger's weakness - love - but Loki thought his supposed weakness had actually made him stronger, prompting her to whack him as they vanished.


  • Loki was with Vypra and Diabolico as they watched Olympius fleeing from monsters in the Shadow World.


  • As the three demons watched King Neptune in a flaming oval, Loki was mockingly unfamiliar with the man, and Diabolico planned to have the power of Neptune's trident.


  • When Diabolico needed a monster, Loki adding he'd been looking for Jinxer all day, Arachnor introduced herself after descending from above.
  • Loki, and apparently Diabolico as well, were not familiar with Arachnor.


  • Finding Jinxer observing Bansheera in a massive pillar of flames after her laughter had echoed through the palace, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki asked what was going on; Jinxer giddily told them Bansheera was finally transforming.


  • In the main lair after Bansheera had transformed by means of absorbing Vypra's life energy, Loki told Diabolico the good news of her transformation.
  • Loki planned to ask Bansheera to let him destroy the Rangers, and Diabolico wished him luck.
  • Before he went, Loki gave Diabolico a gift for being his loyal friend throughout the millennia: on a green pillow, he presented a large black insect amulet with a glowing red orb for a head, and Loki attached it to Diabolico's chest.
  • Loki wished for the charm to bring him luck, and Diabolico thanked him and told his "old friend" to be careful.
  • In Bansheera's new lair, Loki requested to destroy the Rangers, and the queen replied he had always been her favorite, confidently granting his request.
  • At Mariner Stadium where the four Rangers had arrived to investigate readings from a strange vortex, Loki attacked with a demonic bazooka.
  • Approaching and aiming pointblank after knocking the Rangers down, Loki was caught in a sneak-attack, but Diabolico arrived to help.
  • Loki rebuffed that he didn't need his help, shocking Diabolico, and Loki charged.
  • Suddenly, Bansheera's scream sent the six plummeting into the Skull Cavern's dimension.
  • From afar, Bansheera ordered Loki to finish the Rangers; Diabolico warned his charging friend that Bansheera was using him, but Loki said Bansheera had told him he was her favorite warrior.
  • Loki blasted repeatedly despite Diabolico's urgings, and he laughed maniacally as he approached the embattled Rangers.
  • Grappled by the Rangers after they'd blasted him with their Rescue Blasters, Loki tried to shake them off but couldn't.
  • Controlled by Queen Bansheera, Diabolico raised the cannon against his will, shouting for Loki to look out, but his finger pulled the trigger, and the blast struck Loki dead center.
  • As the Rangers lay unconscious nearby from the blast, Diabolico ran up to Loki's prostrate, smoking body in horror.
  • Groaning as he lay dying, Loki asked why their queen would do this, and Diabolico replied intently that she had no heart.
  • Loki lamented in agony that he'd only ever wanted to serve her faithfully; although he wasn't the smartest monster in her arsenal, he said none was ever more loyal.
  • Seeing it was all a big waste, Loki said it was too late for him, but not for Diabolico; as he held out his hand, Diabolico held it and told him to conserve his strength, but Loki gasped goodbye.
  • As Diabolico screamed "no," Loki's hand fell to the ground lifelessly, and his body exploded, engulfing Diabolico in flames; as they died down, Diabolico stood among the flaming debris that remained.
  • Standing amidst the flaming debris that remained, Diabolico spoke, "Goodbye, Loki, my friend," and swore to avenge his destruction.

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