Lord Zedd
- warlord of evil; husband of Rita Repulsa (since 243-Wed3)
Lord Zedd
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First Appearance: 201-Mut1
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2
Pictures: close-up, medium shot (shown at right), long shot, Zedd and Rita, human form


  • When the palace quaked and lightning flashed, Goldar said it could mean only one thing, that Lord Zedd, the "true emperor," had returned.
  • Rita was quite distressed to learn that Zedd had returned.
  • Zedd's announcement from the sky outside the palace observatory was as follows: "I am Lord Zedd, emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return."
  • As red energy, Zedd flew into the palace through Rita's balcony; afterward, the palace quaked violently.
  • After Zedd had teleported into the palace, Goldar said that Zedd was where he belonged, his chamber of command; Goldar then left to greet Zedd.
  • Squatt, and apparently Baboo as well, were unfamiliar with Zedd.
  • Thundering noises could be heard on Earth from Zedd's takeover on the moon.
  • Zedd's throne, bearing a Z insignia on the back (like many other of Zedd's possessions; see "Recurring letters"), appeared in the chamber on a raised platform with an explosion, and he was sitting in it as it turned around, his serpent in his lap.
  • Zedd used red energy to transform his snake into his staff.
  • Zedd didn't initially recognize Goldar.
  • When Zedd didn't initially recognize Goldar, Goldar said surely Zedd remembered him, his faithful servant.
  • Zedd seemed to recognize Goldar only after Goldar had spoken his own name.
  • Zedd described Goldar as "the groveling one."
  • Zedd said that Goldar's "spineless, sniveling attitude" led him to believe Goldar would serve him well, so he magically restored Goldar's wings, which Zedd said had once been taken away.
  • After restoring Goldar's wings, Zedd wondered about the Earthlings the "incompetant Rita" had been unable to defeat.
  • Zedd could see great distances with a red beam from his visor.
  • Soon snivelingly greeting Zedd in his chamber, Rita begged him for another chance, but he scolded her for being defeated by the Power Rangers, who were, as he said, "mere children"; he then scoffed at her daring to call herself an empress of evil.
  • Zedd apparently knew that the Rangers were what had prevented Rita from accomplishing her mission.
  • The chamber of command turned red when Zedd glowed with anger.
  • Something tripped the Command Center alarm, and Zordon had Alpha activate the intergalactic scanners, suspecting Zedd's arrival.
  • Zordon's greatest fear had been of Zedd returning.
  • According to Zordon, Zedd was Rita and her minions' lord and master, and that he had been ruling over darker places within another galaxy and left Rita in charge eons ago to carry out his orders; now, however, he'd returned to finish the job that Rita had failed to accomplish.
  • Zordon feared that the Zords weren't powerful enough to defeat Zedd's magic.
  • Alpha said Zedd's power was unmatched by anything they'd ever seen before.
  • Zedd took note that "old Zordon" was still around, then said that Zordon's "teenage do-gooders" were no match for him.
  • Zedd had brought his own army of Putties, which he summoned with his staff.
  • Zedd energized his Putties by zapping their Z chests with white energy from his staff.
  • Rita begged for the chance to send down another monster to prove herself; Zedd refused, making her cry.
  • Zedd made Rita's wand disappear and then shrank her once the Putties had brought in her "traveling vehicle," a smaller version of the space dumpster she and her henchmen had been released from in 101-DOTD.
  • Zedd banished Rita from the palace and from his sight, then once the space dumpster was sealed with her inside, used energy from his staff to help two Putties hurl the dumpster into "the farthest reaches of the universe" from the balcony.
  • Zedd planned to have the Putties destroy the Rangers.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed his initial squadron of Putties, Zedd used white lightning from his staff to transform a piranha on Earth into a monster.


  • It was part of Zedd's plan for Pirantishead to turn the Rangers' Zords (which he called "weapons") against them.
  • Zedd seemed to be feeding Pirantishead energy from his staff.
  • When Tommy summoned the Dragonzord to protect them from the evil Tyrannosaurus, Zedd decided he might as well take control of the Dragonzord while he was at it.
  • After Pirantishead had frozen four of the Dinozords and taken control of the Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord, Zordon said it was fortunate that they'd anticipated Zedd's return and had Alpha prepare for "phase two."
  • Zedd told Pirantishead to destroy Angel Grove, and he said soon the whole world would be under his command.
  • Zedd's plan was to distract the Rangers with the Putties and then use the Rangers' own Zords to finish them off.


  • Zedd remarked, "It is only a matter of time until I hold this world in the palm of my hand to crush at will."
  • Zedd observed Billy and Trini working on the signal blocker, but he didn't think they could ever regain control of the Dinozords.
  • Zedd planned for the Rangers to witness the mass destruction of all they had fought to protect; he said the first wave of attack would be against "those annoying humans called teenagers," after which, he said, the rest of the world would easily fall.
  • After the Rangers had regained control of their Zords, Zedd stripped the Zords of their power and returned them "to the depths of the Earth from whence they came," causing them to sink into lava at the bottom of a fissure in the ground; oddly, he left the Dragonzord alone.
  • Upon sinking the Zords into the lava, Zedd proclaimed himself lord over all he saw, with nothing to stand in his way.
  • Seeing the Thunder Megazord apparently for the first time, Zedd remarked, "Zordon and his surprises..."
  • After Pirantishead had been destroyed, Zedd declared to his henchmen that none of them (including himself) would rest until the Rangers were completely destroyed and the Earth was reduced to mere cinders.


  • Zedd knew about Zordon's de-ionization due to the planets lining up, and he planned to have the Primator make the Rangers destroy each other.
  • Zedd said it was time to bring Primator to life, but first he had to choose a body for it; he chose Zack's ape costume, transforming the costume into Primator.
  • After Alpha had begun his self-destruct sequence when Primator attempted to make him take him to the Command Center, Zedd ordered the monster to leave the robot alone and destroy the Rangers.


  • Zedd planned to keep the Rangers fighting each other and out of his way by casting the spell on the shades Zack had brought for himself and Billy to use; the spell only worked for normal humans as long as they were wearing the shades, but it was permanent for Rangers, as it inter-reacted with the powers Zordon had given them; the spell caused Billy and Zack to see their fellow teens as Putties, but as soon as the teens had morphed, the illusion subsided.
  • Zedd was apparently watching Bulk and Skull, probably because they were in the same general area as the teens.
  • Zedd turned Miss Appleby's iguana into the Saliguana as Bulk was overfeeding it.


  • Zedd used Kim's jealousy over Trini's club members against her by having Goldar pour jealousy potion on a duplicate cactus so that when she pricked her finger on it, she would fall under Zedd's spell and turn against Trini.
  • Zedd turned some flowers into the Bloom of Doom.
  • Zedd appeared to have a humanoid nose and eyes beneath his visor.


  • Before they destroyed Green Ranger, Zedd wanted to get his hands on the Sword of Power, which could only be called forth when all six Rangers were united together.
  • Zedd planned to separate the Rangers one at a time, Tommy first, in the Dark Dimension.
  • Zedd had Goldar send the Putties to capture Tommy and bring him to the Dark Chamber, a cave somewhere.
  • Zedd decided to use Robogoat to lure the Rangers into his trap.
  • Zedd created Robogoat from an illustration in Tommy's mythology book.
  • Afer Robogoat had been destroyed, Zedd kept in mind that although they didn't have the Sword of Power, Tommy's powers were running low.


  • Upon discovering that everything being clean and pretty was important to the teens, Zedd send down the most hideous monster he could think of: the Octophantom.
  • Zedd planned for Octophantom to lure the Rangers away and then capture them in a magic jar to drain their powers; he planned for Green Ranger to be the first to fall.
  • Green Ranger was tied to a column in a cave, his powers being drained, after being sucked into Octophantom's magic jar; Zedd's wavering, translucent visage appeared on the wall to tell him he would soon be a powerless shell and that his friends would soon be joining him.
  • Zedd planned to have Octophantom paint grafitti on a statue as an ambush for the other Rangers.
  • Octophantom captured the Black, Pink, and Yellow Rangers in his jar as well, and the four captured Rangers were soon shown together, each tied to the same red marble columns as the one from the cave Tommy had been in, but now near a cliff at the rock quarry; Tommy's powers were being drained, and Zedd was trying to cast a spell over them, perhaps to drain the other three Rangers' powers as well.
  • Octophantom said the power transfer was almost over, presumably referring only to the Green Ranger.


  • Zedd's desire to destroy the Green Ranger was a result of his wanting to wipe out all memory of Rita's failures.
  • Zedd created the Stag Beetle from a drawing on a Stone Canyon broomball flyer outside the Youth Center; the beetle vanished from the drawing following the monster's creation, but the broom remained.
  • Zedd spoke to Stag Beetle from the moon while the monster was on Earth.
  • Zedd planned for Stag Beetle to lure the Rangers out and then destroy them with the stolen Green Ranger powers.
  • After Stag Beetle had been destroyed, Zedd kept in mind that Tommy had lost even more Power.


  • A kid on the beach kicked Bulk for trampling his sand castle, making Bulk and Skull (wearing low-quality Putty costumes to try to lure the Rangers there) retreat; when Trini said that that was more like a Putty, Zedd decided to teach the teens a lesson for mocking his Putties; he had the Putties kidnap Hallie, but he didn't want the girl hurt.
  • Goldar begged to go along with the Putties, as he had a score to settle, so Zedd let him go and take along a bottle containing secret instructions.
  • When Tommy opened the blue bottle, which Goldar had dropped, fiery energy came out, made a Zedd face in the air, and then burned alien writing into the sand, signed with a Z; the Command Center computer translated the writing as, "Take Hallie to Venus Island, where she'll join us forever."
  • After being initially angry that Goldar had dropped the bottle in the "battle" (as Goldar called it) with the little girl, Zedd was pleased to realize that the Rangers would come to rescue her, and he would ransom her for the Green Ranger.
  • Venus Island was an island that existed only when Zedd called it forth; Zedd could make the island rise and sink at any time.
  • If Venus Island sank before Hallie was rescued, Hallie would be lost to Zedd's evil power forever.
  • No one but Zedd knew the location of Venus Island.
  • Hallie was sleeping on an elevated table in a cave on Venus Island, surrounded by a grid of orange energy; Zedd was trying to turn her evil; when his red fog, moving up her body from her feet, had taken over her entire body, she would be lost to his evil control.
  • Zedd turned a venus flytrap on Venus Island into the Invenusable Flytrap.
  • Invenusable Flytrap told Tommy she'd release his four fellow Rangers as soon as Tommy gave up the last of his powers and joined Lord Zedd.
  • Zordon knew that Zedd's plan was to weaken Tommy and draw him and Hallie into his evil world.


  • When Zedd was looking at Kim's guitar for a monster idea, Goldar reminded him that a guitar was wood, and since it wasn't alive, Zedd couldn't make a monster out of it; although Zedd had and would on many occasions create monsters from inanimate objects, in this episode he proceeded to create a monster, Guitardo, from a cicada near the guitar instead.
  • Zedd planned for Guitardo's music to lure the Rangers into his control.
  • Two large bell sounds in the palace seemed to tell Zedd that his spell to create the Guitardo monster was ready; at this point, he created Guitardo from a cicada.


  • After he may or may not have been watching the hologram of Tommy from the future during his final battle, Zedd said the moment had finally come: the end of the Green Ranger was at hand, and this time, nothing could save him from destruction.
  • Zedd added that when Green Ranger was no more, then came the final phase: the total annihilation of all the Power Rangers.
  • After watching five punks who'd just transferred to Angel Grove High confront Zack, Tommy, and Billy, Zedd remarked, "Ahh, did you see that, Goldar? Yes, they're absolutely perfect. Those five surly teenagers shall become my evil superheroes, the Dark Rangers."
  • Zedd said that when Green Ranger was no more, the Green Crystal would be fully-charged, and he would use it to destroy Zordon and the Command Center.
  • Watching the five punks tell the teens that Angel Grove belonged to them, the five punks, now, Zedd commented, "Ahh, you see, Goldar? Arrogant, nasty, disrespectful... Those are my five warriors, the final element to complete my plan."
  • The five punks were preparing to fight the teens when Zedd teleported them to the Otherworld.
  • In the Otherworld with Goldar, Zedd told the motionless (with the exception of the pink punk glancing off to the side) punks they had been chosen to be his Dark Rangers, and together Zedd and they would conquer the Earth.
  • Zedd planned to send down a monster to have Tommy join the battle and use up the last of his strength.
  • Zedd created Turbanshell from the large and unusual shell Kim had found at the lake.
  • After unleashing Turbanshell to lure Tommy into battle, Zedd said that when Tommy helped the others, he would lose his Green Ranger powers forever.
  • While weakly leaning against a tree after the battle of the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord against giant Turbanshell, Green Ranger was teleported with white energy bolts into a field in the Otherworld, where Turbanshell was waiting.
  • Once the last of the green power had flowed into the Green Crystal after being drained by Turbanshell, Zedd declared that with this new power, they would begin the next phase of his plan, the elimination of the Power Rangers and the rise of the Dark Rangers.
  • Zedd was apparently jamming the Rangers' communicators; he then teleported the five Rangers into a forcefield in the Otherworld, demorphing them in mid-teleport.
  • Zedd referred to the Dark Rangers as the Rangers' replacements.
  • Zedd stated, "My mortal enemy, Zordon, chose five teenagers to become Power Rangers and defend the world. I also have chosen five, my Dark Rangers, to destroy it!"
  • Zedd had promised the five punks his loyalty.
  • Zedd said the Dark Rangers would "take their rightful places," then begin the destruction of the world.


  • Instead of allowing Goldar to kill them, Zedd sent the teens back to Angel Grove "without their powers" so they would have to stand helplessly by as Turbanshell destroyed the city.
  • The next phase of Zedd's plan was to reprogram the Zords for the Dark Rangers to use to conquer the Earth.
  • Just before Tommy destroyed the Green Crystal, Zedd told the Dark Rangers their Zords were ready.


  • While Jason was feeling guilty about not having retrieved the Green Candle in time, Zedd said Rita's Green Candle was just the beginning, and he had in his chamber black, pink, yellow, and blue candles.
  • Zedd wondered how Jason would feel after all the others' powers were drained and he was powerless to stop it.
  • After Goldar had teleported the four Rangers to the Dimension of Doom, Zedd told Goldar he could have the four Rangers to play with, but that the Red Ranger was his.
  • Zedd turned the Golden Pipe karate trophy into the Pipebrain monster.
  • Goldar told the four captured Rangers that the world would belong to Zedd.
  • After the five Rangers had escaped from the Dimension of Doom with their powers intact, Zedd said he didn't understand it: the more he divided them, the more they came together; he then swore to find a way to destroy the Rangers, even if he had to scour the entire galaxy to do it.


  • Upon witnessing Zack letting Curtis borrow their uncle Ed's famous trumpet for a performance, Zedd said it was the opportunity he'd been waiting for, and had a hallucination spell cast on the trumpet; his plan was to make the Rangers hallucinate past monsters to wear them out.
  • Zedd had called for all of their best monsters to be used as hallucinations; Trumpet Top would eventually use hallucinations of the following monsters: Grumble Bee, Saliguana, Fighting Flea, Soccadillo, Rhinoblaster, Mantis, Stag Beetle, and Slippery Shark.
  • Although Zedd had initially told Goldar to cast the spell on the trumpet, he actually ended up sending Putties to do the job.
  • When the Putties successfully used hallucination dust on the trumpet, Zedd remarked that it was about time the Putties actually did something right.
  • After the teens had been hit by the vapors from the enchanted trumpet, Zedd said that in mere moments it would be time to create the monster which would complete his spell; perhaps he was waiting until Curtis was done playing before turning the trumpet into a monster.
  • Zedd created Trumpet Top from the trumpet after a Putty had stolen it from the Youth Center following Curtis's performance.
  • After Jason had called, "Back to action!" in the Command Center, Zedd said to himself before throwing a grow bomb, "Ah, they want more action? Well, I'll give them more than they can handle!"


  • Goldar reported to Zedd that since the defeat of the Green Ranger, the other teens were becoming increasingly distressed.
  • Zedd planned to target Kimberly next, as she had always intrigued him with her courage and tenacity; he thought she would make the perfect queen.
  • Zedd told Goldar to capture Kimberly and lure her to "the dark side," saying her days as a do-gooder would be over once she had tasted the power of evil.
  • Zedd turned the mirror Tommy had given Kim into the Mirror Maniac monster.
  • Seeing Goldar setting Kim on a throne in a cave, Zordon said that it looked as though Zedd had decided to make Kim his "new queen."
  • Zedd said that "divide-and-conquer" was his favorite tactic.
  • Zedd had the Putties attack Curtis and Richie in the park as a diversion for the remaining Rangers.
  • After Mirror Maniac was destroyed following Kim's escape from the Cave of Fantasy, Zedd told Goldar that he'd once again snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory.


  • Zack said it had been way too quiet around lately.
  • After Zordon had transported from his plasma tube into the Command Center's hidden chamber to prepare to create the White Ranger, Zedd detected a sudden weakness in the Morphing Grid.
  • Zedd said the Morphing Grid's balance was maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and himself.
  • Zedd wanted to capture Tommy now that Zordon had apparently either given up or become damaged.
  • Zedd made the Sentinel Statue, a large stone fist in Angel Grove Park, begin transforming into Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel to occupy the Rangers.
  • Zedd said that Tommy would soon return to the dark side and take his place as heir to Zedd's throne.
  • Zedd sent Putties to the park to stop the teens from interfering with the slowly-growing Nimrod.
  • Tommy had been swimming in a lake in orange trunks, and as he dried off, he flashed with, among other colors, green and white; he reacted with apparent pain and surprise, then teleported away as a ball of white light; immediately afterward, Zedd said that everything was going according to plan but then only mentioned Nimrod being ready soon; Tommy would later be revealed to be the White Ranger.
  • Zedd grew tired of waiting, and he activated Nimrod whether it was ready or not.


  • After the overwhelmed Rangers had retreated from giant Nimrod and her two monster assistants, Zedd told Goldar they would proceed with his plan, perhaps his Tommy plan.
  • Zedd apparently sent Putties to recover Rita and her space dumpster from the workshop to which Bulk and Skull had taken it.


  • Watching Tommy and Kim before their date, Zedd said he was sickened by teenage love.
  • Since there was an extra Ranger, Zedd said they needed an extra monster.
  • When Zedd decided to make a monster out of Kim's purse, he sent Putties to steal it before he transformed it.
  • After a Putty had stolen the purse from Kim and set it down elsewhere in the park, Zedd transformed it into Pursehead.
  • Zedd transformed Trini's "siren song red" lipstick from Kim's purse into Lipsyncher.


  • Zedd knew that the upcoming solar magnetic storm occurred only once every century.
  • Zedd planned to use Billy's polarizing gague to make a monster that would use the unstable magnetic field to Zedd's advantage.
  • Zedd planned for his magnetic monster to destroy the Earth.
  • From his palace, Zedd could speak with Goldar, who was on Earth.
  • Zedd turned Billy's polarizer into Magnetbrain.
  • Zedd commanded Magnetbrain to destroy the planet's polarity.
  • Amused by the chaos everywhere due to Magnetbrain's geomagnetic disruption, Zedd had Goldar take Putties to the woods to finish off "that annoying Pink Ranger," after which, he said, Magnetbrain would destroy the Earth.
  • Once Magnetbrain had been destroyed, Zedd concluded that science and monsters didn't mix.


  • Zedd liked the concept of Halloween, whereby little children dressed as hideous creatures and demanded treats from strangers.
  • Zedd's idea from the teens' Halloween party was to pit White Ranger against an assortment of monsters.
  • Zedd had Putties disguise themselves as children and lure Tommy away from the others.
  • After Tommy had been taken to the haunted forest dimension, the tombstone monster summoned Robogoat, Pumpkin Rapper, Primator, Rhinoblaster, Invenusable Flytrap, and Snizard to the dimension; these were apparently the monsters Goldar had gathered together, claiming that they were Zedd's favorites.


  • Taking notice of the upcoming ninja competition, Zedd remarked that it would be perfect place to select an elite squad to defeat the Power Rangers.
  • Zedd observed that the Hasper City ninjas already had desirable mean streaks, and he planned to show them how to use it.
  • When Goldar asked what to tell the ninjas upon kidnapping them to the Cave of Despair as Zedd had asked, Zedd told him to tell the ninjas that they'd been hand-selected from thousands of candidates, or that they were being honored with the opportunity to serve the greatest evil leader in all the universe, or anything else, as long as he made it clear that they had no choice.
  • When Zedd told Goldar the competition should've been over, Goldar already knew that the Hasper City ninjas hadn't won.
  • Zedd wasn't pleased with having to use the "goody-two-shoes" who'd won (Rocky, Adam, and Aisha), as the Hasper City ninjas had been chosen because of certain desirable evil qualities, but when Goldar offered to search the planet for three other ninjas, Zedd silenced him, saying there was no choice, as they needed fighters of the Stone Canyon teens' caliber to defeat the Power Rangers.
  • Zedd was unimpressed with the idea of Goldar attempting to lure the Stone Canyon teens to the "dark side," but he gave Goldar the assignment nonetheless.
  • Zordon said the results would be disastrous if Zedd were allowed to turn the Stone Canyon teens to the "dark side."
  • Goldar referred to Lord Zedd as "the great emperor of evil" and "the desperado of despair."


  • To delay the Rangers from rescuing the captives, Zedd created the Terror Blossom from flower petals.
  • Zedd used energy from his staff to help giant Hatchasaurus reassemble himself after Tommy may have left the Tigerzord to destroy Cardiatron; however, Cardiatron could then be seen hovering in the air as Hatchasaurus was rebuilt around it.
  • When Alpha thought it odd that Terror Blossom, a monster that could freeze anything it touched, needed a heat source to germinate its seed pods, Zordon remarked that not even Lord Zedd could escape the laws of nature.


  • After all of his captives were freed from the Cave of Despair, Zedd commented, "We came so close to having our own elite fighting force, a concept definitely worth pursuing."
  • A bit later, Zedd was suddenly angry again about the Stone Canyon teens having gotten away; he said that once they were lured to the "dark side," not even the Power Rangers would stop them.


  • As Tommy, Kim, and Billy watched the Stone Canyon Triathalon, Zedd planned to quietly enslave the world by making everyone obey his every command; Zedd made no mention of Jason, Trini, and Zack, just that Tommy, Kim, and Billy were distracted.
  • Zedd made Skull's dad's fishing pole and Bulk's energy output meter vanish from the boat; he used them to create Beamcaster.
  • Zedd planned to rule the world once the population was exposed to Beamcaster's mind-controlling Zedd waves.
  • Zedd planned for every person on Earth to call him Master.


  • Inspired by Bulk's suspecting the intelligent World Teen Summit members of being Power Rangers, Zedd planned to use the summit members as power teens of his own; he said he only needed the Power Coins and that the rest should be easy, after which the Earth would finally be his.
  • After the World Teen Summit members had been kidnapped, Billy, Kim, and Tommy received a note in a small yellow parachute, telling them that the teen leaders were being held hostage in exchange for the Rangers' Power Coins.
  • Once the Rangers had freed the World Teen Summit members, Zedd said his only chance was to create a monster so terrible it would destroy all of Angel Grove; he then created the Four Head monster from the Angel Grove High art class sculpture for the summit.


  • After observing that a Peace Conference was all it took to get rid of three Power Rangers, Zedd noted that as soon as his "newest demon of destruction" was fully energized, he would destroy the Power Rangers himself.
  • When the Command Center's outer space sensors indicated that Zedd had begun energizing some sort of massive weapon, Zordon said, The day that I have feared has arrived. Zedd has completed Serpentera, a gigantic machine of destruction."
  • Zordon said that Zedd would overwhelm them and take over the world if three new teens weren't selected to replace Jason, Trini, and Zack.
  • When told the Rangers were apparently heading for the "Farthest Galaxy," Zedd knew that they had to be going after the Sword of Light to transfer power to three new Rangers.
  • Zedd planned to use Serpentera to destroy the Deserted Planet and, along with it, the Sword of Light.
  • Zedd sent Squatt and Baboo to Earth with the sleep machine, thinking Zordon wouldn't be able to find new Rangers with the population of Earth unconscious.
  • Looking at the interior of Serpentera, Zedd, calling himself "Lord Zedd, scourge of the universe," said he would be infamous.
  • After learning of someone trying to interfere with the sleep machine in Angel Grove Park, Zedd told Goldar to have the Putties protect the sleep machine.
  • After it seemed Goldar had lost track of the Rangers, Zedd mashed a red button on his left to have Serpentera begin destroying the whole Deserted Planet despite being told that it would use almost all their power and force them to recharge.
  • As Serpentera began to destroy the entire planet and the Rangers with it, Zedd remarked that at long last, victory was his and that the entire universe would tremble before him.


  • Serpentera was now blasting objects in the sky again rather than destroying the city; Zedd would again mash the red button (this time with different dialogue, saying he had triumphed and that the universe belonged to him), causing Serpentera to wipe out the city with its red energy chain reaction a second time.
  • After believing the Rangers had been destroyed, Zedd, saying he'd known this day would finally arrive, apologized that they'd struggled for nothing and said that the Earth was his, for he was invincible.
  • Zedd created the Silverhorns monster, apparently from a tick, to greet the Earthlings until Serpentera had reached Earth.
  • Before creating Silverhorns, Zedd announced, "From the slime, I summon a creature of destruction!"
  • Seeing that the Rangers were alive on Earth, Zedd threw a grow bomb from Serpentera's cockpit.
  • Zedd concluded from seeing six Rangers that they had transferred their powers already but didn't consider that they were waiting to transfer the powers until after they had fought his monster.
  • After landing in Angel Grove, Serpentera had just enough power to return to the moon, so Zedd retreated after Silverhorns was destroyed.
  • Zedd took a personal oath to return and destroy all the Rangers, whether they were at half strength or full, whether there were six or a thousand of them.


  • Upon seeing that Adam was sad because he was the only male teen without a date to the vice-versa dance, Zedd said the had the perfect date for Adam.
  • Zedd had Goldar send Putties to stop Adam from asking Sarah out after school, or else it would ruin his plan.
  • When Zedd saw two Ranger teens hiking with Sabrina (actually Scorpina) instead of one, Goldar said he would use the two as bait for the other Rangers.


  • Zedd planned to show Adam scenes from his past to turn his weak spot of being ridiculed as a child against him and destroy him once he'd lost his confidence.
  • Zedd remarked that it was difficult to find good henchmen these days.
  • For a cruel monster that laughed at its victims, Zedd made the Skelerena from a hyena picture in a book Shawn had been using to write a paper about.
  • After Skelerena had been destroyed, Zedd said he couldn't afford to have any puny Earthlings showing him up, as he had a reputation to keep in this galaxy.


  • Zedd began making a rhyme about his plan to scatter the Rangers' images to scramble their memories; he became angry with Squatt when he gave Zedd help finishing the rhyme, which was as follows: "When is a Ranger not a Ranger? When his image is scattered to bits. And a Ranger is in danger when his memory is on the... on the... (completed by Squatt) On the fritz?"
  • Zedd told Goldar to steal Adam's kaleidoscope, and Goldar replied, "I shall send my Putties into action!"
  • Once the kaleidoscope had been dropped, Zedd turned it into the Scatterbrain monster.
  • Since Scatterbrain could disintegrate Rangers, it remains a mystery why he bothered to reassemble them into their amnesic state.


  • Zedd cast a spell on Rocky to make him have fun excessively to weaken the Rangers, and soon, he said, Angel Grove, and then the entire world, would be his toy.
  • Zedd turned Ernie's pachinko machine into Pachinko Head.
  • Alpha said that reversing a Lord Zedd spell wouldn't be easy.
  • Zedd took Serpentera to Earth a second time, with Goldar again piloting, but Tor drained over half of its power and forced them to retreat.
  • Zedd knew the name of "Tor, the Shuttlezord."


  • Zedd planned to have Goldar capture the Rangers while he created evil twins of the Rangers to give his message on TV.
  • After Goldar failed to capture the Rangers, Zedd said there was no longer time to create evil Rangers.
  • Zedd turned a camera backstage from the Harvey Garvey Show into the Showbiz Monster, who then appeared on a bridge downtown.
  • As the Rangers fought Putties, Zedd sent Goldar to fight White Ranger, telling Goldar not to show his face back in the palace until he had White Ranger's mantle on his sword; after the giant Showbiz Monster had been destroyed, Goldar retreated without having landed a single blow against White Ranger.


  • After Aisha was selected as Fire Safety Captain, Zedd was interested in fire; he planned to create a firebreathing monster to burn down Angel Grove if the Rangers didn't surrender.
  • Later, Zedd sent for Goldar only to have him send the Putties to Earth.
  • Zedd sent the Flame Head monster to deliver his first message by turning a barbeque into an inferno.


  • As the teens participated in a scavenger hunt contest, Zedd planned to send them on an endless scavenger hunt through every dimension in the universe so that Earth could be his for the taking.
  • While Zedd opened the dimensional doorway to the Lost Universe, he told Goldar to steal one of the teens' scavenger hunt items to become his next monster.
  • Zedd said he would soon be the ruler of all the Earth.
  • Though he had told Goldar to get a scavenger hunt item, Zedd personally selected a toy cannon which had belonged to Billy's little cousin.
  • Zedd referred to the Putties as Goldar's Putties.
  • After Goldar had placed the toy, stolen from the teens by Putties, in the park, Zedd waited for just the right moment and then fired the white energy bolt from his staff that turned the toy cannon into Cannontop.
  • Zordon said that Zedd's schemes had grown steadily more dangerous since the three new Rangers were in power.
  • As giant Cannontop fought the Thunder Megazord, Zedd finally succeeded in opening the Lost Dimension, as a Command Center computer scan revealed.


  • Zedd was chasing the Bookala's small spacecraft in Serpentera, seeking the Lightning Diamond, the power source to the Bookala's ship.
  • Goldar told Zedd they needed to recharge Serpentera, after which Zedd forbade any future use of the word "recharge."
  • Zedd said the Earth was 6,000 miles wide, but its actual diameter is almost 8,000 miles.
  • Zedd wanted the Lightning Diamond as an infinite power source for Serpentera to make Serpentera invincible.
  • From the Command Center, Alpha monitored Zedd's recharging of Serpentera.
  • Approaching Earth in Serpentera, Zedd had apparently locked onto the teens' location in a workshop where they were constructing a decoy Bookala doll and Lightning Diamond, and he sent Weldo to the workshop as well, but he still remained oblivious to the teens' plan to trick him with the decoys.
  • Zedd continued to remain oblivious after the Bookala teleported back to the Command Center from outside for the Rangers to prepare their trick; only after the Rangers had set up the trick did Goldar observe that the Rangers were preparing to send the Bookala (actually their decoy Bookala doll) back into space.
  • Zedd sent Goldar to steal the Lightning Diamond; Goldar retrieved the decoy Lightning Diamond created by the Rangers.
  • Tommy congratulated Adam on thinking to put the Bookala's ship, with the decoy items, out in the open where Zedd could see them, but Zedd never before had a problem seeing into buildings, with the probable exception of the Command Center.
  • After believing he'd obtained an infinite power source for Serpentera, Zedd planned to attack Angel Grove with the giant fighting machine, saying this victory would be his glory and his crowning achievement.
  • Upon discovering that the Lightning Diamond was a fake and that Serpentera was powerless, Zedd turned the Rangers' decoy Bookala doll into the evil Bookala.


  • Seeing that Aisha's old friend Shawna was being unpleasant to Kim, Zedd planned to use the unfriendly friction among the teens to split up the Rangers and make them useless to Zordon.
  • Zedd planned to have Goldar capture Kim and Shawna, believing the teens would stop cooperating with each other when they discovered Aisha had done nothing to stop Goldar.
  • Zedd planned to take over the world.
  • Angry that the teens banded together in their time of crisis rather than turning on each other, Zedd transformed a saw in the shop room the guys had been in into the Jaws of Destruction.
  • After the Putties had been defeated, Zedd was upset with Goldar for having sent the Putties to do his job for him.
  • After Goldar had been allowed by White Ranger to pick up his sword and leave, Zedd called Goldar pathetic, saying even White Ranger had felt sorry for him.


  • Since Rocky had never encountered aquatic monsters before, Zedd decided to bring back all of their best underwater monsters to overwhelm the Rangers.
  • Zedd planned to defeat the three Rangers on shore and then take care of the other scuba diving teens when they came up for air.
  • Zedd wouldn't let Goldar take the Putties (Goldar's Putties) to Earth.
  • Supposedly selecting their best aquatic monsters, Zedd summoned Slippery Shark, Pirantishead, Goo Fish, and Commander Crayfish.
  • Zedd called the Slippery Shark "Shark Monster," Pirantishead "Piranha," and Commander Crayfish "Cruel Crayfish."
  • After the four fish monsters had been defeated, Zedd didn't ever want to see another fish again; he then asked Goldar what he'd ordered for lunch, and Goldar had ordered light trout almandine.


  • Zedd planned to use the Rock of Time to make the Earth turn backwards and time along with it, to a time before the teens had met Zordon and thus making them powerless.
  • As Zedd used the Rock of Time to turn the teens into powerless children, Goldar said that Zedd would once again be master of the universe.
  • Zedd referred to the Putties as belonging to himself.
  • Zedd created Photomare from a Polaroid camera, planning for the monster to freeze the six kids in time forever.


  • Zedd sent Goldar to capture young Bulk and Skull to get the photograph in which the six kids were trapped.
  • Zedd planned to lock the photograph away forever so that the universe would be his.
  • Once the Rangers had been restored, Zedd enlarged Photomare rather than having the monster trap the Rangers in a photograph again.
  • Zordon told the Rangers that the Rock of Time was guarded by Zedd's most powerful monsters from the past; this monster menagerie included Invenusable Flytrap, Dramole, and Oysterizer.
  • Zedd again referred to the Putties as Goldar's as he sent Goldar with the Putties to protect the Rock of Time.
  • Zedd scoffed at Goldar's calling himself the greatest warrior of all.


  • The teens' exchange program to Australia coincided with Zedd's once-a-century recharge.
  • Zedd had to go into his rejuvenation chamber to rejuvenate his evil energies.
  • Zedd said the universe would at last be his once he awoke fully-charged.
  • Zedd fell into the Sleep of Oblivion in his rejuvenation chamber to recharge his powers of evil and destruction.
  • Zedd had a tube hooked up to him from the setup of chemicals and such on the rejuvenator.
  • Zedd snored loudly while sleeping.
  • Rita poured Finster's love potion into one of the bubbling chemicals on Zedd's rejuvenator.


  • Upon awakening after having been administered the love potion, Zedd was captivated by Rita's beauty and didn't recognize her; she told him she was one of his humble and faithful servants, at which point he remembered her.
  • Zedd told Rita he had been seeking her for so long, then proposed to her; she quickly accepted.
  • Rita would become a queen upon marrying Zedd.
  • After leaving the room briefly to speak with Finster and then returning, Rita told Zedd that the two of them would finally control the entire universe once they were married; as she said this, she continued to pour more and more love potion into the drinking cup he was holding, while Goldar watched from the window.
  • Zedd told Rita that if he had a heart, it would be bursting with evil glee.
  • As the Rangers were running away from the Spectre Theater through the desert, Zedd said he would send them to the "abandoned city" where his giant monsters would crush them with ease.
  • As the monster guests entered the chamber before the wedding, Zedd told them, "You monsters are like mutant sons to me. Come closer. We're all like one big evil family today."


  • Finster performed Rita and Zedd's wedding.
  • Zedd startled slightly upon seeing Rita standing by him at the start of the wedding.
  • During the wedding, Finster called Zedd the "master of all evil."
  • Rita put a wedding ring on Zedd's left pinky; in future close-ups on his hand, he would always continue wearing the ring.
  • Rita and Zedd kissed upon being married, even though Rita didn't really want to kiss.
  • Zedd asked how it was he had never noticed Rita's beauty before.
  • Zedd said this was the greatest day of his life.
  • Rita and Zedd took their honeymoon in Serpentera; Zedd drove while Rita sat in the throne, but she would later be sitting in his lap in the throne as they sang "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall"; later still, Rita would pilot Serpentera as Zedd sat in the throne.
  • Rita and Zedd retreated in Serpentera once their army of monsters had been destroyed.
  • On the way home, Rita blamed the depressed Zedd for their failure, and when he demanded some respect, she said he would listen to her once they got home; he refused.


  • When Zedd wished he could send all the teens back in time, Goldar recalled how the Ghost of Darkness had once summoned a wizard with the ability to send people through time.
  • Zedd told Goldar that the Ghost of Darkness was Rita's creation, and that she had been quite touchy lately.
  • When Goldar suggested that Zedd order Rita to talk to the Ghost of Darkness, Zedd said if one wanted something out of Rita, one had to ask her nicely; he then had Goldar deliver his request to Rita with his warmest regards and remind her that no wife of his would ever be allowed to fail him.
  • Zedd wondered why he'd married Rita, but he was angered when Goldar replied, "Good question."
  • Zedd said he would finally control the world.
  • Noticing once Tommy had been cloned that things were going much better than expected, Zedd considered that he might have been underestimating Rita.
  • Zedd was pleased with the evil that he and Rita could do together.


  • When Rita joined Zedd in the chamber, they seemed to like each other, with Rita seeming to enjoy Zedd without the first sign of disgust or deceit.
  • Rita and Zedd danced together to celebrate the apparently impending defeat of the Rangers.
  • Once they destroyed the White Ranger, Zedd wanted to have a baby, their "own little bundle of evil" with Rita's "incredible looks" and his brains; Rita ran off screaming at the thought and quickly had Finster make a potion to cause him to forget his idea of having a baby; the aforementioned potion was never seen being made or administered, but Zedd never did mention the idea of a baby again.


  • Even though he was still in love with Rita, Zedd argued with her about whose idea the Wizard of Deception had been.
  • Generally, Zedd was at times quite critical of and crabby toward Rita, but just the time, he was frequently amiable and affectionate toward her.
  • Zedd planned to destroy Angel Grove and then the world.
  • After Tommy had morphed, Zedd had Goldar send the Putties to prevent him from confronting the Dragonzord.


  • Zedd planned to turn Tommy and Kim against each other after learning that the two were running against each other in the school election.
  • Zedd was sexist in response to Rita's claim of having as many evil plots as him, saying that she was just a girl and couldn't be a better badguy.
  • Zedd left the chamber for a while to formulate his plan; he left through the chamber's northern west entrance.
  • Goldar later told Zedd that Rita had her own plan, and Zedd had Goldar keep an eye on her.
  • When Rita later returned after White Ranger had stolen Saba back from her, Zedd told her that he'd known she would fail, but she reminded him that he hadn't destroyed the Rangers yet either.


  • When Goldar told Rita she should have Zedd's permission before hatching a plan of her own, she told him he could wake Zedd up from his nap if he wanted, but that he knew how cranky Zedd got when he didn't get his rest.
  • Zedd, now awake and on the balcony with Goldar, planned to have Putties go into the storybook dimension to steal Grumble the Elf's toys so the story would never end and the three teens would be trapped inside forever.
  • Seeing that the Putties were fooling around and not getting the toys immediately, Zedd told Goldar to remind him to secure a better grade of clay next time.
  • Rita later tickled Zedd's stomach, knowing he was ticklish.
  • Zordon noted that Zedd and Rita had become a formidable team.
  • Zedd wanted the three teens trapped in the storybook to die inside.
  • Rita and Zedd held heart-shaped glasses of steaming liquid while watching Bulk and Skull make a monster.
  • Rita and Zedd planned to bring to life the monster Bulk and Skull were creating.
  • Zedd suggested to Rita that, after the Rangers' destruction, they do some shopping, saying the crown jewels of England would look just wonderful on her; they laughed, and Zedd declared that the Earth belonged to them.


  • Rita told Zedd she loved working with her hubby.
  • Zedd created the Turkeyjerk monster from Bulk and Skull's attempt at making a monster.
  • Rita thought to make Mondo the Magician fight for them as a monster; thrilled with the idea, Zedd said he knew there was a reason he'd married her.


  • When Zedd teleported the cactus Tommy had given Kim from the Juice Bar to the palace in a white energy bolt, it left behind some pale green slime on the table.
  • Knowing of the time hole in the Youth Center, Zedd said it was their gateway for conquering the Earth.
  • Zedd planned to send Needlenose back in time to destroy Angel Grove and make sure the "Rangers" were never born; he may have been referring to either the teens or the Power Rangers.
  • Acting swiftly before the time holes could close, Zedd sent Needlenose to go back in time and then sent Goldar as well, to stop Kim from ruining his plans.
  • Zedd joyfully noted that the world would be theirs and that the Rangers would be no more, and Rita happily said they'd then take a vacation, then she proceeded to tickle his stomach.


  • Goldar planned to change the name of 1880's Angel Grove to "Zedd-and-Rita-ville."
  • Kim and the 1880's Alpha had the following dialogue:
    Kim: "Zordon, I'm from the future. You made me a Ranger so I could help fight Lord Zedd and Rita."
    Alpha: "Ai yi yi! Rita and Zedd?! Where?!"
  • After being returned to the present with Needlenose in defeat, Goldar redeemed himself by suggesting that Zedd make Needlenose grow, which Zedd thought was brilliant.
  • Zedd planned to make Needlenose so huge that one of his spores would destroy Angel Grove, but it seems this was merely a delusion of grandeur.


  • Zedd planned to bring to life the statue Violet had sculpted of Billy.
  • Zedd began an incantation to turn a Billy statue into an evil Billy ("May rivers run red, the sun die to embers. A spell I shall cast if my lines I remem--"), but the impatient Rita wrenched the staff from his hands and used it to transform the statue with the words, "Blue Ranger, be bad!"
  • Zordon told Tommy that Putty attacks were almost always part of a larger plan.
  • Rita and Zedd sent Goldar to destroy the Morpher-less teens.
  • When Rita shouted to get Zedd's attention to get up off his throne and watch the action on Earth, he grumbled that the "blasted woman"'s voice could peel paint and that he didn't know why he put up with this.
  • Bored, Rita tried to swipe Zedd's staff a second time, but this time, Zedd grabbed it back and created Vase Face himself.


  • Zedd used his super-vision to watch Count Dregon's assault on Edenoi; he was upset that Dregon had "reared his ugly head again," and while he knew the name of Dregon's Spiderbase, he didn't seem familiar with Edenoi.
  • Zedd hated Dregon even more than he hated the Rangers; for as long as Zedd could remember, Dregon had been trying to one-up him, to be more evil and dastardly than him.
  • Zedd was depressed that they hadn't even been able to conquer one "measly little planet."
  • Zedd didn't have faith in any of Finster's monsters.
  • When five of the Rangers left for Edenoi, Zedd said he could no longer detect the Rangers, except for Kimberly, adding that she had some human ailment.
  • Zedd planned to conquer Earth before Dregon got his eye on it.
  • Rita told Zedd that together, he and she were unbeatable.
  • Watching Rita walk off to check on Finster, Zedd leaned against the railing of his balcony and asked, "Isn't she something, Goldar?"
  • Zedd asked Finster if his monster Repellator could destroy Angel Grove, then said he wanted to rule Earth by sundown.
  • Zedd and Rita were happy with the team they made, and they both laughed and embraced.


  • Zedd was wandering around his chamber, waiting for Finster's monster, saying, "Now, if I multiply the logarithmic analog geometrically..."
  • Zedd hated Dregon, saying the Count was too evil for his own good.
  • Zedd ordered Repellator to destroy Angel Grove.
  • Zedd said to himself, "Count Dregon, be warned. The Earth and all its inhabitants shall soon be..." and Rita chimed in, "...ours!", after which they both laughed.


  • Watching Repellator chase Bulk and Skull, Zedd remarked, "Ah, look, sheer terror and desperation. I love it. Ha ha, this is better than big-time space wrestling! A monster on Earth and not a Ranger in sight."
  • Once Repellator was destroyed, Zedd groaned that if Count Dregon found out about it, Zedd would never hear the end of it.
  • Some time after Dregon had announced his plan to follow the Rangers to Earth to destroy Masked Rider's allies and enslave the people of Earth, Dregon's Spiderbase was soon shown flying away from the moon and approaching the Earth.


  • Zedd led Rita into the chamber with an orange blindfold over her eyes, and he had a new telescope which he revealed from under a red cloth with a gold Z on it.
  • Zedd gave Rita a new Repulsascope as an anniversary present, and she was quite pleased, giving him a hug, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek.
  • Zedd said his unhappiness was so complete, it seemed like they had only been married a mere matter of moments, but Rita amusedly said it seemed more like a century.
  • When Rito entered the chamber of command, Zedd had Goldar sieze the intruder.
  • Zedd wasn't familiar with Rita's brother Rito.
  • After Finster had recreated four monsters for Rita's ambush idea, Zedd praised Finster, telling the monster-maker he had his moments.
  • To make Rito and all successive monsters grow, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves, and bluish-white lightning bolts shot from their point of intersection to Earth, enlarging the monster.
  • Rita and Zedd's lightning simultaneously made four monsters grow.


  • After the Rangers' powers and Thunderzords had been destroyed, Zedd said there was nothing Zordon could do to stop them from conquering the world.
  • Rita was thrilled to discover that Rito had brought them Tenga Warriors, and she told Zedd that the Tenga Warriors were absolutely the most ferocious creatures on this side of the universe; Zedd was then impressed with the idea of his own army of Tenga Warriors without the Rangers to stop him, but whether he'd known of Tenga Warriors prior to Rita's description of them is uncertain.
  • When he saw the teens in the Desert of Despair, Zedd appeared to be looking straight at what is presumed to be Rita's planetoid.
  • Zedd knew the name of the Desert of Despair.


  • After the Tengas had let the teens escape into the temple, Zedd sent Rito to return to Earth and destroy everything in Angel Grove before the teens returned.


  • Upon first catching sight of the Rangers' new Ninjazords, Zedd glowed red with anger, but Rita remained in good spirits.
  • Zedd had great confidence in the Vampirus monster, but it would later be destroyed.


  • When Finster made as a present for Rita a device which could view the dreams of Earth creatures, Zedd had Finster modify it to turn the dreams into reality.
  • Zedd had Finster take Rito and some Tengas to bring back Kim's dream monster.
  • After Artistmole had been destroyed, Zedd accused Rita of ruining their chance at victory.


  • Zedd sent Squatt and Baboo to steal Adam's family lantern, and Rito went with them.
  • Zedd planned to harness the power of the lantern.
  • Searching through the pile of stolen Oriental lanterns for Adam's lantern or perhaps simply another powerful lantern, Rita claimed to have a natural gift for sensing extraordinary power; when Zedd agreed since she had, after all, chosen him, she told him to get real.
  • Once Rita had chosen a lantern, Zedd told them to send the other lanterns back; he didn't want them cluttering up his throne room.


  • When Rita mentioned the "Teacher for a Day" switch at Angel Grove High, Rito wanted to try it; Zedd laughed and wanted to see him try it, saying it would teach him a lesson and he could use a vacation.
  • Zedd and Rita were extremely amused by Rito's attempts at leadership.
  • Rocky recognized Zedd's staff when Rito was holding it in the park; since he had never been shown encountering Zedd in person, this may indicate that Zordon had shown the teens images of Zedd.
  • After Rito's monster had been destroyed, Zedd said he still needed a vacation.


  • Rita watched the teens and schemed while, nearby in the chamber, Goldar tossed a football to Zedd, with Rito in the middle trying to intercept it.
  • When Zedd fumbled Goldar's second throw, Finster scrambled to get the ball for him, causing him to drop his magic centipede model on the football, accidentally creating the Centiback monster.
  • Zedd fell over onto his back when Centiback appeared.
  • Centiback's football turned Rito into a football, which Goldar threw to Zedd and Zedd then kicked.
  • Zedd called Rita "my dear."
  • When Finster told Rita and Zedd after the destruction of Centiback that they shouldn't be arguing, the couple remembered that it was actually Finster's fault.


  • Rita was intrigued by the legend of the Face Stealer, but Zedd thought it was only a foolish fairy tale and called Rita gullible.
  • When Rita later unleashed the Face Stealer in the chamber, Zedd entered from the left side of the balcony, wondering what all the noise was.
  • Zedd said a 5,000 year sleep was a nap where he came from.
  • During the fight between the giant Face Stealer and the Ninja Megafalconzord (actually, immediately after the monster had survived the power punch finishing move), Zedd threw the Face Stealer's urn back to Earth, knowing that using it had been a ridiculous idea.
  • After glowing red with anger, accusing Rita of trying to take over the world behind his back, and calling Rita a twin-horned witch, Zedd stormed off to the left of his balcony.


  • Zedd and Rita had an anniversary.
  • For their anniversary, Zedd planned to have Finster make a hate monster to make the Rangers destroy each other.
  • Hate Master needed something the teens had touched so he could make hate dust, so Zedd sent Squatt to gather the earth the teens trampled when they fought Tengas.
  • Zedd and Rita both seemed particularly fond of each other.


  • Watching the five hate-filled teens, Zedd commented that when they were nasty, the teens were almost cute.
  • Zedd said that if Hate Master didn't get Aisha, the other Rangers would.
  • Rita, after seeming to look in the direction of her planetoid outside the palace, said happily that once the Rangers were finished, they could go on another honeymoon, as Goldar had shown up and ruined their first honeymoon; Zedd explained that there was more to be done, and when Rita told him to speed things up as she wanted to go, Zedd said to himself, "The Rangers are not the problem. She is."
  • Zedd sent Hate Master back to Earth to fill the planet with hate.
  • Zedd called Rita his little kiwi.
  • Zedd declared that with the Rangers out of the way and the world in hate-filled turmoil, they would proclaim themselves rulers and make the Earthlings their slaves.
  • After Hate Master's hate spell had been conquered, Zedd placed the blame on Rita.
  • Rita and Zedd bickered, with Rita blaming Zedd for ruining her anniversary; Zedd threw himself on the floor and pounded his fists in exasperation.


  • When Rita complained that Zedd would never take her anywhere, Zedd said he'd been working on a surprise for her: Serpentera was fully charged and waiting to sweep them away on a second honeymoon.
  • Zedd put Goldar in charge to make sure Finster finished his monster before they got back.
  • In Serpentera, Zedd drove while Rita sat in the throne.
  • On their second honeymoon, Rita told Zedd that even though he was ugly, he sure knew how to show a "ghoul" a bad time.
  • When Zedd discovered that Serpentera was almost out of energy, Rita laughed and sarcastically told him she hadn't heard that one in 3,000 years.
  • Zedd had told Rito to recharge Serpentera the previous day for his and Rita's second honeymoon, but Rito had forgotten.
  • Zedd told Rito to tell Finster his monster had better be ready.
  • Once the couple had returned in Serpentera, Rita entered the chamber of command nearly a minute before Zedd.
  • After Goldar told Zedd that Rita had tricked him into marriage with a love potion and Finster then sprayed him with the antidote, Zedd woozily asked Goldar if he'd lost his mind, as Rita was the best thing that had ever happened to him; when Goldar insisted that the marriage was a sham and that she had deceived him, he silenced Goldar and made him apologize to Rita; Rito guessed Zedd really did love Rita, and the couple then leaned in to kiss.


  • As Rita's plan involving Kat was first starting, Zedd and Goldar entered the chamber together from the east side of the balcony, with Zedd not knowing what she was up to.
  • Zedd loathed cats.
  • Zedd said he wanted to be left out of Rita's plan if Rito had anything to do with it.
  • On Rita's command once Tommy was driving Kat around in Kat's convertible, Zedd blasted the car with white energy from his staff, sending the car hurtling through a warp of some sort.


  • Once Tommy had been captured, Goldar requested that Zedd let him destroy Tommy since he had an old score to settle; Zedd allowed him to do so and have a little fun since he'd earned it.
  • Although Kat had led to Tommy's capture, Zedd told Rita that "the cat" had to go.
  • Once Rito had been defeated by the Ninja Megazord, Zedd, sitting on his throne steps with his head in his hands, said he'd been asking himself why he even bothered, ever since Rito had arrived.
  • Rita and Zedd were generating a powerful shield that prevented a signal from being established between Tommy and the Command Center.
  • When Rita blamed Tommy's escape on Zedd's butting in, he told her he was taking charge now.
  • After Kat had gained the teens' trust following the destruction of the cat monster, Zedd painfully admitted that Rita was right that Kat would prove quite useful in the future.
  • Zedd referred to Kat as "that adorable little Katherine."


  • When Finster had news for Zedd, Zedd asked him, "What is it this time, Finster - a monster that blows itself up?"
  • Zedd apparently wasn't familiar with the Scrolls of Zordnia or the Shogunzords.
  • After hearing of Finster's discovery of the Shogunzords, Zedd and Rita embraced as they planned to destroy the Rangers with their (Rita and Zedd's) own Zords.
  • For his and Rita's plan to steal a Ninjazord to access the Shogunzords, Zedd said they needed a Power Coin to get into the Ninjazord; a coin would allow them to steal a Ninjazord to copy its technology.
  • Having obtained the pink Power Coin, Zedd said they could steal the Falconzord, which would render the Rangers defenseless.
  • After Kat had teleported into the Falconzord, kicked White Ranger out, and then teleported out, pink energy transformed the Falconzord into a real falcon; the falcon appeared on Zedd's arm in the palace with pink energy, and Zedd had a cage, with his red Z cloth over it, ready to hold the falcon.
  • The weakened Ninjor, after being shrunk to normal size after being pummeled by giant Goldar, glowed blue, turned translucent, and then vanished, with Zedd planning to use him as the power source needed to operate the Shogunzords.
  • Zedd kept Ninjor imprisoned in a blue jug in the palace.
  • Having obtained Ninjor and the Falconzord, Zedd declared that they had everything they needed to bring the Shogunzords to life: "the battle technology from the almighty Falconzord and Ninjor's energy as its power source."
  • Zedd gave Ninjor's jug to Finster to have him siphon off Ninjor's energy so they could power up the Shogunzords.


  • Zedd overheard something Tommy said in the Command Center; how much else he overheard is unknown.
  • Zedd planned to enslave the teens.
  • Zedd said everything was going as planned: he had Kimberly's Power Coin, and Finster was working on a way to siphon off Ninjor's power, combine it with the Falconzord's technology, and bring the Shogunzords to life; then, he said, all he needed was six pilots to command the Zords.
  • Zedd said he needed six pilots; if he indeed wanted a pilot for the Falconzord as well as the five Shogunzords, his plans for Kimberly would have made this quite difficult; perhaps there were plans to use a replacement (such as Kat) as the sixth pilot.
  • Rito gave Zedd the idea to use the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords; although Rita thought it a bad idea, Zedd planned use Kim's welfare to force the Rangers to pilot the Shogunzords, then have them destroy Angel Grove and the world would surrender to him.
  • Zedd had by this point completely taken over the management of the plan, telling Rita merely to sit back and be awestruck as his plan unfolded.
  • Zedd created Inciserator as part of his plan to capture Kim as a way to control the teens.
  • Zedd had Rita use Kat as a decoy to lure Kim out while the others were busy fighting Inciserator.
  • Goldar said that by enslaving the Rangers, Rita and Zedd would control the universe.
  • After Kim had been kidnapped, Alpha's scanners indicated that Zedd had initiated the power infusion to the Shogunzords.
  • Zedd was able to hear what was being said inside the Command Center, and to appear on the Viewing Globe and speak with the Rangers; this ability to access the Command Center, ability it seems he didn't ordinarily have, may have been granted by his and Rita's possession of the pink Power Coin.
  • Zedd told the Rangers he was having a wonderful time draining the power from Kim's body, and that it was quite a spectator sport.
  • Zedd had the teens teleport him into the Command Center to give them his demands in person.
  • Alpha teleported Zedd and his throne into the Command Center, after quite a bit of suspenseful shaking and a bright flash of light and smoke.
  • Looking around the Command Center, Zedd said it wasn't a bad place, though somewhat tacky; he planned for Rita to redecorate once he took over.
  • Zedd told the teens they would pilot his Zords and do all his evil bidding, or Kim would waste away.
  • Zedd gave the teens a moment to make their decision.


  • Tommy and the teens agreed to do Zedd's bidding and pilot the Shogunzords, as Kim's life was at stake.
  • Zedd told the teens to report for duty at dusk; he and his throne then vanished from the Command Center in a small explosion of smoke.
  • As the villains were having a party in the chamber of command, Zedd was playing a ukulele.
  • Zedd personally confronted Tommy in the dimension in which Kim was being held; Zedd's intention was to drain Tommy's powers as well, for trying to doublecross him.
  • After Tommy had morphed, Zedd mocked White Ranger's haiyahs.
  • Zedd was agile with his staff and punched White Ranger after blocking one of his attacks.
  • Zedd struck White Ranger in the chest with his staff, making him spark.
  • Zedd blasted White Ranger hard with a white energy bolt from his staff.
  • Zedd fought White Ranger well, one-handed.
  • White Ranger pulled out Saba and threw him straight at Zedd, and when Zedd blocked with his staff, the staff turned into a serpent, forcing Zedd to retreat.
  • Back in the chamber, Zedd was depressed that White Ranger had broken his staff and rescued Kim, but he kept in mind that they still had control of the Shogunzords; almost immediately afterward, Billy used the Power Coins to switch control of the Shogunzords over to the Rangers.
  • Zedd realized that the Shogunzords had been released from his power source (Ninjor).
  • To make See Monster grow after Tommy had challenged him from the White Shogunzord cockpit, Zedd took Rita's wand, angering Rita, and used the same blue lightning bolt from it, as usually came from the combined two staves, to make the monster grow.
  • After See Monster had been destroyed, Zedd pouted that the Rangers had broken his staff and stolen his Zords and that this job used to be fun; he wanted the Rangers to pay for making him so miserable.
  • Although she had moments earlier been whining that the Rangers had ruined everything, Rita tried to cheer Zedd up by reminding him that they still had Ninjor and Kim's Power Coin (forgetting about the Falconzord), and that the Rangers were weakened; she caressed his shoulders and brain, making him chuckle.


  • Zedd was sitting in his throne with his staff.
  • Rito suggested that Zedd turn a Ranger into a monster; while Rita thought it was a stupid idea, Zedd liked it.
  • After Rita had come up with the plan to turn the car Kim was in into a monster, Zedd thought Bulk and Skull's being in the cab with Kim would ruin the plan, but Rita just went on with the plan.
  • Finster presented Zedd with a vehicular transformer apparatus, a cannon with a green barrel which Zedd used to transform the cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kim were in into Crabby Cabbie with a green energy beam; Zedd's staff may have still been damaged at the time, perhaps explaining the purpose of the transformer apparatus.
  • In the palace together later, Rita and Zedd were friendly and cuddly with each other.
  • After Crabby Cabbie had been destroyed, Zedd was angry with Rita's plan of turning a Ranger into a monster, yet it was Rito's idea, and Zedd hadn't even followed the plan.


  • Zordon said Rita and Zedd's divide-and-conquer attack was an unusual occurrence; this multi-front attack included Artistmole and Vampirus near a massive powerline tower, a group of Tengas in a field near the mountains, and Goldar, Rito, and more Tengas the park by the lake.


  • After Kat had conquered Rita's spell over her, Zedd kept in mind that she had accomplished what she was sent to do - put the Pink Ranger out of commission.
  • Zedd said that Rito hadn't done anything right since he'd gotten there.
  • Zedd told Finster's monster Garbage Mouth to capture Kat so they could make her pay for her disloyalty.
  • After Garbage Mouth's failed attempt to capture Kat outside the hospital, the guys had Kat go inside to wait with Kim, as if Rita and Zedd couldn't get her there.


  • Zedd told Rita it would be nice if for once one of her schemes went according to plan, that her hare-brained plans had always been useless and more trouble than they were worth, and that until she proved otherwise, he had no faith in her ability to perpetrate any wrongdoing on anyone.
  • After Rita, Rito, and Goldar had actually captured Kat successfully, Zedd admitted that her plan had really worked this time.
  • Rita planned to seal Kat in the bottle with Ninjor and send them both to the bottom of the Sea of Sorrow once the tide came in at the end of the day to wash them out to sea; Zedd was thrilled with her plan.
  • Once Kat had escaped from her cell in the dungeon, stolen the pink Power Coin, and escaped from Rita with the coin, Zedd told Rita he'd known she'd manage to figure out a way to ruin everything; she frustratedly told him to do better.


  • On Christmas Eve, seemingly before Kim had given her powers to Kat (see "When" section), Zedd said that merriment and togetherness made him ill.
  • Zedd knew that every year for centuries, the Earthlings got together to celebrate the holidays.
  • Zedd said he and Rita had only been married for a year, yet it seemed to him like centuries.
  • Zedd planned to take over Santa Claus's workshop and force the elves to make his hypnotic toys, "Lord Zedd's Hypno-spin," to make the children of the world his evil slaves.
  • Zedd sent Rito to the North Pole to put the elves to work at once.
  • Zedd told Rita to remind him not to hire any more of her relatives.
  • Zedd's favorite snack was taquitos and dry ice.
  • Zedd planned to control the minds of the children of the world and then take over their world.
  • When Santa dropped off a present at the moon palace some time after Goldar and Rito's takeover attempt had been thwarted, Zedd, thinking it was a trick, had Rita open the box.


  • Rita and Zedd seemed particularly annoyed by Tommy, whom they called "Mr. Perfect."
  • When Rita shrank Ravenator, Zedd remarked that he didn't know what she had planned, but it was evil and he loved it.
  • When Finster explained that Kat was still picking up Rita's thoughts as a side-effect of the spell that had been on her, Zedd sent the Tengas to dispose of Kat.


  • When Rita said Kat was building houses for the homeless, Goldar asked if they could build a house for Rito, then he could finally move out, and Zedd laughed.
  • When Rita planned to use Kat's housing project to destroy Angel Grove, Zedd doubted the plan would work, since it was Rita's plan.


  • When Rita was at the balcony teasing Goldar about looking like Kat's chimp Kelly, Zedd came up the steps, irritated by the noise, then thought to turn the chimp against the Rangers.
  • Zedd initially said the world would be his, but when Rita corrected him, he took her hand and agreed that, of course, the world would be theirs.
  • Zedd sent Finster to turn the chimp into a monster, along with Tengas to distract the teens.
  • After Finster had failed to do as assigned, Zedd personally transformed Kelly into the Sinister Simian.
  • Just as Zedd had predicted, the Rangers didn't want to hurt Kelly's monster form.
  • When Rita added that the Rangers' "little friend" was now their "big enemy," Zedd chuckled and told her, "Well put, my dear. You certainly have a way with words."
  • After Sinister Simian had been defeated, Zedd laughed at Rita, saying this was what happened when she tried to take over the world behind his back, but he had been an active participant in the plan.
  • Zedd stormed off toward the east side of the balcony.


  • Zedd didn't have a skull.
  • The Caves of Deception, where the people of the M51 galaxy had hidden the Zeo Crystal thousands of years ago, were directly beneath Rita and Zedd's palace.
  • Zedd had taken over the "alien palace" above the caves; his evil had corrupted the palace but couldn't destroy the pure good in the caverns below.
  • Though the Zeo Crystal's being kept directly beneath Zedd's palace hadn't concerned Zordon (and others), Master Vile, much older and infintely wiser in the ways of evil, now posed a threat.
  • When Zedd told Vile that the forcefield around the Zeo Crystal would destroy anyone who possessed even an ounce of evil, Rita sadly told Vile, "He's right, Daddy! He tried to get the Zeo Crystal once, and look what happened to Zeddy's face!", but she was merely joking.
  • When giant Globbor had drained Ninjor's powers and was draining most of the Shogun Megazord's power as well, Zedd was jealous of Master Vile's success.


  • Suspicious of Kat's intentions when she told them she wanted to be evil again, Rita and Zedd had her step into the Revivafier to turn her evil again.
  • After looking at the Shogun Megazord, Zedd told Rita he sensed another Ranger in the palace - the White Ranger.
  • Zedd and Rita laughed, saying that the Zeo Crystal's forcefield would destroy anyone once evil, such as Tommy.
  • Although the other villains were dancing happily in the Space Skull's throne room over Master Vile's apparent victory, Zedd sat, depressed, in Vile's throne.
  • When Rita saw that Zedd was depressed, she told him to cheer up, as the Earth (and soon the universe, Vile added) was hers; he told her to go away.


  • Reflecting on failing once, Master Vile reminded himself that Rita and Zedd had failed to conquer the Earth over a hundred times; he then declared that he was here to stay.


  • When Dischordia entered the chamber of command after being introduced by Finster, Rita grew increasingly distressed by Zedd's attention to Dischordia, as the following exchange illustrates:
    - Rita looks down at the clapping Zedd with a bit of concern
    Zedd (standing): "Dischordia! How well I remember your painful voice."
    - Rita looks more upset
    Zedd: "Thank you for coming to my palace on such short notice."
    Dischordia: "I'll do anything for ya, Zeddy boy!" (blows a kiss)
    Rita: "Zeddy?!"
    Zedd (walking over to Dischordia): "With your terrible tunes, you will be able to squelch those Ranger rats once and for all! (holds Dischordia's hands and caresses her) And what a beautiful noise it will be."
    Dischordia (pulling away): "I won't fail ya!"


  • Zedd thought Master Vile was an "old coot" who made a point to drive Zedd out of his mind.
  • Master Vile said that the Orb of Doom could destroy a planet and all its inhabitants; Zedd didn't find this fact at all useful.
  • After the Orb of Doom had turned back time, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito stood on a hill near the carnival, making the children run screaming.
  • Zedd complained that Master Vile would never let them hear the end of this victory, but Rita, in good spirits, suggested they think of it as a learning experience.
  • Zedd said that without the Rangers in the way, the world was theirs for the taking.
  • When Rita and Zedd crossed their staves to make themselves grow on Earth, the traditional lightning bolts struck them from the clouds, making Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito grow simultaneously.


  • Giant Zedd blasted some buildings with white energy from his staff, completely destroying at least one skyscraper in the abandoned warehouse district in Angel Grove.


  • Master Vile used yellow and blue energy snakes to shrink the four villains, saying they were going to ruin his plan; he then teleported them back to the moon.
  • In his throne, Zedd tried to hurry up Master Vile's unleashing of his monster conference, but Rito told him to put a sock in it, as Vile was the boss, causing Zedd to slump back into his throne with an audible groan.


  • After fighting the Aquitian Rangers for a while with a team of five monsters, Master Vile's field general, Professor Longnose, declared that he'd had enough of this and that it was time to grow, and at that point, the traditional lightning from above (presumably from Rita and Zedd) made Longnose and the five monsters all grow.
  • Once Master Vile had gone back to the M51 galaxy in a huff, Zedd was giddy to the point of kissing Goldar on the nose.


  • Rita resented Zedd's calling Master Vile a tyrant.
  • Zedd planned for Rito to be the next to leave.
  • Zedd figured that the only two things that stood in the way of their conquering Earth were the ex-Rangers' Power Coins and the "Alien Rangers"; he planned for them to destroy the Power Coins now so that the Power Rangers could never be restored, and the Aquitian Rangers would, as he said, simply dry up and blow away.
  • Once Goldar had stolen the regenerator from the kids and Billy and removed the Power Coins, Rita and Zedd teleported in.
  • Goldar held up some Power Coins in each hand, and with a white energy bolt from Zedd's staff and a red energy beam from Rita's wand, Rita and Zedd caused gold light to flash in Goldar's hands, reducing the Power Coins to golden dust, which Goldar scattered to the wind; the small swirl of dust which drifted away appeared to fly downward and off to one side.
  • After destroying the Power Coins, Zedd told the kids and Billy that the Earth would perish and that they should prepare for the end of their world.
  • Back in the palace with Rita, Zedd turned the broken regenerator into Slotsky.


  • Zedd planned to steal Billy's generator, which turned Earth water into Aquitian water, to force the "Alien Rangers" to leave; he sent Rito and Goldar to steal the device.
  • Watching Rito and Goldar being telekinetically pushed out into the lake in a rowboat by the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd remarked that what was truly baffling was why he kept relying on those two.
  • Rita claimed to see a twisted look in Zedd's eyes as he devised a plan, but Zedd wore a red visor that covered any eyes he might have had.
  • Zedd realized that while Billy's generator device had been designed to remove the Earth's impurities, Billy had never taken into account lunar toxic waste; he planned for Erik and Merrick the Barbaric to dump space waste into the lake and destroy the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Zedd planned to unleash the Barbaric Brothers on the world once the Aquitian Rangers had been destroyed.
  • After Rito's attempts to join in with the kids' game of tag had ended up in the release of the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd told Rita he would send every one of Rito's bones to a different dog pound in Angel Grove; Rita defended Rito, saying maybe Goldar had botched the mission.
  • Zedd ordered the Barbaric Brothers to tear Angel Grove apart.
  • As Rita and Rito bickered following the destruction of the Barbaric Brothers, Zedd groaned that he was getting one of Rita's headaches.


  • Zedd and Rita planned to attack while the kids and Billy were at the water park and the Aquitians were away rehydrating.
  • Zedd told Rito and Goldar that in his search for a weakness in the Command Center, he'd located an ancient scroll map in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath the Command Center; Rita told them to follow the map to the Command Center's most vulnerable spot, where they were to plant an implosion device that would supposedly blow Zordon into antimatter.
  • Goldar didn't want to take Rito along, but Zedd made him take Rito.
  • Zedd planned to use the meanest person in the kids' class to turn into a monster to keep the kids occupied while Rito and Goldar infiltrated the Command Center's tunnels.
  • Once giant Bratboy had reverted back to young Bulk, Rita and Zedd crossed their staves and generated a lightning bolt which turned him back into Bratboy, but when the monster fired at the moon palace, they used the same bolt energy to turn him into young Bulk again.
  • Before she and Zedd turned Bratboy back into young Bulk, Rita called him a brat and told Zedd to remind her never to have kids.


  • When Rita suggested sending down a monster to prevent the Aquitians from finding a pure water source, Zedd told her that this job called for a professional, not one of Finster's "mishaps"; he said he had called in his old friend Witchblade.
  • Zedd planned to place a shield completely around the Earth to prevent the Aquitian Rangers' Battle Borgs from arriving.
  • To summon the Battle Borgs, the Aquitian Rangers called out for the Borgs to deploy now (while deploying was a word not used in other summonings), shooting yellow energy spheres from their hands into the sky, rather than their normal action of throwing their coins; as Zedd had blocked their transmission with a forcefield around the Earth, the Battle Borgs didn't come; the Aquitian Rangers tried the same summoning method again, but they had no success; this was the only time this alternate method was used to summon the Borgs.
  • When Zedd told Rita after Witchblade had been destroyed that he didn't want to hear what he knew she was thinking, she asked with a smile, "Don't say what? That all your friends are a bunch of losers that couldn't beat a drum if they had to? Huh?"; he replied that speaking of losers, he wondered whether Goldar and Rito had found the entrance to the Command Center yet.
  • Alpha was eventually able to de-energize the shield that Zedd had generated to block the Battle Borgs from coming to Earth.


  • Thinking the world would be theirs because the kids would never find all five subcrystals, Zedd and Rita held each other and spun around once, then laughed merrily.
  • Zedd turned a spider in Billy's garage into Arachnofiend to ambush Cestro and Tideus when they returned to the garage after rehydrating.
  • Zedd said that in a matter of moments, Rito and Goldar would enter the Command Center, and Zordon would be all washed up, but Rito and Goldar were actually lost in the tunnels.
  • When Cestro and Tideus were taking longer than expected, Zedd changed his plan so that Arachnofiend would capture Billy and the his crystal transformer component, and he sent the Tengas to attack the two Aquitians at the car wash where they were rehydrating.
  • Zedd somehow knew that young Adam had found another piece of the Zeo Crystal.
  • Zedd said that Adam had retrieved "another piece of the Zeo Subcrystal," but the subcrystal Adam had retrieved was a piece of the Zeo Crystal.


  • After Billy had asked Cestro about villains on Aquitar and Cestro had described Hydro Hog, Rita and Zedd thought to bring Hydro Hog to Earth to battle the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Crude wall drawings that illustrated a Native American legend about Tommy's quest for the red Zeo Subcrystal in an unknown time period included a drawing of Zeo Ranger Five's helmet and Zedd's staff, with arrows flying between the two.
  • Zedd referred to the Tengas as belonging to himself.
  • Zedd and Rita had Finster activate the dimensional teleporter so they could summon Hydro Hog from Aquitar; when Alpha had the Command Center block their beam, Zedd planned to find another way to bring Hydro Hog to Earth.


  • Rita and Zedd knew that the kids had retrieved four of the five Zeo Subcrystals so far.
  • Zedd had Rita tell Goldar to steal the Zeo Crystal once it was completed; Rita suggested just destroying the Command Center, but Zedd wanted the power of the Zeo Crystal for himself.
  • Zedd planned to send out a decoy message to trick Zordon and then send out a real message to Hydro Hog.
  • Zedd sent a bolt from his staff to fool Alpha; after a blue beam from Earth had curved through space and intercepted the white energy bolt, Zedd waited for their timing to be perfect before sending another energy bolt, which soon caused a hologram of Hydro Hog to hover beyond the palace balcony.
  • After appearing as a hologram, Hydro Hog asked, "Yeah, Zedd, what do you wantthis time?"
  • Zedd offered Hydro Hog the chance to drain the Earth of its water supply and destroy the "Alien Rangers."
  • As Hydro Hog fought the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd suddenly realized that they'd forgotten to tell Rito and Goldar to steal the Zeo Crystal before destroying the Command Center.


  • After looking at Earth, Rita was pleased; she said the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but Zedd noted that they'd been no match for him.
  • Rita and Zedd were alone in the chamber as they savored their victory over the Rangers, but in 401-AZB1, they would dance with Squatt and Baboo in celebration.
  • Rita noted that the Rangers had kept fighting until the end, but in 343-HdA2, the teens, powerless, had not managed to fight, and there was no mention of the Aquitian Rangers.
  • Zedd told Rita he couldn't have done it without her.
  • Zedd said it felt good to finally be through with the Rangers.
  • Rita said now the Earth was hers, but Zedd corrected her, saying he was the evil overlord; Rita, not concerned about whose it was, had them gaze at the Earth, since it was all theirs for the taking.
  • Finster asked Zedd how it felt to be the ultimate evil power in the universe now that he'd beaten the Rangers.
  • Zedd said they should celebrate, but Rita was upset over something she'd seen; when Zedd looked for himself and saw the Machine Empire's craft invading Earth, he was furious.
  • When Rita had been shocked by what she saw in her telescope while looking at Earth, Zedd had asked if Rito and Goldar had done something stupid again, but in 343-HdA2, Rito and Goldar had been in the process of trying to steal the Zeo Crystal before the Command Center was destroyed; why Rita and Zedd weren't concerned about the Zeo Crystal in these previews or in 401-AZB1 is unknown.
  • While looking at Earth in her telescope, Rita had happened to see Machine Empire craft entering the planet's atmosphere, and the next day, Mondo and Machina would discover Rita and Zedd's presence and vow to show them no mercy, but in 401-AZB1, Finster would fearfully interrupt Rita and Zedd's celebration just before the palace was attacked by Quadrafighters.
  • A TV reporter said it had been unusually quiet in downtown Angel Grove for the past several weeks, which was good news since the Power Rangers hadn't been seen or heard from in some time.
  • Learning from Finster the next day that Mondo and his forces had already arrived, Zedd swore to stand his ground, but Finster told him Mondo's forces were too strong, and that with all due respect they should leave immediately.
  • Zedd was disgusted to have to retreat just as he'd been about to conquer Earth, and he thought he was getting one of Rita's headaches.
  • Mondo couldn't believe it, but he suddenly saw Rita and Zedd on their throne in his viewing globe; he pointed out to Machina that they had a bit of a problem, telling her to look at who was already here.
  • Machina was startled, saying she'd thought Rita and Zedd had retired eons ago; she said they should have no mercy on them, and Mondo agreed, for they were the only obstacle between them and the complete obliteration of the Earth and all the beings that inhabited it.


  • Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Baboo were dancing in celebration of the Rangers' defeat when Finster came in from his workshop to warn the villains of the approaching Machine Empire.
  • Just before the Machine Empire attacked, Zedd said the galaxy would be theirs at last, with the Rangers gone.
  • Rita blamed Zedd for the arrival of the Machine Empire.
  • Machina reminded Mondo that Rita and Zedd claimed this galaxy as their own, but Mondo showed her that Rita and Zedd, whom he called "piteous peasants," were fleeing.
  • As the villains fled from the palace on foot, Rita asked Zedd whether he'd cleaned out the dungeon, and he said that he had.
  • Her feet aching, Rita asked Zedd to carry her, but he refused.
  • Rita suddenly realized with concern that Rito and Goldar weren't with them, but Zedd they had obviously failed to capture the Zeo Crystal and would have to catch up later.
  • On their way to Serpentera, Zedd realized that they didn't have a place to run away to; Finster explained that since Serpentera had a limited energy supply, they had to plot their course carefully, or they risked running out of fuel and drifting off into oblivion.
  • Rita knew that if they stayed with Master Vile, no one would touch them; even after Master Vile had in a transmission given them permission to live with him, Zedd continued to refuse in 402-AZB2; Rita grabbed him by the horn and dragged him along.


  • Zordon told the six teens that the Machine Empire was more treacherous than Rita and Lord Zedd could ever have hoped to be.
  • Zedd was in the throne in Serpentera as the villains flew away from the moon; he declared that he had never been so humiliated, and he swore that he would one day return and rule the galaxy with every bit of evil he possessed.


  • On the same day that Rito and Goldar had hired Bulk and Skull to look for their (Rito and Goldar's) family and Bulk and Skull had come up with nothing, and also the same day that the Varox had shot down Gold Ranger over Aquitar, a small package arrived at the detective agency, addressed to Rito and Goldar, care of the Private Eyes Have It Detective Agency.
  • When the small silver box inside the paper wrapping was opened, two orange energy spheres flew out from the box and hovered in the air; the images of Rita and Zedd then appeared in the spheres, saying they were looking for two creatures by the names of Goldar and Rito; they then spoke to Rito and Goldar, telling them it was time to come home now.


  • As Goldar and Rito slept in the detective agency, Goldar dreamt of his old days swordfighting Red Ranger, then growing and blasting the city with eye bolts.
  • Next in the dream, Rita and Zedd teased Rito and Goldar about their maid's outfits; Rita then told Goldar, "No more fooling around down on Earth," and Zedd said they had big plans which required Goldar's and even Rito's help.
  • In the dream, Zedd returned Goldar's wings, as well as Goldar's and Rito's swords, telling them that they could never be nice to anyone again; when Goldar woke up, he had his wings, sword, and memories, and Rito had his sword (and presumably his memories) as well.
  • Rito and Goldar went to a wooded area and were picked up by a blue energy sphere from which Rita's voice announced that their ride was there.


  • The blue energy sphere dropped Rito and Goldar off on the moon, where Rita and Zedd's RV appeared from a similar but purple energy sphere; after the RV had stopped, Rita opened the door and told Rito and Goldar to come on in.
  • After Mondo had been destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Rita, beside the RV on the moon with Zedd, watched the teens with her Repulsascope and noted that with Mondo gone, the world belonged to herself and Zedd.
  • Zedd had his staff.


  • As the first step in Zedd and Rita's "glorious" plan to regain their evil empire, according to Goldar, Rito and Goldar went to the beach on Earth, from where they launched Louie Kaboom so that Machina wouldn't be able to trace the launch back to the RV on the moon.
  • On the moon as punishment for their having lost Louie Kaboom's remote, Zedd and Rita assigned Rito and Goldar to cleanup duty, presenting maid's outfits for them to wear, and they run away yelling.


  • Zedd drove the RV, humming as he drove.
  • Zedd told the arguing Rito and Goldar to silence themselves, as they made his brain ache.
  • Zedd planned to figure out a way to get Louie Kaboom back, and (as the others in the RV were able to recite) then the world would be his for the taking.


  • There was a giant magnet on the top of the RV, and Rita sat in a chair beside the magnet on top of the RV; Rita and Zedd planned to use the magnet to bring Louie Kaboom back so that they could put him back under their control and continue their plan to overthrow the Machine Empire.
  • Rita planned to "go medieval" on Louie, but Zedd reminded her to conserve her wrath, as they still had the Machine Empire, the Power Rangers, and the world to conquer.


  • Rita and Zedd were driving around, looking for the "palace" (presumably the Machine Skybase and not their old moon palace) so that they could regain control of Louie; Rita would later say that they had to find "that palace" and the remote control to Louie.
  • Zedd had to fix a flat tire on the RV after he'd accidentally run over a piece of scrap on the moon.
  • Goldar, later having found the map, blocked Zedd's view, making him run over more scrap and blow another tire.


  • When Rita told Zedd he hadn't said anything in the last 2,000 miles (the moon is nearly 6,800 miles around), he said he was trying to regain control of Louie Kaboom.
  • Blaming Rito for losing Louie's remote, Zedd kicked Rito and Goldar out of the RV until they could find something useful.
  • Rito knew enough about the Machine Empire to be surprised that Machina had another son.
  • On the moon, Rita and Zedd were relaxing in chairs while watching a cartoon on a TV outside the parked RV, with Finster cooking on a grill nearby, when Rito and Goldar ran up to tell them the news of Gasket and Archerina.
  • Zedd and Rita already knew who was back in town: "that upstart offspring, Prince Gasket, and that hideous bride of his, Archerina;" they also knew that the Rangers had done them (Rita and Zedd) a favor by destroying Louie Kaboom.


  • While Rita and Zedd played a card game with oversized playing cards in the RV, Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (see either "Machine Skybase" or "Moon palace"), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.


  • Rito and Goldar sat outside the RV trying to watch TV, but they couldn't get any reception until accidentally tuning into Gasket's broadcast from the Machine Arena; Goldar excitedly called Rita and Zedd over to see the Gold Ranger.


  • Zedd and Rita happily watched the Machine Arena broadcast, with Rita planning for them to take control of the Earth once the Rangers were gone, but she then realized in utter frustration that they'd still be stuck on the moon after all those years of work while the Machine Empire took over their planet.
  • Zedd reluctantly thought to help the Rangers fight the Machine Empire, making Rita faint.
  • Soon afterward, Zedd liked Finster's idea to use the Rangers against the Machine Empire, but he'd thought of the same idea moments earlier.
  • After the Rangers were together in the Machine Arena, Zedd said that very soon, it would be his and Rita's turn once again.


  • The teens didn't seem to have any reaction to the news that Rita and Zedd were back.
  • After Mondo had come to Earth with Cog Changer, Rita and Zedd made Impursonator grow, since Rita didn't want Mondo to steal their glory.


  • Rita was upset that Mondo was going to destroy "her" Rangers, but Zedd didn't care who destroyed them.
  • When Impursonator left the Super Zeo Megazord to look for the Rangers after she'd seen them down below somewhere, Rita used an orange beam from her wand to teleport the monster back to the moon; Rita was upset with Impursonator for not having put a dent in the Rangers, and she left the monster to think about what she'd done.
  • Rita kicked Zedd in the rear when he began to tell Impursonator to think about something additional; he didn't know what the kick was for.


  • While Cogs chased Jason through the forest as his powers waned, Rita and Zedd appeared to take the Golden power before the Machine Empire had a chance.
  • Mondo told Rita and Zedd he'd been waiting to see how long it would take for them, calling them bumblers, to make complete nuissances of themselves.
  • Rita told Mondo that they'd used to be afraid of him, but now he'd turned into an intergalactic joke.
  • Rita and Zedd and Mondo sent the Tengas and Cogs to fight each other.
  • When Mondo said that Zedd should leave since the galaxy wasn't big enough for the both of them, Zedd suddenly agreed, to the confusion of his party; once they were away from the Royal House of Gadgetry, Zedd revealed that he had a plan, asking his crew when they had ever known him to give up.
  • As the giant Rangers fought giant Mondo and Cogs, Rita and Zedd relaxed in chairs with drinks from a hilltop, with Rito and Goldar beside them; Zedd said if the Rangers and Mondo destroyed each other, he and Rita wouldn't even need his plan.
  • After Mondo had been defeated by the giant Rangers and had returned to the moon, Rita and Zedd "stopped by" in their RV to have a meeting with the Royal House of Gadgetry, but their meeting place appeared to be in the middle of nowhere on the moon.
  • Zedd told Mondo that they'd realized they were way out of his league, and after Rita had handed Sprocket a wrapped box with bows on it as a peace offering, Rita, Zedd, and crew quickly fled the scene in the RV; when Sprocket opened the box, a massive fireball engulfed the Royal House of Gadgetry, blowing bits and pieces of the robots all over the area.
  • After the Royal House of Gadgetry had been destroyed, Zedd declared, "We're back!"


  • Rita and Zedd were sleeping in an orange bed when Divatox called Rita to ask for advice in defeating the Power Rangers; Zedd continued snoring after Rita had awakened and answered their antique phone.
  • Rita and Zedd's bedroom appeared to be in the moon palace.
  • When Divatox asked how to get rid of the Power Rangers, Rita cackled, replying, "What?! The Power Rangers? If I knew that, do you think I'd be lying here listening to this?!" at which point she held the receiver up to Zedd so Divatox could hear his loud snoring.
  • While sleeping, Zedd wore a black eyemask and had a gold sheet over him.
  • Rita told Divatox that her advice was to run, then she hung up the phone while cackling.
  • It's a mystery why Rita and Zedd had apparently given up their attacks on Earth, since after they'd destroyed the Machine Empire in 450-Good, they declared that they were back, and they were poised to take over.
  • As Rita pulled the phone away from Zedd after letting Divatox listen to him snore, Zedd could be seen, just for a moment, lowering his head back onto his pillow as though he'd awakened to say something.


  • After Divatox was summoned to the Cimmerian planet by Dark Specter after the capture of Zordon, Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe; if the teens knew about Rita and Zedd and the Machine Empire at the time, they didn't consider the villains a threat to the planet.


  • Rita and Zedd attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along Goldar, Finster, Zedd's Putties, and Tengas.
  • Zedd told a joke which ended with the line, "And then I said, 'That's no dumpster, that's my wife!'"; Rita laughed and called him an old card.
  • After Rita had accidentally bumped into Divatox and Divatox had insultingly bragged about destroying the Power Rangers, Zedd growled angrily.
  • Rita nervously asked Zedd whether it was true that she'd really destroyed the Power Rangers, and he admitted that it was sort of the universal gossip.
  • Later preparing to eat at the banquet table, Zedd remarked, "Ahh, snake souffle, my favorite," but Rita whapped his hands.
  • After Dark Specter had arrived and announced that he was draining Zordon's powers, Zedd called for a lava juice toast and toasted, "To the universe, a universe that belongs to the Dark Specter!"
  • Zedd was shown tilting his glass to drink, and his glass would soon be empty, but how he managed to drink through his grill-like mouth is unknown.
  • Later, as cloaked Red Ranger fended off villains' attacks upon being revealed as a spy, a brown Cog handed Zedd his staff, and Zedd, saying now he was really mad, used it to try to strike Red Ranger, but Andros blocked with the Spiral Saber, making blue electricity crackle from the staff.


  • Storming through the Dark Fortress with Elgar following her taking notes after Sting King's destruction, Astronema told him no more insects; Elgar repeated, "Okay, no bugs and no French painters. Got it," a reference to the Artistmole monster used by Rita and Zedd in 308-ABWD.


  • Among the various monsters, mutants, and aliens on Onyx was an eclectic mix of monsters and henchmen which had been used or would be used by many of the main villains, including Rita and Zedd.


  • From the Dark Fortress, Elgar had called up Rita and Zedd as Astronema entered.
  • In front of a rocky cliff background, Rita and Zedd told Astronema that they didn't need her plan, as they had their own, but Astronema told them to be silenced and that they would follow her orders.
  • When asked who had put her in charge, Astronema replied, "Dark Specter himself."; initially shocked, Rita and Zedd said they loved her plan.
  • Later, Rita and Zedd were leading an army of monsters against the Gold Ranger on a planet in the Vica Galaxy.
  • Zedd remarked that it was great to be back in the game.
  • Along with Finster, Goldar, Squatt, Z Putties, the two-headed parrot, Vampirus, Jellyfish, Pumpkin Rapper, Octophantom, Oysterizer, Globbor, and Miss Chief were monsters formerly used by other villains, including Wild Weeder, Punchabunch, Electrotramp, Psycho-monster Blue, Fearog, Frightwing, Stenchy, Zhane's death monster, the Craterite conglomerate, Sting King, and a flat-topped bluish-white monster; Porto was present as well.


  • The next Earth morning, an energy wave from Zordon's destruction spread throughout the universe; as the wave loomed over Rita and Zedd's forces on the Vica planet, Zedd held his hand over Rita to try to block her and told her to watch out.
  • When the wave was gone, Rita now had a normal (though beautiful) human appearance, dressed in preppie clothes.
  • Initially sparkling gold like Rita, Zedd, now in a human form, was grimacing and looking at his contorted hands, but he then grew calm and went to Rita.
  • Zedd was now a middle-aged man with brown hair, wearing a preppie white shirt and a blue sweater tied over his shoulders, looking identical to a future Terra Venture guard named Jasper.
  • Rita was shyly delighted by the sight of Zedd, and he coyly asked, "Wanna dance?"; the couple held each other happily and danced away through the piles of sand which had been their former minions, with Gold Ranger watching in surprise.

    MMPR: The Movie

  • Rita and Zedd were, at the least, a villain duo (perhaps married), and Goldar and Mordant were their henchmen.
  • Rita didn't know of Ivan Ooze, yet Zedd did.
  • Zedd's metal exoskeleton was a bit different, and he had a shorter horn on his mask; he was also taller.
  • When Zedd told one security guard there was no need to wake the other, both guards were already quite awake.
  • Zedd had spent two thousand years searching for Ivan's egg to free Ivan.
  • Zedd's brain pulsated randomly.
  • Zedd used his staff to open the egg and free Ivan.
  • Rita thought Ivan was handsome, and Zedd shot her a look for her remark.
  • Zedd addressed himself to Ivan as "Lord Zedd, sworn enemy of all that is good and decent."
  • Zedd told Ivan it was a supreme honor to finally meet him.
  • Zedd wanted Ivan to destroy Zordon so that Zedd's evil could once again reign supreme.
  • When Ivan planned to obliterate Zordon's entire legacy, Rita remarked, "Finally, a real man."
  • Zedd and the others left Ivan to work alone.
  • Zedd had told Rita that Ivan was the "master of disaster."
  • When Ivan clamped some ooze over Rita's mouth to stop her complaining in the palace, Zedd was glad that someone had finally shut her up.
  • Zedd glowed red with anger after Ivan had proclaimed leadership over the villains.
  • Zedd blasted Ivan with a blue energy bolt from his staff, but it merely tickled Ivan.
  • A purple energy bolt from Ivan's hand miniaturized Rita and Zedd and trapped them in a "Greetings from Angel Grove" snow globe of Angel Grove in his palm.
  • The miniaturized Zedd remarked that it was getting so that one couldn't trust anyone in this galaxy.
  • Ivan set the snow globe on the arm of the throne.
  • When the Ninja Megafalconzord and Hornitor-Ivan flew by the moon two days later, Rita and Zedd, in the snow globe on a railing somewhere in the moon palace, began to cheer for the Rangers in hopes that they would destroy Ivan.
  • Some time later, Rita and Zedd, back to normal, entered the chamber of command from the sliding doors opposite the balcony; they seemed angry with Goldar and Mordant for having turned on them.

    PRZ comic book

  • When Master Vile's "innocent little planet" was attacked by the Machine Empire around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe, Vile was startled but sensed it had something to do with his "no-good son-in-law," summoning Rita and Zedd to his throneroom.
  • Asked why Mondo would be attacking, Rita and Zedd awkwardly claimed not to know.
  • A hologram from Klank demanded that Vile surrender Lord Zedd to them, as Zedd had been secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy Mondo and reclaim his moonbase.
  • As Vile agreed to turn Zedd over, Rita and Zedd pleaded that they could still repel the attack, at which point Zedd contacted Zordon, explaining that if Mondo were to obtain the Power Coin energies in his possession, he could easily conquer the Earth.
  • Upon destroying the Power Coins, Zedd had secretly saved their energies, and he had the powers stored within a canister in his lab.
  • As the Rangers battled giant Scrap Heap after destroying the Cogs and Quadrafighters, Rita and Zedd rooted for the Rangers from a balcony on the fortress.
  • Zedd's laboratory was located down a spiraling stairwell within Master Vile's fortress, and it was there that his Power Coin energy canister was located.
  • After destroying Scrap Heap, the Rangers leapt down to confront Rita and Zedd on their balcony, although the couple refused to surrender the Power Coin energies; Master Vile, however, interrupted, telling them he'd already given the energies to Mondo's forces.
  • Rita and Zedd were last shown shouting angrily at Vile, and the Power Coin plot went unresolved.

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