Lost Galactabeasts
- three Zords built by Deviot from defeatedGalactabeasts
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  • On an orange planet with white rings and a close, tiny, rocky moon, Deviot's relatively small spaceship towed the massive Zenith Carrierzord through a dark blue sky with two giant chains and released it, allowing the Zord to come to a landing on the hilly surface below.
  • Deviot referred to his Zords as three of the most fearsome Zords ever created.
  • When Deviot had the Zords' remote connected to an apparatus, collar devices forced morphed Kai and Damon to fight each other; Deviot explained that the energy they expended fighting would power his Zords.
  • The long indicator meter on the apparatus slowly moved forward click by click during the fight; Deviot was pleased, saying they had more energy than he'd expected and his evil Zords would soon be brought to life, but when the two began to slow from exhaustion, the meter began to drop again.
  • In the mysterious Galaxy Book, written at least centuries ago, was a drawing of the five Galactabeasts beside the three more Galactabeasts, a red humanoid shape with the body of a rhino, a standing blue phoenix, and a grayish-blue shark above them; for some reason, the half of the page showing the three lost Galactabeasts had been torn out, but Kendrix would soon find it in a pile of photocopies of the book in the Science Division.
  • Maya said there was something in the air, the same feeling she'd had when they'd found the five Galactabeasts.
  • Kendrix showed Maya the torn page containing a drawing of the lost Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts, but Maya didn't know what it was.
  • When Kendrix matched up the pages, explaining that they were three more Galactabeasts in addition to their five, Maya realized that was what she'd been sensing, concluding they were close.
  • As Damon and Kai continued fighting after a bit of rest, the meter rose up to the yellow section; as it neared the red section, Damon managed to take Kai's Quasar Saber and was preparing to stab him with both sabers as Kai was on the ground.
  • Deviot shouted for Damon to destroy him, saying Kai's destruction would mean Deviot's domination, turning up the dial beyond 10, but when Damon swung, the saber flew from his hand, impaling the control apparatus and destroying it.
  • Soon on Terra Venture, the Rangers would summon their Orion armor and perform their energy attack after Magna Defender had performed his lightning slash attack, but Deviot laughed as the golden energy crackling around him flowed from into the remote he'd recovered.
  • Deviot told the Rangers they had given him the energy he needed, and he promptly summoned the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords by calling into his remote.
  • Deviot called the Megazords the most powerful Zords in the universe and said they would follow his every command.
  • The two Megazords would regularly be launched as individual Zords from the Zenith Carrierzord before combining into their Megazord forms, but such launching was not shown during Deviot's control of the Zords.
  • On Deviot's command to destroy the Power Rangers, the two Megazords shot a series of energy blasts from their eyes at the Rangers and Magna Defender.
  • Confronting the evil Megazords, the Defender Torozord and Galaxy Megazord suddenly lowered their weapons, and the Transdagger podiums in the Galactazord cockpits stopped rotating, confusing the Rangers.
  • Deviot found it quite ironic that the Rangers didn't know why their Megazords wouldn't fight back.
  • Centaurus and Stratoforce attacked, but the Torozord and Galaxy Megazord wouldn't fight back; they fell after being blasted.
  • Deviot told the evil Megazords to show the Rangers what they were made of, and after they'd attacked with their weapons, Deviot had them return to the Zenith Carrierzord, figuring it was proof enough for Scorpius.


  • On a rooftop downtown, Hardtochoke summoned the evil Zords with Deviot's remote.
  • Five silhouetted air vehicles and five silhouetted land vehicles launched from the upright Zenith Carrierzord before combining into the two Megazords.
  • The two Megazords fired their chest blasts at the city around them, making huge explosions which apparently demolished buildings.
  • The two Megazords were shown with their future benign faces in the US footage of their struggle with the Galactabeasts.
  • Kendrix eventually discovered through a computer search of a scanned Galaxy Book page that the three evil Zords were the three missing Galactabeasts from the drawing of the eight Galactabeasts.
  • Kendrix explained that the evil Zords were the missing three Galactabeasts, and it was Deviot who had made them evil; the five Galactabeasts knew their friends and wouldn't fight them.
  • Long ago, the three evil Zords had been the Rhino, the Phoenix, and the Shark Galactabeasts, but 3,000 years ago, they had lost their powers in a great battle, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field which was shown in normal-looking space rather than the colors of the Lost Galaxy.
  • Deviot had at some point captured the three defeated Galactabeasts and rebuilt them for his slaves, the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazord, and the Zenith Carrierzord.
  • At a large construction area in a valley on a vast asteroid, the three Galactabeasts had been lashed to the asteroid, the Rhino and Phoenix against cliff faces, and the Shark to the ground, while robotic construction arms worked on them, apparently adding respectively-colored parts from below to them.
  • Now, Deviot said, the only spirit his Zords would ever know was transmitted to them from his remote controller.
  • During a fight, Leo grabbed the remote from Hardtochoke, but the monster then blasted it to pieces in Leo's hand, saying now nothing could control the Zords.
  • Leo was sure the Zords' original spirits still had to be inside them.
  • Approaching the Galaxy Megazord to finish off the Rangers as instructed, the evil Megazords stopped when Leo once more urged them to try to remember who they were.
  • When Hardtochoke asked what the Zords were waiting for, they turned and confronted him.
  • Centaurus waved its hand over its face, morphing the gleaming face into a benign, non-evil form; Stratoforce then did the same, and they attacked Hardtochoke together and helped up the Galaxy Megazord.
  • The two Megazords doubleteamed the monster: Centaurus first punched him multiple times, and Stratoforce then leapt off its shoulders and jump-kicked the monster.
  • Zenith Carrierzord then arrived to attack Hardtochoke as well.
  • In a jungle clearing after Hardtochoke's destruction, Maya led Damon and Leo up to the five Galactabeasts, but the three new allies were not shown.
  • Maya said the Galactabeasts were so happy to be together again.


  • After giant monster-Deviot had read the Keonta spell in the Galaxy Book, mutating himself, he was beating the Galaxy Megazord when Zenith blasted him from overhead and released Stratoforce and Centaurus, initially startling their former creator.
  • Following a dual energy cyclone from the two Megazords, two slashes from the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber made giant monster-Deviot (who had been nearly invulnerable) fall and explode.


  • Giant Grunchor clamped its massive jaws onto Centaurus's head, causing Stratoforce to struggle to free its companion until Defender Torozord freed it.


  • To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome from the Ocean Dome, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord, joined by Centaurus and Stratoforce on their own initiative, confronted the monster in the mountains.
  • During the battle, both Megazords each had an arm ripped off by Titanisaur.
  • During Titanisaur's second attack in the city a short while later, the Rangers formed the Orion Galaxy Megazord, at which point Zenith flew in on its own and launched Centaurus and Stratoforce, which were now repaired somehow.
  • Between Torozord's axe strike and the Galaxy Megazord's finishing supercharged saber strike, Centaurus and Stratoforce did their energy cyclone, shooting through Titanisaur as gold energy streaks.

    - Phrases used for Zenith Carrierzord to launch C-Zords and S-Zords
    719-LGb1 Deviot (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
    720-LGb2 Hardtochoke (into remote): "Stratoforce, Centaurus, arise!"
    723-MMir Maya: "Stratoforce, activate!"
    737-GOTL Leo: "Stratoforce! Centaurus!"
    739-DrBa Damon: "Stratoforce Megazord!"
    740-HGrv Leo: "Centaurus! Stratoforce!"

    - Phrases used for two Megazords to fire chest blasts
    720-LGb2 Hardtochoke: "Weapons on full power!"

    - Phrases used for two Megazords to return to Zenith Carrierzord
    719-LGb1 Deviot (into remote): "Return to the Zenith Carrierzord!"

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