Lost Galaxy
- bizarre galaxy outside regular universe,former home to Captain Mutiny (until 742-EsLG)
Lost Galaxy
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First Appearance: (possible) 701-QsQ1, (definite) 735-EnLG
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
Pictures: Lost Galaxy space, Lost Galaxy, viewed from outside
Subcategories: Captain Mutiny's planet, Hexuba's mansion


  • Somewhere in nearly colorless space was a region of much greater coloration like the Lost Galaxy, containing bright blue and purple nebulae (similar to the fleeting image of Lost Galaxy space in the normal universe after Terra Venture had entered in 736-BMut); within this region, a swirling portal opened.
  • As the view passed through the tunnel, it rushed rapidly down a long, twisting tunnel of purple, blue, and white light, identical to Terra Venture's later escape from the Lost Galaxy in 742-EsLG.
  • The view emerged with a burst of white specks of light into another galaxy in which Mirinoi was located, perhaps the Lost Galaxy.
  • Behind Mirinoi was a bright glowing red nebula, like the many colors found in the Lost Galaxy.


  • Kai referred to another swirling portal through which the teens had traveled to Mirinoi from the moon as a "dimensional portal."
  • The starfield backgrounds behind the Galaxy Rangers' morphs were merely shots taken (in order) from the space scene in the opening of 701-QsQ1, in which a pan had shown a portal opening in a bluish-purple area surrounded by normal space, then flown through the portal to Mirinoi's location perhaps in the Lost Galaxy; the Green and Yellow morphs featured normal space, the Pink and Blue morphs featured some of the bluish-purple area in normal space, and the Red morph featured Mirinoi and the surrounding red nebula apparently within the Lost Galaxy. (Source: Red Ranger morph background submitted by SirSTACK)
  • Furio appeared to have no familiarity with the sabers' ability to morph the teens into Galaxy Rangers, or even the concept of Rangers in general.
  • In space behind Mirinoi was the bright red streak across the sky with green rays of light emanating from it, and in the other direction, the starfield was blue, purple, and pink, like the coloration of the Lost Galaxy.
  • After a flashing light as the Megaship flew through a portal in space near Mirinoi, the viewscreen showed dissolving white specks of light as the normal galaxy returned.
  • Maya explained in awe that the Quasar Sabers had been put in the rock 3,000 years ago, and a flashback showed a broad blue beam from above the jungle causing the sabers to materialize in the stone with yellow electricity.
  • Maya said that every warrior in the galaxy had tried and failed to free the sabers, yet the only people shown in the flashback appeared to be Mirinoites.
  • Maya spoke, "We've been given an unbelievable opportunity and responsiblity to defend all that is just and right in the universe!" and added, "We've been chosen... to be Power Rangers!"


  • Long ago, Deviot's three evil Zords had been the Rhino, the Phoenix, and the Shark Galactabeasts, but 3,000 years ago, they had lost their powers in a great battle, doomed to float forever in an asteroid field which was shown in normal-looking space rather than the colors of the Lost Galaxy before being captured by Deviot some time later.


  • Wishing she were back on Mirinoi, Maya was frustrated that she didn't even know how to get back; someday she knew she would find her planet again.


  • Opening the Galaxy Book in Terra Venture's Mountain Dome, Deviot proceeded to read the Keonta spell: "Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova!"
  • After the first four words, the sky grew dark, and blue energy bolts began crackling from the book.
  • Deviot read the rest of the spell: A thousand nightmares will soon come true. Space will twist, then rip in two. Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost!"
  • The crackling book hovered up from Deviot's hands as he laughed that it was working.
  • With orange energy bolts, Deviot was morphed into a monstrous, greenish-yellow, biomechanical form, and the sky lightened as the book fell to the ground.
  • After the apparent destruction of giant monster-Deviot a while later, the Rangers ran down a hillside toward the Galaxy Book, but it suddenly blew open with blue energy bolts, and a bluish cyclone enveloped the book, keeping the Rangers back with a strong wind.
  • Blue energy bolts from the book struck around the Rangers, sending them flying down a hill and apparently demorphing.
  • The teens soon approached the book after things had calmed, a large black charred area extending around the book.
  • As Kai recalled the Guardian's words of seeing into the future as he flipped through the book, the sky grew dark again, and Leo had the teens go.
  • In the tunnel leading to the city dome, the teens stopped suddenly, realizing the surrounding space was full of brightly-colored nebulae, making the starscape a huge pattern of rainbow colors.
  • Thinking, Kai repeated the phrase, "Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost," and realized with astonishment that they were in the Lost Galaxy, and Damon couldn't believe it; how Kai (and probably the other teens) had known of the Lost Galaxy is unknown, though it's doubtful that their only experience with the term was the reference to "galaxies lost."


  • Shortly before the teens had seen their location in the tunnel, the crew of the Scorpion Stinger watched Terra Venture's fate from nearby.
  • A large area in front of the Scorpion Stinger was normal space intitially, but as lightning flashed through the area, the multicolored nebulae of the Lost Galaxy were lit up inside.
  • Villamax planned to pursue the Rangers, but Trakeena exclaimed, "You fools! Don't you realize they've entered the Lost Galaxy?!" and Kegler added, "It's the most mysterious place in the universe! People go in, but they never come out!"
  • Villamax gladly realized that the Rangers were gone forever, but the ship began to be sucked in; Trakeena used the controls, and the Scorpion Stinger flew away.
  • Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Stanton walked with Mike, looking at a report, as Mike told him the computer couldn't tell one direction from another, as there were no stars to navigate by.
  • When the elevator doors opened into a desert mountain, Mike and Stanton were both silently confused, and they stepped forward hesitantly, with a black and red starscape above, probably the Lost Galaxy sky.
  • Once the papers had blown out of Stanton's report cover, a ghostly image of an older man, apparently some sort of commander, with long white hair and a beard, appeared, surprising Mike and Stanton, and told Stanton, "Time is short. You must turn and leave this wretched hive before it is too late."
  • Stanton asked how they could get out, and the ghost commander replied, "The same way you entered: Never look back, lest you vanish without a trace."
  • Stanton was confused, but the ghost vanished, and suddenly, the two found themselves standing in Command Headquarters as Kai was talking about their systems.
  • Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks; nearby, an analog clock was going backwards rapidly, and in the Science Division, scientists were alarmed to see plants in a pot of sand regressing into nothingness.
  • On Terra Venture, Stanton told Captain Mutiny that Terra Venture had been caught up in an energy storm, and Mutiny laughed, saying it was always the same story; every hundred years or so, he said, a spaceship ended up in the Lost Galaxy, but whether Mutiny was being truthful is dubious.
  • Rocketron was surprisingly weak against the Rangers for a supposedly undefeated monster, suggesting a lack of any serious resistance to Mutiny's forces in the Lost Galaxy.


  • In the Lost Galaxy, Deviot allied with Captain Mutiny, causing Mutiny to fear Trakeena's wrath, even though Trakeena had not and would not enter the Lost Galaxy.
  • Behind Mutiny, at the main rear wall of the central room in his castle, were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.
  • Docking his castle onto Grunchor's back to supercharge the monster, Mutiny intended to show the Rangers who was captain of the Lost Galaxy.
  • In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone, Leo and Damon were captured before being rescued hours later by the other Rangers.


  • Outside her floating mansion, Hexuba had a graveyard for many (if not all) Villamax, Treacheron, and Hexuba monsters used in the normal universe, as well as Treacheron himself; after the destruction of Hexuba and her graveyard, neither Mutiny's nor Trakeena's forces would use any monsters, aside from the pre-existing giant Titanisaur.


  • After the Galaxy Book had flown from Terra Venture once the first four words of the Keonta spell had been read backwards, a glowing yellow energy fissure tore open in space, opening a ripple-edged portal (like those in 701-QsQ1) containing a rapidly-flowing purple/blue/white twisting tunnel (like the one shown in the transition to Mirinoi in 701-QsQ1).
  • As GSA officers watched the widening portal, someone remarked, "The portal!" implying it was identical to the (unseen) one which had brought them to the Lost Galaxy.
  • After passing through the portal, Terra Venture was again in normal space.
  • Mutiny's castle emerged from the tunnel with green light, and Mutiny observed, "Another galaxy! I'll rule it too!"
  • Destroying Mutiny's castle, Trakeena said, "There's only one ruler in this universe, and that's me."; her sudden objection to Mutiny's presence in this universe may have implied that the Lost Galaxy was not even a part of this universe.


  • When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi, now conclusively not within the Lost Galaxy.
  • Mirinoi was now shown to be a bright green planet with white cloud wisps and a rocky gray (insanely close) moon, though the planet had not previously been shown with clouds or a moon.


  • On Earth, where there was some knowledge of the Galaxy Rangers, Carter called them "Lost Galaxy Rangers," and Kai replied affirmatively.

    Captain Mutiny's planet
    - home planet to Captain Mutiny in Lost Galaxy
    Captain Mutiny's planet
    You are here: Where / Universe/ Space / Lost Galaxy
    First Appearance: 736-BMut
    Last Appearance: 742-EsLG


  • After being thrust into the Lost Galaxy by Deviot's reading of the Galaxy Book's Keonta spell, the colony drifted toward a rocky, orangish-brown planet with three very close moons, two smaller gray ones, and one much larger oblong beige one.
  • Under an ocean on the planet, the stone Titanisaur rose to the surface with Mutiny's castle on its back.
  • Captain Mutiny referred to the planet as his home planet.
  • The planet had oceans, a desert where slaves mined for gems and ore amidst spaceship wreckage, and forests.


  • Some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.


  • On Mutiny's planet, wherever it had gone, Leo and Damon were captured before being rescued hours later by the other Rangers.


  • At sunset on Mutiny's planet, a horn in the distance blew, and Barbarax ordered the trudging masses to get back to their cells.
  • Swabbies led the slaves into stone-blocked cells apparently built into a cliff wall, lighting torches in the area as they went by; nearby was a Mutiny flag.
  • Apparently only a half-hour to an hour after "nightfall" (which hadn't been truly dark), it was daylight again on Mutiny's planet, yet the passage of an entire night during that time would have been impossible; perhaps the sun had been eclipsed by the planet's massive moon.

    Hexuba's mansion
    - Hexuba's floating castle and accompanying monster graveyard in Lost Galaxy
    Hexuba's mansion
    You are here: Where / Universe/ Space / Lost Galaxy
    First Appearance: (likely) 739-DrBa, (definite) 740-HGrv
    Last Appearance: 740-HGrv
    Pictures: mansion (shown at right), parlor


  • As Terra Venture was in a thundering pink cloud and experiencing electrical instability in at least one sector, Hexuba waved her hands over a crystal ball in a mysterious parlor, presumably in Hexuba's floating mansion, shown in 740-HGrv; appearing inside the crystal ball, Mutiny approved.
  • Around Hexuba's red forehead gem were two gold designs, featuring a circle with a diamond inside, as was the shape of a mirror on the parlor wall.
  • Following the destruction of her crystal ball and the ruination of her nightmare spell, Hexuba stood at a larger crystal ball in a dark area with five-candle and three-candle holders on stone podiums, and a purple wall with gold swirl designs (like Nightmare's coloration); Mutiny again contacted her through her crystal ball.


  • Mutiny was rowed in a dinghy away from his castle in space, and the boat approached what looked like a mansion and surrounding graveyard, complete with dead trees, all with a gray cloud above and a gray cloud below, drifting in space with lightning striking between the clouds.
  • After stirring a glowing green cauldron which was apparently her lunch, Hexuba then took a smallish crystal ball from a stone podium beside the cauldron to activate the spell.
  • Standing at tombstones, Hexuba proceeded to resurrect dead monsters from their tombstones, including monsters which had been destroyed in the normal universe after being used by Scorpius; resurrected were Freaky Tiki, Teksa, Horn, Destruxo, Fishface, Gasser, Quakemaker, Hardtochoke, and Mutantrum, as well as Treacheron and at least five other monsters unaccounted for; presumably tombstones existed for all of the defeated monsters used by Scorpius.
  • Freaky Tiki's tombstone, with some sort of X pattern over it, burst in half to release his spirit.
  • Hexuba could watch the Rangers' battles within the pool of liquid in her cauldron.
  • After many monsters had been resurrected, Hexuba performed an incantation to resurrect Quakemaker, but Kai blasted the tombstone with his Transblaster.
  • Kai rolled forward to fire over the cauldron, but Hexuba made steam blow up from the cauldron, knocking the weapon out of his hand.
  • Hexuba fought Kai, knocking him into a tombstone which cracked open and released Hardtochoke's green ghost.
  • Kai fought Hexuba, his foot eventually being knocked into the cauldron and burned.
  • Hexuba called out, "Quakemaker, arise!" and the purple ghost of Quakemaker arose from the cracked tombstone Kai may have landed on, but Kai grabbed the ghost, holding it in place until the ghost was freed in the struggle.
  • Kai eventually kicked the crystal ball from Hexuba's hands, sliced it in midair with his Quasar Saber, and allowed it to drop into the cauldron, horrifying Hexuba.
  • Kai fled as spark explosions rocked the area, and Hexuba shouted over the loss of her mystical ball.
  • As Kai flew away, the floating cloud structure sparkled with blue lights and then exploded with a huge energy shockwave, destroying both the mansion and graveyard; the resurrected Hardtochoke and Quakemaker would remain on Terra Venture until their destruction by the Rangers.

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