Louie Kaboom
- robot sent by Rita and Zedd to infiltrate Machine Empire
Louie Kaboom
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First Appearance: 436-BITS
Last Appearance: 440-TJOB
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  • As the first step in Zedd and Rita's "glorious" plan to regain their evil empire, according to Goldar, Rito and Goldar went to the beach on Earth, from where they launched Louie Kaboom so that Machina wouldn't be able to trace the launch back to the RV on the moon.
  • As he was launched from the Earth, Louie was in rocket form, with his arms and legs folded up inside him.
  • Louie bore seven silver bomb symbols on his chest.
  • Louie was controlled by a remote control which Rito and Goldar soon lost.
  • Louie was launched from the Earth, but he approached the Machine Skybase from the side facing away from the Earth.
  • Louie transformed into his normal form once he'd flown into the Machine Skybase.
  • The Royal House of Gadgetry wasn't familiar with Louie.
  • Without the remote, there was no way to control Louie Kaboom, leaving him free to act and think on his own.
  • Louie Kaboom took over the Machine Empire but allowed Machina and the rest to stay.
  • As Louie sat on a throne which could have been located in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Klank, Orbus, and Cogs polished him and tried to please him.
  • When Louie told Machina to polish him as well and she refused, calling him a pointy-topped commoner, Klank told Louie that the quickest way to win the queen's respect was to destroy the Rangers.
  • Louie called Klank "Klunk."
  • Louie went to Earth to recover his remote which Rito and Goldar had lost on the beach.
  • Louie transformed Emily's elephant head necklace into the robotic elephant monster Tough Tusks.
  • All three of the monsters used during Louie Kaboom's reign (Tough Tusks, Stenchy, and Midas Monster) bore a tattoo which appeared to consist of a blue object in front of a pink heart; all of the tattoos were located on the left sides of the monsters' bodies.
  • One of Tough Tusks' blasts struck Louie's remote, knocking it from Jason's hand.
  • Louie hoped that Machina, whom he called his "iron maiden," would sing his praise after he destroyed the Rangers.
  • Louie made Tough Tusks grow, but how he did so is unknown.
  • Louie invited Machina and Sprocket to come down to personally watch the fight between the Rangers and giant Tough Tusks, and they came; Sprocket thanked Louie for inviting them, saying he loved a good fight.
  • After fixing the remote control in the Power Chamber, Billy used it to force Louie to teleport back to the Machine Skybase.
  • Back in the Machine Skybase after Tough Tusks had been destroyed, Machina called Louie pathetic.


  • Machina, Sprocket, and Louie were together in what may have been the balcony room, without arguing.
  • Louie announced that his rewiring transformation was complete, and now the Rangers no longer had control over him.
  • Louie, in rocket form, flew right into morphed Tommy, sending him flying, as the Rangers battled Cogs and Stenchy.


  • Cogs chased the Sloans around Mysterio Island, and the Sloans eventually took shelter inside a cave in which the lost tiki of Auric happened to be kept; after the Sloans had retrieved the tiki, Louie appeared in the cave to take the tiki from them.
  • The Sloans apparently hadn't seen Louie before, as Mr. Sloan's, "Who are you?" had emphasis on the "you" rather than the "are."
  • Louie shot red lasers from his eyes.
  • Leaving with the tiki, Louie declared that at last, the power of Auric was all his.
  • While Louie was trying to open the tiki of Auric, Klank told him that he needed a key and told him about Jason, who was alone with the key at the lake.
  • Louie blasted the key from Jason's hand with purple eyebeams.
  • In a warehouse, Louie Kaboom used the key on the tiki, causing the tiki to expand into the giant Auric.
  • Louie ordered Auric to destroy the Earth, but Auric turned back into a tiki, saying with amusement that he would not be subject to a barbarian such as Louie.
  • Louie angrily swatted the tiki away when the key wouldn't work anymore, and he let Sprocket take it.
  • When giant Auric later blew Sprocket into a tree, Louie tried to get the key that Sprocket dropped, but Billy teleported it away before he could reach it.


  • As Machina and Sprocket were being held as prisoners by Cogs, Louie had Klank read his decree in the balcony room; written in gear symbols on a sheet of copper-colored metal, it read, "From this moment forward, let it be known that the leader in supreme command of the Machine Empire is Louie Kaboom! Each and every machine shall hearby owe allegiance to him, forever!"; Louie then had the Cogs take Machina and Sprocket away to be thrown in the dungeon.
  • As the decree was read, Cogs were holding flags bearing Japanese writing.
  • Louie wanted to take over the Earth and destroy the Rangers.
  • Klank called Louie his new leader.
  • Louie planned to use the Midas Hound, a small golden dog figurine with ruby eyes, to complete his objectives by using the humans' greed against them.
  • Some time later, Louie addressed an enormous crowd of Cogs with a microphone, saying, "Thank you, thank you. Machines, Cogs, countrymen, I am your new leader, Louie Kaboom! Soon we will invade the Earth, so follow me to our ultimate victory!"
  • Seeing that Bulk and Skull were looking for gold items (actually as props for Kat and Tanya's ballet), Louie concluded that they were greedy and would be perfect recipients for the Midas Hound.
  • Louie confronted the Rangers in the park as they fought the Cogs and investigated the giant Midas Hound, which Klank and Orbus had enlarged in hopes of demonstrating that their services were invaluable.
  • Louie watched from a rooftop as the Zords fought giant Midas Hound/Monster.
  • Rita and Zedd were driving around in an RV on the moon, looking for the "palace" (presumably the Machine Skybase and not their old moon palace) so that they could regain control of Louie; Rita would later say that they had to find the palace and the remote control to Louie.


  • When Rita told Zedd he hadn't said anything in the last 2,000 miles, he said he was trying to regain control of Louie Kaboom.
  • In an area which looked like the surface of the moon with a dark blue sky overhead (perhaps a part of Gasket's palace or an area outside the Machine Skybase), Louie wondered what a sound was, and Archerina then attacked him as Gasket watched.
  • Louie wasn't familiar with Gasket and Archerina.
  • Archerina shot Louie with love arrows, making him fall in love with her.
  • Archerina had Louie go to Earth and destroy the Rangers for her.
  • On Earth, giant Louie Kaboom a sword hand on his right arm and a cannon hand on his left arm.
  • Giant Louie shot a blue energy bolt from his sword arm, then projectiles from his cannon arm.
  • Pyramidas's lightning bolt finishing move didn't destroy giant Louie.
  • Warrior Wheel, thrown by the Super Zeo Megazord, didn't destroy giant Louie.
  • After the (Super) Zeo Ultrazord's energy blasts had struck giant him, the flaming Louie got up but then fell back over and then exploded.

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