- noble warrior formerly under the service of evil (until 727-LxLB)
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First Appearance: 727-LxLB
Last Appearance: 727-LxLB
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  • In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
  • Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe, according to Villamax; for centuries, he said, the name Loyax had inspired fear.
  • Loyax was a warrior covered in brown armor, his armored face featuring a beard and blue eyes, and he held a large mace over his left shoulder and a sword in his right hand.
  • Having been brought in to meet Trakeena, Loyax bowed to his "lovely queen Trakeena."
  • Loyax came with one humble wish: he had lived his whole life as a cunning and mighty warrior, but now his strength began to fade; he wanted one last battle with a worthy opponent before he finally laid his sword to rest.
  • Trakeena offered to let Loyax battle the Power Rangers; to defeat them, Loyax concluded, would be a glorious ending indeed.
  • Standing on a cliff in Terra Venture's Ocean Dome, Loyax said he felt strong and ready to fight; he had a device of some sort on the inside of his left forearm and the symbol of Barbarax on his stomach.
  • Swinging his mace and smashing rocks with explosive force, Loyax said the Rangers' defeat would be his greatest triumph.
  • The Rangers soon confronted Loyax, and when Yellow Ranger leapt down to fight him, Loyax hit and grabbed her, saying no girl was going to defeat him.
  • Loyax hit the others with his mace, then struck the ground with it, making explosions go to the Rangers.
  • Maya struck Loyax repeatedly with her saber, finally chipping off a little bit of metal from his chest.
  • Catching her sword, Loyax told her she was quite valiant for a mere girl; as he knocked her down and prepared to strike, Red Ranger told him to fight him instead, and Loyax agreed with pleasure, but Maya grabbed his leg and pulled him off the cliff with herself, and they both fell screaming over the cliff to the ocean below, disappearing.
  • In a dark cavern, unmorphed Maya had a gash in her knee; Loyax told her she would be all right, but he would never recover from this disgrace, having failed the simple task of abolishing the Power Rangers.
  • Loyax was ashamed to be lost in a cave all because of a girl, but Maya insisted being a girl made no difference.
  • Loyax tossed Maya a flexible gold-weave cuff for her injury, and she put it on, accusing him of pushing her off the cliff.
  • Loyax told Maya that they might be enemies - a Power Ranger that fought for good and him, a mighty warrior that had been on the side of evil for centuries - but for now, they needed each other.
  • Maya angrily doubted it, but she then tripped against a boulder; Loyax explained his eyesight was poor in the dark, and she couldn't walk, but they could get out if they forgot they were enemies.
  • Maya rode on Loyax's back, telling him where to go, and they eventually found the cave opening together.
  • Loyax agreed they'd made it out through togetherness, but he then tossed her to the ground, telling her to prepare for battle; it was a grand challenge to defeat a Power Ranger, he said, even if she was just a girl.
  • When Deviot and Stingwingers arrived, Loyax insisted his last battle was to be an honorable one, and when the villains attacked, both Maya and Loyax fought them off, Maya wielding a large stick until being kicked in the injured leg.
  • Striking the offending Stingwinger with his mace, Loyax commended Yellow Ranger on her bravery, saying their battle would be honorable.
  • Deviot blasted, mocking his honor, and soon knocked Loyax down until Maya pounced, helping Loyax up.
  • Loyax struck Deviot in the chest with his mace, sending him flying back, and the two escaped together, successfully evading the Stingwingers.
  • Elsewhere, Loyax promised Yellow Ranger a fair fight; she insisted he didn't have to battle, as he wasn't on the villains' side, but he replied that evil was evil, unfazed by Maya's objections that the villains would destroy them both.
  • Saying Maya was too young to understand, Loyax explained that many centuries ago, he had been a young warrior just like Maya, having done battle with his heart in the name of good; a flashback showed him striking a Barillian Bug monster on a mountainside with his mace, declaring, "You will do no more evil, foul monster!"
  • Loyax had found the power of evil to be too strong and widespread and had finally been defeated; eventually, he'd become part of the evil he'd so despised.
  • Maya insisted he could be good again, but Loyax replied he was far too old to change, and that all was left for him was one last glorious battle, with her.
  • Loyax, refusing Maya's offers to be good again and fight with his heart, said he knew his destiny, threatening Maya that her refusal to fight wasn't an option, so she reluctantly morphed and proceeded to swordfight him.
  • During the fight, Loyax told her she was good, as good as he'd been.
  • Both combatants were smoking and panting after a while; Maya reminded him they could both win if they stopped, but Loyax insisted the battle meant too much to him.
  • Striking Loyax with a powerful lightning slash which broke his sword in two, Maya pinned him to the ground for the fight to end; he told her to destroy him, but she refused, admitting that while she didn't have his experience, she knew he could be good again.
  • Maya held out her hand, and after some thought, he began to take it, but a large electronic dart stuck into his back, and he pulled it out, knowing it had been Deviot; on a cliff nearby, Deviot criticized the weakening of Loyax's honor on the premise that one once evil was always evil.
  • Loyax grew, and he soon stomped in the distance near the four Rangers, challenging them, and then stomped near Maya; she begged him not to do this, but he cried out that he couldn't stop it.
  • Below, Deviot was working a remote control, controlling Loyax through his wrist device.
  • Loyax eyeblasted the approaching Galaxy Megazord with orange energy beams and knocked down Centaurus.
  • Saying he couldn't stop himself, Loyax raised his arm, as he'd done earlier in reference to the controller on his arm, but the Galaxy Megazord and Deviot both looked up at the sky, as though both tricked by an unintentional "hey, what's that over there?" ploy.
  • As the Megazord and Loyax struggled after the Megazord had grappled his arm, Loyax told them to remove the remote device from him, and the Megazord shot an energy beam from its hand, shorting out the device.
  • Giant Loyax swung his mace down at Deviot, saying no one could make him be evil ever again.
  • Saying Loyax had chosen the wrong side, Deviot pressed a button which caused spark explosions all over Loyax, and Deviot then discarded the remote and left.
  • Stunned, Loyax limply turned to the Megazord and thanked Yellow Ranger for showing him the truth, telling her she was truly a noble warrior; he then fell and exploded.
  • At sunset on the beach, Maya led the teens up to Loyax's broken sword; remembering his words about battling with his heart for good, she spoke that he'd won his last battle, having proven that his heart was still good, and that was how she would always remember him.
  • Maya stuck the broken sword into the sand, and the teens somberly walked off toward the sunset.

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