Lightspeed Aquabase
- headquarters of Lightspeed organization, off coast of Mariner Bay (until 840-FLs2)
Lightspeed Aquabase
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
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  • Almost all quarters and rooms in the Lightspeed Aquabase featured windows overlooking the bay outside, with some rooms featuring doors resembling airlocks.
  • The Lightspeed Aquabase was a network of yellow structures with lights all over, located in a rocky valley in the sea floor, with some rocky protrusions beyond the front side of the base, although the main upward slope of the land was along the right side.
  • As the later-revealed cardinal directions seemed slightly counterintuitive, this guide will use the directions "left," "right," "front," and "back" with respect to a vantage point facing the front side of the base, which is the side approached by the submarine from the ocean; in actuality, "left" will be revealed as north (toward the downtown shore of the bay), "right" will be south (perhaps toward a more suburban shore), "front" will be west (toward the ocean), and "back" will be east (toward the mainland and an east-west river or stream).
  • At each of the four corners of the facility was a cylindrical tower structure, and within the square territory of the base were several "dome" structures of various size, each bearing a strip of windows lining its circumference at the point of peak diameter; the towers and domes were connected by various tunnels which mostly appeared to be of the partially-transparent variety.
  • The domes appeared to be set at three different levels above the sea floor, the highest of which brought the domes on that level to the same height as the corner towers.
  • In the center of the facility was the largest of the domes, which housed the Submarine Bay and, as suggested in 833-OlUn, the Power Core as well, apparently above the Sub Bay.
  • The center dome was elevated on a vertical stalk; on either side of it, although slightly closer to the front than the back, were two similar medium-sized domes, each elevated on stalks of their own which were roughly two thirds the height of the center dome's stalk, placing them at the lowest of the three elevations.
  • The medium-sized dome on the right of the center dome would be shown to house both Rescue Ops and the Transport Bay.
  • Two domes had smaller subdomes extending up from their sides on curved support tubes: these subdomes were the smallest of the three dome sizes and were both a level higher than their parent dome and at a diagonal.
  • One such subdome extended up toward the rear left from the center dome to make it the highest elevation, level with the towers; the other subdome extended up toward the rear right from the Rescue Ops dome and apparently housed the galley (as shown in 839-FLs1); the location of the crew quarters is unknown, although the medium-sized dome opposite Ops is a likely candidate.
  • Running from the right side of the Ops dome into the rocky slope to the right, at a slight upward angle, was a mostly transparent tunnel through which the Rescue Rover would drive to the entry gate at the surface.
  • Various other tunnels connected the structures to each other as well: each of the two medium-sized domes were connected to the stalk below the center dome; dome-to-tower tunnels included a tunnel from the lefthand medium-sized dome to the lower middle of the rear left tower, and a tunnel from near the top of the front left tower to the center dome; the two front towers were connected to each other by a very low tunnel rather close to the sea floor, presumably making room for the submarine's approach from the sea.
  • As the submarine approached, the Sub Bay dome opened a large bay door, revealing a spacious holding bay in which the sub would dock.
  • Kelsey asked, "You built this whole 'Aquabase' so that the four of us could fight off a bunch of... angry demons?" and Mitchell agreed, although noting it was putting it simply.


  • For the Train Bay to rise, two panels swung open on the top of the front left tower, and the Train Bay rose, apparently on four thick legs.
  • A long giant train track segment, merging the five Rail Rescue tracks into one, then arose from the water directly in front of the Train Bay.
  • On the long adjacent structure next to the Train Bay, people watched in amazement from the railing as the track rose up in front of the Train Bay, apparently only running and amazed about the track, as though they were already familiar with the Train Bay.


  • In the Aquabase's galley, a mess hall in which a few stray personnel sat at tables, Chad was finishing what looked like pancakes and eggs early one morning.
  • Entering, Kelsey tiredly said good morning to the chef, who blended up fruits in some orange juice.
  • Also on the counter was an assortment of fruit, like strawberries, bananas, sliced cantaloupe, as well as a basket of whole eggs.
  • Chad cheerfully returned his tray while Kelsey took the blender cup and tried to drink straight from the cup before being dragged off by Chad.


  • Miss Fairweather examined Ryan on an infirmary bed in the Aquabase following his fainting from the cobra tattoo during his Max Solarzord battle.
  • In the walls of the halls were fire extinguishers and emergency silver air tanks.


  • As Bansheera's giant spectral head summoned a tidal wave behind the elevated Train Bay, Miss Fairweather announced the impending disaster, and Mitchell shouted to secure all decks; techs then rushed through steaming halls, turning various valves as the base was rumbling, but the wave would fade before impact.


  • The Aquabase was located somewhere a considerable distance from Mariner Bay's east side.


  • At the base after she'd been frozen, Carter oversaw the defrosting unconscious Miss Fairweather in the infirmary, and he told Mitchell outside that her temperature was returning to normal and she would be okay.


  • Mitchell told the teens of a broken communications cable, as security cameras on domes 4 and 6 were dead; on a scale model of the Aquabase, Mitchell pointed to a small rockslide on the southern rock face just to the right of the Rover tunnel, and pebbles rolled down to near the tower on the right of the tunnel.
  • Mitchell referred to the aforementioned tower as the "southwest tower."
  • Describing a rockslide which had apparently damaged the video cables running from the southwest tower to the adjacent Ops dome, Mitchell told Chad to swim out to the southwest tower and make any necessary repairs on the cable.
  • After submerging in the pool room pool, Chad was soon seen swimming by the window of a galley or rec room.
  • Chad fixed the cable with tools from a yellow pouch, but another rockslide nearly buried him alive.
  • The teens took Chad to the infirmary when his unconscious body surfaced in the pool, and he later awoke.
  • On the wall in the infirmary room were some X-rays, and by Chad's bed was an IV drip; the room had a window with curtains.


  • With the Power Core's energies diverted, the Aquabase's atmospheric systems were going down, and the base soon began to run out of air, prompting choking techs to distribute emergency air masks.


  • Diabolico's scroll map of Mariner Bay showed the modern Aquabase off the southeastern shore of the concave bay.


  • Dana's private cell phone worked inside the Aquabase.


  • In a giant holding bay somewhere, Dana and Kelsey entered through a standard hinge door (with creaky hinges), and Dana turned on the bay's spotlights by swiping a keycard through a sigiled wall scanner.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord stood silhouetted among the surrounding girders.


  • Entering the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay through its hinge door, Miss Fairweather operated a console in the darkness (facing away from the holding bay) before hearing a noise and turning on the lights with the console.
  • Just above the door inside the holding bay was a large sigil; outside was an ordinary white hall which did not match the Aquabase's futuristic stylings, although Miss Fairweather was still wearing her ID card, which indicated she was in a part of the facility.
  • Across the hall from the door to the holding bay was a brown hinge door bearing a sigil inside a blue triangle.
  • Neither the stowaway Batling card hidden on the Lifeforce Megazord's foot nor the resultant horde of Batlings unleashed from it triggered any sort of sensors in the base.
  • Now in a standard Aquabase hallway, the fleeing Miss Fairweather contacted Ops via a security camera before Batlings burst out from a door down the hall and eventually blew up the camera.
  • To put the base on red alert, a tech in Ops pressed a button near other buttons labeled Phase Transition, Satellite Telemetry, Active Systems, and Subspace Antennas.
  • The invading Batlings proceeded to trash various rooms and corridors with such weapons as bazookas and grenades.
  • Having come to life within its holding bay, the Lifeforce Megazord, now underwater, approached the base from the rear.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord was ridiculously large, as the Train Bay (containing the five Rail Rescues with room to spare) was supposed to come from a tower, while the Lifeforce Megazord was now nearly twice the height of the towers.
  • The galley was apparently located in the smaller subdome connected to the Rescue Ops dome.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord struck various points on the Aquabase, making underwater explosions and shaking the base.
  • As the isolated southeastern tower which Miss Fairweather would refer to as "Pod Four" was struck, the tower's lights went off, and underwater shrapnel flew by the galley dome and struck the nearby Ops dome, making Rescue Ops quake and spark violently.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord pushed over the damaged Pod Four tower, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell were apparently aghast over its loss, and it was immediately afterward that Mitchell grew unresponsive until Dana shook him out of it.
  • The techs who were evacuated by the teens and Miss Fairweather ran down a transparent underwater tunnel.
  • The tunnel resembled the Transport tunnel but appeared to be separate from the base's facility, running between two rocky sections perpendicular to the direction of the base, although this would by no means have been the only perspective error in close-ups of Aquabase domes and tunnels during this episode.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord smashed the northwest tower, turning off its lights, while northeast was already dead.
  • As the teens reported everyone was out of sectors 2 and 3, Miss Fairweather thought that was everyone.
  • After slashing the northwest (Train Bay) tower, the Lifeforce Megazord slashed what Dana called the connecting tube; in some shots, this was the tunnel between the northwest tower and the sub bay, while in one shot, it seemed to be between the sub bay and Rescue Ops.


  • As the six attempted to clear off panels in Ops, Joel found an access panel in the floor which Mitchell curiously identified as a maintenance shaft; on the computer, Miss Fairweather traced a 3-D path from the Ops dome up into the submarine bay.
  • The path traced in red extended from the lower center portion of the Ops dome over into the nearby junction, then straight up through the center dome, near the top of which the submarine was shown in yellow.
  • Although the shaft was flooded with water, the six used emergency air canisters to swim up to the sub bay, emerging in the pool beneath the suspended submarine.
  • Soon, the Lifeforce Megazord began striking the sub bay dome as well.
  • Stuck out of the water when the sub's winch was jammed by a bazooka blast, the teens used the torpedoes to blow open the giant sigiled front door and flood the sub bay.
  • After they'd blown the Lifeforce Megazord back, Mitchell called for full speed ahead; as the sub sped away, the fallen Lifeforce Megazord exploded, and the entire Aquabase then detonated with numerous underwater explosions.
  • As the rumbling subsided, the six looked at the monitor in dismay as the Aquabase was gone.

    Aquabase entry gate
    - base-to-surface driving tunnel, and associated above-water gate
    Aquabase entry gate
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    Pictures: Transport tunnel, underwater, Entry gate (shown at right)
    See Also: Transport


  • After descending on its platform in the Transport Bay, the Rescue Rover then drove out from the Rescue Ops dome down its clear tunnel into an underwater rocky slope.
  • In a corridor apparently at sea level, a metal door slid up with two sigils which spun to unlock, with accompanying puffs of mist as the door opened.
  • Beyond the doorway, sloping downward, was the transparent tunnel leading underwater; the Rover drove out and into daylight as it emerged from the passageway, and the door slid shut with a puff after them.
  • Atop the doorway was a dolphin picture in the stone above the door.


  • Carter flipped a switch onboard the Rover to remotely open the entry gate.
  • Olympius referred to the entry gate as "the secret entrance."
  • At the dolphin gate, Batlings, Thunderclaw, Jinxer, Loki, and Vypra approached secretively, noticing a security camera looking at the door.
  • In Transport next to the Rover lift was a control kiosk labeled "Aquabase Security," with three sections, the middle of which was Entry Gate, with 3x4 buttons: Automatic Entry (green), Manual Override (blue), Emergency Close (light red), Systems Check (blue), Security Breach (orange), Alarm (red), Submersion Status (green), Subterfuge Controls (light blue), Security Camera (light blue), B372 (blue), B37C (green), and BR26 (blue); the other two sections had the same buttons, but with different alphanumeric buttons such as X912.
  • Pushing buttons, "Joel" inserted a passkey at the security kiosk in Transport, and the entry gate began to open, the steam from the releasing seal burning the demons slightly; a green LED sign in Ops read, "Entry Gate Opening," and in the security camera, Carter saw the demons waiting outside.
  • Miss Fairweather struggled with "Joel", finally pressing "Emergency Close," but the villains forced the door upwards as "Joel" pressed buttons before Miss Fairweather managed to pull out the passkey during the struggle, causing the door to seal shut.

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