Lightspeed personnel
- operatives employed by Lightspeed organization (through 840-FLs2)
Lightspeed personnel
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  • At the desk in the briefing room, Captain Mitchell was telling three personnel to doublecheck a few items which were albeit sufficient; when Dana vaguely reported that something had come up, Mitchell dismissed the three before continuing privately although not altogether secretively.
  • To gather the four Ranger candidates, two men in black (called "Dark Suits" in the credits) with earpieces and shades approached Joel during an autograph session following his air show.
  • The men asked, "Joel Rawlings?", confusing Joel and making the fans apprehensive; Dana then watched from a black limo in an isolated area nearby as the two men in black brought the protesting Joel to the car, one man with a firm grip on his arm.
  • Later, Kelsey Winslow was climbing up a rock face on a tall mountain or canyon wall as the same two men in black approached her on a ledge or peak, speaking her name and requesting she come with them.
  • One of the men in black had short, dark hair; the other, older man was slightly unshaven with a black ponytail.
  • At an aquatic show, Chad Lee took a brief stop to get more fish when he was approached by the two men in black; watching from the limo nearby, Dana looked at Chad's file.
  • Amidst firefighters scrambling over an apartment fire, the two men in black stopped a firefighter and asked for Carter Grayson, but Carter was up on a ladder, from where he leapt into the flaming building.
  • After Carter had rescued a girl from the fire, Dana asked Carter to come with them, and she would then fly alone with the four recruits in the cabin of a helicopter which took them to a submarine to travel to the Aquabase.
  • Some personnel wore long-sleeved black jackets and were often shown in security guard roles.
  • As Dana and two guards led the four Ranger candidates into Rescue Ops, a female computer or announcer voice spoke, "Civilian crew and authorized personnel have entered Lightspeed Aquabase. Security clearances checked and confirmed," although the teens had not yet received security cards.
  • The guards stood by the doors of the conference room as Mitchell debriefed the teens on the demon crisis and their selection as Lightspeed Rangers, preventing the teens from leaving until they'd heard the captain out.
  • Soon after Mitchell's story behind the demons and the Aquabase, a tech from Ops called Mitchell saying he had to see this, and Mitchell had it brought up on the conference room monitor, showing exploding buildings, the demon spirits flying around, and other mayhem in Mariner Bay.
  • Techs in labcoats were busy manning various controls in the Transport Bay during the teens' first visit and use of the Rescue Rover, but Miss Fairweather was not shown to be present.
  • As the teens got into the Rover, a tech at a keyboard gave Dana a thumbs-up, and she returned the gesture, at which point the Rover began to lower.
  • When the teens returned to the base after their destruction of Ghouligan as Lightspeed Rangers, they were greeted by cheering personnel on their way to Rescue Ops.
  • Mitchell told the teens before a gathering of personnel that there was a time to celebrate, but this wasn't it: now Diabolico knew the Rangers existed, and Mitchell warned them of far tougher fights in the future.
  • Kelsey cheerfully replied they'd destroyed Diabolico, but Mitchell corrected somberly that that had merely been one of his monsters, making the surrounding personnel stir and murmur.


  • Mitchell showed the teens the Weapons Lab, where goggled techs were working; Mitchell explained that everything the Rangers would use to defeat the demons was designed, built, and tested here.
  • A few of the techs in the lab wore navy uniforms without labcoats, but with the protective goggles.
  • When a meteor (actually Magmavore) hit the city, the Aquabase alarms went off, and as personnel began to scramble, someone in Transport handed Mitchell his headset, which he used to ask Ops what was going on; a tech described the molten rock and brought up an image for Mitchell.
  • Before realizing that Miss Fairweather had designed all their technology, Joel asked in surprise whether she was allowed to be in the Weapons Lab, as though some or most techs weren't.


  • At a training shack, the Rover was parked nearby as the teens saltued for Mitchell, who wore black and a black beret with a stopwatch; nearby were three lab techs and a black-clothed assistant to Mitchell.
  • During the exercise, a female tech recorded with a camcorder.
  • After speaking with Carter once they'd surveyed the results of Carter's clumsy target practice inside, Mitchell had the techs break down their gear, which included a computer monitoring station beside a black SUV or pickup truck, and get back to the Aquabase.


  • To escort the fuel cell to the Aquabase, the four teens stood by the Rescue Rover at a landing strip where a helicopter landed; two men in black (sans shades) then furtively escorted Dr. Hanson, a case handcuffed to his wrist, away from the helicopter.
  • One of the men in black, unshaven with a ponytail, had been present at the teens' recruitment by Dana in 801-OpLs.
  • Mitchell and personnel met the arriving Dana and Earl at a lift after they'd come by submarine with the fuel cell, and Earl attributed their safe arrival to Dana.


  • After the Rangers returned with a charred Rescue Rover defeated by the Vyprari, Miss Fairweather went to work, having the whole lab working around the clock to construct the Lightspeed Cycles.
  • To turn Joel down for a date, Miss Fairweather cited Lightspeed Regulation #322.1: "There shall be no fraternization between squad members," although no such rule existed.


  • Miss Fairweather, Mitchell, and Aquabase personnel, watching on monitors, were all baffled upon seeing the Cyborg Rangers; new Rangers was news to the teens, including Dana.
  • Nearby was a black Humvee bearing a red and gold version of the Lightspeed sigil, by which stood three people in suits and gray trenchcoats; among them was the smug, balding Dr. Harlen, who held a large remote.
  • General McKnight and two officers, all three bearing red sigils on their military uniforms, then spoke with Mitchell and relieved the teens of their duties as the Cyborg Rangers arrived in the base.


  • As Miss Fairweather tensely worked at a terminal in the lab, many techs stood watching and taking notes; on the monitor, a diagram of each Rail Rescue sequentially showed a red bar filling up.
  • After the first three, a tech rushed up with a disc which Miss Fairweather inserted, and once the process was complete, the tech exclaimed, "It's perfect!" and everyone was pleased; the Supertrain program was now installed.
  • Joel was known by name by the techs in Miss Fairweather's lab.
  • As tech loaded up the Rescue Rover with equipment, Miss Fairweather told Joel they were heading out to check the volcano, as there had been some strange seismic activity.
  • As the two techs accompanying Miss Fairweather, one of whom had earlier handed her the last Supertrain disc, spoke with her about equipment, a dismayed Joel walked away.
  • Miss Fairweather and her two assistants, in field gear and yellow mining helmets, took some equipment from the Rover up to a mountain cave from the parked Rover.
  • The team researched with such equipment as geiger counters, and Miss Fairweather reported to Mitchell via a computer terminal that the volcano was indeed heating up.
  • Miss Fairweather reported suddenly that there was something else, and the cavern rumbled as giant Magmavore laughed and arose from his lava bed inside the volcano.
  • Miss Fairweather reported something was coming up from under the ground, something alive; another quake cut the video signal, and Mitchell put the base on alert status.
  • As the cavern quaked, Miss Fairweather helped her assistants evacuate from the falling rocks, but the rock collapse sealed her inside just after the two techs had escaped.
  • Near the volcano, the teens found the Rover abandoned before they came to Miss Fairweather's assistants who told them of Miss Fairweather being trapped in the cave.
  • Batlings attacked, and as the other four morphed to fight, the male assistant lending a kick, Joel ran to the cave and rescued Miss Fairweather.
  • In the lab, Miss Fairweather ordered the Supertrain program online; Mitchell arrived as they worked, and she told him she was booting up the Supertrain Megazord.
  • As Carter attempted to fire the shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters, the Rangers were shocked by blue electricity in the cockpit, and panels in the lab overloaded, Miss Fairweather shouting to maintain.
  • As the Rangers later charged the hand-mounted Gatling Blasters; a tech reported another overload as panels sparked, but Miss Fairweather had her increase power, and the hand-mounted Gatling Blasters would destroy Magmavore.
  • When the volcano erupted violently, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers of the Supertrain's freeze missiles; after the volcano had been frozen solid, the techs cheered, and the two hugged Miss Fairweather happily.


  • After midnight, the base seemed deserted, with a tech turning off a monitor and the remaining lights in the lab, only two officers seen walking down a corridor, and only one person seen manning a terminal in Ops; whether the rest were sleeping in crew quarters or at home is unknown.
  • The two aforementioned officers, a navy-suit and an olive-suit, discussed some sort of gathering as they walked, with one saying he bet there would be people there they'd never met before, the other saying maybe they'd have a better game this time.
  • Shocked as the Rangers were confronted by the evil Titanium Ranger the next morning, Mitchell ran to his quarters and frustratedly found the Titanium Morpher missing.
  • When Miss Fairweather told the teens in the conference room that the Titanium Morpher had been stolen from the captain's safe, Kelsey said it had to be someone in Lightspeed; Joel didn't think anyone would do that, but Kelsey asked who else it could be.


  • The morning after learning the evil Titanium Ranger was Ryan, Mitchell wandered down the hall, ignoring a good morning from Miss Fairweather, and through Ops, nearly ignoring a tech named S. Baker who presented the morning status report which Mitchell signed carlessly; Baker was surprised that Mitchell didn't even want to look at it.
  • When Ryan launched another attack downtown, Carter asked where the captain was, but Baker replied he'd left without saying anything, at which point Dana left and took the Rover out alone.


  • As Miss Fairweather worked, a computer voice announced an intruder alert, and Miss Fairweather saw the yellow "Lift" sign on the wall blinking; she then watched as Ryan rode up on the empty Rover lift.
  • When black-jacketed guards with batons rushed in and grappled Ryan, Miss Fairweather called them off, and Ryan walked away calmly, meeting Mitchell in a hall to say goodbye before leaving Mariner Bay.
  • Seeing explosive feathers all over the city, Mitchell had them put out a city-wide alert, and a tan-suit African-American officer with a headset, F. Thomas, spoke into his headset; Mitchell said they had to retrieve all of the feathers.
  • As Ryan received a Lightspeed jacket, Joel told him girls loved a man in uniform, although they'd loved him before he'd had a uniform, making two tech girls in the background make faces.
  • Everyone clapped as Chad welcomed Ryan to Lightspeed.


  • When asked who had designed everything in the labs, Mitchell replied the Lightspeed Megazord, Rescue Morphers, Rescue Blasters, Rescue Bird, and Rescue Rover had all been designed by Miss Fairweather's team.


  • Miss Fairweather showed Mitchell schematics for the Max Solarzord which a tech named David brought up.
  • A tech named F. Burke reported on the activation of the Max Solarzord to Miss Fairweather in Ops.


  • Almost immediately after the Rangers had retreated in defeat from a skirmish with Troika, two techs casually passed by Ryan and the dirty teens; the girl cheerfully proposed to the guy that they go to the desert, but the motive for this suggestion is unknown.
  • In the galley following Diabolico's destruction, bowls of chips and pretzels were being poured by the chef; the teens and Ryan were giddy, and techs at tables chatted happily amongst each other.
  • Mitchell proposed a toast, for Mariner Bay, which he began to describe as the safest city, as of now, in the --, but the alarm sounded; Carter asked if it was a drill, and Mitchell oddly remarked they didn't have drills, calling for everyone to move.


  • At a panel in Ops, "Kelsey" (actually Olympius in disguise) tried operating a keypad, but her access was denied; she shouted at a tech demanding to know why she couldn't get in, and he oddly explained she needed to use her passkey, showing her the slot.
  • After Miss Fairweather's struggle with "Joel" over the entry gate controls, Carter confronted the impostor, at which point he grabbed Miss Fairweather and morphed into Olympius before being tackled into the water by Carter.


  • As Bansheera's giant spectral head summoned a tidal wave behind the elevated Train Bay, Miss Fairweather announced the impending disaster, and Mitchell shouted to secure all decks; techs then rushed through steaming halls, turning various valves as the base was rumbling, but the wave would fade before impact.


  • Driving young friend Simon to the Aquabase in the Rover, Joel brought the boy into Transport; Simon had no ID card, guest or otherwise.
  • Miss Fairweather confusedly greeted the boy, but as she was too busy with a series of tests to listen to Joel's important news, Simon sneaked into the control booth and locked the door, accessing the computer.
  • As the test program was interrupted, a tech, Joel, and Miss Fairweather tried to open the door as Simon kept working at the computer.
  • As they rushed in and Joel grabbed Simon, the boy hit Enter, bringing up a zoomed shot of the approaching asteroid cluster, and Miss Fairweather looked at his notebook in astonishment; just then, the alarm sounded.
  • Using the Omega Crawler to plant explosives into Olympius's asteroid in space, the Rangers were alarmed as the asteroid came to life, nearly crushing them, but they triggered the explosives with the Omega Megazord; the last seen by Ops was a cockpit view of the Rangers groaning amidst sparks before the view went to static.
  • People in Ops groaned miserably, but Carter then reported success as the Solarzord-Rail Rescue train flew out of the explosion.
  • The teens later emerged from the lift to a crowded Ops full of applauding techs.


  • As the teens conversed with Galaxy Ranger teens Leo, Kai, and Maya in the galley, various techs sat around doing their own things, paying no attention to the visitors' presence.


  • Kelsey brought Chad's sensei Mr. Tamashiro to the Aquabase as a guest.


  • In the galley one morning, Dana had a copy of that day's newspaper to read.
  • Kelsey was rollerblading into the galley when Carter quickly pulled the chef aside, averting an accident; in the original version of the day's events (see "Carter"), Kelsey had knocked the chef and his oatmeal to the floor, and he'd given her his rag to clean it up.


  • In a holographic Western simulation in the mountains, Chad fought Batlings and Olympius with the new Thermo Blaster, remarking to Miss Fairweather it was awesome.
  • After Miss Fairweather had been frozen solid during Olympius and Freezard's attack and four of the Rangers had been captured, Carter soon had the two cowering techs carry Miss Fairweather to the Rover to get her back to base as Diabolico fought the villains.
  • As Miss Fairweather was defrosting, Mitchell was called to Ops urgently as the monitors in Ops all displayed Olympius; he issued a challenge for Red Ranger to meet him or he would destroy the others, and Carter took the Thermo Blasters.


  • While Miss Fairweather's brother Clark was visiting, a trash can in Transport was filled with the remains of shredded documents.


  • When four of the teens were given selective amnesia, Miss Fairweather explained her team had compiled a huge archived library of the teens' experiences which they'd saved for just such an emergency, and the discs triggered memories of personal experiences and interactions.


  • In Ops, a tech (R. Brown) offered Mitchell data from the morning report, but he obliviously turned and walked past the tech; soon, the base's power would shut down, and Miss Fairweather would discover that a hypnotized Mitchell was in the Power Core.
  • When Brown detected an energy source building in the cemetary, Miss Fairweather dispatched the teens and had security meet her in engineering.
  • Miss Fairweather led a security team with flashlights down a corridor and then had them use blue laser torches to cut the Power Core's door open, which they did after several minutes of cutting.
  • In Ops as the air thinned, choking techs distributed emergency air masks.
  • Finally kicking down the door, the guards searched with flashlights, but when Miss Fairweather went to pull a lever, Mitchell suddenly grabbed her and threw her back, then fought the two baton-wielding guards.
  • Although the guards wore oxygen masks, Mitchell wore none, pounding them with seemingly superior strength and knocking one out.
  • As Mitchell grappled another guard, Miss Fairweather grabbed an emergency axe off the wall and shattered the amulet with a mighty chop as Mitchell cried out in protest.
  • In the wake of the medallion's shattering, Miss Fairweather woke the unconscious Mitchell, and he hoped she could explain all of this.


  • Crawling on the ceilings and walls after infiltrating the base in spider form in Carter's jacket, Arachnor used his webbing to abduct techs from throughout the Aquabase, including Captain Mitchell and eventually Miss Fairweather, until there was apparently no one left in the base.
  • All of Arachnor's victims were sent to the giant webbing along the ceiling of an old warehouse; civilians and the four missing teens were already there, and the monster's eggs soon began to hatch.
  • Just then, Carter crashed through the door on his Trans-Armor Cycle and slammed by the monster and Batlings.
  • After destroying the egg sack, Carter blasted the teens free and had them free the others while he fought Arachnor outside.
  • Soon, Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather led all the freed (but still webby) techs and civilians outside.
  • At a later point as morphed Carter completed a test of the Trans-Armor Cycle, after which a tech examined the parked bike's displays with a pen and clipboard.


  • Dana was concerned by the idea of trying to afford medical school, indicating the Rangers weren't compensated greatly, if at all, for their services.
  • During her greatly successful modeling career, Dana entered the galley with a cell phone, retorting to someone on the line, "When I say no, I mean no!"
  • Suddenly mobbed by techs for autographs, Dana grudgingly agreed, telling them one at a time.


  • As Miss Fairweather reported they were working on the damaged Omega Megazord, a hardhat crew operated a crane as it lowered the Omega Megazord's severed arm onto a flatbed truck bearing a Lightspeed sigil.
  • There were numerous spectators around the Omega Megazord recovery, denoting a lack of secrecy about Lightspeed operations.
  • From a corridor near the Lifeforce Megazord's holding bay shortly after Carter's departure, Miss Fairweather frantically shouted to Mitchell via a security camera that Batlings had invaded the Aquabase, at which point the Batlings burst out from a nearby door.
  • Mitchell had a tech go to red alert; meanwhile, a Batling blew up the security camera with a bazooka.
  • As the base alarm sounded, the four teens rushed out of the galley while techs looked around urgently, some quickly returning their meal trays.
  • In the hallway, the surprised teens fought off Batlings while techs fled the quickly trashed galley; during the struggle, each of the teens would eventually manage to morph.
  • As techs tried to escape through the hallways, at least one tech was blown through the air by an exploding Batling grenade.
  • Guards in black with black helmets and heavy riot shields clashed with the Batlings, pinned against a wall by the mass of villains until Kelsey and Chad helped (morphing in the process).
  • Soon, the Lifeforce Megazord strolled through the facility underwater, slashing with its saber and shaking the base.
  • Entering Ops as the Aquabase was under attack by the Lifeforce Megazord, Miss Fairweather observed the Megazord in various camera views, including a cockpit cam of its Batling pilots, and observed Pod Four was under attack.
  • Overwhelmed by Batlings, the four Rangers retreated into Rescue Ops and quickly sealed the emergency doors behind them.
  • As the Lifeforce Megazord pushed over the damaged Pod Four tower, Miss Fairweather and Captain Mitchell were apparently aghast over its loss.
  • With determination as Captain Mitchell wouldn't respond, Miss Fairweather told the Rangers the crew was in danger, and they had to evacuate, alarming the Rangers, but she insisted the Lifeforce Megazord had the firepower to tear the place apart.
  • As everyone evacuated, Dana urged her daddy to go, and he nodded, turning.
  • Miss Fairweather and the now unmorphed teens helped people evacuate down a corridor, and techs were shown running through a transparent tunnel to safety.
  • Some of the techs wore black sigiled backpacks.
  • As everyone was out of sectors 2 and 3 when the four teens met up, Miss Fairweather thought that was everyone, but upon going back for Captain Mitchell, the six were sealed in the dying Ops dome.
  • Near the white halfpipe building, the Omega Megazord still lay downtown, although its severed arm would be shown to be reattached shortly.
  • Suddenly, Batlings attacked the salvage crew, and Jinxer and Batlings entered the Megazord, hijacking it.
  • None of the supporting Lightspeed crew were shown as the teens returned their Morphers to Captain Mitchell in the park another day.

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