Lightspeed Rescuezords
- Lightspeed Rangers' primary fleet of Zords; modeled after rescue vehicles
Lightspeed Rescuezords
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First Appearance: 802-LsTm
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: Rescuezords, in Aero Rescue 3 carrier (shown at right), Rescuezord cockpit (Red)
Subcategories: Pyro Rescue One, Aqua Rescue Two, Aero Rescue Three, HazRescue Four, MedRescue Five, Lightspeed Megazord
See Also: Rescuezords (Turbo)


  • After the Rangers had reached an attack site in the Rail Rescues, Mitchell had them split up to their own Rail Rescues, although a more accurate term would have been their own Rescuezords, as even Joel left the joint cockpit of Rail Rescue Three for Aero Rescue Three.
  • A panel in the left side of each Rail Rescue swung open, revealing the Ranger's respective Lightspeed Rescuezord, for which a ramp would be lowered for the Zords to drive out, with the exception of Aero Rescue Three, which flew out the top hatch of Rail Rescue Three.
  • Customarily, the Rangers would be shown dropping into their Rescuezord cockpits only after the Rail Rescue panels had opened to reveal the Rescuezords.
  • Each Rescuezord cockpit had red V's on the side walls, a large sigil above, and a large Ranger crest in front.
  • Several of the Lightspeed Rescuezords were quite similar to the equivalent Rescuezords used by the Turbo Rangers: Lightning Fire Tamer and Pyro Rescue One were both fire trucks, although Pyro Rescue One had ladder arms in place of water jets (a function given to Aqua Rescue Two, which took the place of police car Siren Blaster); while Aero Rescue Three and Thunder Loader were quite different (although both carriers of cargo), HazRescue Four and Star Racer both had scoop/claw arms, and MedRescue Five and Wind Rescue were both ambulances.
  • Further similarities included the Lightspeed Rescuezords' frequently being called simply "Rescuezords," and Carter's accidentally calling the Lightspeed Megazord the "Rescue Megazord" in 832-Sorc.
  • Each Lightspeed Rescuezord bore at least one sigil, as well as a Ranger crest.
  • Miss Fairweather had designed the Rescuezords.
  • When Carter's visor showed graphics of the Lightspeed Megazord assembling, the Rescuezords each had a different name.


  • On this occasion when the Rail Rescues arrived, the Rangers ran up to the train and got into their Rescuezords before the doors were opened.


  • When Carter summoned the Rescuezords after they had left the Rail Rescues nearby in the mountains, the Rescuezords deployed remotely and drove to the Rangers, although they were shown in the city rather than the mountains.


  • After the Lightspeed Megazord had disassembled, and the Rescuezords backed into the storage bays of the Rail Rescues.


  • The Lightspeed Rescuezords had been designed by Miss Fairweather's team, according to Mitchell, although he called them "Lightspeed Megazords."


  • After titan-sized Diabolico had blasted a gaping hole clean through the Supertrain Megazord's midsection, Mitchell had the Rescuezords sent in, and they came from somewhere other than the Rail Rescues, apparently stored in the Train Bay while the Supertrain was in use.
  • Aero Rescue Three transported the other four Rescuezords into battle in a large transport structure suspended with four cables.


  • When Dana summoned the Rescuezords, they were flown in by Aero Rescue Three; why the Rail Rescues weren't used is unknown.


  • Again, the Rescuezords arrived flown in by Aero Rescue Three, although this time the Supertrain Megazord was already in use.


  • On this occasion, the Rangers were shown arriving in their cockpits only after the Lightspeed Megazord had formed.


  • The Lightspeed Solarzord was apparently totaled in battle with Diabolico and Olympius.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord was a black version of the Lightspeed Solarzord; it was never shown in component form.

    - Phrases used to insert blaster grips
    805-AMOT Carter: "Blaster grips, lock on!"

    - Phrases used to deploy Rescuezords from open Rail Rescues
    Carter: "Pyro Rescue One!"
    Chad: "Aqua Rescue Two!"
    Joel: "Aero Rescue Three!"
    Kelsey: "HazRescue Four!"
    Dana: "MedRescue Five!"
    803-TByF Carter: "One!"
    Chad: "Two!"
    Joel: "Three!"
    Kelsey: "Four!"
    Dana: "Five!"
    809-GVol Carter (from afar): "Rescuezords, mobilize!"
    837-WrQn Carter: "Pyro Rescue One, online!"

    - Phrases used to summon Rescuezords without Rail Rescues
    831-Last Dana: "Rescuezords, mobilize!"
    832-Sorc Carter: "Rescuezords!"

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