Lightspeed Solarzord
- combination of Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord
Lightspeed Solarzord
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First Appearance: 816-CobS
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
See Also: Lifeforce Megazord


  • As the Lightspeed Megazord hung from the underside of the flying Solarzord, Miss Fairweather had Carter engage his Battle Booster; he pressed a red button in his cockpit, and a small control panel of white buttons labeled "Max-V Control System" flipped open, and a port for his Battle Booster slid out into position, bearing silver wings like the Solarzord's.
  • Carter slid his Battle Booster off its wrist holder and inserted it into the port, initiating the Lightspeed Solarzord sequence; the silver port wings, striped yellow and black on the outside, snapped shut, and red lights activated.
  • Carter then activated code 3-5-6 on the Battle Booster, at which point the Lightspeed Megazord released in midair; the Solarzord turned over as its wings folded in, and it split off its shoulders, blaster shield, torso, and legs.
  • The legs expanded (black gauntlets folding out the back), and the Lightspeed Megazord legs inserted; the shoulders, gauntlets, and chest then locked onto the Megazord like armor, and the helmet covering attached, yellow eyes glowing within the new red visor.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's forehead bore a large gold M, not in the style of the Titanium M design.
  • With powerful foot jets, the Lightspeed Solarzord coasted down to the city.
  • Its foot jets allowing it to hover slightly, eyes red, the Lightspeed Solarzord glided sideways behind buildings, alternating with red laser pulses from its wrists during clear shots.
  • As with the Lightspeed Megazord, the Rangers remained in their individual Zord cockpits to control the Lightspeed Solarzord, lacking a central group cockpit.
  • With his powerful torso blast, Diabolico made an explosion around the Lightspeed Solarzord, but the flames were sucked into the Solarzord's panels, charging them brightly (with all but the gold chest panel blue).
  • Carter observed power levels were going crazy, and Miss Fairweather confirmed Ryan's speculation that the solar panels were absorbing the energy thrown at them, having Ryan divert it to the weapons.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's hip cannons unfolded, and Carter pulled the triger underneath his Battle Booster port; the Megazord shot a bombardment of lasers and bolts from its ten cannons, all gold aside from the four red wrist lasers.
  • The prolonged bombardment soon caused titan-sized Diabolico to explode massively.


  • With Ryan present, the cannon blasts destroyed giant Thunderclaw after no major charging had been shown.


  • The Lightspeed Solarzord demonstrated no energy-absorbing abilities against giant Spellbinder; at the time, Ryan was present in his cockpit.
  • After leaving his Solarzord cockpit, Ryan flipped down from the Lightspeed Solarzord's head level.
  • The cannon blasts destroyed giant Spellbinder after no major charging had been shown.


  • As the Lightspeed Solarzord stood charging in the sunlight, the lasers were soon charged to full power, a meter charging from red through yellow to full green, and they unfolded the cannons and began firing into the asteroid approaching in space; at this point, Ryan was now gone, and Carter could control Max Solarzord with his Battle Booster.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's energy bombardment pelted the asteroid, but Miss Fairweather later realized the Zord didn't stand a chance of bringing it down.
  • When Olympius generated a dome of darkness over the Lightspeed Solarzord, all of their power dropped.


  • Carter was able to pilot the Lightspeed Solarzord solo while the others were in other Megazords.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord barrage, followed by the Supertrain Megazord's hand-mounted Gatling Blasters, destroyed giant Mantevil; no major charging had been shown.


  • When Olympius darkened the sky during the Zord battle, the Lightspeed Solarzord was split apart into Lightspeed Megazord and Solarzord by lightning bolts from the sky.


  • When giant Memorase slung energy from his pike, the Lightspeed Solarzord absorbed the fiery explosion into its panels, and its cannon blasts then destroyed him.


  • Giant Fireor mouthblasted, making an explosion which was sucked into the Lightspeed Solarzord's panels, and the cannon blasts dissolved the monster into flames.


  • The Lightspeed Solarzord demonstrated no energy-absorbing abilities against titan-sized, mutated Olympius.
  • Between the Omega Megazord's two finishing moves, the Lightspeed Solarzord slid by blasting with its red wrist lasers.


  • Pummeled and almost out of power, the Lightspeed Solarzord collapsed and exploded violently when struck by blasts from giant Olympius and Diabolico, littering the city with Megazord pieces; afterward, the charred Megazord (or at least its upper body) lay mostly in one piece downtown.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord was a black version of the Lightspeed Solarzord; it was never shown in component form.


  • Asked about the Megazords, Miss Fairweather replied only the Lifeforce Megazord was currently operational, and a recovery crew was attempting to salvage the Omega Megazord downtown.

    - Phrases used to open Battle Booster port for Lightspeed Solarzord
    816-CStr Carter: "Engaging Battle Booster."

    - Phrases used to initiate Lightspeed Solarzord sequence as Battle Booster is inserted into port
    816-CStr Carter (pressing buttons): "3-5-6, activate!"
    817-OlAs Carter: "Initiate Lightspeed Solarzord!"
    Ryan: "Initiating!"
    819-QRet Carter: "Lightspeed Solarzord, initiate! (pressing buttons)
    831-Last Joel: "Lightspeed Solarzord, online!"
    832-Sorc Carter: "Lightspeed Solarzord!"
    833-OlUn Chad: "Lightspeed Solarzord, activate!"

    - Phrases used to assemble Lightspeed Solarzord remotely
    838-SDem Carter: "We need the Lightspeed Solarzord!"
    Captain Mitchell: "Lightspeed Solarzord, online!"

    - Phrases used to summon whole Lightspeed Solarzord
    825-YAgn Carter: "Lightspeed Solarzord, online!"

    - Phrases used to fire wrist lasers
    819-QRet Carter: "Blasters, fire!"
    838-SDem Carter: "Fire!"

    - Phrases used to fire energy barrage
    817-OlAs Carter: "Full power, now!"
    819-QRet Carter: "All weapons, full power!"
    820-OPrj Carter: "Fire!"
    825-YAgn Carter: "Maximum power!"
    831-Last Dana: "Full power, fire!"
    832-Sorc Carter: "Annnd fire!"

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