Lightspeed uniforms
- uniforms worn by various Lightspeed Lightspeed personnel
Lightspeed uniforms
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  • Standard Lightspeed personnel wore a light blue dress shirt with accompanying white, gray, and black shoulder stripes, black pants or a skirt, and black shoes; the first initial and last name was printed on a black strip on the left breast, below which was traditionally clipped a blue security card.
  • On the shirt's right sleeve was a Lightspeed sigil.
  • Some personnel wore long-sleeved black outer jackets with a sigil on the arm and a security card clipped to the left breast; these personnel were often shown in security guard roles.
  • Techs working in the Transport Bay and associated testing areas wore white labcoats bearing a sigil and a security card; they would also wear protective eyewear during equipment tests.
  • Another uniform seen in abundance was a navy blue short-sleeved uniform with white sleeve stripes and a sigil on the right sleeve; these techs frequently wore headsets.
  • Yet another uniform variety had a beige short-sleeved top.


  • The teens continued to wear the same casual clothes day after day for an unknown reason; they would only wear their rescue jackets when going out on rescue business, regularly having their security cards clipped to their casual clothes in the base.
  • Miss Fairweather regularly wore a black skirt, blue top, and white lab coat, although she would wear tops of different colors on a few occasions.


  • For training missions, the teens would wear Ranger-colored shirts (except Kelsey, still in her spandex) with black pants and boots.
  • At a training shack, the teens saltued for Mitchell, who wore black and a black beret with a stopwatch; nearby were three lab techs and a black-clothed assistant to Mitchell.


  • For their volcano exploration mission, Miss Fairweather wore a blue buttoned shirt with a black vest, her two assistants wore beige sigiled shirts with black vests; all three wore yellow mining helmets.


  • On the teens' day off, Carter did a workout outside in a blue sweatsuit bearing a sigil, and Mitchell would join him wearing one of the same.


  • For a training workout in the woods, the teens wore the same training outfits from 803-TByF.


  • A salvage crew working on the Omega Megazord downtown wore blue jumpsuits with white oval badges and white hardhats perhaps bearing Lightspeed sigils.

    Lightspeed jackets
    - jackets worn by Lightspeed Ranger teens
    Lightspeed jackets
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    First Appearance: 801-OpLs
    Last Appearance: (red) 1034-FRed, (others) 933-TFLs


  • Dana led the teens to the Transport Bay, having them each grab one of five hanging rescue jackets off the wall in the alcove leading into Transport.
  • The rescue jackets were black and reddish-orange and some gray, with numerous zippers and perhaps a rappelling clip dangling on the front.
  • On the right arm of each jacket was a badge shaped like each Ranger's visor but bearing some sort of design appropriate to his or her previous career or specialty: Carter's was a firefighting emblem, Chad's was a killer whale, Joel's was a helicopter, Kelsey's was a running figure in front of mountains, and Dana's was a red cross.
  • On the left arm of the jackets was the Ranger's respective crest.
  • The jackets' left breast patch was a Lightspeed sigil on a three-bar Ranger-colored rectangle.
  • On the back of the jackets was a large rectangular "Lightspeed Rescue" patch.


  • The teens, dressing in their casual clothes in the base, would only wear their rescue jackets when going out on rescue business, regularly having their security cards clipped to their casual clothes in the base.


  • As Ryan joined Lightspeed only a day or two after stealing the experimental Titanium Morpher, Dana put a new Lightspeed jacket on him, and it fit perfectly.
  • Ryan's Ranger crest jacket patch was gray, in a unique shape; his number was 6.
  • On the other sleeve was a black patch bearing the the front M design of his Morpher in gray.
  • The color of Ryan's three-bar jacket patch appeared to be gold.


  • After demorphing, setting his jacket on a tree branch, and tinkering with the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle's engines, Carter soon re-morphed and flew off, the thrust blowing his forgotten jacket to the ground.
  • The next day, Carter wore a jacket (either a replacement or a temporal duplicate), but he would then find his original jacket still lying in the woods where it had been left in the previous timeline, prompting him to conclude he'd gone back in time.
  • When Carter first looked around, his jacket was not seen where it should have been, but when he then apparently began to scan inside the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle, he suddenly spotted it.


  • Evacuating the dying Aquabase, the four teens did not have their jackets; Carter, meanwhile, did have his.
  • The six teens (except Joel, dressed up for a date) all wore their Lightspeed jackets while turning in their Morphers to Captain Mitchell in the park; the four teens (sans Carter) would have lost theirs in the Aquabase destruction, while Ryan was not shown wearing his jacket in the desert.

    Lightspeed security/ID cards
    - security/ID cards worn on Lightspeed uniforms
    Lightspeed security/ID cards
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    First Appearance: 801-OpLs
    Last Appearance: 840-FLs2


  • With no exceptions (aside from Captain Mitchell), all personnel and guests in the Lightspeed Aquabase would wear a security card clipped to their shirts while inside; even in the most urgent of circumstances, no one would be shown without a card inside the Aquabase or with a card outside the base.
  • Standard personnel wore either a generic blue Lightspeed security card or a personalized photo-ID card, with no apparent distinction between wearers of the two varieties.
  • The photo-ID cards, traditionally blue, bore a photograph under a Lightspeed sigil, with text below; generic cards bore merely a large sigil.
  • While wearing a regular blue and black uniform, Dana wore a blue photo-ID card bearing a red cross and the words "Medical Response Team." (Source: Card information submitted by AJJGalaxy)
  • As Dana and two guards led the four Ranger candidates into Rescue Ops, a female computer or announcer voice spoke, "Civilian crew and authorized personnel have entered Lightspeed Aquabase. Security clearances checked and confirmed," although the teens had not yet received security cards.
  • Upon returning to base following their first victory, the teens wore security cards clipped to their rescue jackets; like all other cards, these would be present only in the Aquabase, with them never shown attaching or removing the cards when going inside or outside.
  • The teens' security cards were Ranger-colored; each bore the Ranger's respective crest bordered with a gold bar, then a picture of the teen, and a strip of text below which read, "All Access."


  • Miss Fairweather's card was gold, with a blue-barred sigil above her photo; it, like the teens', was an "All Access" card.
  • Before realizing that Miss Fairweather had designed all their technology, Joel asked in surprise whether she was allowed to be in the Weapons Lab, as though some or most techs weren't.


  • Dr. Harlen, part of General McKnight's Cyborg Ranger team who bore red Lightspeed sigils, also wore a green generic Aquabase security card with a standard gold-and-blue sigil; this was the only example of an Aquabase security card being worn outside the base, presumably having been issued by a higher government agency.
  • The two noncommissioned officers accompanying McKnight also wore the generic green security cards, themselves belonging to the US Army 24th Infantry Division.


  • Ryan had a Ranger photo ID card the morning after joining Lightspeed.


  • In an orange box below Ryan's photo but above the bottom strip was "Titanium"; it was unclear whether anything such as a 6 followed the "Titanium."


  • After entering the Aquabase with Carter while disguised as Chad, Olympius then had an ID card, but each time he morphed into a new teen, his card would morph as well to match; however, it was apparently not a real, functional card.
  • At a panel in Ops, "Kelsey" tried operating a keypad, but her access was denied; she shouted at a tech demanding to know why she couldn't get in, and he oddly explained she needed to use her passkey, showing her the slot.
  • Needing a passkey (the one which shapeshifted on his jacket apparently not functional), Olympius-Kelsey rummaged through Mitchell's desk and found a blue "Pass Key" card with a thin chain on it, and the back bore a magnetic strip and the label "All Access."
  • "Joel" inserted the passkey into a kiosk in Transport such that only the end with the chain on it was sticking out, and he nearly opened the entry gate before Miss Fairweather pulled out the card, sealing the door shut again.


  • Driving young friend Simon to the Aquabase in the Rover, Joel brought the boy into Transport; Simon had no ID card, guest or otherwise.
  • To open the lab booth door which Simon had locked, Miss Fairweather swiped the bottom end of her ID card, got nothing, then pressed keypad buttons on the door and swiped again, opening it.


  • Escorted into the Aquabase by the teens, Galaxy Ranger teens Leo, Kai, and Maya were soon wearing generic green ID cards clipped to their outfits, although the initially unconscious girl Heather had no such card.


  • As Kelsey brought Chad's sensei Mr. Tamashiro to the Aquabase as a guest, he had a generic green ID card clipped to his shirt.


  • While helping the Lightspeed research crew to design the Mega Battles, Miss Fairweather's brother Clark wore a generic green ID card.


  • After the amnesic and wary teens had been taken by Dana to the Aquabase, they were wearing their ID clips inside.


  • Miss Fairweather swiped a sigiled red card through a vertical reader outside the Trans-Armor Cycle research lab to lock the door, although there were still techs inside.
  • On a white strip at the bottom on Miss Fairweather's "keycard" was the label, "Trans-Armor Cycle."
  • The red card opened the door to the Trans-Armor Cycle lab and also turned on the lights when inserted into a control panel's slot.


  • In the Lifeforce Megazord holding bay, Dana turned on the lights by swiping a keycard through a sigiled wall scanner.


  • During the evacuation of the Aquabase, some techs were wearing photo ID cards, while others wore the generic green variety.


  • The teens and Miss Fairweather no longer had their ID cards upon swimming to the sub bay, despite having been wearing them when leaving Rescue Ops through the flooded tunnel.

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