- championship racecar driver and Time Force Officer from the year 3000
- current/future Blue Time Force Ranger (since 902-Fut2)
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Full Name: Lucas Kendall (905-BluS)
First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2


  • Among the Time Force Officers stationed about with their Chrono-Blasters aimed at the warehouse Ransik had overtaken, was Lucas; a dark, semi-spikey-haired male in his late teens, of a mixed Asian descent. His location was briefly just behind a Patrol Car, as he was often on the move.
  • Lucas, Katie, Trip and several other Time Force Officers already shown to be stationed in front of the warehouse, were then shown amongst troops swarming past the side of the transport truck nearby.
  • Soon, Jen arrived on the scene, acknowledgeing Lucas and Trip to her right, all now positioned behind a barricade.
  • Moments later, Alex & Jen were happily reunited, prompting Katie to overemotionally hug Trip. She attempted the same on Lucas, but he managed to slip out of her strong grasp, dissapointing her, as he casually brushed off his uniform.
  • At the trial of Ransik, Lucas sat in the third row of the courtroom, next to Katie, with Trip sitting in the row in front of them.
  • Katie turned to Lucas, grabbing his arms as she excitedly stated, "This is so cool, Lucas! Ransik is going down for sure!"
  • Lucas, who was minding his own business at first, seemingly contemplating thoughts, looked down at Katie's arms squeezing his shoulders, and shook his head. He pessimistically noted with an exhale of breath, "Nothing's for sure."
  • That night, Lucas was the sole driver of the transport truck, and wore a small headset in his left ear, to keep in contact with his teammates while on their way to the prison.
  • A short time later, the convoy, on a mountain road in the deserted outskirts of Millennium City, came to a sudden halt.
  • Jen asked through the intercom near the inner-trailer's door, "Lucas, what's going on?!" He replied into his headset, "I'm not quite sure!", while watching Trip & Katie dismount their bikes.
  • Trip waved his arms and screamed out to Lucas, "Call for an ambulance!", but he hadn't time to do so before Nadira assaulted Trip and Katie, which made him widen his eyes in disbelief as he witnessed the act.
  • A hoverchopper rose onto the horizon suddenly, with a bright spotlight on it which nearly blinded Lucas it tore through the darkness overhead.
  • Lucas narrowly navigated the large cargo vehicle around Nadira, who stood in the middle of the road, with the unconscious Trip and Katie at her feet, and their abandoned Patrol Cycles parked behind.
  • The unseen hoverchopper fired off twin missiles at the road next to the speeding vehicle, rocking it intensely, while Lucas struggled to keep control of the steering.
  • Following a final missile blast that dislodged the trailer explosively, Lucas bailed out of the driver's seat, and rolled harshly along the pavement to safety.
  • Sometime later that night, Lucas, having presumably been knocked out during the ambush, clutched the right side of his chest as he coughed and made his way over to his teammates, who were gathered around the burning ruins of the transport truck.
  • At first speechless after Captain Logan fired the team, Lucas stomped over, grabbed Trip by the collar, and yanked him to his feet angrily, demanding with a few sharp shoves, "Why didn't you tell us Ransik was planning to escape?! I thought all you Xybrians could read minds!"
  • Katie stood up for her pal, pushing Lucas out of the way and yelling, "Lay off him, okay?!" Lucas then took out his anger by kicking a piece of debris with a grunt, and stormed off, the convoy headset still attached to his left ear.
  • The next morning, while walking back to Millennium City, Lucas ranted that Captain Logan shouldn't have fired them, but Jen argued that he should have, since they failed.
  • Lucas determinedly began to say, "I say we march right into the station, and tell the Captain..."
  • His remark was cut off, when Katie called their attention to Trip, pointing out that he's receiving a vision, to which Lucas frustratedly remarked, "Great, now he gets a signal!"
  • Upon learning of the fugitives' whereabouts, Jen was anxious to get to the prison, but Lucas was insistant on telling Captain Logan.
  • After commendeering a vehicle, Jen yelled over to him, "Lucas! You drive!" He nodded, and motioned Trip to follow along over to the small hovercar.
  • Soon, Jen, Katie , Trip, and Lucas raced up the stairwell to the launchpad for Funaro Maximum Security Prison, and once reaching the top, were all helpless witness to Ransik delivering a fatal blow to the Red Ranger.
  • Watching somberly while Alex died, Lucas held back emotion, looking away from his fellow TF Officer's demise.
  • When Katie pointed out to Jen that the fugitives went through a time hole, and Lucas added that there was no way to catch them now.
  • Soon, within the Time Ship's lower left capsule, Lucas took a seat around the round, and wavily-shaped yellow table, between Katie and Trip.
  • Trip nervously noted to Jen that they didn't know how to drive the ship. She reminded him, "Lucas can drive anything!"
  • Lucas seemed a bit mesmerized as he inspected the controls of the ship before him.
  • Lucas asked Circuit to give him a hand in driving the Time Ship, leading to the robotic owl popping out of Trip's bag, and confirming his constant state of conciousness by proclaiming excitely, "I thought you'd never ask!"

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