M51 galaxy
- galaxy conquered by Master Vile
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First Appearance: (defeated planet) 331-MVA3
Last Appearance: (defeated planet) 331-MVA3


  • Master Vile had conquered the M51 galaxy.
  • Thousands of years ago, the people of galaxy M51 had hid the Zeo Crystal from Master Vile deep inside the Caves of Deception, beneath the surface of Earth's moon, and placed a powerful forcefield around it to protect it from anyone not pure of heart.
  • In a flashback of the hiding of the Zeo Crystal, two people in purple cloaks, one with a green cloth hanging down his back, both with staffs, secured the Zeo Crystal in a stone podium and created a forcefield around it by waving their staves around; one of the two people may have been a woman, while the other had a gray beard.
  • As Ninjor and Zordon recounted the hiding of the Zeo Crystal in the Caves of Deception on the moon by the people of the M51 galaxy and Zedd's corruption of the moon palace, Zordon told the teens, "We thought the crystal would be safe from Zedd, but Master Vile is much older and infintely wiser in the ways of evil."


  • Master Vile had sent the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord to a defeated planet the M51 galaxy; this planet's extremely corrosive atmosphere had covered the Zords with rust.
  • The M51 galaxy was Master Vile's home galaxy, according to Billy.
  • The sky and ground of the conquered planet were both extremely dark.


  • After the Shogun Megazord, controlled by the Aquitian Rangers, had destroyed giant Professor Longnose and caused his army of five monsters to retreat, Master Vile fell on the ground and whined and sobbed; he pouted that he'd had it with the villains and was going back to his own galaxy (M51), where evil reigned supreme and the badguys always won.


    PRZ comic book

  • Gamma Vile (scan by SirSTACK) Master Vile's homeworld was named Gamma-Vile; on its rocky surface, Vile lived within a fortress around which a road spiraled up to its front gate.
  • In the purplish sky above were three silvery moons, perhaps artificial.
  • Vile was shocked when King Mondo attacked his "innocent little planet" seeking Zedd around the time of or in place of 422-TrMe.
  • Gamma Vile guards (scan by SirSTACK) All of Vile's guards wore imperial red uniforms and were either green-skinned dragon-men or brown goat-horned men.

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