Queen Machina
- robot queen of the Machine Empire
Queen Machina
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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 643-CTD2


  • Bulk and Skull were asleep as a gear ship hovered over their field while Mondo and Machina observed the two on their viewing globe; they were pleased with the uselessness the humans demonstrated.
  • Mondo said if this were any indication of the kind of lifeforms on this planet, they should have no problem conquering them; then, Machina said, they would strip the planet of their resources and complete their Machine Empire.
  • Machina said their eons of planning had led to this moment, when they could finally say the universe was theirs; Mondo told her to have patience; the Quadrafighters had just returned from their scout, and it wouldn't be long until they were ready.
  • Mondo couldn't believe it, but he suddenly saw Rita and Zedd in the viewing globe; he pointed out to Machina that they had a bit of a problem, telling her to look at who was already here.
  • Machina was startled, saying she'd thought Rita and Zedd had retired eons ago; she said they should have no mercy on them, and Mondo agreed, for they were the only obstacle between them and the complete obliteration of the Earth and all the beings that inhabited it.


  • When Mondo, Machina's husband and the king of the Machine Empire, was excited about having an entire galaxy just begging to supply its resources to his Machine Empire, Machina reminded him that Rita and Zedd claimed this galaxy as their own, but Mondo showed her that Rita and Zedd, whom he called "piteous peasants," were fleeing.
  • Machina always held a collapsable green fan.
  • Watching Rita and Zedd run, Machina said this was more fun than the gyroscope.
  • Rita said that the most evil person she and Zedd knew aside from King Mondo and Queen Machina was Master Vile; she said that if she and Zedd lived with Master Vile, no one would touch them.
  • Master Vile said that King Mondo and Queen Machina were the only creatures in "the galaxy" more evil than himself; he said they destroyed everything they touched.
  • As he and Machina enjoyed the view of Earth, a view they thought was lovely, Mondo said that very soon, all that they saw would be theirs to rule with an iron hand.


  • When Mondo was furious that Rita and Zedd hadn't been destroyed, Machina tried to calm him down, telling him his oil was boiling.
  • Mondo and Machina had broken away from the United Alliance of Evil and had set out to invade this galaxy.
  • Prince Sprocket was Mondo and Machina's son.
  • After the Zeo Rangers had defeated a group of Cogs, Mondo decided it could be an interesting diversion to have a formidable enemy; Machina agreed, saying that their journey toward galactic domination had been getting boring.
  • Machina asked Mondo whether the Rangers worried him after he'd said it would be quite an endeavor, he replied that they didn't him, as although they would be difficult to defeat, it would make it that much sweeter when he scattered them to the far reaches of the galaxy.
  • Mondo and Machina were always pleasant and polite to each other, without exception.


  • After Mondo had easily discovered the secret location of the Zeozords, Mondo and Machina thought that not being challenged was growing tiresome.
  • Once the Rangers had stopped the Cogs' approach on the Zord Holding Bay, Machina was quite upset with the Cogs' failing them once more.
  • When Mondo revealed that Klank was upgrading the artillery on the Staroid robot, Machina said in a sultry voice that Staroid was so destructive and that Mondo could be so cruel; Mondo asked her please to restrain herself, since Sprocket was there.


  • When Machina told the others to come up with a plan, Klank pointed out that he had come up with quite a few plans but they were all ignored; Mondo offered Sprocket the chance to come up with a plan.
  • Upon hearing the first part of Sprocket's pitching machine idea, Machina suggested that Orbus be the ball; Klank said he liked the idea, but Orbus didn't.
  • Mondo soon sent Cogs to get Rocky's exposed Zeonizer from his bookbag, but first Machina talked with Mondo to make sure Sprocket wouldn't mind.


  • As Digster and the Cogs pursued Kat, Machina nervously waved her fan and said she grew weary of the delays; Mondo ordered Klank to tell Digster to ignore Kat and continue digging.
  • Once Digster had been destroyed, Machina was upset, asking whose idea it had been to destroy Angel Grove with lava; when Sprocket said it was Klank's idea, Mondo was furious, and Machina reminded Mondo of his oil pressure.


  • Mondo and Machina hated the sound of the laughter of human children; Machina said it made her oil boil.
  • Mondo planned to get the children on their side since it was said that children shaped the future of the Earth.
  • Machina called Mondo her "lovebot."
  • Puppetman, Captain Pete's robotic sidekick, gave Mondo an idea; when Machina said she was sure it was brilliant, he told her that her compliments meant the world to him.
  • Machina knew that the unmorphed Rangers were near Puppetman in the Youth Center; Sprocket verified this, saying the reports said so.
  • Machina thought to send evil Puppetman to the satellite center so he could broadcast his beam to all of the kids of Angel Grove.


  • Looking in his Viewing Screen at Cestro's spacecraft on Earth, Mondo asked whose alien spacecraft it was; Machina said that it appeared to belong to "one of those dreadful creatures from Aquitar" and that he had some nerve landing on Earth without Mondo's royal authorization.


  • Sprocket reminded Mondo that it was Machina's birthday and told him that he should get her a musician of her very own, and when Mondo planned send the Cogs after Angel Grove High's mystery pianist (actually Skull), Sprocket revealed that he'd already sent the Cogs.
  • Mondo said that no one appreciated fine classical music more than Machina.
  • As the Rangers were fighting Cogs and Fortissimodo as Fortissimodo was to capture Skull, Machina called out from a room other than the Machine Skybase's balcony room that she was home.
  • Machina, coming in to the balcony room just after Fortissimodo had been destroyed, said she loved surprises.


  • After Mondo had overheard both ends of Billy's transmission with the Power Chamber from Aquitar, Machina and Mondo planned to do away with Billy on his way home to make it easier to destroy the Rangers.


  • After Tommy had been crushed by Kim's breakup letter, Machina noted that broken-hearted humans were so pathetic.


  • Immediately after Robocupid was destroyed, Machina said she had selected Defoliator from their gallery for her plan to take the teens by surprise with a second monster before they'd had time to recover.
  • Mondo said he could still destroy all the Rangers in a single day, and the teens' snow vacation lasted only a weekend (presumably only two days), but it took Defoliator five days to cause a heat wave in Angel Grove; therefore, Machina had apparently begun her Defoliator plan days before mentioning it.


  • Machina was pleased with the idea of a Main Drain monster, as it could drain the Zeo Megazord's energy.
  • After Main Drain had been destroyed by the new Red Battlezord, Mondo was upset, but Machina reminded him that the Zeo Megazord had been crippled.


  • Machina thought that boxing, Sprocket's latest interest, was much better than "that awful karate."


  • When Sprocket asked Machina whether she knew that one of the Ranger teens had a brother, Machina chuckled and told him, "That's not so strange, dear. Humans do that sort of thing."; she acted as though the concept of siblings were foreign to Sprocket, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket.
  • Machina wanted to raise the stakes before delivering their ultimatum to trade David for the arrowhead, and Mondo thought to use Mace Face.


  • When Sprocket wanted a new toy, Machina recalled that when they'd given Sprocket a lovely nuclear reactor, he'd only played with the box.
  • After the Toy robot was destroyed, Sprocket wanted another toy; Mondo agreed to give him another one, but only if Sprocket agreed to take care of it; Machina told him to "keep it away from those teenagers."


  • On Sprocket's birthday, Mondo said it was hard to believe that the day had finally arrived when Sprocket would become a man; according to Machine tradition, Machina said, Sprocket had to prove himself worthy of adulthood.
  • Machina had sent the Cogs to get party supplies.
  • When the Cogs failed to obtain party supplies, Mondo was again disappointed in them, and Machina suggested a tune-up for them.
  • Sprocket's surprise present was Wrecking Ball, a giant robot in the Machine Skybase's holding bay.
  • After Wrecking Ball was destroyed, Sprocket apologized for failing, but Machina said they were still proud of him, and Mondo told Sprocket he'd become a man and taken his first step on his path to destroying the Rangers, and that this called for a celebration.


  • When Mondo wondered why the humans were even more disgustingly cheery than usual, Klank and Orbus explained that it was a uniquely human phenomenon known as "the holiday spirit," making everyone joyous and uniting them with a common bond of love; Mondo had told Klank and Orbus never to utter the word "love" in his presence; this entire dialogue was in the flashback during elderly Tommy's storytelling decades in the future, so he may have invented the dialogue.
  • Also apparently in Tommy's story, Machina thought to take advantage of the humans' cultural differences, and Sprocket went to Earth with the Bias Blaster.


  • Machina said that Sprocket was their first-built son, but, as later revealed in 440-TJOB, Sprocket had an older brother, Prince Gasket, who was actually their first-built son.
  • Mondo and Machina were dismayed by the presence of a sixth Ranger; they didn't appear to be familiar with the Gold Ranger.


  • Sprocket thought to turn all of the Earth's water into machine sludge; Machina and Mondo said that not only would it eliminate the humans, but it would establish the perfect environment for their machine army.
  • When Leaky Faucet volunteered for the task, Mondo was reluctant to use him, but Machina convinced Mondo by pointing out that Leaky Faucet was the logical choice and was currently ready.
  • After the six Rangers had destroyed Leaky Faucet, Mondo swore to do hideous things to the Rangers when he finally got his hands on them, especially the Gold Ranger; Machina told him not to worry, since they had all the time in the universe, as machines were forever.


  • Machina was upset about Somnibot's destruction; Mondo was asleep at the time.


  • As the Cogs fought the Rangers and Treys in front of the Royal House of Gadgetry (Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus), Machina said she loved a good physical contest.
  • After Mondo had been unable to obtain the Golden Power Staff, Machina reminded Mondo about his oil pressure and his new robotic technology.


  • Machina inadvertantly gave Mondo the idea to fight the Rangers personally.
  • Mondo, with Sprocket and Machina joining him, went to the desert outside Angel Grove to retrieve the buried Damocles Sword.
  • Machina reminded Mondo about the last time he'd used the Damocles Sword, and Sprocket said Machina had said it was so terrible that he'd hidden the sword so he wouldn't be tempted to use it.
  • Mondo told Machina and Sprocket to be silenced; he said that had been a thousand years ago, and he knew exactly what he was doing this time.
  • Machina and Sprocket watched giant Mondo fight the Super Zeo Megazord from the rubble of a building in Angel Grove.
  • When giant King Mondo was destroyed by the Super Zeo Megazord, Machina said she'd known this would happen again; when Sprocket was surprised to hear that it had happened before, Machina reassured her son that Mondo would be back, and stronger than ever.


  • Machina wasn't sure when Mondo would return, as he needed a great deal of repair.
  • When Louie Kaboom arrived to take over the Machine Empire, Machina ordered him to leave, but he did not; fortunately for Machina, Louie let Machina and the others stay after he'd taken over.
  • As Louie sat on a throne which could have been located in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Klank, Orbus, and Cogs polished him and tried to please him; when Louie told Machina to polish him as well and she refused, calling him a pointy-topped commoner, Klank told Louie that the quickest way to win the queen's respect was to destroy the Rangers.
  • Louie invited Machina and Sprocket to come down to personally watch the fight between the Rangers and giant Tough Tusks, and they came.
  • Back in the Machine Skybase after Tough Tusks had been destroyed, Machina called Louie pathetic.


  • Machina, Sprocket, and Louie were together in what may have been the balcony room, without arguing.
  • Machina planned to make the Rangers unable to stand the smell of each other and make their team fall apart; when Louie, thinking the idea was stupid, asked where she would get a monster to make people smell bad, she said she knew just the place.


  • Upon making Auric grow with the key on the moon, Sprocket told Auric that he was "Sprocket, the small and meek," and that he needed Auric's help.
  • Sprocket told Auric that the Power Rangers were a team of supervillains that planned to destroy the Earth; Sprocket cried with the help of a hose connecting him with a pump (bearing the Machine Empire symbol) which Klank operated from a crevice in the rock wall nearby; Machina stood beside Klank, noting that Sprocket was such a wonderful actor.


  • As Machina and Sprocket were being held as prisoners by Cogs, Louie had Klank read his decree in the balcony room; written in gear symbols on a sheet of copper-colored metal, it read, "From this moment forward, let it be known that the leader in supreme command of the Machine Empire is Louie Kaboom! Each and every machine shall hearby owe allegiance to him, forever!"; Louie then had the Cogs take Machina and Sprocket away to be thrown in the dungeon.


  • Standing somewhere on the moon with Sprocket, Machina didn't know what was happening when red energy crackled beside them; neither she nor Sprocket seemed to know in advance that Gasket and Archerina would appear.
  • Machina was apparently delighted that Gasket, her other son, had returned; Sprocket was less than excited by the appearance of his brother and sister-in-law.
  • Word had reached Gasket and Archerina that Mondo was away, and they were there to ensure that Machina and Sprocket were protected, and to battle the Power Rangers; Machina told them of Louie Kaboom, and Gasket, as heir to the Machine Empire, swore to throw him out.


  • Gasket, with a map, scouted out an area beside Angel Grove Lake with Sprocket; Gasket thought that the area would make an excellent location for their Machine Kingdom, and when Sprocket pointed out that they already had a headquarters on the moon, Gasket said that once he took over as king, changes would be made.
  • After making Tommy vanish, Gasket anticipated that the Rangers would crumble with their leader gone, and when Machina witnessed his achievement, she would want him to rule the entire Machine Empire forever.


  • Machina, in the Machine Skybase balcony room, was excited to learn about Gasket's surprise; she called Gasket her number-one son, and when Sprocket protested that he'd thought he was her number-one son, she told him not to be silly, as he was the baby.


  • Sprocket took Klank and Cogs to the park to ambush the Rangers to impress Machina and earn the crown.
  • Later, in what appeared to be a part of Gasket's palace, Machina was so proud that she could cry when Gasket and Sprocket were bickering.


  • Sprocket asked Machina what humans saw in the noise they called music, and Machina didn't know, but in 412-InOD, Mondo had said that no one appreciated fine classical music more than Machina.
  • Machina planned to make Tommy unable to stop singing, thus making him unable to pilot "his Zord"; Machina wished Mondo were there to see it.
  • A blue energy beam from above struck Tommy and Tanya in the resource center, first bouncing off the synthesizer in front of them and then knocking them off their piano bench; they were now forced to sing everything they wanted to speak.
  • The singing spell altered Tommy's telepathic link, making him unable to pilot the Red Battlezord; if this is what Machina had planned, it was a pointless plan, since Tommy hadn't been using the Red Battlezord lately anyway.
  • When Gasket launched a full-scale assault on Angel Grove, Sprocket whined that Gasket was at it again: he'd made his own monster and was attacking Angel Grove without Sprocket and Machina; Machina admitted that at least Gasket tried hard.
  • Machina planned to attack while Gasket was creating a diversion.
  • After Mechaterpillar had been destroyed, Machina lamented that she and Sprocket just didn't seem to be able to make monsters as well as Mondo had, but Mechaterpillar had been Gasket's creation; this comment came just moments before Mondo revealed that he was back.
  • According to Rocky, Machina's singing spell had gone away when the monster had been destroyed, but Mechaterpillar (Gasket's creation) hadn't had anything to do with Machina's spell.


  • After Gasket and Archerina had been defeated by the Rangers but Gasket still planned to be king (and do away with Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus), Mondo and Machina teleported to the lake, where Mondo said he wanted to discuss Gasket's plans to be king; Gasket nervously said that he'd love to stay and catch up Mondo, but that he just remembered that he and Archerina had to be somewhere else, forever, at which point they teleported into the sky as red energy bolts.


  • A present from Rita and Zedd was actually a bomb which blew the Royal House of Gadgetry into pieces on the surface of the moon; amidst the debris was Machina's torso, with the head still attached.


  • Mondo and Machina attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along brown and silver Cogs.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Machina drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.


  • Zordon's energy wave turned Queen Machina into sand along with most other villains in Dark Specter's invasion.

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