Machine Empire
- empire of evil robots; led by King Mondo
Royal House of Gadgetry (left to right: Klank and Orbus, Sprocket, King Mondo, Queen machina)
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  • One evening after Machine Empire craft had first entered the Earth's atmosphere, a fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
  • Zedd soon gazed at Earth and saw a Quadrafighter flying down through the atmosphere; a custodian at the Angel Grove University observatory also saw an incoming Quadrafighter, perhaps the same one.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull were asleep in a field as a gear ship hovered overhead; on the balcony of the Machine Skybase (whether in orbit or already on the moon), Mondo and Machina observed the two on their viewing globe, and they were pleased with the uselessness the humans demonstrated.
  • Mondo said if this were any indication of the kind of lifeforms on this planet, they should have no problem conquering them; then, Machina said, they would strip the planet of their resources and complete their Machine Empire.
  • As the gear ship descended toward the mountains below, Bulk woke up and got Skull's attention, and then as they ran away, the gear ship quickly rose back up from the mountain.
  • Soon, hiding behind rocks, Bulk and Skull watched silver Cogs marching in different directions through the field; when Lt. Stone arrived and saw the Cogs as well, a Cog opened its face and shot three sets of energy pulses in their direction as they fled.
  • When the governor of California later went on TV to inform the public of the approaching threat and to issue a plea to the Power Rangers, wherever they were, Mondo said the Earthlings' leader was scared and they hadn't even begun yet, and Machina said the governor's reign over Earth was almost at an end.
  • Mondo wasn't familiar with the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers," but the fact that he knew their full title indicated that he'd heard more than just the governor's broadcast.
  • Mondo planned for all of the Earthlings to bow down before him and obey him.
  • As a group of Quadrafighters flew over a city on a scouting mission and then returned to the Machine Empire's headquarters, a group of gear ships was shown in orbit, with the moon in the background.
  • Machina said their eons of planning had led to this moment, when they could finally say the universe was theirs; Mondo told her to have patience; the Quadrafighters had just returned from their scout, and it wouldn't be long until they were ready.
  • Mondo couldn't believe it, but he suddenly saw Rita and Zedd in the viewing globe; he pointed out to Machina that they had a bit of a problem, telling her to look at who was already here.
  • Machina was startled, saying she'd thought Rita and Zedd had retired eons ago; she said they should have no mercy on them, and Mondo agreed, for they were the only obstacle between them and the complete obliteration of the Earth and all the beings that inhabited it.
  • While looking at Earth in her telescope, Rita had happened to see Machine Empire craft entering the planet's atmosphere, and the next day, Mondo and Machina had discovered Rita and Zedd's presence and vowed to show them no mercy, but in 401-AZB1, Finster would fearfully interrupt Rita and Zedd's celebration just before the palace was attacked by Quadrafighters.


  • Quite soon after the Zeo Crystal had restored the Earth's time and the Command Center had been destroyed (both in 343-HdA2), the Machine Empire's gear ships approached the moon, and three Quadrafighters began blasting Rita and Zedd's palace.
  • After Finster had tried to warn the villains of the approaching menace and Rita had spotted the Machine Empire's ships in her telescope after the palace had been fired upon, Rita was terrified.
  • Rita blamed Zedd for the arrival of the Machine Empire.
  • Soon after the Machine Empire's assault on Rita and Zedd's moon palace, at least six gear ships were shown hovering near the Earth, with the moon a considerable distance away.
  • The three Quadrafighters blasted at Rita, Zedd, and crew as they fled from the moon palace on foot.
  • The Machine Empire's symbol was a symbol which also appeared on King Mondo; it consisted of two diagonally-oriented thin ovals arranged into an X, with a circular nucleus; around the outside of the ovals were square bumps like one would find on the outside of a gear.
  • An enormous mob of seemingly all-silver Cogs was on what looked like the moon, with its darkened tint effect and gray sky, chanting in non-robotic voices, "Mondo"; above them, quite a few Quadrafighters were hovering, and in the background was an enormous gear ship.


  • Zordon told the six teens that a dark and evil force had descended upon the galaxy; he said the Machine Empire was more treacherous than Rita and Lord Zedd could ever have hoped to be, and that it was the one force that could prove to be unstoppable.
  • Zordon told the teens that the next few days might be the most perilous they had faced since becoming Power Rangers.
  • Mondo had ordered for Rita and Zedd to be destroyed; when they escaped, however, he wondered how they would ever complete their Machine Empire and conquer the universe if his Cogs couldn't stop the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.
  • Zordon referred to the Machine Empire as the latest threat to "our galaxy."
  • Mondo and Machina had broken away from the United Alliance of Evil and had set out to invade this galaxy.
  • Sprocket was heir apparent (meaning, under existing circumstances, future king after Mondo) to the throne of the Machine Empire.
  • Zordon said that together, Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus made up the leadership of the Machine Empire.
  • Zordon said that the Earth's solar system was the final link in a chain of galaxies already conquered by the Machine Empire; once Earth was conquered, no one would exist that could defeat them; according to Zordon, the fate of the universe literally rested in the teens' hands.
  • After Sprocket had reported that the Earth was defenseless and Rita and Zedd were gone, Mondo told Klank to prepare to launch a full-scale assault.
  • To begin the ground assault, which he said would surprise the people of Earth, Mondo targeted Angel Grove, saying they would begin right where Rita and Zedd had left off.
  • After the Zeo Rangers had defeated a group of Cogs, Mondo decided it could be an interesting diversion to have a formidable enemy; Machina agreed, saying that their journey toward galactic domination had been getting boring.
  • Whether the Machine Empire was previously familiar with the concept of Power Rangers is uncertain; the Cogs didn't initially recognize the Zeo Rangers, and Mondo and Machina only mentioned the name "Power Rangers" after the Power Rangers Zeo had used their own title as a battle cry.
  • Zordon told Billy that King Mondo could manufacture Cogs at the rate of one an hour.


  • Air Force jets had a near miss with Quadrafighters, and their pilots were bewildered; the Quadrafighters were scanning for the hidden location of the Zeozords.
  • After describing to the Rangers their Zeozords, Zordon reminded them that the new Zords were only machines; he said that the most important resources the Rangers had to fight the Machine Empire were their hearts and minds, which were greater tools than anything that could be manufactured; he added that the Machine Empire could never build anything that could compare to them.


  • Machina knew that the unmorphed Rangers were near Puppetman in the Youth Center; Sprocket verified this, saying the reports said so.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed evil Puppetman, Mondo said the Zeo Rangers had once again defied and shamed the "Royal House of Gadgetry," which presumably referred to Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus.


  • Looking in his Viewing Screen at Cestro's spacecraft on Earth, Mondo asked whose alien spacecraft it was; Machina said that it appeared to belong to "one of those dreadful creatures from Aquitar" and that he had some nerve landing on Earth without Mondo's royal authorization.
  • None of the members of the Royal House of Gadgetry were familiar with the Hydro Contaminator, but Mondo sent Cogs to help him fight the Rangers.


  • The Machine Skybase's Viewing Screen showed a shot of the Power Chamber's exterior.


  • Watching Cogs being cranked out of an assembly area, Mondo wondered why he kept making useless Cogs if the Rangers kept destroying them; he was sick of wasting valuable masterials on robots that always ended up as junk.


  • When Sprocket wanted a new toy, Mondo complained that Sprocket had already broken half of the Cogs in the army.


  • For an unknown reason, there was a Cog in the background in one shot of Tanya's music video "Stick Together"; its mission was unknown.


  • The Machine Empire was constructing a fleet of battleships in Angel Grove Forest, and it had been Klank's idea to use invisibility medallions to hide their presence.
  • There were seven ships hidden within the invisibility field.
  • Billy and Alpha used the Power Chamber's disrupter ray to destroy the Machine Skybase's power source, destroying all of the active invisibility medallions and the Machine Empire's new fleet of ships in the process.


  • The Royal House of Gadgetry confronted the Treys on the beach for Mondo to tell them to surrender the Golden Power Staff; they surrendered after the Treys had been teleported away and the Cogs had been beaten by the Rangers.


  • Machina, Sprocket, and Klank were in another room of the Machine Skybase, with vertical collections of rods, when Louie Kaboom flew in.
  • The Royal House of Gadgetry wasn't familiar with Louie.
  • Louie Kaboom took over the Machine Empire but allowed Machina and the rest to stay.


  • When Gasket told Klank it was time to finish the Rangers off, Klank thought to have Mechaterpillar make the Zords dance their way to oblivion, and after some frantic dancing, the Zords sparked and fell over, ejecting the Rangers.
  • As a gear ship lifted the prone Super Zeo Megazord with a bluish-white energy ray, Klank, in the ship's control room with Orbus, realized the incredible opportunity for them to download into their computers all the information stored in the Megazord's memory so they would know the weaknesses of the other Zords.
  • The gear ships presumably left after Pyramidas had destroyed giant Mechaterpillar; soon after Mechaterpillar's destruction, Klank and Orbus joined Sprocket and Machina in the Machine Skybase as they discovered that Mondo was back.


  • The monster which Mondo called his greatest monster was Cog Changer, a monster which could launch gears capable of controlling the Rangers' technology.


  • Upon growing to giant size, Gasket claimed the Earth in the name of the Royal House of Gadgetry.
  • Gasket declared that he was the most powerful and most supreme leader the Machine Empire had ever known.


  • Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket teleported into the forest when Rita and Zedd had summoned Tengas to beat the Cogs to the Golden powers.
  • Klank was able to detect a transmission bound for Triforia, and Mondo, having known the teens would try to call Trey, had Klank activate the laser alarm scanners to warm them of Trey's arrival.
  • When the alarm detected the Rangers' presence in the desert, Mondo ordered Klank to stop them, telling him to send the entire army if necessary.
  • After Mondo had been defeated by the giant Rangers and had returned to the moon, Rita and Zedd "stopped by" in their RV to have a meeting with the Royal House of Gadgetry, but their meeting place appeared to be in the middle of nowhere on the moon.
  • Zedd told Mondo that they'd realized they were way out of his league, and after Rita had handed Sprocket a wrapped box with bows on it as a peace offering, Rita, Zedd, and crew quickly fled the scene in the RV; when Sprocket opened the box, a massive fireball engulfed the Royal House of Gadgetry, blowing bits and pieces of the robots all over the area.


  • After Divatox was summoned to the Cimmerian planet by Dark Specter after the capture of Zordon, Carlos said they had to go to the Cimmerian planet, and when Cassie replied that they'd promised Dimitria to stay and protect the Earth, Carlos pointed out that Divatox was gone now, leaving the Earth safe; if the teens knew about Rita and Zedd and the Machine Empire at the time, they didn't consider the villains a threat to the planet.


  • Mondo and Machina attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; they had brought along brown and silver Cogs.


  • Among the various monsters, mutants, and aliens on Onyx was an eclectic mix of monsters and henchmen which had been used or would be used by many of the main villains, including the Machine Empire.


  • After Dark Specter had told Astronema to summon all of his evil forces to finally take over the universe, Klank entered the Machine Skybase balcony with Orbus, telling King Mondo that the order had come in (probably from Elgar for Astronema).
  • Mondo told Klank to prepare for the biggest battle the universe had ever seen, but Klank replied, "Already done!"
  • The whole Royal House of Gadgetry was present, and an Earth-like planet was beyond the balcony.
  • In the Machine Skybase factory complex, the massive Cog army stood up at once; meanwhile, gear ships and Quadrafighters flew overhead.
  • A gear ship beamed down an army of silver Cogs into a desert with a blue sky.
  • Soon, Mondo and Machina were leading an army of monsters against Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion on the Phantom's home planet.
  • Along with Cogs, Quadrafighters, and Mace Face were monsters formerly used by other villains, including the owl monster, Goo Fish, Inciserator, Fearog, Slippery Shark, Psycho-monster Red, Turbanshell, Shrinkasect, Coralizer, the two-headed parrot, Destructipede, Mamamite, Eye Guy, a red Crocotox, and a furry brown monster.


  • The next Earth morning when Zordon's energy wave approached, Mondo, Machina, and General Havoc were standing on a cliff over the army of monsters on Phantom's home planet.
  • The three villains were turned to sand along with their army; the fate of Klank, Orbus, and Sprocket is unknown, as they weren't with the army when the wave hit.

    Machine Empire teleportation
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  • The Machine Empire's traditional teleportation effect, frequently used by the Cogs, consisted of a gear-edged circular portal which would fly in to deposit or pick up those being transported, then leave; inside the portal was a dark blue and purple starfield; the gear border on these portals was most commonly gray, but other possible border colors included clear, brown, black, and white, in that order of frequency of use (with white and black used only once).


  • To teleport from the resource center to the junkyard, a Cog warped into the computer monitor in front of it and then emerged from a purple and blue starry fissure in the junkyard.
  • Soon afterward, the Cog backflipped into another fissure to teleport away from the junkyard.


  • Teleporting with Boohoo as he kidnapped baby Joey, several Cogs turned into several flying gears and flew away.
  • To confront the Rangers elsewhere, Cogs teleported in with blurry effects, their faces following after their bodies.
  • More Cogs teleported in with differently-colored shimmers.


  • A group of silver Cogs appeared on the Captain Pete set in the Youth Center in a clear tornado effect from a fissure warp.


  • Cogs appeared on the set of Invasion of Blueface from a warp fissure in the ground.


  • To help the Hydro Contaminator fight the Rangers, Cogs appeared from swirls, accompanied by white and blue streaks of light, in the air.


  • To teleport away after stealing Rocky's plants, a Cog vanished into a portal of some sort obscured between two trees; the other Cogs then walked through an invisible portal (shown from the side), with blue energy around their places of entry.


  • To teleport away, the Cogs' heads flew into a warp fissure, and their bodies dissolved.
  • The next day, Cogs appeared in the hallway with a white fade-in.
  • When five Cogs later appeared, the Cog heads bounced out of a warp fissure and then down the stairs, then their bodies appeared.


  • The teens were about to teleport somewhere when the ground shook and several Cogs walked through a warp fissure.
  • With its glowing white finger, a Cog sliced open a warp fissure in space, then the Cogs walked through and vanished.


  • David escaped from the cave in which he was trapped by holding onto the Autochthon monster as it was teleported to the surface by the Machine Empire.


  • On Earth, Sprocket held up his hand, and blue energy bolts emerged from his finger, then Cogs flipped out of an invisible portal with blue streaks.


  • A chain of pink energy gears sliced through space above the Cogs, opening a fissure into which all but one of the Cogs flew up; the lone Cog asked, "Hey, hey, where did they all go?" before being bombarded with more pies from all of the Rangers.
  • On a different occasion, Cogs appeared from purple starry silhouettes.


  • During their fight, the Cogs vanished quite suddenly with a grainy particle effect.


  • Cogs appeared with vertical stretch effects which began as purple vertical lines.


  • Cogs appeared from bulges in space on the ground.


  • Cogs vanished with purple starry clouds.
  • After they were sent flying back away from Gold Ranger, a group of Cogs disintegrated with particle effects after short-circuiting.


  • Cogs appeared from a warp fissure which passed upward.


  • To summon the Cogs, Gasket raised his arm into the air and shot a blue energy bolt upward, then a blue energy bolt came down from the sky near the lake, and silver Cogs appeared from the energy.


  • After Rita's giant Impursonator monster, invulnerable to most of the Zords' attacks, had sent the Rangers retreating, King Mondo teleported the monster to a planet eight light-years away, using a gray-edged gear portal.


  • Cogs dropped from the sky, initially looking like their yellow inner skeletons, but they then materialized into their normal forms.
  • When the Cogs warped away, a large pipe nearby was also sucked into the warp.


  • All of the Cogs fighting morphed Jason short-circuited as they flew back away from him, and they then vanished in multicolored energy.

    Video Vulture
    - robot vulture with a video camera for a head
    Video Vulture
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    First Appearance: 409-IORS
    Last Appearance: 443-Kng2


  • Video Vulture could speak.
  • Video Vulture, flying over the Rangers, shone a bright beam down on the Rangers, lifting them up and planting them in Prince Sprocket's movie dimension.


  • Video Vulture was perched near Gasket and Archerina's balcony overlooking the Machine Arena.
  • As he introduced the fight between Altor and Gold Ranger, Gasket seemed to be speaking into Video Vulture, the camera for the image the Power Chamber's Viewing Screen was receiving.

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