Machine Skybase
- large compound usually on moon (401-AZB1 through 450-Good); home of Machine Empire
Machine Skybase
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First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1


  • One evening after Machine Empire craft had first entered the Earth's atmosphere, a fleet of gear ships was shown in Earth's orbit, with one gear ship hovering over an army of Cogs, perhaps on the moon, and releasing a number of Quadrafighters.
  • The next day, Bulk and Skull were asleep in a field as a gear ship hovered overhead; on the balcony of the Machine Skybase (whether in orbit or already on the moon; the exterior was not shown at this point), Mondo and Machina observed the two on their viewing globe, and they were pleased with the uselessness the humans demonstrated.
  • As a group of Quadrafighters flew over a city on a scouting mission and then returned to the Machine Empire's headquarters, a group of gear ships was shown in orbit, with the moon in the background.


  • Soon after the Machine Empire's assault on Rita and Zedd's moon palace, at least six gear ships were shown hovering near the Earth, with the moon a considerable distance away; this shot of the gear ships in orbit would be shown frequently until a final appearance in 440-TJOB.
  • Also shown frequently (and shown first while Rita and Zedd were still in their palace) was a brown, rocky landscape, on which was an enormous Machine Empire castle/factory complex, the Machine Skybase; near the structure were gear ships, Quadrafighters, and Cogs; this shot would be shown frequently until a final appearance in 447-RTW1.
  • If the Machine Skybase was on the moon (as revealed in 427-GHnr, 439-RCGo, and 441-ZR5?), it is unknown why the landscape around the Machine Skybase was brown rather than gray.
  • There was a main room somewhere in the Machine Skybase in which Mondo, Machina, and Sprocket spent most (if not all) of their time; it had a balcony overlooking the Earth in what may be considered the "north" wall, and on the "east" wall was a circular Viewing Screen; when not in use, it was white, with a Machine Empire symbol on it.
  • An enormous mob of seemingly all-silver Cogs was on what looked like the moon, with its darkened tint effect and gray sky; above them, quite a few Quadrafighters were hovering, and in the background was an enormous gear ship.


  • A gear ship near the surface of what looked like the moon was shown beaming down a squadron of Cogs in a blue energy beam from its underside.
  • Zordon told Billy that King Mondo could manufacture Cogs at the rate of one an hour.


  • Once Billy's ship was in range, Klank said that their photon blaster was fully charged.
  • A flaming purple energy gear ring shot from somewhere in the base of the tower of the Skybase's castle.
  • The Skybase's blaster, aimed by Sprocket, fired twice, disabling Billy's ship's communications and engines.
  • A third photon blast intercepted the Power Chamber's tractor beam just before it could reach Billy's ship, sending the ship hurtling toward the sun, shorting out the dish, and making the Power Chamber quake, flash, and drop chunks from the ceiling.
  • The Skybase's fuel cell was now burnt out, and they didn't have another one.


  • Giant Punchabunch stood, awaiting repairs, in a facility beyond the west gear wall of the Machine Skybase's balcony room; apparently the west wall could open to reveal the adjoining chamber.


  • A new shot of the smokestacks of a vast Machine Empire factory complex was first shown in the episode; it was also shown in 422-TrMe.


  • The Machine Empire had a misty component dump (perhaps somewhere in the Machine Skybase) full of broken robot parts; lightning flashed in the dark sky overhead as old parts, in accordance with Klank and Orbus's plan, pulled themselves together to make Defector.
  • The scrapyard seemed to be out in the open, with the Earth in the black sky above it.


  • The Machine Skybase was located at 25 degrees east longitude and 30 degrees north latitude on the moon.
  • Billy and Alpha used the Power Chamber's disrupter ray to strike the Machine Skybase's main spire, destroying the invisibility medallions' power source, also destroying all of the active invisibility medallions and the Machine Empire's new fleet of ships in the process.


  • Machina, Sprocket, and Klank were in another room of the Machine Skybase, with vertical collections of rods, when Louie Kaboom flew in.


  • Sprocket took the tiki of Auric to a location which appeared to be just outside a structure of the Machine Skybase on the moon; around them was a brown, cratered rocky terrain with the Earth in the sky.


  • Rita and Zedd were driving around in an RV on the moon, looking for the "palace" (presumably the Machine Skybase and not their old moon palace) so that they could regain control of Louie; Rita would later say that they had to find "that palace" and the remote control to Louie.


  • In an area which looked like the surface of the moon with a dark blue sky overhead (perhaps a part of Gasket's palace or an area outside the Machine Skybase), Louie Kaboom wondered what a sound was, and Archerina then attacked him as Gasket watched.


  • Rito and Goldar worked on an engine on the back of the RV so that they would have enough speed to zip through Machine security unnoticed and storm the "palace" (again, presumably the Machine Skybase rather than the moon palace), and once they'd brought destruction to the Machine Empire, Rita said, they would be home.


  • Spying on Detective Stone, Bulk, and Skull in a Viewing Screen just like the one in the Machine Skybase's balcony room, Gasket and Archerina were standing in a rocky lunar area with a dark blue sky overhead, much like the area in which they'd attacked Louie Kaboom in 440-TJOB.
  • In their dark blue-skied outdoor room, Gasket had Archerina turn Detective Stone's supposed secret weapon into a monster; to accomplish this task, a blue energy gear fired from the base of the Machine Skybase's main tower, turning Detective Stone's Mechaterpillar fishing lure into the Mechaterpillar monster.


  • After Mondo had been defeated by the giant Rangers and had returned to the moon, Rita and Zedd "stopped by" in their RV to have a meeting with the Royal House of Gadgetry, but their meeting place appeared to be in the middle of nowhere on the moon.


  • After the Royal House of Gadgetry had been destroyed in 450-Good and Rita and Zedd had appeared to move back into their moon palace, it's unknown what became of the Machine Skybase.


  • The Royal House of Gadgetry was in the Machine Skybase balcony room when Astronema began organizing Dark Specter's forces for the takeover of the universe.
  • The Machine Skybase facility appeared completely intact, in some sort of orbit around an Earth-like planet.

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