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Glitz Magazine
- fashion magazine run by Koko Kashmere
Glitz Magazine covers
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First Appearance: (Koko) 836-Lime
Last Appearance: (Koko) 836-Lime
Pictures: Glitz Movie Magazine, Carolyn cover, Glitz Magazine, Dana covers (shown at right), Koko Kashmere


  • Aboard Terra Venture, Leo showed Kendrix a "Glitz Movie Magazine" featuring an exclusive interview and a photo collection of space colony inhabitant Carolyn Pickets; the logo would not be the same as the Glitz Magazine of Mariner Bay.


  • In an office suite in what looked like the same glass building as was used for Trakeena's laboratory, Koko Kashmere, an old woman with over-the-top flair, flipped through headshots of various models, finding something wrong with each of them.
  • Koko protested to her young male assistant that the girls were yesterday's news, a dime a dozen, run of the mill; she declared her next Glitz girl had to have a sense of adventure, romance in her soul, like herself.
  • Shoving away piles of photos, Koko told her assistant to start from scratch to find her, but she then saw the photo of Dana holding an injured girl on the front of the Mariner Bay Herald.
  • Seeing Dana, Koko told her assistant to find her.
  • As Dana was leaving a library with several books, not wearing her jacket, Koko emerged from a white limo and exclaimed Dana's full name, introducing herself.
  • Koko explained, "I take the little common people and shoot them into the stars!" and told Dana she was going to be her new Glitz girl.
  • Hearing this, Dana was taken aback but chuckled that she didn't even like having her picture taken.
  • Koko found it precious that Dana was shy just like she'd been herself, but she said when she was done with her, the camera would be her best friend.
  • Koko exclaimed everyone would know her face, and there would be money, "Lots of money," throwing bills into the air which people clamored to collect.
  • As Dana explained she had plans to become a doctor, Koko flipped through a huge wad of $100 bills and told her she'd pay her enough money so she could go to any medical school she wanted, and Dana smiled.
  • At a fashion shoot, Koko urged Dana to relax; soon, when Dana's shawl blew back and exposed her Rescue Morpher, Koko gasped in horror.
  • Stopping everything, Koko nervously asked what the device was; when told it was her Morpher, Koko immediately called for it to be removed, as gold and diamonds were all that were acceptable.
  • A female assistant apologetically removed the Morpher from Dana's wrist without protest from Dana, and she soon resumed her photo shoot.
  • The Morpher was left backstage with various props, and no one was nearby to notice as it went off during a monster attack downtown.
  • After the photo shoot, Dana left without her Morpher but would have it back another day.
  • Dana's first magazine cover featured her in a blue bikini and a hat, with the yellow title, "Dana," and a line of black text under it.
  • Inside, an article containing numerous photos of the same swimsuit shoot was entitled, "New Glitz Glamour Girl Goes Global!" with the subtitle, "Dana has it all... and then some!"
  • When asked by a bystander if she was the Glitz girl, Dana shook her head, but he recognized her anyway and called out to everyone that it was the Glitz girl, attracting an excited crowd.
  • As Dana signed autographs, Koko (getting a makeover) called her on a cell phone to tell her she was a star.
  • On the wall behind Koko were large posters, each a different Glitz cover featuring Dana.
  • Signing frantically, Dana laughed that it was incredible, and Koko told her the phones had been ringing off the hook.
  • Koko had already booked her for the big fall fashion show, and a black limo drove up to take her to a fitting.
  • In a pink dress at night, Dana blew kisses from the sunroof of the limo to a cheering crowd amidst falling confetti.
  • One Glitz cover, with the title "Dana Mania!" featured Dana biting a rose stem in a sexy black top and red animal print robe; another featured Dana with a cell phone and pink blazer with the title, "Dana's Corporate Makeover"; a third had Dana dressed extravagently in a white dress with the title, "Dana! Dana! Dana!"
  • In her office, the blown-up magazine cover posters behind her, Koko busily took calls as a large pile of mail was dumped on her desk.
  • At a newsstand, Dana's corporate issue was flying off the shelves in a frenzy.
  • At the fall fashion show, Dana got out with Koko from a white limo, met by a crowd of fans and photographers.
  • As they walked down the red carpet, Dana tensed when her Morpher chirped, but Koko grabbed it and told her to ignore it; Dana expressed concern for her friends, but Koko replied they could get by without her.
  • Koko pointed to the fans and cameras, saying the world was at her feet, and she asked if she was willing to give all this up just to be a Ranger, and Dana's smile faded; she would soon, however, join the others in battle.
  • At a later time, Dana was leaving the library with more books as Koko pulled up.
  • Koko couldn't believe Dana would abandon her in her hour of need but noted the public still wanted her, and she went over Dana's schedule, fittings at 2:00 and a photo shoot at 4:00.
  • Dana explained she wasn't cut out to be a supermodel; Koko gasped about medical school, but Dana planned to get there through brains rather than beauty.
  • As Koko wondered who would be the Glitz girl without her, jacketed Kelsey arrived, and Koko was mesmerized by her face and eyes, telling her she would be her new Glitz girl, but Kelsey and Dana laughed and firmly declined.

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