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Morphing Masters
- ancient sorcerers; hid Power Eggs millions of years ago
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First Appearance: (in Viewing Globe) 116-BigS
Last Appearance: (in Viewing Globe) 116-BigS


  • Ancient sorcerers who called themselves the Morphing Masters hid a universe of power within two mystic Power Eggs and locked them in a chest millions of years ago.
  • One of the Morphing Masters who secured the eggs and closed the chest had hands that looked human and large sleeves that looked pale blue; another set of human-like hands were seen, but their sleeves weren't seen.
  • There appeared to be four Morphing Masters, one in a white cloak, one in a white cloak with possibly a red vest, one with a pale blue cloak, and finally, the one who set the chest out to sea wore a brown cloak.
  • Zordon said that "by casting the eggs into the sea, the sorcerers believed that their ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger."

    - magical former inhabitant of Island of Illusion (128-IOI1 through 129-IOI2)
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    First Appearance: 128-IOI1
    Last Appearance: 129-IOI2


  • Quagmire was an inhabitant of the Island of Illusion.
  • Quagmire watched the teens for a while and then played his flute by a lake.
  • Quagmire's flute music was harsh to the teens' ears.
  • Quagmire was paranoid of the teens and afraid they were sent by Rita.
  • Quagmire spoke only in rhyming phrases.
  • Quagmire teleported with a multicolored cloud effect.


  • Quagmire helped the teens resist the Island of Illusion's magic after realizing that they weren't allied with Rita; however, Quagmire had known earlier that Rita had sent the teens to the island.
  • Quagmire alluded to Kim's fight with the Terror Toad (in 108-PRPk), saying, "A toad might fright you to the marrow, but stay your course, straight as an arrow."
  • Quagmire knew of Trini's fear of heights, which she had conquered in 102-HiFv.
  • To help Billy conquer his self-doubt, Quagmire said while holding his fingertips to his temples and closing his eyes, "I sense a fight in a land of dreams, where Billy fought a nightmare queen," alluding to his fight with Madame Woe in 109-PL&W.
  • Quagmire seemed to give Jason encouragement telepathically.
  • After fleeing the Island of Illusion, which Rita had destroyed, Quagmire apparently became a disc jockey on Earth; he did the music for the dance contest in the Youth Center.

    Grumble the Elf
    - formerly ill-tempered elf in a storybook
    Grumble the Elf
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    First Appearance: 248-SBR1
    Last Appearance: 249-SBR2


  • Grumble the Elf and his wagon of toys appeared beside Tommy, Kim, and Rocky with blue energy soon after the three had become trapped in the storybook dimension.
  • Grumble looked like a blue version of Mr. Ticklesneezer with fangs and in a Santa Claus costume.
  • An evil magician (Mondo the Magician) had put a spell on Grumble, turning him into a grouch, and he had to deliver the toys to the orphanage, dressed as Santa, if he ever wanted to be nice again, the story of Grumble the Magic Elf went.
  • Grumble seemed to be aware of the fact that he was inside a book.


  • Grumble freed the three teens from a cavern beneath a snow mound, saying he didn't know how to recover the toys by himself.
  • In response to Tommy's plan to return to the beginning of the book to try to get the magician to lift the spell to give the book some kind of ending, Grumble said he'd never gone through the book backwards before.
  • After the visit to Mondo's castle had been uneventful and Aisha had later drawn the toys back into the book, Grumble had them be quiet in one spot in the forest because Mondo was on that page as well; he was indeed in the forest with them, chuckling while hiding behind a tree.
  • The spell was lifted from Grumble when he and the three teens brought the orphans at the end of the book the toys Aisha had drawn back in for them.
  • Later at the closing of the book fair, Kim handed Bulk and Skull Grumble the Magic Elf, and the two punks ran away when Grumble, inside, waved to them and said hello.

    Santa Claus
    - jolly holiday gift-giver
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    First Appearance: 325-IDWR
    Last Appearance: 325-IDWR


  • At Santa Claus's compound at the North Pole, elves worked on Christmas Eve to prepare presents, and one female elf ("Number One") read mail and made decisions on presents.
  • Santa checked in with Number One as to the elves' progress.
  • Rito and Tengas took over the workshop and ordered the elves to mass-produce Zedd's hypno-spin toy.
  • Santa knew who Rito was and that Rito had been very naughty that year.
  • Zordon told the teens that because of a combination of the North Pole's unique polarity and a crosscurrent of holiday magic, their "morphing powers" would not work near Santa's workshop.
  • When the teens learned that Rito had taken over Santa's workshop but that their powers wouldn't work near the workshop, Tommy said that Santa's importance outweighed the danger.
  • Number One told Rito that making toys was only a sideline, and that the first and most important thing about their job was spreading the holiday spirit, "the best feeling there is," attained by doing something out of the kindness of one's heart without expecting something in return.
  • Number One told Rito that if he looked down deep enough, he would find goodness he didn't know was there, and Rito nearly began to believe her before having a thought about Lord Zedd.
  • Except for teleportation, Rito's powers wouldn't work near the workshop either.
  • When Goldar and Rito ran back inside the workshop, the elves sprang a trap and tied up the two goons and the Tengas.
  • With Santa and the elves listening, Tommy talked to Alpha on his communicator to get him to teleport the goons away.
  • The six teens helped the elves get their toy distribution back on schedule.
  • Santa told the teens (calling them "Power Rangers") that Christmas was saved thanks to them; he said they'd done a lot of good in your young lives, but he thought they'd made more people happy that day than ever before.
  • Tommy and Aisha thanked Santa for doing his job for the children of the world and keeping the holiday spirit alive in all of them.
  • Santa knew Billy's name.
  • Santa gave Tommy a sack full of presents for the kids at the Christmas Eve party in the Youth Center.
  • Santa delivered a present to the moon palace; it was actually just Zedd's hypno-spin toys that had been left behind, with a note from Santa telling the villains that they'd have to work very hard to find anything more under their tree next year.
  • Zedd called Santa an oversized imp.

    - entity responsible for sealing away Bansheera's demons 5,000 years ago
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    First Appearance: (flashback and skeleton) 801-OpLs
    Last Appearance: (flashback and skeleton) 801-OpLs


  • Finding temple ruins which were identical to the design of Bansheera's ancient palace, nomads in an apparently Egyptian desert accidentally opened a crevice into the Tomb of Forever below.
  • At the rear wall of the tomb stood an ancient warlock skeleton at a cobwebbed sarcophagus.
  • Approaching, the greedy head nomad carelessly shoved the skeleton over, who wore an old robe with gold neck pieces, and the skeleton broke apart on the floor.
  • As the nomad had his hands pressed against the sarcophagus, a dial between his hands rotated, and the sarcophagus began to rumble as the nomads removed their hands; despite the mysterious activity in the tomb the nomads would then remove the sarcophagus lid, freeing Bansheera's demons.
  • Near the sarcophagus, a metallic staff lay against the wall, shaped vaguely like Spellbinder's but smaller and different in design.
  • Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power; no mention was made of the warlock.
  • Mitchell explained that 5,000 years ago, this part of the Earth had been inhabited by evil spirits, or "demons," whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer.
  • Luckily, there had been a warlock who had been strong enough to conquer them, and the demons were finally captured and entombed; a flashback showed the warlock in the Tomb of Forever in front of the sarcophagus as the demon wisps flew in and the hovering lid sealed after he slammed his fist onto his palm.
  • The warlock's robe was dark blue with colored cuffs; he had a gray beard and apparently wore metallic bracelet cuffs.
  • The seal on the sarcophagus had then rotated a half-turn clockwise, and the scene faded to modern times, with the warlock fading away into a cobwebbed skeleton in his same position, the torches fading, and the tomb being covered in cobwebs.
  • Despite their capture, Mitchell added, "we always feared that one day they would escape and would return to Mariner Bay."

    Sorcerer of the Sands
    - legendary desert-dwelling sage
    Sorcerer of the Sands
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    First Appearance: 832-Sorc
    Last Appearance: 832-Sorc
    Pictures: long shot, close-up (shown at right), sorcerer's assistant


  • When Ryan passed out in the desert, an old thin man in desert clothing with a crow on his shoulder came upon the teen and asked the crow what they should do.
  • Ryan awoke in a lone tent home in the desert, the old man having a lantern.
  • The man privately remarked to the crow about a boy being out here in this wasteland; he said he was either very brave or very stupid.
  • Ryan was looking for the Sorcerer of the Sands, but the man replied so many people wanted the sorcerer's help, asking whether he sought gold or perhaps jewels.
  • Instead, Ryan pulled out a brown tome and had been told the sorcerer was the only one who could read its ancient writings.
  • In awe, the man approached, but Ryan would only show it to the sorcerer, so the man offered Ryan a glass of liquid which caused him to fall asleep.
  • The old man took the book and showed each page of heiroglyphics to the intently watching crow.
  • In the morning, mountains were visible in the distance, and a horse was heard neighing near the tent.
  • Gathering his things after awakening, Ryan said he needed the Sorcerer of the Sands without whom he'd never find a way to beat Queen Bansheera.
  • Alarmed at the mention of Queen Bansheera, the man dropped his own cup of tea, and he cowered asking the crow if he'd heard it.
  • A wise old voice told the Ryan not to frighten the man, and it took Ryan a moment to realize the crow had spoken.
  • Saying Ryan should know who he was by now, the crow materialized with a swirl of purple and gold energy specks into the Sorcerer of the Sands, an old sage in purple and yellow robes and a mystic hat.
  • The Sorcerer wore rubies on his fingers and had a long gray beard.
  • The Sorcerer asked Ryan who he was, and Ryan replied he was the Titanium Ranger; the Sorcerer repeated that he was trying to defeat Queen Bansheera, again making the assistant cringe in horror.
  • Ryan said they were trying to send Bansheera back to the ancient tomb, and the Sorcerer replied an anemy of the queen was a friend of his, flippping through Ryan's book again.
  • Flipping through Ryan's ancient tome, the Sorcerer said the symbols were spells - very old, very powerful, but difficult.
  • The Sorcerer asked if Ryan had the key and, when he didn't know of a key, declared the Golden Key made all the difference.
  • The Sorcerer projected a stream of golden sparkles from his hand into the full-length mirror which his assistant uncovered, and a rotating hologram of the Golden Key appeared.
  • The Sorcerer explained that with the Golden Key, he could read the spells easily.
  • A horned animal's skull with sharp teeth was nearby in the sand by the tent.
  • To see what the stones had to tell them, the Sorcerer tossed some colored gems into a gold bowl and waved his hand over them, causing them to align into a triangle shape with a single point in the center.
  • When the stones scattered as Ryan reached curiously, the Sorcerer replied his friends were in trouble, using golden sparkles to show him in the mirror.
  • In the Shadow World, the Rangers were in a tunnel with numerous monsters on the other side of a rock barrier.
  • To help, the Sorcerer lifted a lightweight brown chest and opened the lid, releasing a bluish-white ball of light which flew into the mirror, crossing over to where the Rangers were.
  • As the Rangers fled from the burrowing monsters, Dana heard something in one direction, and the Sorcerer's voice told the "Rangers" to follow the light.
  • The flickering white light hovered before them in the tunnel, but Carter thought it could be a trap; the Sorcerer replied Ryan was trying to help them, and Dana had them trust it, following the light down the tunnel as the monsters chased.
  • The light stopped and vanished at a dead end; in the ground was a round glowing green puddle which the Sorcerer told them was the way out.
  • The Rangers leapt into the puddle and vanished under the rippling surface with a Ranger-colored border around each of them; three monsters also followed them through before the puddle evaporated, leaving only a golden hoop which had bordered it.
  • As the Sorcerer soon read from the book, the demons' otherdimensional skull castle began to rumble violently, and Diabolico noted someone was reading the ancient spell.
  • After reciting the spell, the Sorcerer began chanting with quick "ma" syllables as he waved his hand over the symbols, causing them to glow golden from the tome, and his tent began to rattle; in the skull castle, columns began to topple.
  • Following a demonic incantation by Diabolico, fiery energy washed out from the book, reducing the Sorcerer into a falling pile of golden sand with an agonized scream, and the immolated book fell into the remains.
  • The assistant cried out for his master, sifting through the sands.
  • Diabolico laughed from the mirror, holding the Golden Key and telling the Titanium Ranger he'd failed; his image then vanished with a blue pulse from his staff, and Ryan pounded the sands angrily.

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