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Space dumpster
- containment vessel used to hold Rita Repulsa and crew
Space dumpster (small version)
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 241-Wed1
Pictures: original space dumpster on planetoid, smaller dumpster, 201-Mut1 (shown at right)
See Also: Hyperlock chamber


  • The first space dumpster protruded from the sand of a planetoid that was, or at least passed, near the Earth.
  • Two astronauts from an unknown space program opened the space dumpster; first, one touched the red jewel on the lid, causing it to gleam, and then they both slid the large lid off, at which point Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo flew out as energy; Rita emerged soon afterward.
  • Almost immediately after escaping, Rita blasted the dumpster with red energy streaks from her wand, seeming to mangle the dumpster.


  • Zedd made Rita's wand disappear and then shrank her once the Putties had brought in her "traveling vehicle," a smaller version of the space dumpster.
  • Zedd banished Rita from the palace and from his sight, then once the space dumpster was sealed with her inside, used energy from his staff to help two Putties hurl the canister into "the farthest reaches of the universe" from the balcony.


  • Rita was asleep when her space dumpster landed in the park near where the Rangers had last been seen; at the time, Zordon and Alpha had departed for their hidden chamber to create the White Ranger.
  • When Rita's space dumpster crashed nearby, Bulk and Skull took the it to Skull's dad's workshop, thinking the canister was an omen that would reveal the secrets of the Power Rangers.
  • Red energy remained on Billy's hand for a few seconds after he had touched the small, hot impact crater left by the space dumpster.
  • The sparks inside the space dumpster from Bulk's drilling on the outside of the canister awoke Rita; sparks from Bulk's chainsawing on the canister also created sparks inside.


  • Although it seemed the space dumpster had resisted all of Bulk and Skull's attempts to penetrate it, including the use of a drill, a chainsaw, a crowbar, and any other tools in the workshop, the lid lifted up slightly and then sank back down as Rita exclaimed she had to get out of there after Bulk and Skull had left.
  • Trini said that if Bulk and Skull were to succeed in opening Rita's space dumpster, the teens' "cover" would be blown.
  • Zordon sent three teens (Jason, Kim, and Zack) to secure Rita's space dumpster, saying Rita could not be allowed to escape.
  • After everything, including a giant can opener borrowed from the Juice Bar had failed to open the space dumpster, Bulk and Skull grew discouraged, yet after the two had turned away, the tiny Rita lifted the lid off and crept out.
  • While Bulk and Skull were passed out, the Rangers put Rita back in the space dumpster and put the lid back on, then left with the space dumpster.
  • While the unmorphed Billy, Tommy, Zack, and Jason held up the space dumpster, Alpha used an energy beam from the Command Center to beam the canister into space with gold energy, formed from tiny amounts of Ranger-colored energy from the four teens.


  • Rita, knowing of Zedd's need to recharge, directed the space dumpster to the moon.
  • Rita wondered how to steer the dumpster as it headed toward the moon.
  • Rita's dumpster crashing into the moon caused flashing light and a sort of rumbling sound which the teens heard from their outdoor restaurant in Australia.
  • Rita was able to shove the lid off the crashed space dumpster and escape.


  • According to the hardcover Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Vol. 2 by Tokuma Publishing, Rita was imprisoned in a Zithium cylinder, which is usually used as a space waste dumpster. (Source: Submitted by BrianScare)

    Pilot Episode

  • The planetoid astronauts smelled some sort of strong odor coming from the space dumpster.

    Lost Episode special

  • A recap of the Power Rangers story began: "10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a space dumpster on the moon."; see Rita's planetoid for further notes on the moon/planetoid distinction.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Rita's urn, close-up Zordon, just before disappearing into a time warp after being betrayed by Rita 10,000 years ago, focused his powers, and giant-sized orange eyebeams were shown striking the moon palace balcony, making Goldar and Scorpina move aside, and a golden urn with a bejeweled lid appeared, sucking the villains, Scorpina included, inside.
  • This urn, although called a dumpster, was nothing like the space dumpster from which the villains would later be released, and Scorpina shouldn't have been trapped with the others.
  • Rita's urn Rita had spent the next 10,000 years plotting nasty ways to take over the universe, and she was shown dancing and singing near Finster, Squatt, and Baboo next to a wood stove inside the urn while it drifted by Saturn.
  • The dumpster had supposedly crashed recently into a small crater on the moon where it was then found by lunar explorers, but in 101-DOTD, Rita was actually released from the larger, canister-shaped space dumpster located in a desert on a planetoid which passed by the Earth and the moon.

    Singing squash
    - root used to remove punk spell from Billy and Kimberly
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    First Appearance: 108-PRPk
    Last Appearance: 108-PRPk


  • Zordon knew that the only cure for Billy and Kim, having been turned from good to bad by Baboo's punk potion, was the sap of the singing squash.
  • The singing squash was a rare root only found in certain dimensional gaps.
  • The singing squash seemed to have flowers growing above ground.
  • The singing squash's sound was irritating to Putties, people, and Alpha alike.
  • Alpha mixed some green extract from the singing squash with glasses of clear liquid.
  • The glasses were nearly half full when Alpha prepared them, but there was only a small bit of liquid in the glasses when he gave them to Billy and Kim.

    Power Eggs
    - two eggs containing powerful forces; hidden by Morphing Masters
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    First Appearance: 116-BigS
    Last Appearance: 116-BigS


  • Rita had located the ancient Power Eggs.
  • Rita's plan was to use the Power Eggs to surround the Power Rangers with an evil force that even Zordon wouldn't be able to stop.
  • The Power Eggs' chest was inside a cave with a white angel statue at its entrance.
  • The Power Eggs' chest was on a round altar, surrounded by five objects which looked like glass rods with ball tips, standing inside cylindrical glass bases, connected with a star pattern; the five rods surrounding the chest glowed with energy to blast the approaching Squatt with energy bolts of the following colors, from the top of the star moving clockwise: red, yellow, a light color which may be white or a color between pink and light blue, then green, and blue.
  • Only a child could open the Power Eggs' chest.
  • Ancient sorcerers who called themselves the Morphing Masters hid a universe of power within two mystic Power Eggs and locked them in a chest millions of years ago.
  • The interior of the Power Eggs' chest was red.
  • The chest had somehow wound up in a cave after the Morphing Masters had set it out to sea, and Zordon told the Rangers to return the chest to the sea.
  • Zordon said that if Rita got hold of the Power Eggs, she would become so powerful she would never be stopped.
  • Rita used young Maria to obtain the chest, but the Rangers eventually blasted it out of the villains' hands, knocking it back into the sea.

    Deandra flowers
    - magical flowers used to remove Shellshock's freeze spell
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    First Appearance: 122-TWSh
    Last Appearance: 122-TWSh


  • Alpha said there was no known cure for Shellshock's stoplight freeze ray, but Zordon then spoke of the rare flower called the deandra which could reverse the effects of the ray.
  • Deandras grew only in one place in the universe, the Mountain of Hope.
  • Golden dust sprinkled on giant Shellshock from the yellow flowers shorted out Shellshock's traffic light and reversed the effects of his rays.

    Lightning Diamond
    - powerful energy source used by Bookala
    Lightning Diamond
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    First Appearance: 236-TGBE
    Last Appearance: 236-TGBE


  • Zedd was chasing the Bookala's small spacecraft in Serpentera, seeking the Lightning Diamond, the power source to the Bookala's ship.
  • Zedd wanted the Lightning Diamond as an infinite power source for Serpentera to make Serpentera invincible.
  • Zordon had Billy open the Bookala's ship's forward hatch and put the Lightning Diamond in the cockpit, in the tiny Bookala's hands, at which point the Bookala appeared outside the ship with white sparkles, now awake and at normal size.
  • The Bookala later made himself shrink back into his ship with white sparkles from the Lightning Diamond.

    Hyperlock chamber
    - containment chamber used to hold Ivan Ooze
    Hyperlock chamber
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    Pictures: lid (shown at right), egg

    MMPR: The Movie

  • A construction crew in downtown Angel Grove inadvertently unearthed (and soon opened) the hyperlock chamber which contained Ivan Ooze's egg.
  • The lid of the hyperlock chamber bore a design of some sort of face; a seal of a very similar design would be seen on the doors of the Temple of Power in 306-NjQ3.
  • Cables attached to a crane were able to lift the dull metallic lid of the hyperlock chamber; mist poured out from the opening, and up rose a metallic, giant, three-clawed hand holding a very large purple egg; when one construction worker held his hand near the egg, a purple energy bolt threw him back a considerable distance, leaving him lying prone on the ground, his eyes staring into space.
  • Following the opening of the hyperlock chamber, a massive surge of evil energy began overloading the Command Center's sensors.
  • Alpha had called the teens to the Command Center for them to be debriefed about Ivan Ooze, but Zordon didn't mention the location of the hyperlock chamber; it was many hours later before the teens were ever shown teleporting to the location of the chamber.
  • Zordon's remarks that Ivan had been lured into a hyperlock chamber and buried deep underground and that the teens were to return the hyperlock chamber to the depths before it was opened have two interpretations: the first possibility is that the hyperlock chamber was the metallic container from which the lid was removed and that Zordon didn't know that the lid had been removed; the second possibility is that the purple egg held in the claw hand from the metallic container was the actual hyperlock chamber, buried inside the metallic container; for purposes of clarity, this guide refers to the metallic container as the hyperlock chamber, but both possibilities are valid.
  • Purple energy from Zedd's staff opened the giant claw holding Ivan's egg and made the upper half of the egg hinge open, revealing a tub of glowing pink ooze.
  • The opened egg smelled awful to the teens.
  • The glowing pink ooze was still in the egg after Ivan had emerged from it.

    Heart necklace
    - family necklace given to Aisha (313-SHM1)
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    First Appearance: 313-SHM1
    Last Appearance: 314-SHM2


  • Aisha's grandmother gave Aisha a heart necklace which had been in their family for generations; she told Aisha that love conquered all.


  • According to Alpha's readings, Aisha's family necklace was emitting a powerful energy wave and that it had been absorbing the energy waves of those who had handled it (generations of Aisha's family; Zordon explained that its energy appeared to be made of love, generosity, and caring, powerful energies which might have protected Aisha from Hate Master's hate spell.
  • Alpha created a red device which sent out a positive energy beam from the love in Aisha's family necklace to counteract Hate Master's hate spell over various people in Angel Grove, including five of the teens; as soon as the spell was lifted from Bulk and Skull, the two held each other's hands and told each other, "I love you, man."

    Kahmalan masks
    - ancient masks used against Face Stealer
    Kahmalan masks
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    First Appearance: 312-FiFO
    Last Appearance: 312-FiFO


  • 5,000 years ago without Zordon's knowledge, a group of brave warriors used magical face masks for protection against the Face Stealer to trap his spirit in an urn; the masks were now a part of the culture on Kahmalan culture in the Angel Grove Museum.
  • The White, Red, Pink, and Blue Rangers borrowed the masks to protect themselves from Face Stealer.
  • Red Ranger used a white mask with red and gold on it; Pink Ranger's was white with black and pink, Blue Ranger's was green with black, white, and red, and White Ranger's was white with black.
  • Face Stealer was frightened by the sight of the masks.
  • While the Rangers' helmets had offered no protection against Face Stealer, the magical masks reflected Face Stealer's face-stealing beam back at the monster, freeing the faces and souls Face Stealer had captured.
  • The Rangers walked up to the museum and handed the masks and Face Stealer's urn to Bulk and Skull, who took the artifacts inside.

    Starlight Crystals
    - five powerful crystals stolen by Vypra
    Starlight Crystals (left to right: yellow, white, green, blue, red; tinted by false lighting)
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    First Appearance: 823-FiCr
    Last Appearance: 823-FiCr


  • At night, Vypra broke into a highly secured lab and stole the yellow Starlight Crystal from a containment device which kept the crystal bathed in blue light on cottony white material.
  • Each Starlight Crystal was a small transparent crystal with five spikes, shaped like a miniature Green Crystal.
  • As Vypra presented their fourth Starlight Crystal, yellow, Moleman congratulated her, as they only needed one more to complete his evil creation to destroy all of Mariner Bay and the Rangers as well.
  • Moleman placed the yellow one into its spot on his laser's control panel.
  • The crystals, clockwise from upper left, were red, blue, clear/white, and yellow, with the center position empty.
  • The colors of the Starlight Crystals were the same as the colors surrounding the Power Eggs in the cave of the Morphing Masters.
  • According to Special Agent Myers, there were only five Starlight Crystals in the world, and their combined powers were unimaginable.
  • Myers handed out printouts of the fifth, green crystal.
  • As Dana wondered how they would find the fifth crystal, Myers looked to Kelsey, who admitted her grandmother had it.
  • Told that Kelsey needed her Starlight Crystal, Grandmother Winslow exclaimed it was priceless.
  • Kelsey warned her grandmother that she herself was in danger, as Vypra would be coming after it; concerned, her grandmother asked if there was some other way, and she then soberly waved her butler away to get it.
  • Grandmother Winslow's mother had given her the crystal, and her mother had given it to her; if anything happened to it, she didn't know what she would do if anything ever happened to it.
  • The butler returned with the green Starlight Crystal on a silver tray under a glass lid, and Grandmother Winslow delicately handed it to Kelsey.
  • Stealing the crystal from Kelsey, Vypra placed the crystal among the four others in a black tray containing a layer of purple velvet.
  • As the five crystals were inserted into their ports on the laser's controls, the crystals began to glow, initially flickering, and multicolored sparkles flowed through clear tubes as a humming sound grew, and the large ray barrel charged up with blue electricity.
  • When Moleman's laser exploded, the green Starlight Crystal fell and shattered into pieces (one piece larger than the rest), and presumably the others were broken as well.

    Neptune's trident
    - magical trident owned by KingNeptune
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    First Appearance: 834-NepD
    Last Appearance: 834-NepD
    Pictures: neptune-trident.jpg


  • King Neptune, ruler of the merpeople in Mariner Bay (or perhaps all merpeople), held a gold trident.
  • Diabolico planned to steal Neptune's trident so he could use its power to drain all the water from Mariner Bay and thus attack the Lightspeed Aquabase.
  • His trident stolen in his sleep, King Neptune remarked its powers would be terrible in the wrong hands.
  • Underwater in a pond, Aquafiend located "the spot" and stuck in the trident, draining the water (see "Mariner Bay" for more).
  • Marina warned Chad that Vypra could destroy the world with the trident.
  • As giant Aquafiend towered menacingly, the trident began to glow blue and grow, causing Chad to drop it, and giant Aquafiend then picked up the enlarged weapon.
  • Giant Aquafiend pounded the Omega Megazord with the trident until the Megazord blocked with its staff, knocking the trident away.
  • The Omega Missile destroyed giant Aquafiend, at which point the water resumed flowing everywhere and the trident returned to normal size.
  • When an apparition of King Neptune formed in the Aquabase's pool, Carter brought the trident the teens had brought.
  • As Neptune touched the trident, it glowed white and transformed into a watery form like his composition.

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