Magna Blaster
- Magna Defender's laser rifle, transforms into sword
Magna Blaster (sword mode)
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First Appearance: 709-MagD
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
Pictures: Magna Defender sword (shown at right), Magna Blaster


  • Magna Defender wielded a laser rifle known as the Magna Blaster.
  • In the crux of the blaster, between barrel and handle, was a green hexagonal gem.
  • Walking after blasting an opponent, Magna Defender cocked the laser rifle.
  • The Magna Blaster also had a sword mode; as a sword, it had two black handguard extensions which looked like bull horns, and running up the silver blade were small gold opposing triangles in a gold strip to make up a gold zigzag impression.
  • To form the Magna Blaster from his sword, Magna Defender slid the sword into its hard sheath on his left hip, then angled the weapon into the rifle shape after the lower horn had rotated around; what had been the sword's sheath was now the rifle's barrel.
  • Each time Magna Defender cocked the laser rifle, it allowed him to shoot a barrage of green energy blasts in a quick burst.


  • As Villamax readied a giant laser dish to blast the Galactabeasts, armored Mike arrived, blasting the dish with his rifle and causing the entire structure to explode into fragments, throwing Stingwingers and debris all across the forest.


  • Armored Mike slashed numerous Swabbies with his sword, then shot more, before leaping with his rifle and blasting the resurrected Treacheron, making him fall and dissolve with blue specks.
  • The combined blasts of Leo and Maya's Galaxy Quasar Launchers, Damon's Transblaster, Karone's Beta Bow, and Mike's Magna Blaster destroyed the resurrected Hardtochoke.


  • The Magna Blaster blasts in Captain Mutiny's back appeared to do nothing more than make him miss a shot he was taking with an arm cannon.

    - Phrases used to fire Magna Blaster
    Magna Defender: "Magna Blaster!"

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