Magna Defender
- armored warrior affiliated with Galaxy Rangers
Magna Defender
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First Appearance: 709-MagD
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot, Mega Defender (giant form)
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  • Three thousand years ago, the Quasar Sabers had appeared in a stone on Mirinoi.


  • Probably a considerable distance from where they'd released the Quasar Sabers, the teens were confronted by Furio, who cracked open a fissure in the earth toward the teens, and Mike fell in but grabbed the edge with his hands.
  • After giving Leo his saber to carry on for him, Mike reassuringly told Leo it was okay, as he could carry on for him; he told Leo he'd always been so proud of him and always would be.
  • Having said his final words, Mike then nodded, his business finished, and apparently let go, perhaps even pushing himself from the cliff; he fell limply into the mist below with a final, "Leo!"
  • Once Mike had fallen, the ground sealed back up, and the teens would soon morph to fight Furio.


  • Morphed Leo approached a cavern opening in the Forest Dome; this was the same cave from 706-LOrn, but without the rock which had immediately surrounded the original metal seal on the cave; inside, Furio now thought he sensed the Lights of Orion within the rock. (Source: Cave similarity submitted by SirSTACK)
  • Approaching, Leo remarked, "This is where I last saw Mike," apparently referring to either a recent dream/hallucination or his deceit by Mutantrum in 706-LOrn.
  • After Furio's self-destruction had filled the cave with a huge explosion and flung the four Rangers back from the entrance, the Magna Defender soon emerged from the cave carrying unmorphed Leo over his shoulder.
  • Magna Defender set Leo down at the entrance, with the other Rangers not knowing who he was.
  • Magna Defender had a green hexagonal gem on the forehead of his helmet, with a large green shiny hexagon in his chest; more such hexagons would be found on the Magna Blaster, Torozord, and Zika.
  • Magna Defender had yellow bull-like horns from the side of his helmet, and a smooth lipless mouthplate.
  • On the shoulders and belt of Magna Defender's black armored suit were gold areas with a black zigzag through them.
  • Magna Defender's visor was split into two horizontal sections like Zeo Ranger Two.
  • Magna Defender wore a black cape, red on the inside.
  • On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius told Treacheron that the Magna Defender had returned; Treacheron wasn't surprised at the news.
  • Treacheron called Magna Defender his arch-rival, saying he too would be seeking the Lights of Orion.
  • Scorpius said Magna Defender would stop at nothing to destroy Scorpius; therefore, Scorpius told Treacheron to take three monsters and destroy the Magna Defender to stop him from getting the Lights.
  • In a dream, Leo was being carried out of the cave by Magna Defender, but he briefly saw Mike carrying him instead, and he awoke and returned to the cave to find out whether it really could've been Mike.
  • Inside, Leo found a monster chipping at the rock wall in the cave with a pickaxe; after scaring off the monster, Leo sliced into the rock, discovering an egg-shaped stone which he would take to Kendrix.
  • As Kendrix driving the next day with the rock in a metal case, Ruptor attacked and took the stone, saying the Lights of Orion were his, but explosions sparked all around him as the Magna Defender walked up wielding his Magna Blaster.
  • Magna Defender insistently approached Kendrix for her to give him the stone, but she wouldn't; the four Rangers then arrived to back Kendrix up.
  • In a throaty voice, Magna Defender told them to stop, and when asked who he was, he told them just to give him the stone.
  • When Leo began to refuse, Magna Defender aimed his blaster at him, but Ruptor would then blast them all and take the stone.
  • Putting away his blaster, Magna Defender growled that he had to get the Lights of Orion back; as he walked away, Leo grabbed his shoulder to find out his name and purpose, and Magna Defender turned and punched him in the gut.
  • Restraining the others, Kendrix asked why he wanted the Lights, and he replied before walking off that he had his reasons.
  • After the Rangers' Quasar Launcher blasts had bounced off the stone elsewhere during the fight with Samuron, a long dart, later revealed to have been Zika's, suddenly impaled Samuron's hand as Magna Defender walked in from the distance.
  • Magna Defender told Samuron he had something that belonged to him.
  • Trakeena understood why Treacheron was so nervous; Treacheron retorted that after 3,000 years, he was not nervous, as he'd beaten Magna Defender once before and could do it again.
  • Magna Defender told Samuron to give him the rock now or be destroyed; refusing, Samuron summoned Stingwingers, which Magna Defender quickly disposed of with his sword/Magna Blaster.
  • During the fight, Trakeena asked what Treacheron thought of this warrior now, and Treacheron said it appeared he was still very good.
  • As Magna Defender twisted arms, slashed legs, and otherwise walloped the Stingwingers, Leo noted that he fought just like Mike had.
  • As Samuron was impressed following the defeat of the Stingwingers, Magna Defender told him now he knew how serious he was.
  • As Samuron charged, Magna Defender called the monster brave but foolish, and a wind rose up behind him.
  • As Samuron struck, Magna Defender blocked it with his forearm and slashed the monster with his sword repeatedly.
  • To finish the monster, Magna Defender ran up his chest to flip off him, then came down in a forward-spinning flip and delivered a slash with his sword charged with blue energy bolts, with a black energy bolt in the center.
  • Reeling, Samuron dropped the stone, which had been neatly sliced in two, revealing its hollow smaller core; rather than express any shock over the missing Lights, Magna Defender merely sheathed his sword as Samuron screamed, fell, and exploded.
  • Leaping out, Treacheron was angry but impressed, observing that Magna Defender's skill was flawless, his power magnificent, adding that he'd even managed to split the rock, though Trakeena was quick to point out that it had been a fake.
  • 3,000 years ago, Magna Defender had stumbled up a mountainous cliff (later revealed to be on Mirinoi) holding an old, tiny chest with a key in it, which he opened, releasing the Lights of Orion (or perhaps a fake) and allowing them to slowly fly into the air.
  • Treacheron had been sent to destroy the weakened Magna Defender; during their clash on the cliff, an unseen blast from a long-distance slash from Treacheron had sent Magna Defender sparking and falling into a crevice in the ground.
  • Magna Defender had been trapped there until finding a way to return, and he now intended to get revenge on Treacheron for what he'd put him through.
  • As the two fought, the Rangers rushed in and tried to help Magna Defender, but he swung his sword at them, telling the Rangers (calling them Rangers) it wasn't their battle.
  • Treacheron reminded Magna Defender how badly he'd beaten him before, but Magna Defender replied, "That was then. This is now."
  • As Magna Defender was having the upper hand, he knocked the sword from Treacheron's hand, then stabbed his own sword into the ground, saying they didn't need weapons.
  • Even hand-to-hand, Magna Defender retained the upper hand, until Treacheron picked up his sword, and Magna Defender told him he was as despicable as he remembered.
  • Treacheron threw Magna Defender his sword, telling him he could go down holding his weapon if it would make him feel any better.
  • After the Rangers had chased off Treacheron, they proposed working together with Magna Defender, but he replied that he worked with no one; Kendrix pleaded that they were both fighting for the same thing, but he replied that they had no idea what he was fighting for, shoving Kendrix back beside the others.
  • Magna Defender told the Rangers they'd cost him valuable time, then leapt up onto a mountain peak, where he swore to himself that nothing would stop him.


  • On Terra Venture, Magna Defender stood looking at the city at night from across a stream.
  • Looking at Zika's dart, Magna Defender told Zika he would never forgive Scorpius for what he'd done to Zika, or what he'd done to their planet.
  • In Magna Defender's memory from 3,000 years ago, a gray planet covered with a grainy surface was in space, with a red nebula behind it; explosions were erupting over its surface from space.
  • At night on the rocky surface, dome structures had exploded; elsewhere near a futuristic tower structure with spheres on it, the ground had split open.
  • Sticking out from some rubble, an armored black hand like Magna Defender's had wiggled its fingers weakly, then stopped, dead.
  • Monsters of Scorpius had looted treasure chests in the flaming rubble; weakly approaching the looters with his sword, Magna Defender had told them to drop the jewels, as they wouldn't need them where they were going.
  • The monsters had teasingly observed that the Magna Defender had survived.
  • Magna Defender had summoned his giant bull Zord Torozord, then suddenly saw Scorpius, with whom he was familiar, on a rock with Stingwingers around him.
  • Having been waiting for Magna Defender, Scorpius had revealed Fishface holding Magna Defender's armored son Zika.
  • Fishface had told Magna Defender to drop his weapon or his son was doomed; he did so, then called off Torozord when ordered.
  • The monsters had attacked Magna Defender and grappled him, with Scorpius blasting him in the chest.
  • As Magna Defender, collapsing, had told Scorpius to leave Zika alone, Fishface had shoved Zika down on Scorpius's word to release him.
  • Zika had then pulled out his dart weapon and charged toward Scorpius, but an orange energy bolt from Scorpius then struck Zika in the chest, killing him.
  • Magna Defender had crawled sobbingly toward Zika's body as he then appeared to be alone in the flaming rubble.
  • Looking at the dart and the night sky in the present, Magna Defender swore to have his revenge against Scorpius.
  • As Fishface was attacking the site of a gold sunflower statue after having destroyed one or more similar statues on Terra Venture, Magna Defender leapt in impaling Fishface's hand with Zika's thrown dagger, then stood in front of the statue.
  • Facing Fishface, Magna Defender said he'd waited a long time for this day.
  • As Fishface headed for the sunflower statue after deflecting the Rangers' blasts, Magna Defender blocked his path and blasted the monster.
  • When Fishface rolled aside in front of the alcove where cowering people were cornered, Magna Defender cocked and shot again; Leo grabbed him, shouting for him to stop due to the innocent people, but he continued blasting, and an errant shot hit the building above and caused rubble to fall on the people.
  • After Fishface had vanished, the Rangers shouted at Magna Defender, incensed over his lack of care for the people; Kendrix angrily asked whether he cared about innocent people, and he replied that they were insignificant toward his mission.
  • Leo wanted Magna Defender to let them work together, but he walked off in solitude, saying softly to himself that they would never understand his pain.
  • A flaming red mass flew toward Terra Venture; walking, Magna Defender turned his head to look curiously as the fireball flew down from the sky and impacted in a forest area, probably in the Forest Dome.
  • Magna Defender was pleased by the arrival of his ultimate weapon, and he walked toward the trail of smoke coming from the forest.
  • In a park area apparently in the Forest Dome, more people fled as Fishface approached a silver sunflower statue; the Rangers arrived and fought Stingwingers.
  • Magna Defender, arriving, blasted Fishface to stop him from nearing the statue.
  • While Magna Defender fought Fishface, a little girl who had dropped her teddy bear returned, and Fishface grabbed her as a hostage, making her scream.
  • Fishface had the Rangers drop their weapons, which they did, but Magna Defender remembered Fishface's holding Zika as a hostage, and his subsequent defeat and loss of his son, so he approached Fishface with his sword, unfazed.
  • Leo, Fishface, and Kendrix all shouted for Magna Defender not to approach, but he continued, telling the monster he'd shown no mercy for his son, and now Magna Defender would show no mercy for him.
  • Leo grabbed Magna Defender, and as the two were distracted, Fishface blasted Leo in the back with his blast bag; weakly clinging to Magna Defender, Leo begged him to control his anger, but Fishface blasted them both again.
  • As Fishface slashed Magna Defender after the girl had escaped, Leo threw him his sword, and Magna Defender caught it in midair and delivered a charged blue slash of red and black energy bolts through Fishface.
  • Smoking, Fishface soon recovered, saying the last statue had to contain the Lights of Orion, and he threw his entire blast bag at the silver sunflower statue; it exploded into rubble, and Fishface collapsed to his knees in dismay as he found no Lights.
  • Magna Defender stated the Lights would never be owned by evil.
  • After Fishface had defeated the Galaxy Megazord, Torozord emerged from the ground.
  • On Magna Defender's command, red eyebeams from Torozord enlarged Magna Defender; his cape and holster retracted, and he was covered segment-by-segment in new red and black armor, transformed into the Mega Defender.
  • Mega Defender's new red helmet was essentially the same, but he now had a green hexagon on his stomach, and gold hexagons on his shoulder plates.
  • Giant Mega Defender leapt and landed on Torozord's back, riding him with gold chains as reigns.
  • Soon leaping off, Mega Defender fought giant Fishface with dual gold swords with a silver hexagon on each hilt; when united, these swords would become the weapon of the Defender Torozord.
  • As giant Fishface charged at the stunned Mega Defender, Leo and Kendrix below shot up at him with their Transblasters, and as he went to strike them, Mega Defender blocked his sword and slashed the monster.
  • When Mega Defender called for the Defender Torozord, Torozord transformed into robot mode, and Mega Defender landed inside its open torso which then sealed him inside as though he were wearing the Defender Torozord like a suit of armor.
  • Defender Torozord's lightning spin attack destroyed giant Fishface.
  • After Fishface's destruction, Magna Defender was walking through an area of trees when the five teens ran up to him, and as Leo called out for him to wait, he actually stopped.
  • Leo calmly but firmly explained that he had to get a grip on his anger, but Magna Defender replied without looking back that he had no idea what he was talking about, proceeding to explain the story of Zika's death; he told them he wouldn't stop until he'd destroyed Scorpius.
  • Calling after Magna Defender as he kept walking, Leo told him he knew how he felt, but without control, he was as bad as Scorpius's forces; Magna Defender merely kept walking.


  • The morning after Chillyfish had frozen Terra Venture and nearly everyone on it, morphed Leo confronted Treacheron and armored Trakeena in the city before Treacheron sent Trakeena back to the Scorpion Stinger.
  • After Treacheron had left to find the Lights, Leo saw someone walking behind some bushes; he chased to find Magna Defender in a park area holding up a small box, into which the Lights of Orion flew before he closed it.
  • Discovering Leo, Magna Defender told him he shouldn't be there; Leo wanted the Lights to unfreeze the colony, but Magna Defender butted him in the gut with his sword handle and wouldn't waver from his mission to destroy Scorpius.
  • Leo shouted that lives were at stake and that no mission was more important than that; he drew his saber demanding the Lights, but Magna Defender drew his blaster and ordered him to step aside, telling him if he didn't think he'd hurt him, he was wrong.
  • When Leo refused, Magna Defender fired, but Leo leapt and knocked the box from his hand, making Magna Defender cry out for the Lights.
  • Magna Defender shot pointblank at Leo, but he dropped, fended Magna Defender off, and ran after the box; he caught it in midair, but Magna Defender slashed him out of the air with his sword.
  • As they swordfought, Magna Defender observed that Leo let his heart be his guard and was weak; he, on the other hand, let nothing stand in his way and insisted Scorpius would be destroyed.
  • During their fight, Magna Defender blasted Leo with a barrage of lasers, then shot him in the back when he got up again; he proceeded to shoot Leo yet again, but a stray shot accidentally opened the box, allowing the Lights to fly away, and Magna Defender leapt after them.
  • Chillyfish, racing after the flying Lights through a field on a horse, caught them in his hand; he slowly opened his hand and looked at the gleaming gold sphere, but it suddenly shattered into nothingness, making him realize it had been a fake.
  • While Leo and Chillyfish fought, Magna Defender threw Zika's dart into Chillyfish's back, making him spark and fall limply.
  • Magna Defender irritatedly told Leo that those Lights had been a decoy, but Leo had ruined his plans; Leo was apologetic, not having known.
  • Giant Mega Defender told Chillyfish to tell him what he knew of the Lights of Orion, and he would spare the monster; Chillyfish refused, so Mega Defender pounded him and ultimately destroyed him.
  • In the park area, morphed Leo went to thank to Magna Defender while he was walking, but Magna Defender said he'd been there to destroy one of Scorpius's monsters rather than to help him.
  • Leo pointed out he'd saved the colony, and Magna Defender spoke, "You want so badly to believe that there is goodness inside of me. Stop believing. My heart died when Scorpius took my son from me. Only darkness remains."
  • As Magna Defender walked off, Leo called out that he didn't believe it, saying no one could live in total darkness, not even him.


  • Some time after Destruxo had erected a forcefield in the city and had nearly freed the Lights of Orion from beneath the ground, Magna Defender had just summoned Torozord when morphed Leo, Damon, and Kai ran into him; he said he'd been wondering when they would show up to annoy him.
  • As Magna Defender had Torozord charge, Leo urged that he couldn't just break the forcefield open like an egg, as there was too much energy, but Magna Defender told him to save his breath, then formed the Defender Torozord and proceeded to strike the briefly visible forcefield with his lance, shaking up the area.
  • As Defender Torozord fought the Galactabeasts as the three Rangers were attempting to stop him from destroying the forcefield, he suddenly froze and dropped his weapon, then clutched his chest.
  • Torozord and Magna Defender flew apart as black teleportation streaks, and Magna Defender landed below, clutching his chest and wondering what was happening to him; agonized, he ran and leapt away as the three Rangers approached.
  • Later, once the Lights of Orion had been released from the ground through Destruxo's staff, a storm raged, and specter-like blue energy forms flew down from the sky and flew around the area; such wraiths would also later be seen in relation to Magna Defender.
  • Holding out his hand in a field nearby, a weak Magna Defender called out for the Lights to come to him, but they began to move away and soon flew out of the dome and into space.


  • After the Lights had returned to Terra Venture days or weeks later, Magna Defender stood on a hilltop watching as the Lights hovered over trees on a nearby hill.
  • When Magna Defender said the Lights were his only chance to destroy Scorpius, he suddenly clutched his chest and dropped to his knees as a heartbeat sound could be heard.
  • Groaning, Magna Defender asked where this pain was coming from, saying he had to get the Lights.
  • After Destruxo had captured the Lights in an urn and was running near some cliffs, Zika's dart flew into his shoulder, and Magna Defender ran up and attacked him.
  • "Treacheron" (actually Impostra in disguise) joined in the fight, sending Magna Defender falling over the cliff, but he would soon climb back up, smoking.
  • After Destruxo had absorbed the Lights and left in a powered-up form, Magna Defender watched as "Treacheron" said everything was going as planned, turning back into Impostra and picking up the discarded urn which had held the Lights.
  • As Destruxo fought the Rangers, Impostra stunned him, holding the urn in a nearby tree preparing to take back the Lights, but the urn suddenly exploded into pieces as Magna Defender walked in with his blaster.
  • Talking with Impostra, Magna Defender cocked his blaster and shot her in the chest, knocking her out of the tree, and she retreated.
  • Magna Defender told Destruxo he might have more power than he did, but power alone wouldn't be enough, calling him pathetic.
  • Swordfighting Destruxo, Magna Defender slashed him, then did a midair flipping sword slash, striking a red sphereical gem in Destruxo's left shoulder, and it crackled with red energy bolts.
  • Destruxo reverted to normal form with a gold glow as the Lights flew from his chest and hovered over a clearing.
  • Magna Defender ran to get the Lights, but the Rangers stood in his way, Leo telling him they couldn't let him get them because he had too much anger inside him.
  • Left with no choice, Magna Defender shot the Rangers and ran past them to get the Lights; in a desperate move to stop him from getting the Lights, as he would destroy anything including them to get his revenge, the Rangers aimed their Quasar Launchers at the Lights to destroy them.
  • As Magna Defender threatened to destroy the Rangers, the Lights let out two golden energy pulses, making the Rangers hold their fire; the Lights then flew down and hovered right over the Rangers' heads, apparently choosing them, to the Rangers' and Magna Defender's startlement.
  • The Rangers gathered around the Lights and held up their hands, almost able to touch it, and gold energy bolts blasted in all directions, some of which blasted Magna Defender back.
  • After obtaining the Lights and destroying Destruxo with their new Orion armor, the Rangers demorphed, and the Lights broke apart and entered their Morphers as five separate pieces.
  • Watching with a smoking chest, Magna Defender despaired that he had failed and that the Lights were gone from him forever; he then ran off.


  • In the Forest Dome, Trakeena was fleeing from Treacheron's wrath when Magna Defender threw Zika's dart into a tree right near her face.
  • Magna Defender told Trakeena that her father had taken Zika, his only son, from him, and, drawing his sword, he intended to take Scorpius's only daughter from him.
  • Magna Defender had Trakeena held against a tree and prepared to thrust his sword into her, but his heartbeat and chest pain agonized him, making him drop to his knees, and she ran off.
  • Magna Defender still didn't know what was happening.
  • Mike's voice could be heard echoing, "Don't give in to vengeance. Seek only the good."
  • After Magna Defender had left, Zika's dart had remained in the tree trunk some time afterward.


  • As the five teens ran off after gathering outside the administration building downtown while the Scorpion Stinger was draining energy from the Mountain Dome, Magna Defender watched, saying Scorpius was in his reach.
  • In the mountains, Magna Defender told Torozord, above, that the day had finally come to avenge his son; when he destroyed the Mountain Dome, Scorpius would be destroyed as well.
  • Magna Defender formed Defender Torozord, and at a massive flaming lava pit of indeterminate origins, the Torozord glowed with green energy, then charged this energy into its lance with green energy bolts.
  • Torozord shot a steady green energy bolt from its lance into the lava pit in an attempt to cause a meltdown which would blow up the Mountain Dome and destroy the colony, but the Galaxy Megazord grappled him before he could blast a second time.
  • Mega Defender declared from Torozord that he would do whatever it took to have his revenge, and he struck the Megazord.
  • After striking the Megazord, Torozord charged its lance again, but as it held it out, the energy faded from the lance, and Torozord glowed blue and reverted to bull form, ejecting small Magna Defender below.
  • Magna Defender, in pain, now had a shattered hole in his chest hexagon.
  • As Torozord roared, Magna Defender asked Torozord what it was doing, and he was dismayed to watch Torozord walk away, lamenting, "Betrayed by my own Zord!"
  • In the form of black and gold energy streaks, Freaky Tiki suddenly came up behind Magna Defender, stabbing him in the back with his spear, with the perhaps six-inch spearhead fully impaled into his back.
  • Leo aided the critically wounded Magna Defender and rushed him away as the other Rangers held off the monster; nearby, Leo would fight Stingwingers to protect Magna Defender.
  • After Leo had beaten all of the Stingwingers, Magna Defender called Leo weak, asking how he could defend him after all he'd done to him.
  • Magna Defender observed that Leo was always fighting for good in futility, just like his brother had been; he then explained the history between himself and Mike.
  • After his defeat by Treacheron, Magna Defender had lain stranded at the smoking red bottom of the crevice on Mirinoi for 3,000 years, his legs appearing to be paralyzed.
  • One day, the crevice had opened, and Mike had fallen in; taking his only chance to escape, Magna Defender had thrown his sword, pinning Mike by the uniform to a rock wall directly over a flaming pit, seeming to knock him out in the process.
  • Magna Defender had stolen Mike's spirit by switching life forces with him: he had first held out his hand, then turned into a white energy sphere and gone into Mike, who then turned into Magna Defender with purple energy and immediately flown out of the earth as a purple streak, a smoke explosion erupting from the crevice.
  • At the time of Magna Defender's release moments after Mike's fall, the surrounding area of Mirinoi wasn't yet stone (which agreed with 702-QsQ2), but it was also much more mountainous and open than the jungle area in which Mike had fallen, indicating that Magna Defender had escaped from a different area, one which hadn't yet been hit by Furio's stone wave.
  • Leo didn't understand Magna Defender's story, and he explained that he'd needed Mike's strength, as he'd had to get out to destroy Scorpius any way he could.
  • Magna Defender told Leo his brother was still very much alive, inside of him; he spoke, "He weighs heavy on my heart when I feel hatred taking control. His goodness is tearing me apart."
  • Magna Defender told Leo his brother would be lost forever unless Leo destroyed him, and he told him to do so, to put both of them out of their pain.
  • Saying it was the only way to free his brother, Magna Defender drew his sword and limped forward to make it easy for Leo, allowing him to call it self-defense.
  • Leo stepped away from Magna Defender's swing, refusing and sheathing his saber; he told him, "When I became a Ranger, it was to fight evil. You're not evil. I won't destroy you, and neither would Mike."
  • Collapsing onto one knee, Magna Defender recalled having honor like Leo's long ago; in a field with a purple sky and various planets and galaxies above, Zika had happily run up to Magna Defender for them to embrace.
  • Magna Defender had given Zika the dagger as a gift, and Zika planned to keep it forever, saying when he grew up, he would fight for good, just like his father; Magna Defender had chuckled that that was his little warrior.
  • In the present, Magna Defender sadly mourned.
  • When the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Freaky Tiki, his spear flew into the lava pit, making its flames flare up.
  • The Rangers ran toward the pit; at the top of the hill leading up to the pit was a stand-sized structure of some sort and a stick which may have been Freaky Tiki's spear.
  • A dual blue energy shockwave over the ground flew out from the top, perhaps the stick as the center, and blasted the Rangers with an explosion as the pit was reaching critical temperature.
  • Down in the pit, blue energy specter-like shapes were leaping around.
  • Nearby, Magna Defender watched as the Rangers kept trying to approach the pit despite its energy and flame ejections; he observed their willingness to sacrifice themselves for others, then collapsed, remembering that there had been a time when he would have done the same, but that had been before he'd become obsessed with revenge.
  • Magna Defender remembered Zika crying out from Fishface's grasp and apologized to his son for failing him.
  • From nearby, Zika walked up carrying a cluster of small white wildflowers, apparently only in Magna Defender's mind, as shots including Zika would be tranquil, lacking the flames which surrounded Magna Defender in reality.
  • Rising slowly, Magna Defender asked Zika whether it was really him; Zika urged his father to stop the evil forces from winning and to save the colony, but Magna Defender, recalling that he'd been unable to save even Zika, said he was not the warrior he had once been; that man, he said, had been destroyed long ago.
  • As Magna Defender stumbled and crawled toward him, Zika told his father that it wasn't too late; kneeling beside him, he told Magna Defender that the warrior was still in his heart, and if he fought for what was right, he would honor Zika's memory, and they would always be together.
  • Magna Defender gently took the wildflowers from his son and looked at him, and as Zika walked away with the words, "Please try, father. I still believe in you," Magna Defender painfully called out for him to wait, but reality returned as Zika vanished, leaving Magna Defender with only the wildflowers in his hand.
  • In agony, Magna Defender looked at the wildflowers Zika had given him before vanishing, and he slowly got to his feet; going behind a rock formation, Magna Defender said he knew what he must do, then put his hand on his chest (releasing Mike, as shown in a flashback in 716-DFrG), causing cracks to appear in his visor, gashes to appear in his armor, and his cape to become shredded.
  • As the teens continued struggling against the flames and explosions, Magna Defender, holding Zika's flowers, told them only he could stop the process; his hatred for Scorpius had created this evil energy, he told them, and now he had to render the energy harmless.
  • Magna Defender threw down his sword into the ground near the teens, and a crystalline blue energy dome surrounded them to protect them and keep them from interfering; walking off, Magna Defender told Leo not to worry about his brother.
  • As Magna Defender continued toward the pit despite the teens cries, Torozord walked in roaring in protest, but Magna Defender told his "old friend" this was where they parted, as he had to do this mission alone.
  • As Magna Defender kept walking up the hill, blasted by energy shockwaves, he was agonizingly staggering through the flaming hillside with Zika's flowers, but the scene blended into a tranquil scene of Magna Defender walking hand-in-hand with Zika, the flowers held by both of them.
  • Magna Defender told Zika he'd been right: goodness was still in his heart; Zika was proud of his father, but Magna Defender spoke, "No, Zika, I am proud of you. Thank you, son, for showing me the way," and reality returned.
  • At the edge of the lava pit, smoking intensely, Magna Defender dedicated his actions to Zika and dropped the flowers, then with a purple gleam, turned into a blue ball of light which flew down into the flaming pit, apparently absorbing the blue specters as it went.
  • The pit exploded, but then the flames and explosion retracted into the pit, and gold energy wisps flew up from the pit; gold specks of light then slowly drifted down from the sky, and the energy barrier around the teens dissipated.
  • Kendrix asked if he was really gone, but Leo took Magna Defender's sword from the ground and said the Magna Defender would live forever, and the hexagon in the sword glowed gold.


  • At a reunion in the guys' room, Mike picked up Magna Defender's sword from the table, saying he wouldn't have survived without him.
  • Mike said that Magna Defender had taken his spirit inside of him to escape, vowing to destroy Scorpius, but according to Mike, his anger couldn't last, as it had been his destiny to be good; he had then released Mike and gone to join his son.
  • During a flashback of Magna Defender releasing Mike, the warrior had summoned Zika's dart from orange energy, seemingly from his chest, his cracked chest hexagon glowing green after removal; a green stream of energy had them formed Mike in front of him, and the teen had collapsed.
  • Mike toasted to Magna Defender, "I owe him my life. In honor of the Magna Defender. May his spirit live on."
  • Watching as the Megazord was in trouble against giant Skelekron, Mike said he had to do something.
  • In the guys' room on the table, Magna Defender's sword began to jiggle.
  • The ghosts of Magna Defender and Zika walked up to Mike holding hands as Magna Defender told Mike he would carry on the work they had begun.
  • Magna Defender's sword teleported into Mike's hands with green energy, with its hexagon gems continuing to glow, and Magna Defender told Mike his weapon was now Mike's.
  • With green gleams (and one frame of a black background with red, blue, green, pink, white, and orange lines, just like the releasing of the Quasar Sabers on Mirinoi), the two Magna Defender Morpher wrist components formed on Mike's wrists as the sword's gems stopped glowing.
  • Magna Defender told Mike he would be the Magna Defender, as it was his destiny; the two ghosts then faded out despite Mike's calling after them.
  • Mike then looked at his Morphers, and Torozord walked up.
  • Throwing his sword into the air, spinning point-up, he called out, "Magna power!" and connected his Morphers.
  • In front of a flying blue and purple cloud background, Mike held up his hand, and in a zoom-out, he was now holding the Magna Defender sword above him; bluish green energy flame streaks looking quite like the specter streaks absorbed by Magna Defender in 715-RDay flew out from the sword's hilt and around Mike; a flame explosion then morphed him into the Magna Defender armor.


  • Following armored Mike's lightning slash and Orion-armored Kendrix's fireball attack, Crumummy fell and exploded but then grew.


  • The Rangers performed their energy attack on Deviot after armored Mike had performed his lightning slash, but Deviot laughed as the golden energy crackling around him flowed from into the remote in his hand.


  • Armored Mike could speak into his left wrist (presumably the left Magna Defender Morpher), contacting the Rangers over their Transmorphers.
  • The Rangers' Orion energy attack, following a non-energized flipping slash from armored Mike, defeated Hardtochoke, but he then grew.


  • The Rangers' Orion energy attack, following a non-energized flipping slash from armored Mike, defeated Rykon, but she then grew.


  • The Rangers' Orion energy attack, following armored Mike's lightning flip, caused Icy Angel to fall and explode, but she then grew.


  • After armored Mike had been blasted by Chameliac's duplicate Magna Blaster and slashed by his duplicate lightning slash, Mike was in the Megaship infirmary with a bandaged forehead and right arm in a sling.


  • Although armored Mike had fought with the Space and Galaxy Rangers against the Psychos, Trakeena merely mentioned being plagued by ten, not eleven, Rangers, indicating that Magna Defender was not considered a "Ranger."


  • When morphed Damon and armored Mike were the only ones whose powers hadn't been stolen by Magnetox, the monster soon clamped his magnet against them, draining their rippling orange energy; just like the others, Mike was demorphed and left extremely weak, his Morphers charred and shorting out like the others' Transmorphers.
  • After Magnetox's destruction, as the Rangers' powers were returned to them in Ranger-colored sparkles, Magna Defender's powers also returned, colored purple, restoring his Morphers with a green gleam and suiting him back up in the armor with a purple gleam.


  • Leo said he'd known from the beginning that something about Magna Defender had reminded him of his brother.


  • Resurrected in the Lost Galaxy by Hexuba, Treacheron apparently didn't know that Mike was now the new Magna Defender.
  • After destroying at least Fishface and Treacheron and helping the Rangers destroy Hardtochoke, armored Mike, like the Rangers, was growing weak, but they kept going when another monster arrived.


  • As the Galaxy Book activated to open a portal out of the Lost Galaxy, it turned into spectral blue energy (quite like the blue energy spirits associated with Magna Defender) and rippled right out the window to tear open the portal in space.
  • After defeating Barbarax on Mutiny's planet, armored Mike shot Mutiny in the back with his Magna Blaster.
  • Mutiny turned and shot several blue energy spheres, making enormous explosions around Mike.
  • Losing his rifle, Mike rolled down a hill, and collapsed at the bottom, demorphing with a green gleam, still having his Morphers.
  • Above, Mutiny laughed at big, tough Magna Defender.
  • As Mike lay unconscious in the desert as Mutiny pursued Terra Venture toward the closing portal out of the Lost Galaxy, Magna Defender's ghost appeared and spoke to him.
  • Magna Defender told Mike to listen to him and that he must rise up, causing Mike to weakly clench his hand; Magna Defender told him to reach inside and find the strength of the Magna Defender, for his greatest mission lay ahead.
  • As Mike weakly looked up, Magna Defender's spirit told him he could do it, then faded away, and Mike stood and ran off with determination.
  • At least a half-hour after beginning its approach, Terra Venture continued toward the vortex tunnel, but the portal was slowly closing.
  • As the Megaship approached Terra Venture in preparation to dock, Defender Torozord passed it in space.
  • As Mike approached the portal in Torozord, Leo cried out for Mike not to do it, though how he knew Mike intended to sacrifice himself is unknown.
  • Defender Torozord braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward as green energy bolts glowed around the portal.
  • Suddenly, in a chain of explosions beginning in Torozord's left arm and quickly going to the chest and legs, Defender Torozord exploded, flinging metallic shrapnel everywhere, and the portal was reopened.
  • Soon after Terra Venture had returned to the normal universe, Leo flew through space on his Jet Jammer looking desperately for Mike in normal space.
  • Leo found Mike drifting unmorphed, unconscious, and apparently unprotected in the void of space with his Morphers on; how he would survive is unknown.
  • Leo pulled Mike in and tried to wake him but saw his mangled, smoking right Morpher, saying the Morpher had been destroyed.
  • Some time later, Mike awoke in the Megaship infirmary, his head bandaged.
  • Haley was sorry their freedom had cost him his powers, but Mike wasn't sorry at all, saying it was exactly what the powers were meant for.
  • At the foot of his bed, Magna Defender's ghost spoke, probably heard only by Mike, "Thank you, Mike. You've served the legacy of the Magna Defender with honor."
  • Mike looked at his bare wrist and smiled softly.

    - Phrases used for Torozord to transform Magna Defender into giant Mega Defender
    Magna Defender: "Mega Defender, transform!"
    712-ORis Magna Defender: "Magna Defender, transform!"
    715-RDay Magna Defender: "Defender Torozord!"
    Mike: "Mega Defender, transform!"

    Magna Defender colors
    - various colors associated with Magna Defender
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    See Also: Galaxy Ranger colors


  • Defender Torozord split apart into Torozord and Magna Defender with black teleportation streaks.


  • Defender Torozord charged its lance with green energy bolts in an attempt to overload the Mountain Dome.
  • Torozord reverted to bull form with blue energy, ejecting Magna Defender in the process.
  • After Mike's fall, Magna Defender had switched life forces with him with purple energy.
  • Transforming with a purple gleam, Magna Defender flew into the lava pit as a blue ball of light to save the colony.


  • Magna Defender's sword teleported to Mike with green energy, and green gleams then formed the Magna Defender Morphers.


  • Mike's primary color of civilian clothing was gray.


  • After Magnetox's destruction, as the Rangers' powers were returned to them in Ranger-colored sparkles, Magna Defender's powers also returned, colored purple, restoring his Morphers with a green gleam and suiting him back up in the armor with a purple gleam.

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