- demonic lava being formerly trapped on Muiranthias (500-TPRM)
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First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 500-TPRM
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  • Divatox said that Lerigot's Golden Key was the only key to freeing Maligore from his prison on Muiranthias.
  • Divatox called Maligore the "Great Flame of Destruction" and her husband-to-be.
  • Divatox planned to free Maligore and marry him, then use his powers to raid all the riches of the universe.
  • Divatox assigned Elgar to head the capture of two humans of purity and strength on Earth to serve as her dowry to Maligore.
  • After receiving Divatox's ultimatum that they surrender Lerigot, Zordon believed that Divatox planned "to use Lerigot and his Golden Key to pass through the treacherous Nemesis Triangle into another dimension," and that once there she would "likely travel to the lost island of Muiranthias and attempt to join forces with an evil creature named Maligore, at which point not even the Zords (presumably the Zeozords, Super Zeozords, etc.) would be able to stop them.
  • Two days later, seeing that only Jason remained in the bilge, Divatox said they'd have to make do with only one sacrifice, but she could have sent the Piranhatron-like warriors to recapture the escaped prisoners.
  • The Malachians were savage tribal warriors who inhabited Muiranthias; according to Divatox, they were the guardians of Maligore.
  • Divatox planned to feed Maligore with Jason and Kim, then use the Liarians as dessert.
  • In the center of the Serpent's Temple was a lava pit; as Divatox took in the sights of the temple, she said the lava would have to go but that the main room was where they'd do all their entertaining.
  • Divatox, calling out to Maligore, referred to herself as his one and only true soulmate; she said their wedding had been long and coming, and she now brought him to perfect specimens (Jason and Kim, suspended over Maligore's lava pit) to seal their matrimonial pact.
  • Divatox told Maligore to come forth and let evil twist Jason and Kim's souls; she also told him to be free again and join forces with her.
  • Jason and Kim were lowered into the pit, then they appeared in clouds of flame back on the ledge, evil with growling low voices, red eyes, and enhanced strength; Divatox then told the two, calling them Maligore's children, to destroy those who would threaten the flames of unity.
  • Evil Jason got over Tommy and choked him on the edge of the lava pit; Divatox yelled at Jason to throw him in, as Maligore's power would exceed, but Jason said this one was his.
  • Yara and Lerigot released from their hands gold sparkling energy which turned Kim good again.
  • As Tommy and Kim were struggling to prevent evil Jason from falling into the lava pit, an explosion from the pit knocked them all clear of the area; Jason, appearing not to have reddish eyes anymore, stumbled away looking quite confused.
  • Kim and Jason's being turned evil, Jason's fighting Tommy, Kim's purification, and Jason's dangling over the lava pit were all verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
  • Divatox told Maligore to arise and meet his bride so that together they could exact revenge on Lerigot, descendant of those who had imprisoned him; at this point, Maligore had begun to rise from the lava.
  • Seeing that Kim was freeing the Liarians, Rygog said that the humans were turning pure again.
  • For a sacrifice, Divatox wrapped her eel around Elgar's neck, and he fell into the pit.
  • When Maligore reached a clawed hand over the rim of the lava pit, Divatox's smile faded.
  • The surface of Maligore's body resembled a hardened version of the lava that had been in the lava pit; the cracks between the rocky surface of his exterior were glowing orange.
  • As Divatox slowly turned to Rygog and shook his hands excitedly, Rygog said, "He's ba-ack!"
  • Maligore was significantly taller than a human, perhaps standing ten feet tall or more.
  • When the large Maligore climbed out of the pit, Divatox looked nervous; Rygog asked her if she was sure about this.
  • While Maligore was growling at the Rangers as they summoned their Turbo Weapons, Divatox was trying to sneak behind Rygog, but he told her to talk to Maligore.
  • Walking up to Maligore, Divatox chuckled and told him he looked great and hadn't changed a bit.
  • When Divatox tried to shake Maligore's claw, she was electrocuted, making her scream and pull away.
  • Maligore appeared to be impervious to the lasers of the Turbo Weapons.
  • Maligore clawed each of the Rangers, making them spark; Adam was momentarily paralyzed.
  • When Adam attempted to distract Maligore by telling him his bride was leaving, Maligore looked and saw Divatox preparing to leave with Rygog.
  • Somewhere on Muiranthias, a volcano began to erupt just before Maligore broke out of the temple to follow the Rangers outside.
  • When Maligore burst through the wall, he was darker, with his orange cracks not glowing.
  • After the Rangers had gotten into their Turbozords, Maligore grew to giant size with a fire cloud effect; in giant form, he was back to his original color.
  • Giant Maligore blew a stream of fire from one claw hand.
  • After being dealt a slash across his midsection by the Turbo Megazord Saber as the Turbo Megazord glided past him, giant Maligore fell off a cliff, perhaps into the ocean, causing a huge explosion.
  • The volcano on Muiranthias continued to erupt after Maligore had been destroyed.


  • Elgar, steaming as he attended Divatox's gathering of villains some time later, said he was still a little crispy from the Pit of Eternal Fire.
  • The flashback of 500-TPRM showed no more of Maligore than his foot and the beginning of his surfacing from the lava.


  • Mentioning Divatox's recent failed engagement, Porto said that Maligore had left Divatox at the altar.


  • Dark Specter, the monarch of all evil, looked exactly like a giant Maligore, though often probably much larger in size.

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