Mama D
- space pirate mother to Divatox
Mama D
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First Appearance: 518-PTT1
Last Appearance: 519-PTT2
See Also: Elgar, General Havoc


  • Divatox wouldn't let her henchmen celebrate birthdays since she'd never gotten so much as a card or a gift; she then said, almost weeping, "Nobody cares about me. I don't even have a family."
  • Elgar reminded Divatox she had him, but she said that was precisely the problem: all she had was "a mutant, malfunctioning nephew with the brain of a sea urchin."


  • Divatox's mother, whom Divatox would call "Mama D," appeared in a purple-edged image in Divatox's bedroom on the subcraft while Divatox was sleeping.
  • Mama D wore what appeared to be a black and purple version of Divatox's cape and collar.
  • Mama D had writhing snakes for hair.
  • Mama D wore a necklace identical to Divatox's.
  • Mama D told Divatox, "Listen carefully and hear me now, my decadent [i.e. self-indulgent], diabolical daughter."; Divatox happily stirred in her sleep, replying that she was listening.
  • Mama D said that their family name had always been legendary among the other pirates in deepest space and that they had ruled supreme, until Divatox came along, whom they thought of as a wimp rather than a witch.
  • Still apparently in her sleep, Divatox impatiently asked for Mama D's motherly advice; even though Divatox never listened to her, Mama D told her to get rid of the Power Rangers (or "Power Punks," as Mama D called them), or she'd be piecing together scraps back at the pirate eyepatch factory; when pressed for more, Mama D told her to remove the leader, and the rest would fall.


  • After Divatox had hung Tommy from his hands in a cave, Mama D arrived pleased with Divatox's success, and when Divatox told her she was trying decide the best way to torture him, Mama D suggested the Vortex of Eternal Doom and Sorrow, as it wasn't "in use right now."
  • Divatox had Mama D call up the vortex.
  • Mama D's incantation to open the vortex was: "Suffer me closer to that smallest cry. No mercy waits for those who step foot inside. Vortex of Sorrow! Vortex of Doom! Up here now, in this very room!"
  • Hearing the eerie voices moaning from within the vortex, Divatox shuddered and said she thought she recognized Pop's voice in there; Mama D replied matter-of-factly, "He asked for it," and then left.
  • After Tommy had been freed by T.J. and Cassie and the Rangers had destroyed Flamite, Divatox lay on her bed, seeming exasperated to begin with.
  • Mama D told Divatox she'd messed up again, as Tommy still lived; Divatox protested that it couldn't be, but Mama D told Divatox that ever since she'd been a little kid, she'd always messed things up.

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