Mariner Bay
- city in California; former home of Queen Bansheera's demons, base of operations of Lightspeed (through 840-FLs2)
Mariner Bay
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First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 840-FLs2
Pictures: Mariner Bay, circa 3000 BCE, Mariner Bay, modern day (shown at right)
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  • An air show in Mariner Bay included "Sky Cowboy Joel Rawlings," followed by Chico Page, then the Doug and Paul Pipercub Wing Riders.
  • Arriving in the other-dimensional skull castle following their release from the apparently Egyptian Tomb of Forever (located beneath ruins which looked like the ruins of Bansheera's palace), Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there.
  • Asked by Diabolico who had done this, Loki explained humans had built their cities right on top of their palace; to further illustrate the point to the curious Diabolico, Loki projected an image showing Bansheera's palace as it had been in the past, then showing modern-day Mariner Bay in its place.
  • Loki lamented that the humans had built their ugly city (Mariner Bay) on their sacred ground, leaving them with no palace, no queen, and no ultimate power.
  • Mitchell explained that 5,000 years ago, this part of the Earth had been inhabited by evil spirits, or "demons," whose only purpose was to destroy and conquer, but they had been captured, apparently in Egypt.
  • The white halfpipe building (associated with NASADA in Angel Grove and the GSA on Terra Venture) would be seen several times in downtown Mariner Bay.


  • Mariner Bay had a suspension bridge over a smallish body of water downtown.
  • After Magmavore's crash-landing, the enormously massive Train Bay rose from the bay on four thick silver legs from the Aquabase below.
  • A long giant train track segment, merging the five Rail Rescue tracks into one, then arose from the water directly in front of the Train Bay; it was the track and apparently not the Train Bay itself which seemed to alarm bystanders on the thin isolated strip of land nearby, with a bridge leading out to the unidentified strip.
  • As the Rail Rescues approached the end of their formerly submerged track, part of the nearby suspension bridge, with two metal prongs on the end, swiveled over through the water to join to the end of the Rail Rescue track, with rapidly blinking white lights on top to signal the movement; this would be the standard procedure for all Rail Rescue deployment in the future.
  • The giant train would then race unobstructed along highways and rail lines through the city, even passing a blue bullet train as it rode two railroad tracks, one for each wheel.
  • Buildings were destroyed downtown as lava flooded the area from the crater, but the Rescuezords would eventually cool the lava to stone.
  • In crises, the people of Mariner Bay would apparently evacuate skyscrapers and streets quickly, fleeing to unknown locations.


  • Vypra's initial quake stake attack was in the basement beneath the Allright Parking garage, and her attacks nearly blew up the building when flames approached taped-off drums of gasoline.
  • Vypra's second attack was in an underground tunnel running through a mountain separating the city from the surrounding forest mountains.
  • Beyond the mountain peaks at the edge of the city, perhaps its northeast edge, there were no suburbs, merely a distinct dropoff between metropolis and forest.


  • In addition to its own space program, Mariner Bay had its own flight academy as well.
  • At a waterfront downtown, the Rangers chased a tornado as it headed inland, destroying a docked boat.
  • Nearly four hours later, the Rangers chased the tornado to a storage area of giant metal crates, some of which were Hyundai crates.
  • As Kelsey raced down a cleared freeway with the shuttle having landed on her roof, HazRescue Four braked and came to a stop right at the edge of a broken freeway bridge, presumably broken by Whirlin's earlier tornado.


  • The Rangers escorted Dr. Hanson, who supposedly carried a top-secret fuel cell from a helicopter at Mariner Bay's airport toward the Aquabase.



  • Strikning toppled at least two buildings with his lightning bolts; during the Megazord fight later, scattered fires still burned throughout the city, a condition in which the city was frequently left during Zord battles.


  • On the ocean floor somewhere near the Aquabase were the remains of an old submarine or ship.


  • To form the Supertrain Megazord, Miss Fairweather had the Rangers put engines to full power; as the Rail Rescues accelerated forward, empty portions of highway ahead unfolded into two side walls, exposing a giant ramp which raised to curve skyward.
  • The Rangers (and moreso, presumably the citizens of Mariner Bay) seemed startled by the sudden appearance of the giant ramp.
  • A jumbo jet was flying over the city as the Rail Rescues flew in formation to assemble the Supertrain Megazord; not only was the plane still in the area during the Supertrain's aerial maneuvers, but at the same time immediately following a protracted Lightspeed Megazord battle against two giant monsters in the nearby mountains.


  • A blue and white bus, not the same company as the bus line to Mt. Jasmine in 809-GVol, pulled away from the "Mariner Bay West Terminal."
  • Ryan nearly took a 6:00 bus to Van Nuys; Van Nuys is in real life a town immediately northwest of Los Angeles.


  • Diabolico's powerful blast shoved the Lightspeed Megazord crashing through three skyscrapers, the third of which contained an apparently abandoned meeting room or office.
  • The Lightspeed Solarzord's glide-hovering apparently used buildings as cover, blasting during clear shots; when Diabolico returned fire, Carter dodged left, allowing the blast to blow up a building where the Megazord had been standing.
  • In the Aquabase galley following Diabolico's destruction, Captain Mitchell proposed a toast, for Mariner Bay, which he began to describe as the safest city, as of now, in the --, but the alarm sounded as Olympius arrived.


  • On a hillside overlooking Mariner Bay was a strange construction, apparently a piece of architectural art, identical to the one seen on Terra Venture in 716-DFrG.


  • In a darkened dirt basement perhaps in the parking garage Vypra had attacked with quake stakes in 803-TByF, Spellbinder had a ceremony site set up.
  • A black cloud, near the top of one particularly tall skyscraper, began to strike out with gold lightning bolts, blasting nearby buildings, particularly the tall one; from above, the location of the explosions formed a pattern matching Spellbinder's emblem, at the center intersection of which was the parking garage.
  • Suddenly, a giant energy cyclone spewed upward from the roundish-shaped building as a beam of light connecting the city to the clouds above.
  • Queen Bansheera generated a tidal wave which loomed from behind the offshore Train Bay, yet the Train Bay's apparent northwest orientation with respect to the west-facing Aquabase would have made the tidal wave come from within the bay rather than the sea.


  • Mariner Bay was shown to be in California as Triskull and Ghouls flew down from space; they seemed to be heading roughly toward the Los Angeles area rather than to a more northern section, such as San Francisco.
  • In a park plaza downtown was a large fountain with a dedication plaque featuring the bust of a somewhat heavy, bald man, presumably a historical or local figure to whom the structure was dedicated.


  • In the mountains near Mariner Bay was a cave which looked identical to the cave of the Lights of Orion on Terra Venture; this cave would also be used for Jinxer's care of Olympius from 834-NepD through 837-WrQn.


  • The Rangers fought Olympius and Mantevil at a downtown plaza with the address 21888 Centennial Plaza on a railing wall behind a prominent grassy hill; nearby was a sign pointing to city hall.


  • The "east side" was a daunting distance for the teens to drive in a hurry; they had to hurry to make it halfway there from the Aquabase in fourteen minutes.


  • At the edge of the northern woods was a sign with "Tunnel" apparently pointing south, "University" west, and "Bridge" north.


  • In front of a large convention center with numerous flags out front was a strip of vendor shacks, including Mr. Litton's fruit stand.


  • Seen in a downtown battle was a "Managed Health Network" building; in real life, this company has offices in both Los Angeles and, 380 miles northwest, another just north of San Francisco.


  • Beside a large domed stadium was a carnival with various rides; one attraction there was a shop advertising psychic crystal readings.


  • Diabolico's map of Mariner Bay showed a concave coastline resembling real-life Monterey Bay, which would place the city in the place of Santa Cruz and the bay in a real-life national marine sanctuary (where the law does permit Department of Defense projects or "activities necessary to respond to emergencies threatening life, property or the environment"); coincidentally, the real-life town closest to the Aquabase's depicted location is named Marina.
  • On the eastern shore of the curved bay was a jagged east-west river or stream, on the north side of which was a lagoon where Aquafiend lived.
  • Underwater in a pond, Aquafiend located "the spot" and stuck in the trident, draining the water.
  • Among the various shots of a lack of water in Mariner Bay, including faucets and water fountains not working, was a home water cooler not working.
  • Marina explained the location at the bottom of the pond was a magic place, knowing the trident would be placed there.


  • During a period of medical study, Dana took books from what looked like an elegant old library, but a glimpse of the sign revealed the name, "Los Angeles County Historical and Art Museum."


  • A large stadium downtown was known as Mariner Stadium; it was here that Queen Bansheera opened a vortex to trap the Rangers in her Skull Cavern dimension.


  • Downtown in the wake of the battle with giant Olympius and Diabolico lay odd, enormous slabs of fallen rock.
  • To place stones for a ceremony as instructed by Bansheera, Jinxer had the Omega Megazord slam a giant tapered stone structure into place downtown.
  • Nearby, the Omega Megazord shoved over a skyscraper in its way and planted a second tapered stone in its place.


  • Downtown, the Omega Megazord walked downtown with a third stone; in passing, the Megazord casually shoved over another building, making a large explosion.
  • In a cleared area in the city with the ocean nearby, the Omega Megazord planted the fourth of a giant six-stone circle.
  • Downtown, Bansheera's skull castle flew in atop a giant tapered, flat-based stone of its own, the structure landing in the center of the circle of stones.
  • Several city blocks from the circle, opposite the ocean, was a tunnel leading through a mountain, beyond which was apparently mountainous forest.
  • After the skull castle's landing, the Omega Megazord placed the fifth stone, nearly completing the circle formation.
  • Stray blasts from the Omega Megazord caused buildings in the background to explode.
  • As the sixth stone fell into place, the eclipse was roughly two-thirds full.
  • As the eclipse eventually departed with Bansheera sealed within the Shadow World, the skull castle and surrounding stones crumbled from top down into giant mounds of dirt downtown.

    Lightspeed training facilities
    - training grounds and facilities used by Lightspeed
    Training facility (832-Sorc)
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  • As the teens were talking after packing for a training mission, Mitchell called over the loudspeaker for them to get to the training area, double-time.
  • At a training shack outdoors somewhere, the Rover was parked nearby as the teens saltued for Mitchell, who wore black and a black beret with a stopwatch; nearby were three lab techs and a black-clothed assistant to Mitchell.
  • The facility had a net to crawl under, tires to run across, and railing to rappel down.
  • Inside, cardboard cutouts of demons (actually looking more like evil space aliens) popped up around Carter as he used a goo-shooting gun to splatter them, also clumsily hitting tanks labeled as explosive nearby.
  • After surveying inside, Mitchell had the techs break down their gear, which included a computer monitoring station beside a black SUV or pickup truck, and get back to the Aquabase.
  • Later, the shack was left in the same condition, with the fallen splattered cutouts and mockup explosive canisters, one by the door still splattered from Carter's flurry of shots.


  • During Ryan's first full day at Lightspeed, Carter came by Ryan's room to take him to the "training facility," but they wouldn't get the chance.


  • In the woods, the teens had a workout, Dana carrying a dummy, Joel running for the timing Carter, and Kelsey and Chad sliding down ropes from a tree; as they finished, the teens took the dummy back to the Rover on a stretcher.


  • Outside and in a training gym, the teens did time drills while Dana took their times, as part of Mitchell's plans for a very difficult training session.


  • Following the Rangers' defeat of Olympius, Mitchell scheduled a five mile hike with full gear rather than recreation, and he planned some sort of test for the next day.


  • Captain Mitchell monitored the teens on a training session in a park, the five wearing their standard black pants and boots.
  • The teens' workouts included swinging on monkey bars, crawling through dirt under low poles, jogging, and climbing ropes over a mud pit.

    Mount Jasmine
    - dormant volcano near Mariner Bay
    Mount Jasmine
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    First Appearance: 809-GVol
    Last Appearance: 810-RAsh


  • To test a device to measure volcanic activity, Dana intended to try to get a reading at Mt. Jasmine.
  • Mt. Jasmine was a snowy mountain.
  • A red and white bus with "Mariner Bay" on the front sign ran a route from a point 32 miles from Mariner Bay up the 41 miles to Mt. Jasmine.
  • At a mountain cave with melting snow patches around, Trifire entered a Batling-guarded cave and found the glowing red core of Mt. Jasmine, blowing fire from his center mouth which heated up the dormant volcano and triggered an earthquake.
  • Fireballs later spewed from the volcano after Dana had predicted it would erupt.


  • Perhaps later the same day, Miss Fairweather and techs set out to check the volcano, as there had been some strange seismic activity; at the time, giant Magmavore lurked within.
  • The team researched with such equipment as geiger counters, and Miss Fairweather confirmed that the volcano was indeed heating up; at that point, giant Magmavore arose.
  • As the Megazord was defeated by giant Magmavore and Trifire and fell into a crevice, Diabolico had the monsters return to their resting places and let the volcano destroy Mariner Bay, at which point the two sank into the earth; they would arise later when the Megazord was back online.
  • After the destruction of Trifire, the Supertrain Megazord's Gatling Blasters caused the glowing Magmavore to fall and explode, fireballs flying all over, most pouring over a cliff, and the volcano would then erupt violently.
  • The Supertrain Megazord fired a barrage of freeze missiles which shot into the volcano and instantly froze the entire mountain solid.

    Mariner Bay power plants
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  • Vypra planned to leave the Aquabase in the dark by destroying Mariner Bay's two power stations, although the Aquabase seemed to have its own generators, at least by 828-MMBa.
  • In a power plant which provided most of Mariner Bay's power, Shockatron terrorized workers in a control room and plugged into the controls, setting the compound on fire before bursting out a wall and going to the other plant.
  • There, Shockatron attached one of two port cables on his right wrist to what looked like a metal staircase, making purple energy, although the Rangers would confront him before he'd been able to sabotage the plant completely.
  • The first plant soon exploded from within just as the final people escaped.

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