Masked Rider
- apparently former protector of Edenoi
Masked Rider
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First Appearance: 301-FIN1
Last Appearance: (Power Rangers) 303-FIN3
Pictures: medium shot (shown at right), long shot, Chopper (talking motorcycle; Masked Rider show only), Magno (talking car; Masked Rider show only)


  • Before summoning his Ecto Accelerator to transform, Dex announced, "I call upon the powers of light and truth to become Masked Rider!"
  • Masked Rider wore a green and black lightly-armored suit with a helmet modeled after an insect's head.
  • Masked Rider appeared to fight the Rangers just as well as his three unmorphed Edenoite friends did.
  • Seeing the Rangers fight Masked Rider, Doubleface, one of Dregon's henchmen, said that clearly they also sought to possess Masked Rider's powers, so they too had to be destroyed; he pointed out that if the Rangers were allowed to defeat Masked Rider, they would obtain the Masked Rider powers before Dregon.


  • After fleeing from the Spiderbase's air attack with the Rangers and his three friends into a cave, Dex said he needed to rest but a moment, at which point he reverted from Masked Rider back to Edenoite form with white or reddish energy.
  • The Masked Rider power had been bestowed upon Dex to battle evil and injustice.
  • The Masked Rider powers had existed on Edenoi for many centuries, handed down from king to king, kept always ready but never needed, until recently; the powers had been bestowed upon Dex by King Lexian when it became clear that the Edenoites were losing the fight against Dregon.
  • Dex said that Dregon must never get his hands on the Masked Rider powers, for with them he would be invincible, and the entire galaxy would be at risk.
  • The images from Dex's mind crystal showed Masked Rider crashing to the ground from the sky and pulsating with energy, then standing up and posing.
  • Before entering into combat with Dregon's forces alongside the Rangers, Dex announced, "To the Power!", and the Rangers and Dex's friends replied, "To the Power!"
  • Masked Rider performed on the Cogworts the "Rider Kick," whereby he leapt into the air, did a backflip, and came spinning down to kick his opponents with glowing red feet.
  • When Masked Rider summoned his Electro Saber, its handle formed from white energy from his Ecto Accelerator, and after he'd pulled the blade out, it crackled with white energy and shot pulses of white energy which destroyed the Cogworts.
  • To transform back into Dex, Masked Rider held his right hand up with its thumb and pinky extended, and with his left hand above his belt.


  • With the Zeo Megazord in repair, Zordon said that their only defense was the Red Battlezord and that this made the Earth even more vulnerable than before; the implication is that there were no other superheroes (such as Masked Rider) defending the planet at the time.

    - Phrases used for Rider Kick
    302-FIN2 Dex: "Time for Rider Kick!"

    - Phrases used to summon Electo Saber
    303-FIN3 Dex: "Electro Saber activate!"

    - Phrases used to transform from Masked Rider back into Dex
    303-FIN3 Dex: "Masked Rider deactivate!"

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