Master Vile
- evil warlord; father to Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto
Master Vile
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First Appearance: 329-MVA1
Last Appearance: 601-FIN1
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  • Rito told Rita that Zedd was "worse than Dad."


  • Master Vile's arrival on the moon caused darkness and an earthquake on Earth; temporarily knocked offline were the Command Center's power, as well as Alpha Five; his arrival also caused quakes and flashes of light to rock the moon palace.
  • Master Vile teleported with blue and yellow snake effects.
  • Master Vile carried a wand.
  • Master Vile was the father of both Rito and Rita.
  • The right half of Master Vile's face was dark, while the left half was gold.
  • Upon reappearing in his tube, Zordon said the Command Center's operating power had been temporarily interrupted by an immensely evil presence that had crossed the Earth's orbit, casting darkness throughout the planet.
  • Zordon suspected that Master Vile had arrived.
  • Master Vile had conquered the M51 galaxy.
  • Master Vile was disappointed that Rita had married Zedd, not thinking very highly of Zedd.
  • Master Vile didn't initially believe Zedd's claim to have captured the Falconzord and the great Ninjor.
  • When Rito accidentally dropped Ninjor's bottle and freed Ninjor, Master Vile said that Ninjor was essential to his master plan, involving the Zeo Crystal.
  • Thousands of years ago, the people of the M51 galaxy had hid the Zeo Crystal from Master Vile deep inside the Caves of Deception, beneath the surface of Earth's moon, and placed a powerful forcefield around it to protect it from anyone not pure of heart.
  • Though the Zeo Crystal's being kept directly beneath Zedd's palace hadn't concerned Zordon (and others), Master Vile, much older and infintely wiser in the ways of evil, now posed a threat.
  • Master Vile gave Zedd a sack of snakes for the Tengas to eat to make them stronger; he had apparently already known that they had Tengas.
  • Master Vile had Rito and Goldar come with him to his Space Skull.
  • For Vile's teleport effect, the snakes under the cape on his shoulders turned to energy and wrapped around him, with his right snake being blue and his left being yellow.
  • After Master Vile had teleported to the Space Skull with Rito and Goldar, the Space Skull headed for Earth.
  • In a dark, cavernous area of his Space Skull with Rito and Goldar, Vile said he'd make a monster which put all of Zedd's creations to shame.
  • Vile spat out a green egg, then cracked it with his staff, and dark ooze poured out, from which arose Globbor.
  • Vile planned to recapture Ninjor, then have Globbor absorb his powers and capture "Zordon's teenagers," then they would use the teens to free the Zeo Crystal, then he would use the Zeo Crystal's power to rule the universe.
  • After revealing his plan to Rito and Goldar, Vile declared, "Master Vile is back!"
  • From his throne room in the Space Skull, Master Vile talked with Zedd and Rita in the palace through a temporary viewscreen in midair bordered with orange energy.
  • After Ninjor had awakened in chains in the throne room, most of his energy having been drained by Globbor, Vile used his wand to create an image bordered with orange energy; he showed Ninjor the scene of Globbor draining his powers.
  • Vile then sent Globbor to get the Rangers' attention by attacking Angel Grove.


  • As giant Globbor fought the Ninja Megazord, he copied the motions Master Vile did in the Space Skull.
  • Soon after Ninjor had appeared, still chained up, on a rooftop near the fight between the Shogun Megazord and giant Ninjor-Globbor, Vile appeared on the rooftop as well, saying he loved a good battle.
  • Vile told the Rangers that Ninjor and Globbor were connected, and that every blow against Globbor hurt Ninjor.
  • After the Rangers had been ejected from their Zords and the Zords toppled, Vile planned to send the Zords off to a distant galaxy; he told giant Ninjor-Globbor first to suck out every last bit of their power, but then the Zords were teleported away with green energy just as Globbor leapt for them; Globbor was confused, but Vile didn't act surprised, so it was most likely his doing.
  • As Globbor was draining the Rangers' powers, Vile thanked Tommy for making it so easy for him to obtain the Zeo Crystal.
  • Vile planned to use the Zeo Crystal's power to destroy the Earth, but first there would be a party.
  • Vile told Globbor to finish the Rangers off, then left.
  • Vile was then back in his Space Skull's throne room, where the moon palace villains (except Zedd) celebrated over his apparent victory.
  • When Rita saw that Zedd was depressed, she told him to cheer up, as the Earth (and soon the universe, Vile added) was hers.
  • Vile and the villains then went to Ernie's outdoor cafe for their doomsday party; Vile told the humans (addressing Bulk, Skull, and Ernie) to bring everyone out for a party.


  • A short while later, the villains were forcing the people in the Youth Center to dance; the outdoor cafe was decorated and full of dancing people and monsters, with the sign "Master Vile's End of the World Party" above the door.
  • People seemed to be having a good time partying at the End of the World Party; several children were serving drinks to monsters; one human was playing a customized alien keyboard.
  • At an alien microphone in the Youth Center after telling the humans to dance, Vile addressed the people of Earth (perhaps broadcasting to all the people of Earth, or simply the people in the Youth Center), saying he was the new landlord in town, and all of their leases were up; blue and yellow energy snakes from his hands flew up into the air and caused an eclipse; he told everyone to party like there was no tomorrow, because there wasn't.
  • At the End of the World Party, Tengas made Bulk and Skull continue dancing, but they ignored Tommy, Rocky, and Kat, who'd entered to check out the situation.
  • The M51 galaxy was Master Vile's home galaxy, according to Billy.
  • Vile had sent the Zords to a conquered planet in the M51 galaxy, moved the Zeo Crystal from the Falconzord to the Shogun Megazord, and established an energy link with the crystal to activate it from anywhere.
  • Although Billy and Zordon said the Zeo Crystal had been moved into the Ninja Megazord, the Rangers actually entered the Shogun Megazord and found the crystal there.
  • When Master Vile decided it was time to activate the Zeo Crystal and destroy the world, he released blue and yellow energy snakes from both hands, after which red eyebeams from the Ninja Megazord, Falconzord, and Shogun Megazord combined into a single red beam which shot to Earth and decimated entire buildings.
  • The Rangers used the energy of their Power Coins, combined with the Morphing Grid's energy that was being drawn by the Shogun Megazord's panels, to break Master Vile's connection with the Zeo Crystal; in the process, they also regained control and full power to the Zords.
  • Vile returned to his Space Skull to watch giant Ninjor-Globbor fight the Zords.
  • After Vile had giant Globbor tap the Zords' powers (and thus resemble the Aquitian Rangers, his face appeared from red lightning bolts in the dark, eclipsed sky and declare that the Earth would be his world from now on.
  • Yellow energy beams from the Command Center undid Vile's eclipse spell, weakening Globbor's powers in the sunlight.
  • After Globbor had released all of the powers he'd absorbed, Ninjor was able to break free from his chains; when he confronted Master Vile, Vile grew to giant size with yellow energy, wrecking his throne room in the process.
  • Once Vile was giant in the city, dark clouds gathered in the sky.
  • Giant Master Vile swirled his wand with red energy and then fired a large red energy bolt from it.
  • After being hit by the Shogun Megafalconzord's blasts and, soon afterward, the Ninja Megafalconzord's Wolf/Ape power punch, giant Master Vile laughed, then, while holding his chest, swore to return, and he then teleported away laughing.
  • After Vile had returned to his Space Skull leaving the Rangers victorious, he and Rita had the following conversation:
    Rita (in a teasing voice): "Not so easy, father dearest."
    Master Vile: "How dare you talk back to your father?! You always were an ungrateful, rotten little brat!"
    Rita: "You never understood me!"
    Master Vile: "Whatever! I've got more important things to think about right now!"
  • Reflecting on failing once, Vile reminded himself that Rita and Zedd had failed to conquer the Earth over a hundred times; he then declared that he was here to stay.


  • Master Vile stood in the mouth of his Space Skull, somehow spying on Tommy, Kat, and Aisha as the girls worked on their harmony for the Angel Grove High school song contest; Dischordia was then shown just inside the mouth of the Space Skull, charging up with red lightning bolts from the cloudy sky outside, as Vile told her that she would be responsible for bringing the teens' singing to a permanent end.
  • Master Vile had a tiny peace symbol in the right side projection of his head.
  • Rita, Zedd, their henchmen, and Master Vile later formed an audience of sorts by the throne in the chamber of command as Finster stood at a microphone in front of the chamber's western doorway and introduced Dischordia, who entered from the direction of his workshop.
  • Having watched the destruction of Dischordia from Zedd's balcony, Master Vile said this would give him to impetus to launch his master plan, staying so they would all know who was the greatest evildoer the galaxy had ever known, then he teleported away.


  • Rita said Master Vile was about to release the plan of the millennium, the ultimate force of evil.
  • Vile had been busy, and Zedd hadn't seen him around for days.
  • In a cavern somewhere beneath the surface of the moon, Vile, with blue and yellow energy snakes flowing from his right and left hands, respectively, called forth, "Forces darker than the farthest regions of the universe, hear my call! I command you, respond! (ground rumbles briefly) Powers of the deepest evil, come forth! I command it! (ground rumbles more, with more glowing red areas revealed by the quaking) I summon you! Might of the malevolent masters, appear before me and do my bidding!"; this was followed by more quaking and rocks falling, causing the moon palace to shake violently and lightning to strike around it.
  • As Vile worked to summon the Orb of Doom on the moon, a gravitational disturbance from the moon decalibrated the Command Center's instruments.
  • Later in the moon palace, Vile showed the villains the Orb of Doom; he planned to have the orb reverse time to "once again" reduce the Rangers to powerless children; he seemed to know that Zedd had already done the same.
  • Vile referred to his plan involving the Orb of Doom as his ultimate battle plan.
  • Vile sent Rito to place the Orb of Doom in its proper location on Earth.
  • After Rito had succeeded in placing the Orb of Doom, Vile told Rito he'd known Rito could do something right if he, Vile, found the proper task.
  • When Goldar said they didn't yet know that Rito hadn't screwed up the mission, Master Vile used blue and yellow energy from his wand to create a red muzzle over Goldar's mouth.
  • Facing the Earth with red energy bolts flowing around him, Master Vile called forth, "Ultimate power, I command you, arise and conquer with venemous sinew!"; the Orb of Doom again shot a beam of blue energy into the sky, and now its upper half turned gold, while its lower half was blue.
  • Master Vile called out, "Give me the strength, the power, and the might, and people of Earth, good night!"; the Orb of Doom, now no longer gold and blue, appeared to explode, and blue energy streaks then washed over the planet, turning back time as Vile shouted, "Ultimate power, exert your force! Reverse the Earth's natural course!"


  • Following the Orb of Doom's regression of time, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, and Rito had all gone to Angel Grove and begun attacking in giant form; Master Vile soon used yellow and blue energy snakes to shrink the four villains, saying they were going to ruin his plan; he then teleported them back to the moon, but not before Rito had leapt aside, evading the teleportation.
  • As Rito began pursuing the six Ranger kids to obtain their Power Coins, Vile said that, unfortunately, Rito was part of his plan.
  • Rito and the Tengas appeared to retreat from the six kids when the police came, but it seems Master Vile teleported them.
    ?   Vile planned to destroy the world and Zordon as well.
  • Vile planned for Rito and Goldar to blow up the Command Center with an implosion device which, once detonated at the base of the Command Center, would cause a chain reaction that would wipe out the Morphing Grid forever.
  • In the meantime, Master Vile assembled a monster conference.
  • Vile said he would need only the five most horrible among the monsters; they would be led in battle by Vile's field general, Professor Longnose.
  • Professor Longnose was currently conquering a Dark Galaxy star and would meet the monsters at the quarry (actually the desert).
  • Master Vile addressed his monster conference by declaring, "Monsters of the universe, you have been gathered here to seek revenge upon Zordon and the world he protects!"


  • When Zordon mentioned that the Earth was under the attack of Master Vile, Delphine noted that Vile was a most unwelcome visitor.
  • Although he had in no prior instances needed a telescope to see to Earth, Vile this time looked through Rita's telescope to look at the Earth.
  • Master Vile declared that, just as he'd planned, they would soon rid the galaxy of "Zordon the good deed-doer" and he, Master Vile, would reign supreme over the universe.
  • When Alpha successfully defused the implosion device outside the Command Center, Zedd said it looked like Master Vile was merely a mutant after all.
  • As the Aquitian Rangers teleported by the moon palace, their passing by shook the palace, and Master Vile noted that it had been something inherently good and pure.
  • Vile sent Goldar and Rito to find out what was going on, saying nothing must interfere with their great monster party.
  • After Goldar and Rito had returned to the moon palace, describing in unknown detail their encounter with the Aquitian Rangers, Master Vile asked them, "Are you certain you saw the Alien Rangers?"
  • Vile told his monster conference to prepare themselves for the mother of all wars.
  • Seeing Vile's small armada of monsters in the desert, Alpha said it looked like they were about to be attacked; this may have implied that the monsters were closing in on the Command Center.
  • After the Shogun Megazord, controlled by the Aquitian Rangers, had destroyed giant Professor Longnose and caused the five monsters to retreat, Master Vile fell on the ground and whined and sobbed; he pouted that he'd had it with the villains and was going back to his own galaxy (M51), where evil reigned supreme and the badguys always won.


  • Fleeing from the Machine Empire with Zedd, Rita knew that if they stayed with Master Vile, no one would touch them; she said that Vile was the most evil person they knew other than King Mondo and Queen Machina.
  • An image of Master Vile appeared after Rita had been yelling for him.
  • Vile asked about the horrible sound in the background, and Rita said it was the Machine Empire's invasion, but once Vile had appeared, the explosions had stopped.
  • Master Vile said that King Mondo and Queen Machina were the only creatures in "the galaxy" more evil than himself; he said they destroyed everything they touched.
  • Vile allowed Rita and Zedd to "crash" with him, saying he would leave a skeleton key under his mat, and not to wake him when they got in.


  • Master Vile attended Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet following Zordon's capture; he had brought along Globbor, who still bore the Aquitian Rangers' helmets.
  • Later seated at the banquet table, Master Vile drank a glass of lava juice along with the other villains.


  • Triskull had two side projections from the side of his head like Master Vile, with similar, larger projections on his shoulders; he also had a staff with crooked projections, somewhat similar in design to Master Vile's staff.

    PRZ comic book

  • Master Vile's homeworld was named Gamma-Vile; on its rocky surface, Vile lived within a fortress around which a road spiraled up to its front gate.
  • In the purplish sky above were three silvery moons, perhaps artificial.
  • When Vile's "innocent little planet" was attacked by the Machine Empire, Vile was startled but sensed it had something to do with his "no-good son-in-law," summoning Rita and Zedd to his throneroom.
  • Vile's fortress was bombarded by Quadrafighter fire while his ground forces struggled against an armada of Cogs; all of Vile's guards wore imperial red uniforms and were either green-skinned dragon-men or brown goat-horned men.
  • Asked why Mondo would be attacking, Rita and Zedd awkwardly claimed not to know.
  • A hologram from Klank demanded that Vile surrender Lord Zedd to them, as Zedd had been secretly experimenting with some sort of great power in a plot to destroy Mondo and reclaim his moonbase.
  • As Vile quickly agreed to turn Zedd over, Rita and Zedd pleaded that they could still repel the attack, at which point Zedd contacted Zordon, explaining that if Mondo were to obtain the Power Coin energies in his possession, he could easily conquer the Earth.
  • As the Rangers battled giant Scrap Heap after destroying the Cogs and Quadrafighters, Klank left his gear ship on foot to make a deal; Master Vile would soon lead him down to Zedd's laboratory as Rita and Zedd watched the battle from a balcony.
  • Vile struck a deal with Klank whereby the Machine Empire took the Power Coin energies, and Vile got some peace and quiet; taking the canister, Klank agreed, after they finished off the Zeo Rangers, and Vile approved, considering it a personal favor.
  • After destroying Scrap Heap, the Rangers leapt down to confront Rita and Zedd on their balcony, although the couple refused to surrender the Power Coin energies; Master Vile, however, interrupted, telling them he'd already given the energies to Mondo's forces.
  • Rita and Zedd were last shown shouting angrily at Vile, and the Power Coin plot went unresolved.

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