Mastodon Dinozord
- Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Dinozord
Mastodon Dinozord
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First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: (actual) 203-Mut3, (Dinozord to Thunderzord transformation) 304-NjQ1
Pictures: Mastodon (shown at right) , Mastodon, from transformation sequence


  • The Mastodon was Black Ranger's Dinozord.
  • After being summoned, the Mastodon was always in an icy land which looked like Antarctica.
  • The Mastodon bore "M"-like symbols on its shoulders. (see "Recurring letters")
  • The Mastodon served as the cannons of the Megazord Tank Mode and the arms and back of the Megazord Battle Mode.


  • Once in the Mastodon, Zack put his hands on his controls' handgrips, lighting up the Mastodon, Black Ranger helmet, and Mastodon Dinozord head symbols (all black) on the console.
  • The Mastodon could blow freezing mist from its trunk.
  • The Minotaur resisted the Mastodon's freeze spray.


  • The Mastodon's freeze spray kept Pineoctopus frozen for quite a while, until the Megazord could destroy the frozen monster.


  • The Mastodon served as the arms and back of the Dragonzord Battle Mode combination.


  • Giant Spidertron resisted the Mastodon's freeze spray.

    - Phrases used by Black Ranger to activate Mastodon's freeze spray
    147-ROTJ Zack: "It's time for a little frozen fish action!"

    Pilot Episode

  • Zoltar referred to the Mastodon as clever and brave.
  • The Mastodon was known as the "Masto-Droid."

    - Phrases used by Black Ranger as Mastodon merges with Tyrannosaurus
    Pilot Episode Zack: "Yo, this is Zack. Me and my Masto-droid are right on target!"

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