- former stowaway of Terra Venture (705-Hmsk)
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First Appearance: 705-Hmsk
Last Appearance: 705-Hmsk


  • Probably weeks after the launch of Terra Venture, Matthew, wearing dingy clothes and leather gloves, used a device with a calculator keypad to hack into a security keypad on the Navigations door in a GSA hallway on Terra Venture.
  • Taking his bag of equipment into the Navigations room, Matthew attached another device to a control panel, stopping all of the colony's engines.
  • Soon, Kai and a team of guards rushed into the room with blasters drawn, startling Matthew.
  • In a GSA room, Matthew waited nervously at a table with Kai, two more blue officers, and Damon, who sat across from him.
  • Getting no reply to why he'd used his equipment to stop the ship, Stanton then asked where his ID card was, and Matthew guessed defensively that he'd lost it; Stanton found the idea ridiculous.
  • After Damon's theorizing, Matthew gave in and admitted that he'd sneaked aboard the Terra Venture and apologized, saying now he wanted to go home.
  • Kai reported that they had Matthew's mother on line from Earth; in a monitor on the wall, a transmission of Matthew's worried mom tuned in.
  • Matthew's mom was extremely worried, asking how he could have done this, and he guiltily told her he'd wanted to go into space.
  • His mom defeatedly concluded that she was never going to see him again, and Matthew told her he loved her.
  • As she sniffled, his mom told him she loved him too, and the image faded into static.
  • Matthew wanted to go home, but Stanton explained why they couldn't turn the ship around for him and said that Terra Venture was his new home.
  • Later, Damon drove up to an outdoor transformer panel, with Matthew dressed in a green suit identical to his.
  • As they got out white protective suits to put on, Damon explained that Matthew had to learn something other than hacking into computers.
  • Matthew asked Damon whether he'd left his family on Earth, and Damon had; when asked if he missed them, Damon replied that he did every day.
  • While Damon was teaching Matthew how to replace liquid cylinders inside the transformer panels, Damon heard the warble beep of his Transmorpher, and he told Matthew he'd be right back; Matthew thought he could do all right on his own.
  • In the city, Matthew was running when he found Furio with Stingwingers telling them to quickly find the elevator to the control tower.
  • As the villains approached the administration building, Furio said his plan was working perfectly; Matthew, hiding nearby, was nearly discovered, but he then ran around and beat the villains inside the building, taking the elevator up just in time to escape the Stingwingers.
  • Passing out, Matthew pressed a button on the white stand in Command Headquarters, making an alarm blare, and he groaned, "Somebody... help."
  • Minutes later, the Galaxy Rangers entered Command Headquarters from the hallway; Green Ranger cradled Matthew, calling him by name, and Matthew groaned that he'd tried to stop them from taking over.
  • Green Ranger told Matthew he'd done a great job as the boy passed out again.
  • Some time after the Rangers had destroyed Gasser, Matthew stood before Stanton and a line of blue GSA officers, with red officers beside them, and Kendrix, Damon, and Kai together at the end of the line.
  • A blue Type 2 officer presented Stanton with a medal case, and Stanton removed the medal and put it around Matthew's neck, telling him Terra Venture was safe because of his courage and bravery.
  • The medal, on its blue ribbon, had a torch in the center, with olive branches on either side.
  • Matthew thanked them but wished his mom was there to see it, and Stanton didn't know what to say as Matthew walked off sulking.
  • Walking through a park with his bag and medal, Matthew was sad, but the Rangers suddenly leapt in, landing in front of him.
  • Matthew was pleased and surprised by the Rangers' presence; when morphed Damon asked, "Hey Matthew, you know you're a hero?" Matthew enthusiatically hugged him.
  • Green Ranger told Matthew that he'd saved the whole colony, then said that someone had told them that he might want to go home.
  • Soon, the Rangers stood with Matthew on the Megaship bridge as they established a transmission with Stanton in Command Headquarters.
  • Green Ranger told the commander they would be escorting Matthew home.
  • Stanton told Matthew they'd miss him and thanked him, and Matthew thanked him for letting him see outer space; Stanton chuckled that it had been an honor, and the transmission faded out as Matthew waved.
  • On the bridge, Matthew looked at his medal and was eager for his mom to see it.
  • Green Ranger had Alpha set a course for Earth, and Alpha replied, "You got it!"; the Megaship then flew away from Terra Venture.

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