Max Solarzord
- Titanium Ranger's solar-powered shuttle/robot Zord
Max Solarzord
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First Appearance: 815-SSun
Last Appearance: 838-SDem
Pictures: ground mode (shown at right), shuttle mode, cockpit, nosecone cabin, robot mode, Solarzord-Rail Rescue train
See Also: Lifeforce Megazord


  • Miss Fairweather showed Mitchell schematics for the Max Solarzord, the front end of which strongly resembled the front of the Astro Megaship.
  • The Solarzord was ready, but it was useless without a Titanium Ranger; it had a sophisticated weapons system which she'd designed specifically to be operated by the Titanium Ranger.
  • Miss Fairweather returned the gold disc to its sigiled gold holder inside a black sigiled case with two raised sections.
  • In the lab later, Ryan secretly removed the Solarzord disc and put it into the computer, the monitor displaying, "Power Cells Activating"; Ryan then rode the corner lift up from the pool room to go to the Solarzord, morphing on the way.
  • Beside the Train Bay's right side, the slender Solarzord bay arose, bearing the Titanium Ranger's M design; a black cylindrical lock (perhaps the size of a Rescuezord) then extended from the Solarzord bay to the Train Bay and rotated to lock on.
  • The bay's lid opened, and the Solarzord rolled out on its track in train mode, its wings folded up by its sides.
  • As it rolled out from its bay, the Solarzord's blue solar panels were all gleaming blue.
  • The Solarzord's cockpit bore a sigil in the back and a Titanium M design in the front.
  • Needing a little help, Ryan was instructed by Miss Fairweather to position wings for takeoff, and the Solarzord unfolded its wings and took off into the sky with white rocket boosters in its rear.
  • The Solarzord shuttle shot orange laser pulses from its twin, dual-barreled, front underside cannons.
  • Miss Fairweather soon told Ryan to energize the solar panels and head toward the sun; the Solarzord flew into orbit, then "coordinated energizing position" by turning sideways, making the glowing panels flare up even brighter.
  • The Solarzord flew down fully energized and, to transform, tucked in its wings; the front released, and the arms unfolded, the head emerging upside-down and its hidden yellow eyes lighting up briefly within its visor.
  • The completed Max Solarzord flipped down in a ball but with a quick burst expanded in robot mode, landing on the massive Supertrain's shoulders.
  • The Solarzord backflipped in a ball off Supertrain and flashed into shuttle form, turned around, and flashed into a jump-kick, followed by a flash-flipping forward flip kick, then a spin-flash tornado kick; spinning forward, it then did a flying double punch.
  • Carter offered a boost, and the Solarzord flipped toward the Supertrain from behind, allowing Supertrain to launch it forward with its hand for a flying attack.
  • Flying forward, the Solarzord wielded a gold-paneled shield blaster, generating a partial blue energy sphere in front as the two barrels, sticking out from the forcefield, shot powerful green lasers, destroying titan-sized Falkar.
  • Returning fire after being blasted by titan-sized Thunderon, the Solarzord destroyed him as well with the shield cannon.


  • Inspired to go to the desert, Ryan scaled some sort of access ladder in an "Upper Passageway" corridor, apparently to go to the Solarzord as he'd done with the pool room lift in 815-SSun.
  • The experimental Battle Boosters were shaped like a silver and black model of the Solarzord with a white V on the side.
  • As titan-sized Diabolico blasted the Lightspeed Megazord, the Solarzord flew in in robot mode blasting with its shield cannon; Diabolico blocked with his forearm, deflecting the blast into the city around him.
  • The Solarzord flipped and flew overhead in shuttle mode, and Ryan told Carter to grab ahold of his Zord, which the Megazord did.
  • Miss Fairweather had Carter engage his Battle Booster; he pressed a red button in his cockpit, and a small control panel of white buttons labeled "Max-V Control System" flipped open, and a port for his Battle Booster slid out into position, bearing silver wings like the Solarzord's.
  • In midair, the Solarzord split apart and assembled with the Lightspeed Megazord to form the armor of the Lightspeed Solarzord.


  • Deploying the Solarzord, Ryan again flew into space to charge the solar panels before landing downtown.
  • The Solarzord's cockpit buttons were, like Rescue Ops, strikingly similar to the Megaship's consoles, even bearing the same yellow "Emergency Alert" rectangle.
  • To leave his cockpit, Ryan rushed out a side rear exit to the right of the rear sigil; he then flipped down from the Lightspeed Solarzord's head level.


  • Days after Ryan's departure, Miss Fairweather explained to the teens a simple modification to Carter's Battle Booster to allow them to operate Max Solarzord by remote, which they'd need to initiate the new Omega Megazord.
  • As Miss Fairweather began the final countdown for the Omega Project's launch, the Solarzord bay opened, and the backwards Solarzord tilted up into launch position above the vertical Rail Rescue train.
  • Pulling the train vertically, the Solarzord flew upward into space, the booster in the rear of Rail Rescue Five providing the smoky thrust.


  • The sky blackened with dark clouds, Max Solarzord aided the Omega Megazord in robot mode against giant mutated Trakeena, but it was immediately rendered useless as its jump kick bounced off Trakeena.


  • After Carter thought to use the Solarzord to take them into space, it landed in robot mode near the teens, and they ran up to it.
  • Inside a fairly spacious but drab control room with black walls and some readout sections, the teens strapped themselves into five seats fastened to the floor.
  • Miss Fairweather had the Solarzord lift off, and it backflipped into jet mode, flying into the sky.
  • In space, Carter shouted for Miss Fairweather to open the "shuttlezord" door, which she did from her keyboard.
  • The cockpit's door slid open, revealing outer space, and the air and spores were sucked straight out the front of the Solarzord's nosecone.
  • The bolt on Kelsey's seatbelt broke loose, and she was nearly ripped right out of the room, but the others grabbed her and held on fiercely through the windstorm.
  • Once all the spores were gone, the door sealed shut, and blue lasers from under the Solarzord's front shot through the spore cloud, making explosions.
  • Later, Olympius darkened the sky, presumably to preclude the use of the Solarzord in the Zord battle.


  • The Thermo Blasters were shaped vaguely like the Solarzord, silver and black, with a Ranger-colored stripe down the side.
  • When Olympius darkened the sky during the Zord battle, the Lightspeed Solarzord was split apart into Lightspeed Megazord and Solarzord by lightning bolts.
  • As the Rangers were losing power, they sent the Solarzord away, and it flew off in jet mode; after it had apparently left the dark region, the sun began recharging the Lightspeed Megazord remotely through the distant Solarzord.


  • As the sky darkened while the Lightspeed Megazord and Solarzord fought Infinitor, they both lost power once again, prompting the formation of the Omega Megazord.


  • Grabbing the Solarzord by the neck, titan-sized Olympius stabbed his sharp fingers into its stomach and dropped it; Chad observed that the Solarzord had lost all power, but it was later able to form the Lightspeed Solarzord.


  • The Lightspeed Solarzord was apparently totaled in battle with Diabolico and Olympius.
  • The Lifeforce Megazord was a black version of the Lightspeed Solarzord; it was never shown in component form.

    - Phrases used to deploy Solarzord remotely
    819-QRet Ryan: "Max Solarzord, online!"
    820-OPrj Carter: "Max Solarzord, online!"
    827-FrZo Chad: "Max Solarzord!"

    - Phrases used to unfold wings into shuttle mode from train mode
    815-SSun Ryan: "Wings in position!"

    - Phrases used to fire shield cannon in robot mode
    815-SSun Ryan: "Locked! Fire!"

    - Phrases used for Solarzord-Rail Rescue train liftoff
    820-OPrj Miss Fairweather: "Liftoff initiated!"
    838-SDem Chad: "Omega Megazord, online!"

    - Phrases used for Solarzord to leave battle
    827-FrZo Carter: "Solarzord, launch!"

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