- citizen of Mirinoi, gathered Galaxy Rangers and accompanied Terra Venture to Mirinoi
- former Yellow Galaxy Ranger (702-QsQ2 through 745-End3, also 821-TrR1, 822-TrR2)
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First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
Pictures: close-up (shown at right), medium shot, long shot, profile, young Shondra and Maya


  • In the jungle of Mirinoi, an old Mirinoite sage named Jera addressed an attentive and pleased Mirinoite audience sitting before him as he explained the origin behind the Quasar Sabers.
  • A teen boy and Maya ran up giggling from beyond the audience's right side and took a seat in the rear to listen attentively.
  • Maya was wearing grayish-brown jungle clothes rather than what would later be her normal yellow outfit.
  • Among the people who attempted to pull a Quasar Saber was a teenaged girl with long black wavy hair; as she gave up, she, Maya, and the crowd were disappointed, as they had been during each successive failure.
  • Stingwingers suddenly leapt in, making the crowd panic, and a man, perhaps Jera, told everybody to run.
  • In the small hut village nearby, Furio walked in; meanwhile, Maya struggled briefly and ran away from some Stingwingers, not yet seeing Furio, although some people did.
  • As Maya ran through the jungle as Stingwingers ran after her firing red lasers, some of the lasers suddenly suddenly stopped right in front of Maya as a swirling portal opened up in front of her.
  • Maya, startled, fell through the portal and rolled down a hill on Earth's moon where Terra Venture soldiers were training in the distance; Maya came to a stop at the feet of Leo and Mike, who were alone in the area with Kendrix and Kai.
  • Maya cautiously looked up at Leo and Mike and rose to her feet, then started to run toward Kai and Kendrix a few feet away, but Mike caught her; she tried to run the other way, but Leo caught her instead.
  • Just then, three Stingwingers rolled down the hill, having emerged from the portal as well.
  • Maya, behind Leo and Mike, watched with a hint of pleasure as Mike clenched his fist in readiness.
  • As the Stingwingers attacked, the four teens fought to protect Maya, whom the Stingwingers seemed to be after; eventually, the four aimed energy rifles at the insect warriors, making them fly away back into the portal in retreat.
  • When asked who she was, Maya gave her name and said her home was the planet Mirinoi, or what was left of it.
  • Sadly, Maya prepared to go back, saying Scorpius would destroy her world if he got the Quasar Sabers.
  • Mike went with Kendrix and Maya, leaving Leo with Kai, planning to be back soon.


  • On Mirinoi, Maya cautiously led Kendrix and Mike through the jungle.
  • As Jera was being attacked, Maya leapt in and was joined by the other teens, including Leo, Kai, and new arrival Damon.
  • As Furio prepared to strike Mike he pulled a Quasar Saber to defend himself, startling everyone.
  • When the other teens, except Leo, pulled the remaining Quasar Sabers, Maya pulled the Yellow Galaxy Ranger's Wolf saber.
  • Maya was awed that they'd been chosen.
  • When Furio plunged his sword into the ground and began turning everything to stone, Leo joined the others; just before turning to stone, Jera yelled for Maya to run, and the others hurried her away from the approaching wave.
  • Once Mike had fallen into a crevice after giving Leo his saber, Maya was the first of the teens to yell, "Mike!" despite having just met him.
  • As the Megaship flew from Mirinoi with the Rangers, Maya was sad as she and Leo watched as the last green spot on the planet was swallowed up by grayness.
  • Immediately after the Megaship had crossed through the portal home, Maya, having been holding her left hand on the handle of her compact Quasar Saber, now had a Transmorpher on her morphed wrist, though none of the other Rangers did.
  • Maya, after looking at her hands and not just the Morpher on her wrist, explained in awe that the Quasar Sabers had been put in the rock 3,000 years ago, and a flashback showed a broad blue beam from above the jungle causing the sabers to materialize in the stone with yellow electricity; at the time, there had been a tribal mask decoration in the background of the jungle.
  • Maya said that every warrior in the galaxy had tried and failed to free the sabers, yet the only people shown in the flashback appeared to be Mirinoites.
  • Maya spoke, "We've been given an unbelievable opportunity and responsiblity to defend all that is just and right in the universe!" and added, "We've been chosen... to be Power Rangers!"


  • Days or weeks later, after all civilians had obtained uniforms, Leo and Maya were in new outfits attending to plants in a garden near a "Horticultural Research" complex.
  • Leo was spraying a mist from a bottle onto some shrubs while Maya entered some data into a panel device.
  • Maya was now wearing what would be her normal yellow jungle outfit, consisting of a minimal top, numerous necklaces, cloth bracelets, thin gold ornaments around her biceps, a skirt cut off mid thigh, and long black boots; despite her strange clothing, however, Maya never seemed to attract any special attention from her fellow passengers.
  • As they walked around to the other side of some shrubs, Maya paused as she heard a distant howling (made by the Wolf Galactabeast) which caused birds to fly from the building's roof and the nearby trees.
  • As Leo asked, not hearing anything, Maya was worried that someone was in trouble.
  • Soon, Maya and Leo were quickly walking away from the research building when Damon drove up and asked about the emergency.
  • As Maya was sure she'd heard animals in trouble, Leo asked if the Megaship was ready to go, and as Maya confidently led them through a GSA hallway, Damon replied that the Megaship was ready but that the navigations were all down, but Maya insisted she would know how to get there.
  • As the three teens came to a restricted airlock secretly leading into the Megaship in the docking bay, Maya entered a quick code onto the keypad, opening the door.
  • After the Megaship had been flying through space for some time, they approached a red planet, and Maya cupped her ear and suddenly heard the howling again, telling the others that the animals were on that planet.
  • Maya had brown eyes.
  • In the forest of the planet, Maya was again the only one to hear the distant howl, and it led her and the others to a clearing where the Galactabeasts were being held by Stingwingers in five giant cages.
  • Maya said they had to free them, but Damon was reluctant, saying they didn't sound friendly; Leo said they needed a distraction, so Maya went in to draw the Stingwingers away.
  • Calling out to Brunt and the Stingwingers from a tree branch, Maya excitedly smiled for him to come get her, and she swung down to the ground using several vines and lured them away from the Galactabeasts.
  • Later, after the five Rangers had freed the giant Galactabeasts, Damon cowered behind Maya, wondering if the creatures were going to eat them, but Maya laughed that there was nothing to worry about.
  • The Lion stomped a paw on the ground and roared, and Maya replied, "We know."; Leo was awed that Maya could understand them, and when the Lion roared again, she translated that he had thanked the Rangers for rescuing them, and someday they would return the favor.
  • Later, as the Galactabeasts confronted giant Radster on Terra Venture, Maya was able to translate the Lion's roar, which told Leo to combine powers with him and jump on.
  • Later in the guys' room, Maya was standing at the windows looking into space and told Kendrix when asked that she was wondering whether she'd ever see Mirinoi again.


  • It was Maya who first called for use of the Condor Missile Mode in the Galaxy Megazord.
  • Maya didn't know anything more about the Lights of Orion than the other teens.
  • Maya didn't know what was wrong with eating raw cookie dough, and Kai explained the necessary baking times, after which Maya urgently told Leo he had to wait until they were cooked, making the teens laugh.


  • In the girls' room, Kendrix got a vase for some large sunflowers on the counter which Maya said were gorgeous.
  • Kendrix thought there was something really special about sunflowers, and Maya agreed, saying they were beautiful and yet so powerful.
  • Kendrix said that sunflowers lit up the world, and Maya said that on Mirinoi, they had sunflower statues on their temple gates, as it was believed the flowers held the secrets of the universe.


  • Maya was working at a horse stable and was brushing two horses.
  • Walking up, Damon and Leo were impressed with Maya's way with animals.
  • Maya needed help exercising the horses and was amused when the guys tried to excuse themselves; she had them toss a coin, and Leo ended up nervously helping her exercise the two horses.
  • Suddenly, Leo's horse started running, and he fell off but was all right.


  • Immediately after Kendrix had prepared and hidden a surprise birthday cake for Damon and then left, Maya arrived from the elevator nearby and walked into their room.
  • Maya tossed down a brown purse-like bag and lay in a hammock set up to the left of the bunk beds.
  • Maya's stomach grumbled, and she was starving.
  • In what was presumably Maya's corner of the room were several tall plants, a basket, what looked like a wooden lamp and lampshade, and a wooden ladder leading up the side of the wall to nowhere.
  • Searching the kitchen, Maya smelled the cake and found it in the cabinet, delighted.
  • Kendrix entered and was furious to find Maya messily finishing off the last of the cake in her hammock; Maya innocently asked since when she needed permission to eat.
  • Kendrix yelled that maybe in the jungle, people ate whatever they wanted, but here they asked first; Maya retorted that in the jungle, people were happy to share.
  • Maya blamed Kendrix for there not being anything else to eat since she hadn't gone shopping, so she took her purse to go shopping, and Kendrix angrily threw the last chunk of cake at her; just as the door was opening for her, revealing eavesdroppers Leo and Kai, Maya dodged, making most of the cake hit Leo.
  • Downtown, Maya and Kendrix were irritatedly walking with groceries, planning to divide the refrigerator.
  • When the girls slammed into an invisible forcefield, Maya exclaimed, "What in star blazes was that?"
  • The girls concluded it was Scorpius's doing and eventually came to the white halfpipe building, where Destruxo had put his staff into the ground to find the Lights of Orion.
  • While the girls fought Destruxo but were being overwhelmed, the air in the forcefield began to grow thin, making it difficult to breathe.
  • Maya wanted to stay and take care of Destruxo, but Kendrix told her they had to leave and save the colony.
  • Maya charged but was slashed back, and Kendrix shot blasts from her Beta Bow into the ground, making a distraction after which the two had vanished.
  • Inside the open doorway of a building, Kendrix and Maya were unmorphed.
  • Maya now had scratches on her left cheek, but at no point had she been struck in the face.
  • Kendrix went to dab the scratch with a cloth, but Maya knocked her hand away, angry that she had retreated rather than helping her fight.
  • Maya had light brown eyes.
  • Kendrix said Destruxo was too powerful, but Maya left to stop him herself, flipping off a ledge outside and running off.
  • Elsewhere, Maya caught sight of a bakery shop window with birthday cakes on display, and she realized with regret that she'd eaten a birthday cake.
  • Stingwingers sneaked up behind the distracted Maya, but Kendrix fought them off.
  • The Mirinoites didn't celebrate birthdays; Kendrix apologized for overreacting, and Maya agreed to help make another cake.
  • Fighting Destruxo together, the girls attacked with two sets of Delta Daggers, then two sets of Beta Bows, but it wasn't until Maya occupied the monster with her weapons and Kendrix then struck him that they scored a hit and managed to destroy his forcefield generator.
  • The two little girls resembling Maya and Kendrix jumped and then victoriously hit their forearms together, and nearby, the morphed girls did the same.
  • Later during Damon's birthday party after the Lights of Orion had flown off into space, Maya was looking out the windows; she said the Lights were out there somewhere, and some day they would be back.


  • One night perhaps days or weeks later, a gentle wind was blowing around Maya as she slept in her room, but it stopped as she awoke from a dream.
  • At the guys' room with Kendrix, Maya told them she'd had a dream, then got the urge to approach the window, saying, "There," and the Lights of Orion flew by in space, lighting up the room.


  • After a battle in which he thought he'd heard Mike's voice, Leo was alone in the guys' room when Maya came in; he told her to save her breath if she'd come to tell him that he'd only been dreaming about Mike, as he knew what he'd heard.
  • On the contrary, Maya admitted she'd first thought the voices had been in his imagination, but she was now sensing something in the air that she couldn't explain, and she too thought Mike was alive.


  • Another day, Leo drove Maya on a road in the Mountain Dome, and she smiled that the dome always reminded her of Mirinoi, and she was glad they'd come.
  • As Leo was telling a story, Maya had distractedly them stop, and the Scorpion Stinger suddenly appeared and attacked, demonstrating yet another instance of Maya's precognition.
  • Running from a wall of flame from an explosion, Leo and Maya were propelled forward by a second explosion, allowing them to dash under a closing airlock doorway just before it sealed.


  • Maya wore yellow spandex shorts under her jungle skirt.


  • In a jungle environment shortly before Deviot would attack with three evil Zords, Maya urgently came up to a clearing where the Galactabeasts were standing; when she asked what it was, the Galactabeasts all made their various growls, and Maya replied worriedly that she sensed it too.
  • That night, Maya came into the Science Division as Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book alone.
  • Maya said there was something in the air, the same feeling she'd had when they'd found the Galactabeasts.
  • Kendrix showed Maya the torn page containing a drawing of the lost Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts, but Maya didn't know what it was.
  • When Kendrix matched up the pages, explaining that they were three more Galactabeasts in addition to their five, Maya realized that was what she'd been sensing, concluding they were close.


  • Soon after the Galactabeasts had refused to fight Deviot's three evil Zords, Maya urgently talked with them in the jungle, not understanding why they wouldn't help against the evil Zords' destructive intentions.
  • When the evil Stratoforce Megazord landed downtown, Maya suddenly knew the evil Zords were coming.
  • Downtown, Maya saw the evil Zords, then saw the Galactabeasts arriving, and she ran off after nodding to the Lion.


  • After Scorpius's destruction, the teens lounged under a tree in the park; having had a butterfly on her finger, Maya was suddenly alert as an eerie whooshing seemed to go past, and she told the teens that someone even more evil than Scorpius had taken his place; indeed, Scorpius had just passed on his powers to Trakeena.


  • In the park, a little girl ("Mandy" from the credits) was crying as her kitten was stuck high up in a tree; learning the problem as she was walking by, Maya gingerly scaled the tree and came back down reassuring the kitten.
  • Before Maya returned the kitten, it squeaked, and she replied, "I know," and told the girl he said he'd never do it again.
  • After the kids and mother had left, Maya suddenly saw her old friend Shondra walking confidently and happily along the street below, wearing a brown, leathery version of Maya's outfit.
  • Shocked, Maya ran up behind her, surprising her as well, and they hugged.
  • In a flashback, teenaged Maya and Shondra were running giggling through the Mirinoi jungle, then it flashed back to them as pre-teen girls in the same yellow and brown respective outfits, but without the boots.
  • Young Shondra was a bit bigger than young Maya.
  • Beside a pond, young Maya had used a bamboo shoot to blow bubbles into the pond, and young Shondra had told her she was scaring the turtles.
  • In the present, Maya said she'd been so worried, asking how she'd escaped Furio's attack, and Shondra spoke of fleeing and suddenly falling through a portal, eventually finding herself on Terra Venture.
  • Happy, Maya went to introduce Shondra to her best friend, correcting herself by adding that it was her best friend on Terra Venture.
  • In the Science Division, Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book when Maya, giving her friend the grand tour, freely brought in Shondra, whom Kendrix had heard about.
  • Calling for a celebration, Kendrix decided to leave early to make dinner.
  • As the girls walked away arm-in-arm, Shondra asked Maya to tell her about what had been going on since the last time she'd seen her.
  • As the girls walked laughing elsewhere, Shondra recalled the time they'd to pull the Quasar Sabers, and Maya laughed with her.
  • Sitting beside a small campfire beside the sabers' stone, the sage Jera spoke to young Maya and young Shondra; he told them the five Quasar Sabers had been placed there over three thousand years ago, and someday they would find the men who would find the courage to extricate them.
  • Later, alone, the two girls had been trying to pull the sabers; Maya had tried to pull the Pink Ranger's saber, and Shondra the Blue Ranger's.
  • Young Maya had thought her saber had budged; in the present, Maya laughed that they'd pulled until they had blisters.
  • In a tree with Shondra around the time the girls were supposed to meet the others for dinner, Maya was frustrated, saying she wished they were back on Mirinoi right then; they would be if it weren't for Scorpius and Trakeena, but now Maya didn't even know how to get back.
  • Maya didn't know how, but swore someday she was going back to Mirinoi.
  • Much later that night, long after the dinner Kendrix had made for them, Maya and Shondra came in giggling about old experiences as Kendrix lay sadly in a chair with the lights dimmed.
  • Maya offered Shondra her hammock, saying she was fine on the floor, but they both took the floor, intentionally ignoring the two available bunk beds in the room.
  • The next morning as Maya was alone making a large web like a dreamcatcher, Shondra was out having some stuff to do.
  • Kendrix ran in and told Maya about Shondra's secret excursion the previous night and the connection between Shondra's limping and the shooting of a monster that had tried to steal the Galaxy Book, but Maya stormed out thinking Kendrix was simply jealous of the girls' friendship.
  • Arriving in the city from an escalator, Maya would soon notice Shondra hurrying suspiciously, so she pursued.
  • Soon, in the control tower, Shondra avoided people rushing around as an alarm was blaring, and she called for an elevator while carring a book-sized cloth bag containing the Galaxy Book.
  • Entering the elevator, Shondra bumped into Maya, nervously unable to explain what she was doing.
  • Guards with laser rifles trotted down the hall as the guard who had shot Rykon the previous night told them to search everywhere; they paid Maya and Shondra in the elevator no attention.
  • Maya stopped the guard and asked what was going on; he replied before leaving that someone had stolen the Galaxy Book.
  • Shondra tried to go in the elevator, but Maya caught the doors, asking what was in the bag; Shondra told her she needed to trust her, but Maya said the Shondra she knew wasn't a thief.
  • Growling in Rykon's voice, Shondra shoved Maya back and left in the elevator.
  • As Shondra rode the elevator down the building with the Galaxy Book, Maya was quickly rappelling down the side of the building with a rope; she landed below in time to confront Shondra below the halfpipe bridge.
  • With Rykon's voice, Shondra fought Maya; winning, Maya couldn't deliver the finishing punch, so Shondra kicked her down.
  • Shondra morphed into Rykon, holding the cloth-covered Galaxy Book, and Maya morphed into the Yellow Ranger to fight the monster.
  • At one point after taking and hiding the Galaxy Book, Maya stomped on the downed monster's chest, angry for her impersonation of her friend.
  • After Maya had been thrown back, the other Rangers arrived to help, and Maya told Kendrix she'd been right.
  • Later sitting high in a tree branch as Kendrix walked up, Maya remembered swinging on vines with Shondra.
  • Kendrix apologized about Shondra, and Maya apologized for not listening, having wanted so badly to believe her friend had returned.
  • Someday Maya knew she would find Mirinoi again and bring everything back to life; Kendrix said someday she would get to meet the real Shondra.


  • In the forest, Leo walked up to a tree where Maya stood happily listening to the growls of giant Wolf Galactabeast above, excitedly listening to a story he was telling in growls.
  • Leo was amazed, asking how she could understand them; she replied that it wasn't that hard, saying he had to listen to his heart, adding that the Galactabeasts spoke feelings, not words.
  • Maya had Leo try as the Wolf was still growling softly, and Leo closed his eyes but wasn't able to get anything, then joking that maybe he should stick to magic tricks.
  • Some time later, both Maya and Kendrix were morphed to confront Motor Mantis when he attacked Terra Venture.
  • During the struggle, Motor Mantis turned morphed Kendrix and Maya into gold trophies; they were later restored when the monster was defeated by the Red Capsular Cycle.
  • Later, walking in the woods with Maya before a mountain bike race with the guys, Leo explained the Lion had told him about the Red Capsular Cycle, surprising Maya.
  • Leo joked that they'd talked for hours, all night long, and he'd told Leo about back when he'd been just a baby Lion Galactabeast growing up in another galaxy.
  • Actually, the Lion had told Leo his Astro Cycle had more powers, so he'd just crossed his fingers and gone for it; Maya giggled and told him he'd gotten lucky.


  • In the Mountain Dome, Maya and Damon sparred on a mat outside as the others cheered; Damon knocked Maya down, but she eventually grappled him, making Leo tease that she wasn't bad, for a girl.
  • Soon, the Rangers confronted Loyax, and when morphed Maya leapt down to fight him, Loyax hit and grabbed her, saying no girl was going to defeat him.
  • Catching her sword after she'd struck him repeatedly, Loyax told Maya she was quite valiant for a mere girl; as he knocked her down and prepared to strike, Leo told him to fight him instead, and Loyax agreed with pleasure, but Maya grabbed his leg.
  • Telling Loyax he fought them all if he fought one Ranger, Maya pulled his chain, and they both fell screaming over the cliff to the ocean below, disappearing.
  • In a dark cavern, unmorphed Maya had a gash in the outside of her right knee; Loyax told her she would be all right, but he would never recover from this disgrace, ashamed to be lost in a cave all because of a girl; Maya insisted being a girl made no difference.
  • Loyax tossed Maya a flexible gold-weave cuff for her injury, and she put it on, accusing him of pushing her off the cliff.
  • Loyax told Maya that they might be enemies - a Power Ranger that fought for good and him, a mighty warrior that had been on the side of evil for centuries - but for now, they needed each other.
  • Maya angrily doubted it, but she then tripped against a boulder; Loyax explained his eyesight was poor in the dark, and she couldn't walk, but they could get out if they forgot they were enemies.
  • Maya rode on Loyax's back, telling him where to go, and they eventually found the cave opening together.
  • Loyax agreed they'd made it out through togetherness, but he then tossed her to the ground, telling her to prepare for battle.
  • When Deviot and Stingwingers arrived, Loyax insisted his last battle was to be an honorable one, and when the villains attacked, both Maya and Loyax fought them off, Maya wielding a large stick until being kicked in the injured leg.
  • Striking the offending Stingwinger with his mace, Loyax commended Yellow Ranger on her bravery, saying their battle would be honorable.
  • Deviot blasted, mocking his honor, and soon knocked Loyax down until Maya pounced, helping Loyax up.
  • Loyax struck Deviot in the chest with his mace, sending him flying back, and the two escaped together, successfully evading the Stingwingers.
  • Elsewhere, Loyax promised Yellow Ranger a fair fight; she insisted he didn't have to battle, as he wasn't on the villains' side, but he explained once having fought for good with his heart before finding evil to be too strong and widespread.
  • Maya insisted he could be good again, but Loyax replied he was far too old to change, and that all was left for him was one last glorious battle, with her.
  • Loyax, refusing Maya's offers to be good again and fight with his heart, said he knew his destiny, threatening Maya that her refusal to fight wasn't an option, so she reluctantly morphed and proceeded to swordfight him.
  • Both combatants were smoking and panting after a while; Maya reminded him they could both win if they stopped, but Loyax insisted the battle meant too much to him.
  • Slashing Loyax with a powerful attack, Maya pinned him to the ground for the fight to end; he told her to destroy him, but she refused, admitting that while she didn't have his experience, she knew he could be good again.
  • Maya held out her hand, and after some thought, he began to take it, but a large electronic dart stuck into his back, and he pulled it out, knowing it had been Deviot; on a cliff nearby, Deviot criticized Loyax's honor.
  • Loyax grew, and he soon stomped in the distance near the four Rangers, challenging them, and then stomped near Maya; she begged him not to do this, but he cried out that he couldn't stop it.
  • The four joined Maya, and she explained that Deviot had some sort of control over Loyax, then had them form the Galaxy Megazord.
  • After the Megazord had freed Loyax from external control, he attacked Deviot but began to spark; stunned, Loyax limply turned to the Megazord and thanked Yellow Ranger for showing him the truth, telling her she was truly a noble warrior; he then fall and exploded.
  • At sunset on the beach, Maya led the teens up to Loyax's broken sword; remembering his words about battling with his heart for good, she spoke that he'd won his last battle, having proven that his heart was still good, and that was how she would always remember him.
  • Maya stuck the broken sword into the sand, and the teens somberly walked off toward the sunset.


  • Maya and Damon were walking with grocery bags in the plaza; Damon complained about carrying two large bags, but Maya, eating an apple and carrying one lighter bag, replied that her hands were full.
  • Maya's top had been altered slightly to allow for a more busty-looking fit.
  • After the apparent destruction of the Psycho Rangers by the Space and Galaxy Rangers, the eleven teens returned to the Megaship, and when Ashley had them stay at least for a tour, Maya volunteered to give them the grand tour.


  • In a dark dream forest, Kendrix's ghost told Maya she had to find her Quasar Saber, as it had fallen into the wrong hands on Gwinnet.
  • Maya asked about Kendrix, she replied that she was in a wonderful place, but she stressed that Maya had to protect her saber, at which point Maya woke.
  • Maya's hair now appeared slightly different in texture.
  • Maya woke up on her hammock in a sweat, and she looked at a photo of herself and Kendrix in a frame on a nightstand.
  • Maya apparently slept in her yellow outfit.
  • In the Megaship, the guys sleepily met Maya, who told them of her vision, and they then set out for Gwinnet in their Jammers.
  • Later, after Karone had joined the team as the new Pink Ranger, Maya cheerfully brought Karone into their quarters, introducing it, as they both carried shopping bags.
  • Karone was amazed with Terra Venture.
  • Maya showed Karone her bunk, the center pink one, and said there was food in the kitchen.
  • Karone's pink bunk was the center one, but the yellow curtain was now on top, with gray on bottom.
  • Maya told Karone this was her home now, but Karone caught sight of the picture of Maya and Kendrix, unsure whether she could be as good as Kendrix, although she would do the best she could.
  • Maya reassured Karone, saying Kendrix would be honored to have her take her place; apparently Maya wasn't aware that Kendrix's spirit had personally selected Karone.
  • The guys and Mike rolled in a cart of food including a roasted chicken, a special feast for the ladies.


  • After Karone had proven her goodness against Astronema, the four guys played football in civilian clothes; watching them, Maya thought of a mischievous idea, even though Karone wasn't evil anymore, and the two proceeded to spray the guys with a garden hose.


  • During Grunchor's rampage on Terra Venture, the Rangers discovered a revived Deviot with a remote.
  • As Grunchor's trail approached and the Rangers cleared out, Maya yanked Deviot off his higher platform, making him lose his scanner and panic as it was deactivated.
  • After Deviot had blasted at Leo, Maya leapt and slashed Deviot, then went to finish him off while he was down, but Leo blocked her saber with his, saying they needed him to tell them how to stop Grunchor; Maya shouted they had to get rid of Deviot while they had the chance.
  • Interrogated by Leo, Deviot didn't remember how to use the device, until Maya prepared to impale him, and he frighteningly gave in, saying fire was the only thing, but it would take more than they had.
  • Deviot swore he was telling the truth, then scrambled away mumbling in terror; Damon started to go after him, but Maya told him to let the coward run.


  • The girls were laughing when they came up to their door and found a bouquet left for them; Maya joked she was sure they were for her.
  • Seeing the tag, Maya remarked, "Oh, they're just from the guys," but Karone told her never to complain about getting flowers.


  • In a city plaza after images had been obtained of a nearby planet, people were running about excitedly, including the five teens, to the center of the plaza as Stanton prepared for an announcement in which he revealed the New World; the planet was actually Mirinoi, but none of the teens, including Maya, recognized it.
  • In the city at night, the five teens looked at the dark side of the planet filling the sky above.
  • Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born; she had no suspicion of it being Mirinoi.
  • Maya wished Kendrix were with them.


  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; after shaking hands with someone, morphed Maya looked up as the Wolf growled down to her, and Leo joined her.
  • The Galactabeasts walked away, and Maya said they wanted them to follow them; she and Leo ran off into the jungle, followed by the other three.
  • Without helmets, the Rangers followed Maya as she pressed through the jungle and came upon a region filled with stone people covered by vines.
  • Maya removed the vines and was stunned to see it was Jera, realizing they'd landed on Mirinoi.
  • Maya observed that all the legends had been right; they had been chosen, and with the Quasar Sabers, they'd defeated the forces of evil, referring to Trakeena and perhaps Scorpius or even others.
  • The legend had said that only the chosen five could remove the Quasar Sabers, and when Furio had turned the people of Mirinoi to stone, Maya said, it had become the teens' destiny to set things right.
  • Wishing they could have saved Mirinoi, Maya uncovered the sabers' stone and drew her Quasar Saber, telling it, "Our quest is complete. Maybe someday the next chosen warriors will free you."; until that time, she thrust the saber into its spot in the stone, and the other four did the same, demorphing them as energy was released from the sabers.
  • The sabers continued to shine, and the now bluish-white streaks continued to fly around the stone people, restoring everyone and everything in the village.
  • Maya delightedly called out Jera's name in amazement, and he hugged her, pleased, after regaining his bearings; by now, everyone and everything were back to normal.
  • Leo suddenly called their attention to an area of blue light streaks, from which Kendrix's ghosly image walked smiling, and she became solid as the light faded.
  • Kendrix beamed happily, "I knew you'd make it here."; shocked, Maya ran and hugged Kendrix, saying she didn't know how many times she'd wished she would come back.
  • Kendrix happily told Maya she'd missed her, and the teens, minus Karone, hugged her happily.


  • Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Maya still wore her yellow jungle outfit.
  • Shortly after Leo's journey to Mariner Bay, where Trakeena was gathering life energy, morphed Kai and Maya arrived in an alley to help unmorphed Red Lightspeed Ranger Carter and his young friend Heather against a gang of Ghouls.


  • As the teens stood together as Trakeena's hostages were freed following her destruction, Joel signed a publicity flyer of himself and assumed Kendrix and Maya would want one, but they giggled and Kendrix replied she didn't think so.
  • Dana and Chad were intimidated by the thought of the Galaxy Rangers having to put up with Trakeena all the way to Mirinoi, but Maya said that with Olympius and Vypra, the Lightspeed teens had it tough enough.
  • When Dana asked if the Galaxy teens could stay for a while, saying Mariner Bay could use another team of Rangers, Kai looked consideringly to Leo, but Kendrix happily told them they'd love to, but they were needed back on Mirinoi, and Maya nodded.

    Other Sources

  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    Maya is from a mystical tribe that once thrived on a distant planet that was turned to stone by Scorpius. Proud to be a Power Ranger, Maya believes that as a team the group can defeat her archenemy. Her wild spirit and closeness with nature gives her an ability to understand people and everything around her.

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