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  • After Kelsey had been given the fifth Starlight Crystal for Special Agent Myers' ambush for Vypra, the crystal was put in a case and handcuffed to Kelsey's wrist as she wore a security guard uniform; Myers and two other guards then accompanied Kelsey into a "Mariner Bay Armored Transport" armored van to depart from the lobby of a building.
  • On the drive, Kelsey called progress checks to the Rangers as they waited in the Rescue Rover nearby.
  • Soon on a side road downtown, Vypra raced up in the Vyprari and fired, causing the van to swerve aside; Batlings opened the back of the stopped van, at which point Kelsey flipped out and fought them.
  • Batlings beat up the guards, and as Kelsey fought, Vypra cut the handcuff with her sword and took the crystal from the case as Kelsey was grappled.
  • The Rangers arrived, recovering all five crystals from Vypra until Moleman, having possessed Myers, stole them and vanished, leaving a stunned Myers behind.
  • Two Batlings drove a camouflage military transport truck down a road; at Moleman's compound, Batlings waved the truck through a checkpoint, and inside the perimeter, more Batlings transported cases into the warehouse where Moleman was assembling his laser.

    Mariner Bay emergency services
    police and fire services in Mariner Bay
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  • Amidst firefighters scrambling over an apartment fire, two men in black stopped a firefighter and asked for Carter Grayson, but Carter was up on a ladder, from where he leapt into the flaming building.
  • Nearby were fire trucks, a police car, and an ambulance which bore a red caduceus in a blue circle with a white snake.
  • Carter was #97.
  • An explosion secretly caused by the fiery demon Ghouligan soon flung Carter and the girl he'd rescued out the window, where they were caught by firemen below, and Dana briefly tended to the girl before the paramedics took over.
  • Dana then had Carter come with her and the two men in black in her limo.


  • As the Rail Rescues approached the end of their newly emerged track leading away from the Train Bay, part of the nearby suspension bridge, swiveled over through the water to join to the end of the Rail Rescue track, and the Rail Rescues rolled down the middle of the four-lane bridge, with all cars, including several rescue vehicles, parked on the shoulder lanes.
  • As Pyro Rescue One approached a burning building in the section affected by Magmavore's lava crater, numerous fire trucks were near the base of the skyscraper with feeble ladder arms dwarfed by the fire truck Zord.


  • At the gridlocked freeway during the space shuttle's descent, giant MedRescue Five backed up and opened its rear panel, and Dana's voice spoke over a loudspeaker, telling them to clear the freeway and drive into the MedRescue vehicle; among the cars and trucks which did as requested was a police car.


  • After recent armed robber Steve Harrison had helped save a busload of people, a police car pulled up, and two officers apprehended the calm Steve.
  • Before handcuffs were put on, Dana told one officer that whatever Steve had done wrong, they should know he'd saved these people, and everyone nodded; intrigued, the officer thanked her for letting him know as they took him and his bag away without handcuffs.


  • A jumbo jet was flying over the city as the Rail Rescues flew in formation to assemble the Supertrain Megazord; not only was the plane still in the area during the Supertrain's aerial maneuvers, but at the same time immediately following a protracted Lightspeed Megazord battle against two giant monsters in the nearby mountains.


  • When Ryan had been perhaps five or six, late one cold night during a rainstorm, Bill Mitchell had been driving the two children home from visiting their grandmother when a near miss with a seemingly law-abiding semi cab had sent their car plunging through the railing and off a cliff; this was apparently somewhere near Mariner Bay.
  • The car had exploded on the ground far below, leaving young Ryan's toy fire truck nearby, but while Mitchell and Dana would survive, Ryan would vanish without a trace, leaving it unknown how Mitchell had explained Diabolico's abduction of his boy to the authorities.


  • When news broke of explosive feathers scattered throughout Mariner Bay by Diabolico, with Lightspeed declaring a city-wide emergency, rescue teams were mobilized around the city.
  • Somewhere in the city, with a fire truck in the background, two bomb squad members picked up feathers with pole arms to put them into a "Bomb Squad" case; meanwhile, police led people out of the area, past another bomb squad member and a bomb squad vehicle.


  • During an attack by Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon, Chad, Kelsey, and Dana lifted heavy rubble off an Asian guy before joining the others to confront the monsters while a police officer helped the injured man.


  • Leaving the power plant on fire, Shockatron burst out through a wall and left as fire trucks pulled up to the burning building, and Carter and Mitchell ran up as well.
  • Carter morphed and then watched as Mitchell put on a uniform and gear from a fire truck (truck 27).
  • Together, Mitchell and Carter ran in, helping out plant workers from under equipment.
  • As Carter and Mitchell made it out with the victims, the other five Rangers pulled up in the wailing Rover.
  • As Shockatron attacked the second power plant, Miss Fairweather called Mitchell over the CB on his gear, so he sent the Rangers off, saying he'd keep things under control here.
  • Trapped in the first plant, the field trip children were rescued by Firefighter Mitchell, who took off his mask to have them follow him out, but as they went, one girl went back for her teddy bear.
  • As the Rangers returned from destroying Shockatron at the second plant, morphed Carter asked a fireman if he knew where Captain Mitchell was, and the fireman replied he'd gone in after a little girl who was still missing.
  • Carter rushed in despite the fireman's cries that it was too dangerous, as the building was about to blow.
  • Inside, Mitchell called out for Ginny and found her coughing, giving her his mask to breathe into; when a large pipe fell, he held it for her as he'd done years ago for Carter with the burning beam.
  • Carter soon leapt off the roof with Ginny, landing nimbly and giving the girl to her chaperon.
  • Firemen shouted for everyone to get back, and a powerful explosion erupted from the building; Mitchell soon climbed down a fire hose from the roof, covered in soot.


  • Following explosions from lightning bolts above, the Rangers deployed the Rescuezords to help in a flaming area, with Pyro Rescue One placing Carter and Kelsey inside a burning skyscraper at the bottom of which were fire truck ladders.
  • Meanwhile, Dana directed gridlocked traffic into her Zord while Aero Rescue Three and Aqua Rescue Two doused building fires.
  • Inside the first building, Carter and Kelsey rushed two unconscious people to firefighters inside the burning building, who carried them away.


  • The teens drove in the Rover to an apartment fire where emergency personnel were on the scene, and they helped people out while morphed.
  • Despite intense heat and explosions, the four Rangers and rescue personnel carried coughing women out, the Rangers handing victims to emergency workers; Carter told a woman she was in good hands, telling another worker, "Good work."
  • Once everyone was out, Carter called to find out where Joel was, at which point he flew up from behind a building in Aero Rescue Three.
  • As the workers and Rangers watched, the Zord hovered over the smoking complex, and as Joel manuevered into a better position, Aero Rescue Three roared over the Rangers' heads, causing them to fall over, and Carter scolded him that he could've hurt somebody.
  • Aero Rescue Three hovered over the building and released ten yellow water bombs which doused the flames.
  • As Aero Rescue Three turned and flew off, it left a cloud of paper fliers which rained down on the rescue crowd, and people clamored for the fliers.


  • When the fire alarm was tripped at a glass skyscraper, a police car, ambulance, and fire truck (#54, as from 801-OpLs) soon arrived on the scene to evacuate people; among the geared-up firefighters were Carter, Joel, Chad, Kelsey, Dana, Leo Corbett, Kai Chen, and Maya.
  • Going in, Carter told a police officer leading people out that no one was to go on the thirteenth floor, and he nodded.
  • One one floor, firefighters Kai, Kelsey, and Joel evacuated people, and they met up at the outside doors with Dana and Chad after everyone was out.
  • As Leo, Carter, Maya, and Kelsey met up outside, Carter and Leo went in as the girls wished them luck, waiting behind.
  • In a stairwell leading to the roof, Carter and Leo ditched their firefighter gear as they ran up to the roof; there, they morphed and confronted Triskull in a plaza.
  • Later, the teens tossed their firefighter suits into the back of the nearby Rescue Rover while real fighters did things around the fire truck.


  • For a ransom getaway, Artie rode away on an apparently stolen Harbor Patrol jetski.
  • Artie later returned Bird Bane's presumably stolen $20,000 ransom to the police.


  • As the Rangers rushed to stop Memorase's attack downtown, morphed Dana attended to an injured boy with a first aid case from the Rover.
  • Paramedics soon took the boy away on a stretcher, although they also ended up taking the Rover's first aid kit in the process; Dana thanked them and let them take over from there.


  • During an attack by titan-sized, mutated Olympius (and perhaps Gatekeeper briefly as well), people downtown fled as police officers waved people past with red light batons.


  • Arriving in the Rescue Rover during a monster attack, the teens rushed into action as rescue personnel: Carter and Joel helped firefighters prepare and operate fire hoses, while Chad and Kelsey helped Dana locate injured civilians for first aid.
  • Holding a prone little girl suffering from smoke inhalation, Dana rushed her to an ambulance nearby, having been unable to find a medic in the immediate vicinity.


  • Police officers directed fleeing civilians downtown as the hijacked Omega Megazord placed giant stones in the city and toppled buildings which were in its way.


  • Another day, a fire truck (#27, as from 818-FFTP) raced past the retiring Lightspeed teens toward a dark mass of smoke on the horizon, and the six teens would run after it to help, only Ryan bringing his Morpher; on future missions, the others may have brought their Morphers along as well.

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