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-   In the year 3000, vehicles with hover-capabilities flew through the throughout the skies of Millennium City, thanks mostly due to small thrusters at their rear or on their underside.
-   Traffic was pretty much random, limited to any open space between buildings and above the pedestrians on the ground. No visible barriers marked the sky-roadways.
-   Several hovercars of varying designs zoomed rather quietly by over and around the TF Courthouse, many resembling spaceships rather than traditional automobiles.
-   The unseen hoverchopper piloted apparently by Frax was unseen in the ambush of the transport truck, but gave off a loud turbine-blade rotation sound, like that of a helicopter.
-   The hoverchopper had a blinding searchlight at its front.
-   It was capable of firing off large missiles, two at a time.
-   The next morning, a small hover vehicle, presumably the hoverchopper, flew across a bay and landed on the panding pad at Funaro Maximum Security Prison.
-   The hoverchopper was a purple and blue colored, sleek-designed craft, with a rounded fin across the back, connected to a small pod on each side of the central cabin section.
-   On a deserted road on the outskirts of Millennium City, Jen halted a small silver & white hovercar, which floated about a foot or so above the paved road on the right side, with two small yellow lights at the bottom of each side acting as thrusters.
-   The white hovercar's lid-like door popped open and up, with a warble and hydraulic hiss.
-   Trip apologized to its driver once he was forcibly removed from it, promising to send him a new one.

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