Magna Defender Morphers
- devices used to morph Mike into Magna Defender armor
Magna Defender Morphers
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First Appearance: 717-DFrG
Last Appearance: 742-EsLG
Pictures: Magna Defender Morpher (shown at right), morphing, step 1, morphing, step 2


  • As the ghost of Magna Defender had his sword teleport into Mike's hands to pass on his legacy, the sword arrived with its hexagon gems glowing green.
  • With green gleams (and one frame of a black background with red, blue, green, pink, white, and orange lines, just like the releasing of the Quasar Sabers on Mirinoi), the two Magna Defender Morpher wrist components formed on Mike's wrists as the sword's gems stopped glowing.
  • Throwing his sword into the air, spinning point-up, Mike called out, "Magna power!" and pulled the gold ring on his silver, right wrist device, swinging it over the top of the device to face the other; he then inserted the extended ring into the black and gold, left wrist device with a green gleam, making a hexagon pattern of six alternating red and green lights within the device flash.
  • In front of a flying blue and purple cloud background, Mike held up his hand, and in a zoom-out, he was now holding the Magna Defender sword above him; bluish green energy flame streaks looking quite like the specter streaks absorbed by Magna Defender in 715-RDay flew out from the sword's hilt and around Mike; a flame explosion then morphed him into the Magna Defender armor.


  • To morph normally, Mike would have his Morphers on his wrists, then flip the ring extension and connect the Morphers; during the morph, he would then be holding Magna Defender's sword.


  • Armored Mike could speak into his left wrist, contacting the Rangers over their Transmorphers.


  • When Mike used his Magna Defender Morphers on this occasion, the right device had a black "Galaxy" design written on it before the morph.


  • When morphed Damon and armored Mike were the only ones whose powers hadn't been stolen by Magnetox, the monster soon clamped his magnet against them, draining their rippling orange energy; just like the others, Mike was demorphed and left extremely weak, his Morphers charred and shorting out like the others' Transmorphers.
  • After Magnetox's destruction, as the Rangers' powers were returned to them in Ranger-colored sparkles, Magna Defender's powers also returned, colored purple, restoring his Morphers with a green gleam and suiting him back up in the armor with a purple gleam.


  • As Mike worked in Command Headquarters, his apparently bare wrist warbled, and he grabbed his left wrist, looking around, and went into the hallway; hiding in a tiny alcove, he then answered his left Morpher which was now on his wrist.


  • As Mike strategized in the teens' room later that day, he was wearing his left Morpher, but on the right was just his GSA tag bracelet.
  • On Mutiny's planet, Mike spoke into his left Morpher with a warble, contacting the teens.
  • Later, running through the desert, Mike joined his Morphers with a cry of, "Magna power!" and was morphed into the Magna Defender armor with a green gleam, obtaining his sword.
  • Soon after Terra Venture had returned to the normal universe once Mike had sacrificed himself and Torozord to reopen the portal out, Leo flew through space on his Jet Jammer looking desperately for Mike in normal space.
  • Leo found Mike drifting unmorphed, unconscious, and apparently unprotected in the void of space with his Morphers on; how he would survive is unknown.
  • Leo pulled Mike in and tried to wake him but saw his mangled, smoking right Morpher, saying the Morpher had been destroyed.
  • Some time later, Mike awoke in the Megaship infirmary, his head bandaged and wearing what looked like a hospital gown.
  • Magna Defender's ghost thanked Mike for serving the legacy of the Magna Defender with honor, at which point Mike looked at his bare wrist and smiled softly.

    - Phrases used for Mike to connect Magna Defender Morphers
    Mike: "Magna power!"
    729-Cham Mike: "Magna power, now!"

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