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  • Ernie knew the term "Dinozords."
  • Ernie had heard that the Power Rangers were regular humans.


  • The people in the carnival in Angel Grove were apparently familiar with the name "Rita," as everyone ran screaming when Jason announced that Rita was attacking and that the carnival was a trap.


  • Jeremy, who was visiting Angel Grove, said he'd always heard about Rita and the Putties, but he never thought he'd actually see them.
  • Jeremy described the Megazord as a big robot rather than referring to it by name.


  • It seemed that the Angel Grove media knew Peckster's name only after the Rangers' battle with the monster was over.
  • The Angel Grove media knew the name of the Megazord's Power Sword.


  • The media knew Turbanshell's name during the giant monster's second attack on Angel Grove.
  • During giant Turbanshell's second attack on Angel Grove, a television reporter said that the origins of the monster were a mystery.


  • Richie knew what the Putties were, as they were on the news all the time.


  • A girl in the Angel Grove Angelettes recognized the White Ranger, and the Angelettes were excited about watching him fight Goldar and Putties nearby.


  • Rocky, from Stone Canyon, didn't know who Lord Zedd was.


  • Aisha, also from Stone Canyon, said to her fellow captives in the Cave of Despair that the Power Rangers might save them.


  • Pablo, the World Teen Summit member from Mexico, recognized the Power Rangers on sight.
  • Themba, the World Teen Summit member from south Africa, asked the Rangers if they were really the Power Rangers; after answering, White Ranger then asked, "You've heard of us in your country too?"


  • Reporters of all languages were scrambling to the payphones to report the three Angel Grove teens being chosen for the World Peace Summit.


  • After the Rangers' battle against giant Pachinko Head and Serpentera on Zedd's second assault on Earth with the giant fighting machine, a reporter, either on television or the radio, said, "Once again the courageous Power Rangers have saved our city."


  • On the Harvey Garvey Show, Black Ranger mentioned the name "Zedd" as being responsible for the monsters they fought.
  • When Harvey asked White Ranger what had ever happened to the Green Ranger, White Ranger replied that it was a long story and that he preferred to focus on the present instead.
  • On the Harvey Garvey Show, the following conversation transpired:
    Alpha (over White Ranger's communicator): "Come in, Rangers. Do you read me? It's another of Zedd's monsters!"
    White Ranger (into wrist): "What does Zordon want us to do?"
    Alpha: "Teleport here at once!"
    White Ranger: "Gotcha. We're outta here!"
    - Rangers stand
    Harvey: "Wait a minute, who was that? Where are you guys going?"
    White Ranger: "Sorry, Harvey, duty calls."
    - Rangers teleport away after telling the kids in the audience to stay in school
  • The Peace Conference members in Switzerland had watched the Rangers' appearance on the Harvey Garvey Show.


  • Bulk and Skull had heard about "the new thing the Power Rangers [did], 'jetting.'"
  • Shawna had seen Goldar on the news in Stone Canyon but merely called him a monster.
  • Shawna recognized the White Ranger.


  • In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), the unmorphed Aquitian Rangers attended a ceremony in their honor as Mayor Carrington presented them with the Golden Star medals for bravery; the media covered the ceremony.


  • Carlos and Ashley weren't familiar with the Piranhatrons despite their numerous attacks on Angel Grove.


  • Cassie and T.J., neither of whom were from Angel Grove, weren't familiar with the Piranhatron.


  • Cassie and T.J. recognized the Power Rangers on sight.


  • When Divatox appeared on a sidewalk in downtown Angel Grove without her memories, the people walking by her seemed somewhat confused but not alarmed.


  • Justin's two track teammates weren't familiar with Piranhatron.


  • The day after Professor Phenomenus had spotted an enormous asteroid heading for Earth, General Norquist sent a message to the Rangers telling them of the asteroid heading for Earth, saying they were the only ones who could stop it, and pleading for them to help if they could hear the message.
  • A crowd was gathered somewhere outside at NASADA, clamoring to ask questions to Norquist, who was at a press conference; behind him was apparently the same sign as had been behind him during his transmission to the Rangers.
  • Norquist addressed the people:
    "Please! People of Angel Grove and the world, I have troubling news. A large asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. (people are slightly alarmed) Every country in the world has been alerted. We are doing everything we can and exploring every means possible to avert this catastrophe, a catastrophe just like the one that happened to our planet 65 million years ago. An asteroid of this size, traveling at this speed, hit Earth with devastating effect. The impact formed a cloud of dust and water that covered the entire planet, shutting out nearly all of the sunlight necessary to sustain life. Many plant species died, and scientists believe this may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs."

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  • A song with the lyrics "She's Got a Hold on Me" was one of Kim's favorite songs.


  • The music behind Kim's gymnastics routine in the Tri-City Gymnastics Finals was "All to Myself," the same song which would be played by the band at the "Flames of Love" dance in 315-PoNo.


  • On the world-wide web, Adam went to a website called "Media Central" and then followed a link to a "Groovin' Waves" page, which may have been either the site's music page or an individual band's page.


  • Vincent Nova, a producer from SC Records, told Tanya after her singing of "Stick Together" in the Youth Center, that she had one of the finest voices he'd heard in a long time, and he offered Tanya a recording deal.
  • The producer told Tanya to think it over and give him a call, but after Tanya had given him her video for him to send back to the home office, he told her she'd hear from him by the end of the week, and they'd do lunch.
  • The next day, Tanya told the other four teens that Mr. Nova had shown her video to Lazlo Trent, the director; he, being one of the best directors according to Adam, was interested in doing her next video, and he was flying down that afternoon with the president of SC Records to hear her sing at Ernie's, and if they liked her, they'd offer her a contract.
  • The producer, sitting with the director and president, reminded Tanya about the limos, recording, vacations, but she'd turned the offer down because she had other responsibilities that took priority.
  • The producer made Tanya keep his card, saying talent like hers was worth waiting for.
  • The producer and director thought Bulk and Skull had a great look and asked them to be in a new music video, but, thinking the men were fakes, Bulk and Skull rejected their offer.
  • After realizing that the men were real producers, Bulk and Skull chased them to their white limo outside, but to no avail.


  • Amused that Visceron had been blown up while fighting the Rangers, Divatox asked, "Isn't it ironic?"; Elgar replied to the camera, "Oh yeah. Don't you think, kids?", alluding to the Alanis Morissette song "Ironic."


  • Jenny danced to the song "Tell Me Now" in the Youth Center; in 540-RivR, Ashley would use this song during her dance lessons to Bobby.

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  • Driving up to his house, Mr. Kelman was listening to "SenSurround" by They Might Be Giants.

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  • Bulk bought a book by H.P. Toth entitled Monster Making Made Easy.


  • After conducting a psychological exam on Bulk and Skull, Lt. Stone consulted a guidebook called I'm O.K. You Might Be Nuts by "Jacob" in conducting his evaluation of the results.
  • Lt. Stone said the test showed that Bulk and Skull thought about almost nothing but monsters; in any other city, that would mean they couldn't be junior officers, but in Angel Grove, they needed people like Bulk and Skull, the book said.


  • Detective Stone had written a book entitled, In the Know About Joe: A Coffee Lovers Handbook [sic], written by Jerome B. Stone.
  • Detective Stone was dressed as a detective on the back of his coffee book.

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  • In the past (see "Orb of Doom"), young Billy couldn't wait to get back to his computer when time was restored, as he missed surfing the Internet.


  • The computers in the resource center were connected to the Internet.


  • Raymond taught Adam and Tanya about using the world-wide web.
  • Adam went to a website called "Media Central" and then followed a link to a "Groovin' Waves" page, which may have been either the site's music page or an individual band's page.
  • Adam was excited about finding a martial arts chat room on the Internet.
  • After Zeo Ranger Four had borrowed his antivirus program to help the Rangers, Raymond excitedly remarked that they'd never believe this on the Internet.


  • The computer in Carlos's sleeping quarters on the Megaship had access to a private email account for Carlos.

    Comic books
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  • Bulk and Skull were reading comic books, with Skull's being a Tales from Space.


  • Bulk and Skull read Big Bad Beetleborgs comic books in their watchtower in Angel Grove Forest.


  • When Astronema told the Ninja Turtles they were going to destroy the Power Rangers, they were amused, thinking the Power Rangers were just pretend, from the comic books.

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