Mega Battles
- torso armor and cannons for Green and Blue Lightspeed Rangers
Mega Battles
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First Appearance: 828-MMBa
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs


  • Teaming up to work on something more to use against Infinitor, Clark and Miss Fairweather watched in the lab as the green Mega Battle buzzsaw blade cut through a thick piece of metal; the blade was even stronger than they'd thought, and she called him a genius.
  • Clark told Joel they were about done, but there was only one more test, slyly having Joel help them with some very complex wiring.
  • At a complex wire setup, thin red wires were hooked up to a panel in the control booth, some going up into the nearby blue Mega Battle torso armor.
  • As Joel wielded pliers, Clark told him just to hook the wires up into standard configuration; Joel soon guessed he was done, and when Clark had him try it despite Miss Fairweather's protests, sparks flew, and the Aquabase momentarily blacked out.
  • Miss Fairweather told Clark she couldn't have finished the Mega Battles without him; Joel would later thank Clark for the Mega Battles.
  • Instructed by Chad and Joel to use code 8-6-1, they did so, and the pieces of armor, initially green gridlines which then faded into reality, flew in and locked on around their bodies.
  • The chest of each Mega Battle had the Ranger's respective crest.
  • Once the standard armor had locked on, both received large right-hand weapons which assembled from pieces: Joel received a large saw arm, and Chad received a cannon.
  • When Infinitor blasted, Joel's dual saws split apart, and the inner middle section which was revealed then deflected the blast back as an orange electrical pulse.
  • Aiming at the burning car to see what his could do, Chad sprayed icy blasts which very quickly put out the fire.
  • As the Batlings attacked, Joel's saws split open again to oppose each other, and propellor-like structure began to spin, leaving Joel untouched by the Batlings' swords as they were deflected away.
  • Amidst sparks, the spinning double-saw lobbed out several glowing orange oblong objects which exploded around the Batlings.
  • The dual-blades stopped horizontal, and the individual buzzsaws spun on their own, with green energy extensions from the saw prongs; two Batlings thrust their swords but were knocked back by the ensuing sparks and perhaps another oblong exploding object.
  • Chad's ice spray froze Infinitor's leg to the ground, and Joel used his two buzzsaws, now aligned in parallel, to slash Infinitor's shield in half in a Z shape, which the monster found impossible.
  • A buzzsaw slash to Infinitor's chest caused him to fall (with his left leg still iced to the ground) and explode.


  • Chad was able to spray a jet of water from his Mega Battle cannon, causing Vypra and her Batlings to retreat.


  • Chad and Joel tried to use the Mega Battles against Arachnor, but she prevented them from pressing their Battle Booster buttons.


  • After summoning his Mega Battle armor, Joel lunged with his saws, eventually striking Treevil and stunning him.
  • Treevil tossed an exploding acorn at Joel, knocking him back and causing his armor to vanish with green gridlines.


  • Fighting Diabolico, Joel armed his Mega Battle armor, but Diabolico pinned his buzzsaw to a car roof, then flung both Joel and the roof back, knocking off Joel's armor; the backpack unit was either on fire or landed near a fire.
  • In his own Mega Battle armor, Chad shot his ice spray, but Olympius dodged, struck, and fireblasted, knocking off Chad's armor as he flew back.
  • When Carter later called, "Weapons online!" into his Morpher, the Mega Battle armors flew to Chad and Joel.
  • The combined blasts from the Trans-Armor Cycle's armor and Mega Battle armor caused Olympius to crackle with red electricity, and he then fell within the flames of a massive explosion, apparently defeated but not physically destroyed.

    - Phrases used to summon Mega Battles (with button presses)
    828-MMBa Joel: "8-6-1!"
    Chad: "8-6-1!"
    Joel/Chad: "Mega Battle!"
    834-NepD Chad: "8-6-1, Mega Battle!"
    835-WebW Joel/Chad: "Mega Battle mode! 8-6--" (interrupted)
    Joel: "Mega Battle!"

    - Phrases used to fire Trans-Armor and Mega Battle armor cannons
    838-SDem Carter: "Ready, aim, fire!"

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