- various rooms on six levels of the Astro Megaship
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  • After the shuttle had been sealed inside the Megaship, the four teens and Alpha soon found themselves in a hallway which was presumably on the same level as the engine room, which they soon came upon and explored; on the wall in the initial hallway was a silver plaque reading, "Astro Megaship."
  • Some time after exploring Megadeck 6, featuring the engine room, the teens and Alpha ended up on the deck containing the bridge and workbay, presumably the top, unmentioned Megadeck 1; other Megadecks later shown include Megadeck 2 (containing the infirmary, as shown in 614-BaSt), Megadeck 4 (containing an exercise room, as shown in 605-NvSS), and Megadeck 5 (containing the sleeping quarters, as shown in 637-A&St), as well as the Simudeck, probably on Megadeck 4; running between the decks was the Megalift, an elevator with two opposing doorways which could open up either into the bridge or into the hallways of the different decks.
  • As Andros fled from the bridge to retreat from the four teens, whom he thought were invaders, he slid down a ladder, down which the teens and Alpha followed him, and eventually ambushed the teens on Megadeck 6.
  • Later, the teens got into the Megalift for DECA to take them to the space hatch for them to leave, and they were soon standing outside for the Megaship's very windy vertical takeoff; at this point, the shuttle was resting on the ground some distance from where the Megaship had been.


  • A workout machine was in a room on Megadeck 4.


  • Despite the two Rangers' attempts to stop them, the Craterites pried open the Simudeck's door, slid down a ladder in a hallway, and eventually broke into the engine room; the three other teens took the Megalift to the Simudeck's level, then the five went down to Megadeck 6 just in time to find the Craterites having forced the cargo bay doors open and leapt out.


  • The infirmary was on Megadeck 2.
  • From Megadeck 2, T.J. and Andros took the Megalift up to the bridge's deck, emerging through the lift's rear doors into the hallway, then walked into the workbay.


  • After teleporting to the Megaship with the others and somehow ending up in her uniform, Astronema (disguised as Ashley) wandered down a hallway looking for the engine room when she stumbled upon the workbay.
  • After disposing of Cassie, Astronema would find her way to Megadeck 4, where Carlos was working out by benchpressing a rod.
  • Astronema asked to help, so he had her add some weight, but she turned up the weight way too much, pinning the rod painfully to his chest.
  • After encountering Alpha outside a door somewhere, Astronema dragged the unconscious Carlos into a storage room full of bins, drums, and crates on Megadeck 4.
  • Alpha would later find the teens hung upside-down from the ceiling in a dark sub-closet within another storage room on Megadeck 6.
  • Smaller-sized blue bins in the storage room on Megadeck 6 were labeled, "Interplanetary Space Rations."
  • Zhane's healing chamber was hidden off the engine room on Megadeck 6.


  • Asked for a damage report after they'd lifted off following the Kadix beings' attacks on the ship's exterior panels, DECA reported electrical malfunctions on Megadecks 4, 6, and 2.
  • Returning from piloting the Astro Megazord in the shuttle, the five unmorphed teens approached the bridge from the hallway in the opposite direction from the workbay.


  • After teleporting to the Megaship from Centaur B in their tan flight suits, the five teens entered the bridge from the lift wearing their standard uniforms.


  • After turning in his Morpher and communicator, Carlos took the Megalift to leave the ship.


  • Down the hall from the infirmary on Megadeck 2 was a small, dark room with a viewing station in it where T.J. watched a recording of the Rangers' recent battle with the Psycho Rangers.
  • At one point, the tracking on the recording messed up, and once it was fixed, the color was gone from the video.
  • From one Megadeck, Andros walked into the Megalift near an "Astro Megaship" sign and rode in it as moving lights apparently indicated upward movement; once it had stopped, the opposite doors opened into the bridge.


  • Somewhere aboard the Megaship was a fairly large holding bay for the Megatank, with a door on the "west" wall leading to a standard Megaship hallway; on the "north" wall were large bay doors which opened to allow the Megatank to fly out.


  • In the hallway outside the bridge, in the opposite direction from the workbay, was a cargo room, the size of a very large closet, apparently just at the corner where the hallway took a right.
  • A large purple crate was labeled "Terminal Electronic Circuitry."
  • A yellow crate was "Astro Megaship Provisions."
  • A purple round bin appeared to be labeled, "MegaDrive Magnets"; a gray crate beneath that was probably "Megalazer Components," a misspelled version of "Megalaser."


  • As the Megaship was under fire, Zhane flew it into the atmosphere while large amounts of steam were pouring out of the engine room; he suddenly took the Megalift to Megadeck 6 and declared while rushing out near the engine room that he needed the Mega Winger.


  • After going through a restricted GSA-style airlock, the three teens entered a room of the Megaship other than the engine room; its floor patterns resembled those seen in the Simudeck.
  • Right after the airlock's doors had slid shut after the teens, the Megaship doorway's own doors then sealed over them as well; the doors were like a normal Megaship door, but split down the middle into a double sliding door.
  • Damon took a left to check the engine room while Maya and Leo went right to go to the bridge.


  • The Astro Cycles were stored in a bay independent from the engine room and Jet Jammer bay.


  • Outside the infirmary door was a "Megadeck 6" sign, but the infirmary was supposed to be on Megadeck 2.

    Megaship bridge
    - bridge for Astro Megaship
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    First Appearance: 601-FON1
    Last Appearance: 744-End2
    Subcategories: establishment shot (shown at right), stations/consoles (sub-menu), disc player


  • Presumably on the Megaship's top deck, traveling down a corridor on the Megaship after making a left turn, one would soon find a door into the bridge on the right; after that would be the rear of the Megalift, which normally opened into the bridge on this deck, then a second door into the other side of the bridge, then finally, straight ahead would be a doorway leading into the workbay.
  • In the rear of the bridge were the Megalift and two surrounding doorways, and in the front wall was a viewscreen; in the center were two rows of three control stations each; the front set of stations each had a black seat, and the rear stations had no seats; in the rear center station were two squat joysticks used to steer the Megaship.
  • On the "west" wall, if the front of the bridge were north, were three divisions of wall consoles, with the rearmost section (labeled "Computer Systems") being the longest, the center section ("Communications") being medium in length, and the frontmost section ("Education & Recreation") being shortest.
  • The "east" wall was divided similarly: the rearmost section ("Operations & Safety") being the longest, the center section ("Astro Megaship Alert Systems") being medium in length, and the frontmost section ("Life Support") being shortest.
  • The two rearmost console segments, "Computer Systems" and "Operations & Safety," were normally the only segments with black chairs, like those at the front three center seats, but on occasion, additional seats would be present at the middle segments, or even doubled up with the rear segments' seats.
  • Each console segment had numerous subsections, seen in various shots throughout the series, and listed below:

    Computer Systems
    Particle Detector, Ship Contact, System Levels, Scanning Functions, Power Requirements, Emergency Overdrive, Magnetic Waves, Alpha Programming, Simudeck Status

    Video Communication, Audio Pickup, Communication Integrity, Sensory Power Level, Auxiliary Functions, Planetary Signal Location, Stellar Signal Location, Antannae Signal Strength

    Education & Recreation
    Training Seminars, Current Lessons, Simudeck Systems, Educational Programs, Scientific Database

    Life Support
    Nutritional Systems, Environmental Systems

    Astro Megaship Alert Systems
    Security Levels, Sensory Levels, Autolock Failure, Auto Shutdown, Security Chamber, Field Generator, Phase Frequency, Mode Levels

    Operations & Safety
    Stellar Surveillance, Megaship diagram (above, includes Port Hatch, Starboard Hatch, Fore Hatch, and Aft Hatch controls), Spaceship Integrity, Monster Activity Detection, Earth Visuals, Angel Grove Visuals, Morpher Power Level

  • Once the teens had happened upon the bridge, Alpha went to the "Computer Systems" console and began using a keyboard there.
  • DECA had cameras above both rear console segments.
  • When T.J. warned Alpha to be careful, asking him if he knew what he was doing, Alpha casually replied (with his broken speech board), "Course of. Gum teep doing very ubba-dubba wah zubba-wubba."; he then brought up an image on the viewscreen, telling them, "Screen view o-yu."
  • The computer emitted a series of beeps right as Andros returned to the Megaship, perhaps signaling his arrival.
  • When Andros returned to the bridge once the Megaship was under attack by Astronema's sphinx ship, an alarm was buzzing, and the red light strips along each of the side consoles was flashing.


  • As the Rangers flew the Megashuttle down to NASADA from the Megaship in Earth orbit, Alpha operated the bridge's front center control section, which was labeled "Flight Control."


  • Before Alpha spoke over the Megaship's intercom system from the bridge, there was a warble sound which would later serve as attention signals when the teens' communicators or Morphers were called, replacing the communicators' old beeps.
  • While Ashley, Cassie, and Alpha were at the center controls, Raphael and Venus, at the "Computer Systems" console, turned the Megaship away from Earth's orbit and lowered the defenses, allowing Astronema, Quantrons, and Elgar to teleport in.


  • Sitting at the bridge's front left seat (directions given as from the perspective of the rear of the bridge), Andros removed from his locket a tiny reflective disc which he inserted into a player on the controls in front of him, and it played a video of the kidnapping of his sister Karone.
  • Cassie was able to use the left rear center station to determine that the red Galaxy Glider was gone.
  • When the five Rangers were confronted by giant Ecliptor on KO-35, Carlos called Alpha and told him to fire the Megalasers at Ecliptor; Alpha did so from the front center seat on the bridge.


  • As the teens went to their positions on the bridge to prepare for the flight to Kalderon, all three doors closed; this is the only time this was shown happening when the teens assumed their positions.
  • The teens' normal positions on the bridge were Cassie sitting in front left, Andros sitting in front center, Ashley sitting in front right, T.J. standing in rear left, and Carlos standing in rear right.
  • At their seats, Ashley worked the visuals, scanners, and target locking, Cassie fired the Megalasers, Carlos controlled the ship's heading and monitored scanners, T.J. controlled the engines, and Andros commanded.
  • While the Rangers were captured, Alpha was able to form and pilot the Megazord from the front left seat of the bridge.


  • As the Megaship flew through a thunderstorm, Andros collected storm data from the left rear control station.


  • Ashley stood at the right rear control station to analyze and play back an emergency message from the Phantom Ranger.
  • Once the teens had assumed their normal positions on the bridge, Cassie said shields and weapons were ready, then when Andros called for Hyper Rush 9, T.J. acknowledged, and he and Carlos pulled back on the control sticks together.
  • Later, when asked about a vapor trail on Dark Specter's spacecraft, Alpha replied from the "Computer Systems" console that he'd had one, but not anymore.


  • At her normal seat, Cassie saw that there was trouble in Angel Grove.


  • Calling the girls on the Megaship with his communicator from an alien planet, Andros appeared on the monitor between the large semicircles on the left side of the "Astro Megaship Alert Systems" console.


  • After the teens had set up an interstellar scanner on a planet below, a monitor at the "Alert Systems" console began searching through galaxies at the rate of one every few seconds while the dish rotated on the planet below.


  • Andros again inserted the disc from his locket into a player, but this time the player was on the lower controls of the "Computer Systems" console.


  • At the "Alert Systems" console, Alpha told the Rangers he'd decoded part of the Eltarian keycards, and they indicated a massive weapon on one of Jupiter's moons; the monitor in front of Alpha showed Ganymede, with the text, "Top Secret."
  • At the corner in the middle of the "Communications" console was a new clear plastic tube into which Alpha placed the Mega Vehicle keycards, and they flew up toward the ceiling; in the Delta Mega's control room, the cards would fly down to Ashley in an identical tube.
  • Now when the alarms went off, the orange "Emergency Alert" areas on each console now flashed as well.
  • After the Astro Delta Megazord had separated and the Delta Mega had flown off, a monitor seemingly on the bridge showed schematics of the Astro Megazord with the flashing text "Sealed On," and Alpha, near the "Communications" console, said separation was complete.
  • Later as the Megazord was being beaten senseless by Darkonda, many loose wires and cables were dangling from the ceiling on the bridge, where Alpha was piloting the Megazord.
  • The monitor above the "Power Requirements" box on the "Computer Systems" console showed below an "Energy Levels" title two dropping energy bars, with large red numbers on the right counting down from 15%.
  • Once the energy levels hit 0%, the Megazord sparked, the front right station's chair fell over, the bridge sparked, and the Megazord fell over; the lights inside remained on.
  • Later, in orbit, Andros and Carlos were examining damaged circuits under the bridge controls.
  • When T.J. spoke into his Morpher from the engine room, his voice came through the audio system in the bridge for him to speak to Andros and Carlos.
  • Looking at a circuit board Carlos gave him from under Cassie's station, Andros said the scanning circuits were gone and had to be reconfigured.
  • Ashley was working on tubes hanging from the ceiling before she checked Carlos's station and said everything on Earth was still quiet, but how she would've known this with the scanning circuits ruined is unknown.


  • By this time, the bridge showed no signs of damage.


  • On the bridge at Ashley's station, Andros told T.J., who was at the "Operations & Safety" console, that he was still worried about that surveillance problem (secretly caused by Astronema's melting of a DECA camera elsewhere on that deck).
  • Later frustrated by not getting the chance to knock Andros out, Astronema pointed at a monitor on the "Computer Systems" console, and it suddenly showed giant Sting King rampaging in Angel Grove, even though DECA's sensors detected no monster.
  • On the monitor within the double hemisphere area to the left as this happened was a banded orange and brown planet, with the text "Scanning" and "P-497201."


  • As engine power was failing on the Megaship, the "Energy Levels" monitor counted down from 15% to 13%.
  • With the bridge lights flickering, the Megaship crash-landed on Kadix; as the ship slid to a stop, the bridge was dark, but the lights slowly shorted back on with a growing whir.


  • At her station on the bridge, Cassie determined after DECA's announcement of a disturbance at the beach that it was coming from offshore.
  • Later, moments after Ashley directed their scan for Darkonda's lab toward quadrant 989.2 after DECA had calculated the source vector data, the teens looked at the "Communications" monitor, and DECA detected multiple lifeform energies, making the teens suspect they'd found it.
  • Entering from the workbay, Andros and Zhane came into the bridge from the wrong side.


  • When the alarm sounded, Ashley checked T.J.'s station and saw that the Praying Mantis was attacking again.
  • To recharge his powers with a lightning bolt, Zhane had DECA bring up a global weather map, and he looked at a spectrographic worldmap in the monitor in the circular area of the "Alert Systems" console.
  • When the map zoomed in on California, showing a map with the states' borders, Zhane pinpointed a red storm cluster in southeastern California and ran off to go to it.


  • After returning to the ship and assuming their normal positions on the bridge, the teens prepared to leave Centaur B's orbit: T.J. said hyper accelerators were ready to go online, Ashley said the course was locked on, and Cassie said all doors and hatches were sealed (though the bridge doors were open at the time).


  • When the four teens assumed their normal positions, T.J. had Ashley bring the scanners to high sensitivity and had Carlos bring them ahead on Hyper Rush 1.
  • Ashley locked in the coordinates, and T.J. asked Cassie for a shields and fuel status, to which she replied shields were 100% and fuel was at maximum capacity.


  • After a giant asteroid from Dark Specter had overtaken the Megaship, Andros had Cassie set a course to catch up with it, then had Ashley channel all power to the lasers; T.J., meanwhile, monitored the lasers' power.


  • The "Operations & Safety" console had a plastic tube just like the one used in 617-RMVy to transfer the keycards into the Delta Megaship.


  • On the left side of T.J.'s station were buttons which included "Mode Select," "Status," and "Coolant Flow."


  • At "Operations & Safety" with Carlos and Alpha as the teens scanned for Ashley, T.J. told Andros he was expanding parallel 38.5, and Andros had Carlos change scanning sensitivity to ten microns, which Alpha remarked would take some time, and Carlos said they were scanning parallel 40.2.
  • Cassie soon asked DECA for a scanning directive, and DECA said they were beginning parallel 42.0.


  • While Cassie was at the plaza in Angel Grove, the teens on the Megaship sent her a page, then had her dial a number (555-0175) which the Megaship tapped to allow them to talk to her from the bridge.
  • As the five teens manned their normal stations to search for the Mega Voyager, Zhane stood between Carlos and T.J. in the rear.


  • Alpha piloted the Astro Megazord from the front center station on the bridge.
  • After the Psycho Rangers had been destroyed, T.J. planned to reprogram the computers to scan for Zordon again.


  • Probably months after 639-Ghst, an upper Computer Systems monitor showed "Emergency," with a new red and purple rotating siren light just above the monitor as DECA announced an incoming emergency transmission.
  • At the "Astro Megaship Alert Systems" console on the bridge, Alpha was intrigued by a green grid on a black screen; suddenly, the grid merged into a green point of light which flew in and landed in the bridge, becoming Ecliptor.
  • Alpha rushed to the engine portion of the center stations and set DECA to security password access only.
  • Ecliptor used his sword to slash off DECA's camera above "Computer Systems," but she still would not allow him access without the password.


  • Manning the bridge alone after the teens had left for Earth, Zhane stood at the rear center position.


  • The Megaship had been converted into a museum; on the bridge, the viewscreen and wall consoles had been roped off, and the viewscreen appeared covered with metallic shielding.
  • For a tour group on the bridge, DECA said, "Welcome to the Astro Megaship Museum. The Power Rangers began many adventures here."
  • Shortly after the Megaship had flown into space on a secret mission, the bridge was back to normal, no longer having its ropes or the shielding over the viewscreen.
  • As the Megaship later approached a swirling portal in space, Kai asked Alpha if the ship would survive the energy flux; Damon was upset by the question, but he adjusted something near "Operations & Safety" and grudgingly resumed control.


  • As Leo, Maya, and Damon prepared to take the Megaship to help animals in trouble that Maya had heard (the Galactabeasts), Kendrix and Kai spoke through the upper right monitor at "Operations & Safety" on the bridge from what appeared to be Kendrix's station in the Science Division, whispering while upset and glancing behind them often.
  • Leo used controls at the rear right station to make the transmission fade out, pretending he couldn't hear them.
  • To fly back toward Terra Venture later, the five Rangers manned various areas, with Maya in front right (formerly Ashley's station), Alpha at front center (formerly Andros's station), Kendrix at front left (formerly Cassie's station), and Kai at rear right (formerly Carlos's station), with Leo and Damon elsewhere on the bridge.
  • When Alpha exclaimed as an image of Radster and Furio attacking Terra Venture appeared on the viewscreen, the alarms began going off, apparently reconfigured to detect trouble on Terra Venture rather than Earth.


  • As the teens flew the Megaship after the Lights of Orion, Damon was at rear right (Carlos's), Leo was at rear center, Kendrix was at front right (Ashley's), and Maya was at front left (Cassie's); Kai was at "Operations & Safety."
  • From rear right, Damon raised the shields.


  • While Mike was in the infirmary after being defeated by Chameliac, Alpha had been as yet unable to scan the disc Mike had found, as it had been badly damaged in the fight.
  • Later on the Megaship bridge, Mike, ignoring Alpha's instruction that he should be in bed, inserted the damaged minidisc into a black reader device with a gold rectangle emblem at Computer Systems, then using the rear center controls.
  • DECA announced reconstruction of sectors 07-2459, and on the monitor formed schematics of the laser dish, which was the only retrievable data.


  • As the three Rangers flew the Megaship from Captain Mutiny's planet, Leo manned rear center, Kai manned front right (from behind), and Karone manned front center.
  • Leo manned Computer Systems as he prepared all systems to dock with Terra Venture.


  • During the Megaship's final battle, Maya, Karone, and Kai were in front (left to right from rear), with Damon and Leo at the joysticks and Alpha scurrying about.
  • Kai's station in front right was "Weapon Control," from which he operated the Megalasers.

    Megaship infirmary
    - sickbay aboard Astro Megaship
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    First Appearance: 605-NvSS
    Last Appearance: 637-A&St


  • After being injured in a battle with Ecliptor, Carlos was soon sleeping on an exam table in the infirmary with his head and stomach wrapped in bandages.


  • Carlos lay on the infirmary table after being stung by a Barillian Bug; a monitor on the wall nearby showed a 3-D model of what may have been Carlos's DNA.
  • The infirmary was on Megadeck 2.
  • Looking down from a vent near the ceiling, the main entrance would've been on the front left, and on the right, the room expanded a bit into a seemingly empty area, with a door on its front wall; the med table was down in the lower left somewhere, and a bench was between the two doors.


  • T.J. was on a different med table, near a corner, when he awoke after being injured fighting Darkliptor.


  • Another day, presumably the next day, Zhane was lying on the med table in the infirmary, wearing his uniform but with a gray tank top rather than his jacket and silver turtleneck as Alpha took an electrode off his temple.
  • Looking at a panel device and the readout on the kiosk by the wall, Alpha found that it was serious; when Zhane pressed for more information, Alpha said he didn't have much time: after two and a half minutes, Alpha said, Zhane would demorph every time.
  • Later back in the infirmary, Alpha looked at the wall monitor, which displayed a diagram of Zhane's body, a multi-layered view of his head, and two blue bars dropping down, then asynchronously bouncing around halfway; text was flashing, "Morphing energy minimal"; Zhane also looked at a panel device.


  • After being injured in battle, T.J. awoke in the infirmary with his jacket off, a bandage on his pained forehead, and a monitoring band on his arm.


  • The infirmary was now redesigned a bit.
  • After being saved from an explosion, Leo lay on the infirmary bed, shirtless with his head and chest bandaged, with Alpha monitoring the displays.
  • A wall panel was labeled "Emergency Supplies."
  • Leo awoke, and, sitting up, slid off an armband with wires, causing the heart monitor to start beeping rapidly in emergency.


  • In the Megaship infirmary, Kendrix used a scanner robot arm on the injured Leo, his stomach and forehead bandaged as a beige blanket lay on him.


  • After armored Mike had been defeated by Chameliac's duplicate powers, he lay in the Megaship infirmary with a bandaged forehead and right arm in a sling.


  • After losing his powers to Magnetox, Leo sat sweaty and shirtless on the infirmary table, his head bandaged and a few cuts on his arms; his left side was also bandaged.
  • Using a white gunlike scanner used on previous occasions but now bearing a red cross and the name "Medscan," Alpha told Leo all of his Ranger powers had been drained.
  • Outside the door was a "Megadeck 6" sign, but the infirmary was supposed to be on Megadeck 2.


  • Some time after sacrificing his powers and being fished out of the void of space by Leo, Mike awoke in the Megaship infirmary, his head bandaged and wearing what looked like a hospital gown; how he'd survived is unknown.

    Megaship sleeping quarters
    - sleeping quarters for crew of the Astro Megaship
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    First Appearance: 605-NvSS
    Last Appearance: 637-A&St


  • The teens' sleeping quarters each had a bed which was actually an indentation in the wall opposite the door; the beds had gray blankets with a Ranger-colored stripe on them, and a small window in the back wall of the cubby-like bed area.


  • Inside T.J.'s locker in the workbay was a blue shirt and baseball cap hanging on the door; why these would have been in his workbay locker rather than his personal quarters on Megadeck 5 is unknown.


  • On a nightstand by Andros's bed was a lamp and photos of himself and Karone as children, with a red border around his own picture and a gold border around Karone's.


  • Although Zhane had no jump tube or locker in the workbay, he did have his own sleeping quarters.


  • On a table in Carlos's room was a computer at which Carlos typed up something from a thick book one night; the computer also had access to a private email account for Carlos.


  • The sleeping quarters were on Megadeck 5.

    Megaship healing chamber
    - room used to keep Zhane in cryogenic suspension/recovery
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    First Appearance: 619-IOBS
    Last Appearance: 620-SvSv

    Other Sources

  • A Silver Ranger promo on Fox Kids said that Zhane had been frozen to 200 degrees below zero.


  • During a brutal fight with giant Darkonda, the engines were disabled and the Astro Megazord's power was soon completely depleted, making the Megazord collapse and DECA's voice die out; the lights, however, remained on, so some power remained, with some presumably left available to keep Zhane's healing chamber active.


  • On Megadeck 6, Andros went into the engine room after looking around, then went to an area of storage containers in the "northwest" corner of the room, with the main door being west and the engine being northeast.
  • Andros flipped open a secret keypad hidden by what looked like an ordinary strip of wall: the keypad was four buttons wide and six long; if, for clarity, the six rows were designated A through F and the four columns were designated 1 through 4, then A1 and A2 were combined into a single darker button, and E1 and E2 also combined.
  • Andros pressed A1/A2, then B1, then C1, opening a secret doorway in the western end of the north wall, leading into the secret healing chamber.
  • In the secret chamber illuminated only by blue light was a cryogenic bed with a monitor on the wall nearby displaying Zhane's heartbeat, a diagram of his body, and perhaps a DNA diagram; on the wall was a DECA camera.
  • Zhane, in the cryogenic tube, had a normal heartbeat.


  • After the four teens had restored the engines after numerous electrical malfunctions had occurred throughout the ship, Cassie watched as the secret doorway panel in the corner of the engine room sparked, and the hidden door to the healing chamber opened.
  • The teens hadn't known the healing chamber had even existed.
  • Zhane was morphed as the Silver Ranger inside the cryogenic tube.
  • After electrical malfunctions were occurring throughout the Megaship, several Kadix beings boarded the Megaship; more beings outside attacked exterior panels, and DECA announced a malfunction in the healing chamber.
  • In the healing chamber, the heart monitor was flashing "Emergency" although the heartbeat was fine.
  • On the cryogenic tube, a drop of condensation rolled down the glass.
  • Moments later, the heart monitor suddenly flatlined for a few seconds, but it then started again, and as more drops rolled down the glass, Zhane's hand stirred.
  • Moments after that, the cryogenic bed opened, and Zhane emerged.
  • Andros called Zhane's period of dormancy "hypersleep."

    Power Vault
    - storage vault for Astro Morpherswithin Astro Megaship
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    First Appearance: 730-TenP
    Last Appearance: 730-TenP


  • Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, there were two new doors in the hallway outside the bridge, each opposite one of the doorways of the bridge; one or both of the doors may have led to the new Power Vault.


  • Andros, returning to the Megaship after some time, asked DECA whether the Power Vault was still sealed; it was, and Andros said it was time to break it open.
  • A sliding door somewhere, perhaps across from the bridge, opened up into a bluish-hued room, empty except for a DECA camera; on the left wall was a vault door, where Andros led Leo and Mike.
  • Andros punched in a code on the door keypad, and it unlocked, allowing Andros to start turning the vault wheel clockwise.
  • DECA announced vault temperature dropping (i.e. from (as Andros turns): "Vault temperature dropping to normal. It is safe to enter." Inside was a misty black area, with a stand having five Ranger-colored bars, on which each was an Astro Morpher. Leo: "Your Morpher." Andros removed his and strapped it on with a velcro sound. Andros: "I never thought I'd be needing this again." Andros flipped the Morpher open, then shut it. Andros gave them the plan; to surprise them, Mike was to go in first.
  • When Andros unlocked the vault, DECA announced vault temperature dropping (i.e. from high temperatures) to normal, allowing safe entrance.
  • Inside was a misty black area, with a stand having five Ranger-colored bars, on each of which was an Astro Morpher.
  • Andros took his Morpher and strapped it on, never having thought he'd need it again.

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