- Megazord formed by combination of (Dino) Megazord and Dragonzord
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First Appearance: 127-WOMf
Last Appearance: 159-MMMu
Pictures: Megadragonzord (shown at right), cockpit


  • The previously unintroduced Megadragonzord combined with Titanus to form the Ultrazord.


  • The Megadragonzord assembly was as follows: Dragonzord's chestplate came out as the Zord split upward, and the Megazord then rose up into it.
  • The Megadragonzord's arm guards bore the same Z symbols as were found on the Dragonzord Battle Mode's kneeplates. (see "Recurring letters")
  • The Megadragonzord could fire blue energy from its Z symbols while firing a yellow beam from the entire silver plate on its chest.
  • The full-power Megadragonzord blast merged yellow energy Z's from its Z symbols into a large green energy sphere with a red Z inside and sparkling blue energy around it.
  • The Megadragonzord's Z sphere disintegrated giant Mutitis (in demon form).


  • The Megadragonzord's Z sphere disintegrated Scorpina's giant pet worm.


  • The Megadragonzord Z sphere destroyed giant Rhinoblaster.

    - phrases used to disassemble the Dragonzord Battle Mode and form the Megadragonzord
    133-TYOY Jason (shifting crystal in Tyrannosaurus): "Switch modes!"

    - phrases used to form Megadragonzord
    132-ASIB Jason: "Time for Megadragonzord power!"
    158-FbSe Jason: "All right, Rangers, Megadragonzord power!"

    - phrases used once Megadragonzord is complete
    129-IOI2 Jason: "Megadragonzord!"
    Six Rangers: "Power up!"

    - phrases used to fire non-finishing Megadragonzord triple energy blast
    129-IOI2 Jason: "Megadragonzord, fire!"

    - phrases used to fire Megadragonzord Z sphere finishing move
    129-IOI2 Jason: "All right, Rangers, full power!"
    132-ASIB Rangers: "Lock on... full power!"
    158-FbSe Jason: "Ready..."
    Rangers: "Fire!"

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