Astro Megaship engines
- power generator and propulsion system for Astro Megaship; probable power source for Space Rangers (601-FON1 through 643-CTD2)
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First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 744-End2


  • The Megaship's engine room apparently doubled as its cargo bay, as the room was lined with storage drums and crates; from the doorway, the engine area and some storage containers were on the left half of the room, and an open cargo area, as well as large cargo bay doors with a huge gold rectangle emblem above them, were on the right half of the room.
  • The engine room was two levels high, with a second-story maintenance railing up around the engine itself.
  • After Astronema's sphinx ship had been blasting the Megaship, Andros told DECA to apply full power to the Astro Thrusters, but the engines were disabled; in the engine room, the engine's yellow glow died out from a loose, sparking cable above.
  • Once the teens had lowered T.J. over the railing above, enabling him to plug the cable back in, Alpha started the engines back up from the nearby control kiosk; at this point, DECA told Andros the Astro Thrusters were back online, but their thrust was unable to stop the Megaship from crash-landing on the planet below.
  • When asked after the crash, DECA said that launch was impossible as the Mega Accelerator was disabled; Megalasers were also down, and Megadecks 5 and 6 were on auxiliary power.
  • Despite the disabling of the Mega Accelerator, probably the Space Rangers' power source, Andros had remained morphed.


  • Later, after being shown merely fixing panels on the Megaship's exterior, unmorphed Andros had DECA test the engine, and it grew brighter and warmed up.
  • In front of the large cargo bay doors was a control kiosk and a rack of tools, as though the doors were never used; on this rack of tools were apparently some spare Alpha parts that happened to be lying around, with which Andros gave Alpha Six a new voice and attitude just like Alpha Five.
  • After leaving the four teens behind, Andros had the Mega Accelerator set to Hyper Rush 3.


  • Cassie said the Megaship's engine room was the home of the universe's only Mega Accelerator.
  • DECA told the curious Ninja Turtles that maximum Hyper Rush velocity was classified information.


  • Whenever the Megaship was to streak away through the stars at high speed, the outer two of its five rear boosters would glow bright blue.


  • Created in a freak accident, Craterites slid down a ladder in a hallway on the Simudeck's level and eventually broke into the engine room; the three other teens took the Megalift to the Simudeck's level, then the five went down to Megadeck 6 just in time to find the Craterites having forced the cargo bay doors open and leapt out.


  • After Phantom Ranger had told the Rangers that Dark Specter was holding Zordon on the planet Hercuron and that they had to hurry, Andros had a course set for Hercuron at Hyper Rush 9.
  • As the Megaship soon cruised up to Hercuron, its outer two boosters were still engaged.


  • As giant Darkonda ravaged the Astro Megazord with his attacks, he eventually impaled the left side of its stomach with his bone weapon.
  • In the Megaship's engine room immediately afterward, two cables were loose, and mist illuminated orange from the engine was filling the area; DECA announced a system failure alert as the engine died.
  • Minutes later as the fight continued, the "Energy Levels" monitor on the bridge counted down from 15% and eventually hit 0%, at which point the Megazord collapsed.
  • Meanwhile, the Rangers had remained morphed during the engine failure and were still morphed in Mega Voyager by the time the energy levels hit 0%.
  • Later, in orbit, T.J., Cassie, and Alpha surveyed the engine room, where the reactor was still dim.
  • Cassie used a rod scanner to determine that circuitry A46 through C47 on a large square panel were all burnt, and Alpha sighed that the circuitry would take days to reconfigure.


  • DECA said the ship's "main engine room" was on Megadeck 6.
  • On Megadeck 6, Andros went into the engine room after looking around, then went to an area of storage containers in the "northwest" corner of the room, with the main door being west and the engine being northeast.
  • The reactor was back to its normal brightness.
  • Andros flipped open a secret keypad hidden by what looked like an ordinary strip of wall: the keypad was four buttons wide and six long; if, for clarity, the six rows were designated A through F and the four columns were designated 1 through 4, then A1 and A2 were combined into a single darker button, and E1 and E2 also combined.
  • Andros pressed A1/A2, then B1, then C1, opening a secret doorway in the western end of the north wall, leading into the secret healing chamber where Zhane was in a cryogenic tube.


  • The Megaship was again capable of interplanetary flight.
  • As the Megaship was landed on Kadix, Andros told DECA to prepare for liftoff, and the underside of the ship steamed and glowed orange as the Rangers headed inside.
  • The corridor from the right sliding door entry below the Megaship (facing the ship) apparently led right into a normal-sized doorway to the right of the cargo bay doors in the engine room.
  • There was some cargo netting hanging from the ceiling in the cargo bay area.
  • As the Rangers ran through Megadeck 6, Andros ordered DECA to lift off, and Alpha used the main joysticks on the bridge; the central rear boosters lit up, and the ship lifted off and flew away.
  • Asked for a damage report from the Kadix beings' attacks on the exterior panels, DECA reported electrical malfunctions on Megadecks 4, 6, and 2; additionally, the stablizers were offline, and the accelerators were also overheating.
  • In the engine room, the reactor was pulsating, steaming, and sparking.
  • At the control kiosk, Ashley observed that the magnetics were out of sync, and she had the others check the sub-ion panel.
  • One box on the control kiosk was "Chamber Pressure."
  • T.J. apparently plugged back in a loose cable above; meanwhile, Cassie and Carlos removed a panel from the side of the reactor, and Cassie reached inside, bringing the thrusters back online.
  • As Cassie watched, the secret doorway panel in the corner sparked, and the hidden door to the healing chamber opened.
  • Not yet noticing the healing chamber, T.J. told Ashley they'd have to do a complete maintanance check on the electrical connections, since they were all fried, remarking "those things" had sure caused a lot of damage.
  • Ashley agreed and said she'd have DECA run a scan of the ship.
  • Later, as Cassie ran for the door after being attacked by the Lunatick monster in the cargo bay, Lunatick managed to press a button on the control kiosk which sealed and locked the door. Holding onto the kiosk, Cassie opened the cargo bay doors slightly, creating a strong vacuum.
  • Lunatick held onto the netting above, but it soon broke, and Cassie shut the doors; finding the doors had shut on the end of the cargo net, Cassie briefly forced the doors open manually for a moment to release the net.
  • Moments later as Lunatick attacked panels while clinging to the ship's hull, engine power was failing, and the Megaship began to fall back toward Kadix; on the bridge, the "Energy Levels" monitor counted down from 15% to 13%.
  • With the bridge lights flickering, the Megaship crash-landed on Kadix; as the ship slid to a stop, the bridge was dark, but the lights slowly shorted back on with a growing whir.
  • The teens were able to morph despite the engine's low power levels.


  • To streak away toward Zordon's location in the Kirak Galaxy, T.J. had DECA set a course and engage maximum hyper rush velocity; she acknowledged, saying mega accelerators were at maximum.


  • After using its outer boosters for hyper rush travel, the ship's two inner boosters were lit as it cruised up to Yotoba.
  • After Dark Specter had lowered the planet's forcefield, T.J. had Carlos bring them ahead at Hyper Rush 1.
  • At one point at the Megaship was cruising in, its outer boosters were engaged.


  • In the engine room as the teens were doing ship-wide tests, T.J. was soldering just inside the right side of the engine core, then had Andros help him put the outer panel back on.
  • Using a control kiosk, T.J. told Cassie on the bridge they were ready to test the Mega Accelerators.


  • After probably several days of space flight, the ship's fuel reserves were low, but T.J. planned for them to refuel on Earth.


  • A purple round bin in a cargo room appeared to be labeled, "MegaDrive Magnets."
  • Ecliptor forced his way through the engine room door with his sword.
  • Hiding behind some bins to the left of the door, Alpha reached for a new control panel box just inside the doorway, labeled "Cargo Bay Door," and opened the bay doors slightly, nearly sucking Ecliptor outside.
  • Ecliptor grabbed the doors, shot the control panel with a green energy bolt from his sword, and got back inside before the doors sealed.
  • Ecliptor accessed the computer's top-secret database from the engine room's control kiosk.
  • Called by Astronema, Ecliptor heard a beep and suddenly said he'd discovered the location of the Mega Voyager; Astronema told him to go there and destroy it.
  • In the circuitry inside the engine core, Ecliptor ripped out a crackling cable and prepared to touch it to his remote device, saying this should be enough power.
  • As the engine died out, Ecliptor touched the cable to the device, and he streaked into the control kiosk as green energy.
  • At a computer terminal in the Ganymede moonbase, Ecliptor passed through a cable with red energy, then materialized from the inactive screen from red streaks.
  • Ecliptor's body, except for most of his cyborg parts, was now solid red as he was supercharged.
  • The Rangers morphed only after they had to have repaired the engines for the flight to Ganymede.
  • In the process of defeating the Astro Megazord, giant red Ecliptor suddenly began to spew steam from his joints, wondering what was happening to him, and he shrank to normal size, his extra power having been depleted, though he was still red.


  • As the Megaship coasted down to Earth, Carlos said maximum speed was online, and the very center engine behind the Megaship shown glowing; this was the only time the center one had ever been shown on.
  • Soon, Zhane flew the Megaship into the atmosphere under fire while large amounts of steam were pouring out of the engine room; he suddenly took the Megalift to Megadeck 6 and declared while rushing out near the engine room that he needed the Mega Winger.
  • While the Megaship was going down, its engines apparently failing, the five Rangers on Earth were meanwhile demorphing involuntarily for no apparent reason.


  • The next morning, the teens were able to morph; the status of the Megaship was unknown.
  • Probably another day, the Megaship was landed on KO-35, and the engines were capable of interstellar flight.


  • After some time of inactivity, Kai tried to start the engines despite Alpha's reluctance, but the monitors turned to static and the lights flickered as the engines warmed up; alarms blared and doors opened and closed.
  • Alpha warned Kai he was overheating the accelerators and that he had to maintain power; Kai agreed but didn't know how.
  • After watching with amusement for a moment, Damon took over, instantly stabilizing things; he told DECA to shut down all auxiliary systems.
  • After bursting up through the roof of the Convention Center which housed it, the Megaship drifted and bumped its front into a building, but soon corrected.
  • Damon said she was a little groggy, but she was waking up; the Megaship then flew off into the sky.
  • Later, as the Megaship flew up to Terra Venture after returning from Mirinoi, its inner two boosters had been on, but they faded to purple before shutting down as the ship landed.


  • Days or weeks later, as the three teens went to the Megaship in the docking bay to help the Galactabeasts, Damon wasn't sure if the engines would come online, so he went to the engine room briefly.
  • Over a monitor, Kai insisted that the three couldn't just take off, as they had to conduct standard systems tests, finish charging the "hyper accelerators," interrupting himself to glower that there were procedures, but Damon had just finished bringing the hyper accelerators online.
  • At no point after 643-CTD2 were the engines called the "Mega Accelerator(s)."
  • After the Megaship had been flying through space for a while, Leo asked how it was looking, and Damon replied that the thrusters were holding steady, for now.
  • On their flight back from the Galactabeast planet, the teens saw Furio and Radster attacking Terra Venture in the viewscreen while they were still a long ways away, so Damon engaged the hyper accelerators, making the ship streak rapidly through space at hyper rush velocity.


  • As the teens flew the Megaship after the Lights of Orion, the ship was attacked by the Scorpion Stinger, making the bridge spark, and Damon raised the shields.
  • The Scorpion Stinger shot a blast from its tail laser, and the shaking and sparking aboard the ship dislodged a cable or two in the engine room, making the engines go offline.


  • The engines were now in working order again, as the Space Rangers returned to action and formed the Astro Megazord.


  • As the Scorpion Stinger crushed the Megaship in its pincers, Maya said the engines were overheating; a monitor flashed "Emergency."

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