Astro Megaship uniforms
- attire worn by crew of Astro Megaship
Astro Megaship uniform (red)
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First Appearance: (standard uniforms) 602-FON2
Last Appearance: (all but red) 731-PPnk, (red) 1034-FRed
Pictures: medium shot, long shot (shown at right), Zhane's uniform, workout suits, flight suits, Karone's uniform


  • Upon demorphing after their Quantron battle outside the Megaship, Andros was wearing a gray uniform with a somewhat shiny red turtleneck underneath; this was Red Ranger's version of the uniforms which all of the teens would eventually wear aboard the Megaship and when venturing out from the Megaship on unmorphed Ranger-related missions, with the others' having respectively-colored turtlenecks of their own.
  • On the left breast of the uniforms' jackets was a rectangular patch with a yellow oval over a black background, with a white strip featuring the five Ranger-colored squares in the same order as found in the Megaship's workbay, not the order of those on the Space Rangers's chests.
  • Below the squares patch was a circular patch with a yellow streak over a Ranger-colored triangle, with the triangle broken up by black lines (white for Black Ranger's uniform) into top, middle, and bottom segments; the yellow streak itself was similar in shape to the stylized lightning bolt typically associated with the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.
  • On the uniforms' right breast was a square white patch with a Ranger-colored diagonal line passing through a gray circle; a red dot (always red, regardless of the wearer's Ranger color) was located on the lower half of the circle, making the patch look like a representation of Jupiter with its rings and Great Red Spot.
  • On the back of each of the jackets was a large gold rectangle emblem associated with the Space Rangers.
  • Located on each uniform's right shoulder was a circular black patch with red rectangles at the top and bottom of the circle, as well as a yellow crosshair in the center.
  • The teens would always wear their Astro Morphers in place of their communicators when in uniform.
  • Later, as Andros gave his new teammates a tour of the Megaship, they were wearing their own versions of his uniform, along with their Morphers in place of communicators.


  • As children on KO-35, young Andros and Karone had worn red and gold suits, respectively, with Andros wearing the same belt as from his Megaship uniform.
  • In his bed in his sleeping quarters, Carlos wore a black shirt (probably the turtleneck from his uniform) and black pants.
  • In the workout room on Megadeck 4, Andros wore a red sweatsuit which bore the same front three patches as the Megaship uniforms, with a large gold rectangle emblem on the back.


  • In the infirmary after being stung by a Barillian Bug, Carlos was shirtless; during part of his transformation into a monster, he would keep his pants, but once transformed, he would be unclothed.
  • Cassie, later stung as well, would be fully clothed when she transformed, but unclothed as a monster.
  • Both teens were fully-clothed after being cured, despite their being unclothed as monsters, and Carlos's being shirtless in the infirmary before originally transforming.


  • On the Simudeck playing basketball in a simulated basketball court, the five teens wore their workout uniforms, sweatsuits identical to the red one worn by Andros in 605-NvSS.
  • Inside T.J.'s locker in the workbay was a blue shirt and baseball cap hanging on the door; why these would have been in his workbay locker rather than his personal quarters on Megadeck 5 is unknown.


  • As Andros slept in his bed wearing his red turtleneck (and presumably his uniform pants), his jacket and Morpher were draped over a chair by his bed.


  • After the teens, having been in civilian clothes, had gone to the Megaship, Astronema, disguised as Ashley, was soon wearing Ashley's Megaship uniform, complete with Ashley's functional Astro Morpher.


  • Zhane was now wearing a black version of the five teens' gray Megaship uniforms, with a silver/gold belt rather than black/silver, with silver shoulder strips like those on the Space Ranger suits, and no arm badges; the ring and dot on the Jupiter-like badge were both silver, as were all the squares on the five-square badge and the segments on his triangle badge.
  • Zhane remembered himself and Andros walking through a field in their uniforms, where they vowed to fight as a team forever; this happy alliance had to have occurred prior to Dark Specter's invasion two years ago.


  • Lying on the med table in the infirmary, Zhane was wearing his uniform but with a gray tank top rather than his jacket and silver turtleneck.
  • The silver shirt under Zhane's uniform jacket was long-sleeved.


  • Frantically rushing into his quarters on the Megaship after a shopping spree in preparation for his date with Astronema, Zhane remained in the civilian clothes he'd been wearing, apparently not having taken the time to switch into his Megaship uniform.
  • Later after returning from his failed date, the depressed Zhane was wearing his uniform on the bridge.


  • In the desert of Centaur B, the teens wore brown cloaks and protective masks; underneath were tan flight suits with front zippers, Ranger-colored undershirts, and the five-square Ranger badge on the left breast.
  • After teleporting to the Megaship from Centaur B in their tan flight suits, the five teens entered the bridge from the lift wearing their standard uniforms.


  • Wearing civilian clothes rather than his uniform, Carlos placed his Morpher and communicator on a console on the bridge, giving up being a Ranger; he would later change his mind and rejoin the team.


  • In his sleeping quarters as he slept, Andros had his jacket, belt, and Morpher draped over the back of a chair; he was sleeping while wearing his pants and red undershirt.


  • After Karone had defected to the side of good, the teens had decided to make her an honorary Power Ranger, presenting her with a dark gray version of the Rangers' flight suits, with purple versions of three Ranger badges on it: the five-square badge (with five purple squares), the triangle badge, and the Jupiter badge.
  • Karone would wear the flight suit with a purple turtleneck underneath it, and her locket around her neck.


  • To look for Zhane, Andros and T.J. went down to Earth, where they were in civilian clothes, but as soon as they'd learned of Zhane's capture, they soon ran back onto the bridge from the workbay, wearing their uniforms again; since their urgency would have prevented them from taking the time to change clothes, there must have been some method of instant switching between civilian clothes and uniforms.


  • Terrified by the Psycho Rangers, Ashley went to the Megaship after wearing civilian clothes on Earth but was then in uniform when she ran into the workbay to tell the others; again, her urgency would have prevented her from taking the time to change clothes.


  • The six teens demorphed into civilian clothes despite last being shown in their uniforms before morphing.


  • Later, the Rangers were again demorphed into civilian clothes; Andros, however, having been missing for hours inside the Dark Fortress, eventually emerged in his Megaship uniform.


  • Tracking the Psycho Rangers to Terra Venture, Andros wore his Megaship uniform under his cloak; when the other four Space teens arrived to help, they too wore their uniforms, despite probably having been without the Megaship for a while.

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