- Megazord formed by combination of Tigerzord, Unicorn, Griffin, Firebird, and Lion
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First Appearance: 218-WhL2
Last Appearance: 251-WWR2


  • After White Ranger had begun to have trouble against giant Nimrod and cohorts, Zordon said that he would reconfigure the other Zords to join with the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord.
  • Without the four Zords' respective Rangers present, the Assault Team flew in and combined with the Tigerzord after White Ranger had called for the Megatigerzord assembly.
  • The Megatigerzord assembly was as follows: the Lion paws attach to the Tigerzord Warrior Mode's shoulders, the Griffin and Unicorn attach to the Tigerzord's folded-up legs, the Firebird slides onto the Megatigerzord's right wrist, and the Megatigerzord helmet then folds down over the Tigerzord Warrior Mode's head; at some point, the Lion attaches to the Megatigerzord's back without the merge being shown.
  • The Megatigerzord had a forehead orb like the Thunder Megazord and future Tor warrior mode; its was red.
  • Whenever the Firebird would fly off the Megatigerzord's arm, it would slide off tail-first, but it would then be shown flying head-first without having turned around.
  • For the Megatigerzord's finishing move, the Firebird would fly off the Megatigerzord's arm, and a red ray from the Tigerzord's mouth would propel the flaming Firebird through a blue grid over a black background, after which the flaming Firebird would shoot through the monster, destroying it.
  • The Megatigerzord's finishing move destroyed giant Nimrod.


  • White Ranger had his hand on the orb in front of him in the Tigerzord cockpit as he called for the assembly of the Megatigerzord.
  • Giant Four Head used his staff to bat the flaming Firebird finishing move back, striking both the Megatigerzord and Red Dragon Warrior Mode.


  • Although Tommy had called for the assembly of the Thunder Ultrazord, the Zords formed the Megatigerzord instead.
  • The Megatigerzord's finishing move destroyed giant Cannontop.


  • The Assault Team merged with the Tigerzord to form the Megatigerzord while the Firebird was unpiloted.
  • The Tigerzord's mouth in the chest of the Megatigerzord generated a rectangular red energy barrier which threw giant Needlenose's spiked projectiles back at the monster.
  • The Firebird was used in the Megatigerzord's finishing move without Pink Ranger piloting it.
  • The Megatigerzord's finishing move destroyed giant Needlenose.

    - Phrases used to call for the assembly of the Megatigerzord
    218-WhL2 Tommy: "Megatigerzord transformation, now!"
    226-MOGP Tommy: "Assault team, initiate Megatigerzord sequence, now!"
    235-ScvH Tommy: "Ultrazord, now!"

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