Mega Voyager
- Megazord formed by combination of Mega Vehicles
Mega Voyager
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First Appearance: 617-RMVy
Last Appearance: 641-LITS
Pictures: Mega Voyager (shown at right), Mega Voyager with Mega V-3, Winged Mega Voyager


  • As the Rangers flew toward Earth from Ganymede in the Mega Vehicles, Cassie found a transformation control, actually a silver handle on her front right labeled, "Docking Lever"; finding one in his own cockpit as well, Andros had them try it, pulling up and turning his lever.
  • Once the docking levers were activated, the Mega Vehicles proceeded to form the Mega Voyager, a Megazord.
  • Once Mega V-1 had flown from V-3, V-3's front portion detached from its rear boosters, which split apart; V-5 split and folded in its skis and cannons, Mega Voyager's head detached from the rear of V-2, V-4 opened up to form arms, and, guided by blue electricity from within V-4, V-3 slid up through the new hole in V-4; V-3's lower halves docked onto V-5's halves, forming the feet and legs, V-4's arms turned down, and the top of V-3 flew off, allowing the head to dock.
  • As V-1 prepared to transform, a white light shone down on Andros, and his seat lifted him up from his cockpit.
  • V-1 took its position and transformed into the waist and thighs, then all the components came together; Mega Voyager then stood holding Mega V-3 as a large cannon.
  • The Rangers popped up from below into position in the Mega Voyager cockpit, the layout of which was nearly identical to the Astro Megazord cockpit.
  • Below the M-V symbol in the front of the cockpit was the name "Mega Voyager."
  • On the backs of the Mega Voyager's hands were gray rectangle emblems, and on its chest was a large red V; on its forehead was a gold rectangle emblem.
  • The Mega Voyager was the first and only known Megazord without a "Megazord" in its name.
  • The Mega Voyager, upon being formed, was shown quite close in front of Ganymede, as usual, but at this point, the Rangers should have been closer to Earth.
  • Often before flying down from the sky on Earth, the Mega Voyager would be shown flying down from Ganymede, but its apparent proximity to the Earth should have made it the Earth's moon.
  • Darkonda was unfamiliar with the Mega Voyager.
  • Giant Darkonda blasted eyebeams at the Mega Voyager, but it flew up toward him, then holding Mega V-2 as a shield to block a second blast.
  • Then without the shield, Mega Voyager jump-kicked Darkonda, then landed on his chest and jumped up and down on it before he'd rolled aside.
  • Darkonda wrapped the Mega Voyager up with his chain, but it leapt in, knocking him back.
  • T.J. found that weapons showed a Mega V-3 missile, and Andros called for it; after Andros had performed the standard maneuver of shifting his right joystick in the sequence west-north-south-east, almost tracing out an M, Mega V-3's front portion flew in from the sky, and the Mega Voyager caught it, then proceeded to use its missile attack as a finishing move.


  • Mega Voyager did a jump kick to dodge giant Lionizer's cannon blast.


  • Giant Body Switcher wielded a scythe, but the Mega Voyager was armed with the Astro Megazord Saber.
  • Mega Voyager slashed the monster repeatedly with the saber after drawing the saber from its opposite hand with a samurai slash, then used V-2 as a shield to block the monster's eyebeams.
  • After shooting a blue energy beam from the saber's blade, the Mega Voyager used the Mega V-3 missile mode to destroy giant Body Switcher.


  • As Mega Voyager pushed on Dark Specter's asteroid along with the Astro and Delta Megazords, Andros had the thrusters brought to full, and a blue energy booster fired from its back, what would've been the front end of Mega V-4.
  • Soon, Andros wanted to fire reserve energy, but they already had.


  • As Mega Voyager was caught in chains from the ground, Andros called for a maximum power boost to break free, and it did; then, as Andros said they'd just needed a little extra power, Mega Voyager's eyes flashed red while it was grappling giant Frightwing.
  • When Frightwing flew off in retreat, Zhane suggested some features the Mega Winger had that they might want to try out; he then detached the Zord's wings, and when Mega Voyager leapt up, they docked onto its back, to which Andros exclaimed, "Winged Mega Voyager! Unbelievable!".


  • Giant Datascammer blasted the Mega Voyager with mouth blasts, then as he rushed toward a flaming spot where Mega Voyager had been, he assumed he was stronger than he'd thought, but Winged Mega Voyager was actually flying above him.


  • Once Mega V-3 had been summoned to use against giant Psycho-monster Pink, Cassie typed at her controls and said the missile was ready and locked on target; suddenly, however, as the Mega Voyager stood ready, the lights in the cockpit dimmed, making Cassie wonder what was going on, as everything was locked up.
  • Ashley told Cassie, "Auxiliary power to weapons!" and Cassie, typing, complied; a schematic of Mega Voyager showed a yellow arrow from Mega V-4 going into Mega V-3 with the text "Energy Charge" and a meter rising toward 100.
  • Red energy bolts from Mega V-4 charged up the Mega V-3 Missile Mode, making it glow red; Cassie announced that weapons were online, and the glowing red V-3 destroyed Psycho Pink.


  • When giant Psycho-monster Blue covered Mega Voyager's legs and head with ice, systems began to shut down, but T.J. had Andros adjust the "thermo-meter," and Andros turned a knob on the "Digital Thermo Meter" display.
  • A bar display rose through a blue area toward a red area, and the Mega Voyager began to glow red; soon, with the cockpit red and the meter rising high into the red, the ice melted.
  • With the cockpit still red, Andros said they were back to normal temperature, but T.J. said if they kept the heat up, they could channel the excess up into the lasers.
  • As Psycho Blue charged, T.J. fired the Mega Laser, swirling orange jets of energy which fired from the two larger, outermost holes on the Mega Voyager's chest.
  • On the Megaship later, Andros told Zhane in a corridor that since the Mega Voyager's circuits had been overloaded, he wanted to make sure the Megaship was ready if they wanted to form the Astro Megazord; Zhane agreed and remained on that Megadeck while Andros went up to the bridge.


  • As giant Psycho-monster Black pulled the Mega Voyager toward a vortex, Andros had thrusters set to maximum capacity, but it wasn't working, as they'd already exhausted all available energy.
  • The Rangers ejected and watched the Psychos vanish with the Mega Voyager.
  • In this episode and the next, the Mega Voyager was referred to as a Megazord numerous times.
  • Astronema had Ecliptor "hide" the Mega Voyager somewhere.


  • Somewhere, perhaps aboard the Dark Fortress, the Mega Voyager lay in a large, black, abstract enclosed area; the Psychos realized the Rangers would be looking for it at the moment and planned their ambush.
  • Later, the V-Zords led the Rangers to a planet in the M91 galaxy, where the Zords were strewn about the tree-covered landscape, with Mega V-3 embedded head-first into the planet.
  • After the Rangers had recovered the Zords and formed Mega Voyager, the systems suddenly went haywire, and the controls locked up.
  • As the Rangers watched on Ashley's screen, a schematic of Mega Voyager showed components of the Megazord turning from green to red as, at the same time, under "Control System," the following list turned from green to red in random order: Main Engine, Shock Absorber (waist on schematic), M-Stabilizer, Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Leg, Left Leg; below all this was a pink and blue square which read, "Infecting," then once all was red, "All System Infection."
  • Andros observed all of their systems had been infected, and T.J. tried to reinitialize the CPU, but it was too late, and he couldn't override it.
  • Psycho Yellow spoke through their speakers that she was now a virus that has infected their Megazord: she had complete control of the Mega Voyager, referring to it collectively as a ship.
  • Andros told Psycho Yellow that was impossible, as only the Power Rangers could control the Mega Voyager; he was, however, incorrect.
  • The Psycho-controlled Mega Voyager shot four swirling orange energy jets from its chest.
  • The Mega Voyager cockpit was in the head, a part of Mega V-2.
  • With Andros piloting the Astro Megazord, Carlos took the center seat of the Mega Voyager once Psycho Yellow had been forced out by Psycho Red's attacks.
  • According to Ashley, the combined energy of giant Psycho Red, Yellow, and Black was a lot more than the combined energy of the Mega Voyager, Mega Winger, Astro Megazord, and Delta Megazord.
  • Ashley thought to absorb their energy and turn it back against them; T.J. didn't know whether the Megazords, with their power levels low, could take that kind of abuse, but Carlos and Andros agreed it was worth a chance.
  • Mega Voyager stood in front, and Mega Winger and the Astro Delta Megazord put a hand on its shoulders, making white flashes of power as they made contact.
  • As they received a steady blast from the Psycho Monsters, Andros told them to hang tough, as they had to absorb as much energy as they possibly could.
  • The alarm blared, and Cassie said the energy capacitors were maxing out; Ashley warned they would blow the engines, and T.J. said all systems were in the red and rising; Carlos said all generators were at critical overload, and the cockpits began to spark.
  • Once the Psychos had stopped for some reason, perhaps out of energy or resting momentarily, red energy bolts from all three Megazords charged up Mega V-3 as Mega Voyager wielded it.


  • Although giant Vacsacker hadn't been shown blasting, Carlos thought to give him a taste of his own medicine, and the Mega Voyager lowered its V-2 shield and fired its four red energy jets.


  • Giant Tankenstein pounded the Mega Voyager, eventually telling the Rangers to surrender while they still could.
  • As Tankenstein grappled the Mega Voyager with mechanical tentacles, T.J. said thrusters were at maximum capacity, Carlos said auxiliary power was dropping, and Ashley said their defense shields were completely wiped out.
  • After Tankenstein had electocuted the Mega Voyager and slammed it into the ground repeatedly with his tentacles, Carlos got the emergency power back online, at which point Mega Voyager had a mangled front and was missing its left arm above the elbow as it charged.
  • Mega Voyager jump-punched Tankenstein, took his sword, and stabbed him in the face, making him grab the Mega Voyager and lift off high above the city.
  • Tankenstein said his circuits were malfunctioning, and he then exploded in a massive fireball in the sky, taking the Mega Voyager with him; smoking trails flew down from the explosion as the pieces rained down upon the desert nearby.
  • The five unmorphed and blackened teens soon got out from the wreckage, relatively unhurt.

    - Phrases used to form Mega Voyager
    618-TBTR Andros: "Mega Voyager transform, online!"
    629-DSR1 Andros: "Okay, Mega Voyager transform!"

    - Phrases used once Mega Voyager is formed
    635-SiGo Rangers: "Let's do it!"
    641-LITS Andros: "Mega Voyager, online and ready!"

    - Phrases used for Mega Voyager to perform flying kick
    617-RMVy Andros: "Mega kick!"

    - Phrases used for Mega Voyager to fire chest lasers
    634-FOAK T.J. (pushing button): "Mega Laser, fire!"

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