Mega Winger
- Silver Ranger's jet/robot equivalent of a V-Zord
Mega Winger
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First Appearance: 630-DSR2
Last Appearance: 642-CTD1
Pictures: jet mode (shown at right), robot mode, Wing Blaster, cockpit


  • After the teens had saved the KO-35 Rebels from Darkonda and Coralizer, Zhane decided to stay to help the Rebels, as they were building weapons to defend themselves against Dark Specter.


  • As the Rangers used the Astro Megazord, Delta Megazord, and Mega Voyager to attempt to push Dark Specter's giant asteroid off-course from Earth, Andros said they just needed a little more power, at which point Mega Winger flew in piloted by Zhane and added the needed extra power.
  • Mega Winger, Silver Ranger's robot Zord which was quite similar to (and compatible with) the Mega Vehicles, was mostly white; on its chest was a large yellow V with the Mega Voyager's MV symbol inside. (see "Recurring letters")
  • On Mega Winger's belt was a gold rectangle emblem.
  • Andros was amazed to see another Zord.
  • Mega Winger's cockpit was identical to the V-Zord cockpits, except with MW symbols rather than MV symbols, and "Mega Winger" was written above the large MW in the front of the cockpit; also on the schematics screen over Zhane's right shoulder was "Mega Winger," and the MW sign over his left shoulder also had "Mega Winger" above it.
  • Mega Winger pushed on the asteroid using glowing gold boosters behind its back wings.
  • Mega Winger had "Mega-W" on its arms.
  • On the Megaship, Zhane explained that the Rebels had built the Mega Winger and that it was awesome.
  • After the arrival and first use of the Mega Winger, it was parked in its own bay in the Ganymede moonbase.
  • Mega Winger's bay doors had a red triangle on them, with a gold M inside, a small yellow triangle within the top of the M, and a larger yellow triangle below the M.
  • The doors opened to reveal Mega Winger in jet mode, its wings folded up; it rolled down with its treadlike wheels onto its short runway which read, "Mega-W," and then unfolded its wings for launch.
  • To launch, Mega Winger hovered and suddenly blasted forward with its rear feet boosters.
  • As giant Frightwing was flying over the Mega Voyager on Earth, Mega Winger flew down and looped quickly through the air, then shot rapid machine gun-like bursts from the cannons on its wings, shooting Frightwing down.
  • In the cockpit to transform Mega Winger into robot mode, Zhane pulled a lever just like the Mega Voyager transform lever in the Mega Vehicle cockpits.
  • Swooping down, Mega Winger transformed in only a few lightning-fast transformations, then skidded to a stop on the ground.
  • Mega Winger had a gold rectangle emblem on its forehead, and inside its lower legs were tracings of the emblem.
  • When giant Frightwing blasted at Mega Winger, the Zord deflected the blasts with a wavy-edged gold energy barrier which covered from above its head, down to its knees.
  • Mega Winger then wielded the Wing Blaster, a large four-barreled winglike cannon which had been atop the Zords's tail fin in jet mode; when Zhane pulled his right joystick trigger, the Wing Blaster shot four alternating gold energy blasts.
  • When Frightwing flew off in retreat, Zhane suggested some features the Mega Winger had that they might want to try out; he then detached the Zord's wings, and when Mega Voyager leapt up, they docked onto its back, to which Andros exclaimed, "Winged Mega Voyager! Unbelievable!"


  • Andros collectively referred to the Mega Winger, Delta Megazord, and Mega Voyager as "the Megazords."


  • Mega Winger and giant red Ecliptor faced off just outside the Ganymede moonbase.
  • Ecliptor's charging was uninterrupted by blasts from the Wing Blaster.
  • The Mega Winger fell after being slashed twice by Ecliptor's sword.
  • Ecliptor soon shot powerful eyeblasts, blasting two holes into Mega Winger's chest and sending it collapsing backward.
  • Ecliptor soon sent a wave of flaming energy from his sword at the Astro Megazord and Mega Winger, downing the Mega Winger.
  • Shortly after Ecliptor and the Astro Megazord had left, the damaged Mega Winger sparked and collapsed amongst the ruined moonbase interior.
  • Apparently referring to the Mega Winger, Astronema said one "Megazord" was damaged.


  • As the Megaship was under fire and going down, Zhane rushed to the malfunctioning engine room and declared that he needed the Mega Winger.
  • From the moonbase, Zhane flew the functioning Mega Winger to Earth.
  • In Angel Grove, two tiny Velocifighters shot at Mega Winger's back, making significant explosions which made the robot fall onto a building.


  • Later meeting up with the teens, Zhane told them he'd survived but the Winger hadn't.
  • Probably another day on KO-35, Zhane said the "Megazord," referring to the Mega Winger, was in the shop and asked for a ride to Earth.

    - Phrases used to summon Mega Winger
    634-FOAK Zhane: "Mega Winger!"
    642-CTD1 Zhane: "I need the Mega Winger!"

    - Phrases used for Mega Winger's jet mode to lift off
    642-CTD1 Zhane: "All right, Mega Winger online!"

    - Phrases used to transform Mega Winger into robot mode
    Zhane: "Mega Winger, transform!"
    635-SiGo Zhane: "Let's do it! Mega Winger, now!"

    - Phrases used to fire Mega Winger's boosters in robot mode
    630-DSR2 Zhane: "Mega Winger, online!"

    - Phrases used to summon Wing Blaster
    630-DSR2 Zhane: "Wing Blaster!"

    - Phrases used to fire Wing Blaster
    630-DSR2 Zhane (pulling right joystick trigger): "Fire!"
    635-SiGo Zhane: "Wing Blaster, fire!"

    - Phrases used to disengage wing for Winged Mega Voyager
    630-DSR2 Zhane: "Disengage wing, now!"

    - Phrases used for Mega Voyager to dock with disangaged wing
    634-FOAK Andros: "Mega Wing transfer!"

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