- evil Zord created by General Havoc
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First Appearance: 526-DrkD
Last Appearance: 528-FOPh
Pictures: first form (shown at right), second form, cockpit


  • Leading Divatox to the Space Base's holding bay, General Havoc said he'd saved the best for last: his secret weapon in the neverending fight against good, Metallasaurus; Divatox was thrilled that he hadn't forgotten.
  • In the holding bay, Metallasaurus was in its second form rather than its first.
  • After the Rangers had fought Chromites briefly at the Angel Grove pier, Havoc called off the Chromites, bringing forth Metallasaurus (now correctly in its first form), which he piloted from the a cockpit in the very top of its head.
  • The Turbine Laser's blast bounced off Metallasaurus's nose.
  • Metallasaurus shot eyebeams composed of mixed black and red energy.
  • Metallasaurus had claws in its fingertips.
  • When the Turbo Megazord raced toward it for the Spinout, Metallasaurus spun around as well and broke the blade of the Turbo Megazord Saber in half with its hands.
  • Metallasaurus bit the Megazord with its fangs, causing it to crackle with blue electricity.
  • Metallasaurus hit the Megazord with its tail and then wrapped its tail around the Megazord and shocked it with blue electricity.
  • Once the Rangers had been ejected from the Turbo Megazord, Metallasaurus flew away to the Space Base with the Megazord.


  • In the Space Base's holding bay, Metallasaurus's second form was being assembled, but its second form wouldn't be introduced until 528-FOPh.
  • Metallasaurus's second form consisted of a completely new head and neck which were inserted into a body identical to the original, but with the addition of a cannon barrel in its chest.
  • Havoc had had Porto working around the clock to upgrade Metallasaurus's operating systems, and he said he'd borrowed and improved upon several ideas from the Turbo Megazord.
  • When Metallasaurus attacked Angel Grove again, it was in its first form.
  • The Turbine Laser's blast struck Metallasaurus directly but did nothing to the Zord.
  • Havoc told the citizens of Angel Grove to say goodbye, and Metallasaurus began to pull up a skyscraper before Artillatron arrived with the Rescuezords.
  • Metallasaurus sliced the top of a building off with its eyebeams.
  • Metallasaurus tried to shove over the remaining bottom section of the building, but Star Racer, in tractor mode, held it up.
  • Wind Rescue, in vehicle mode, shot a large hypodermic needle from a launcher on its roof, causing Metallasaurus to leap up, crackling with blue electricity.
  • Lightning Fire Tamer, in vehicle mode, used water to roll a now-loose spherical gas tank at Metallasaurus, and when it exploded, it sent Metallasaurus flying through space and crashing into the Space Base.


  • In the Space Base's holding bay, Metallasaurus was being assembled in its second form, using the same head-insertion sequence as shown in the beginning of 527-OLHo.
  • Havoc said with these improvements to Metallasaurus, the Rescuezords would be helpless.
  • The Turbozords' data banks apparently contained images of, among other things, Metallasaurus's first form confronting Artillatron. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
  • Metallasaurus was briefly shown in Angel Grove in its first form.
  • Havoc referred to Metallasaurus as his Zord.
  • Metallasaurus, in its second form, soon appeared from red energy bolts.
  • Metallasaurus's second form also included new sharp fins extending from the sides of its legs.
  • Havoc got into an identical cockpit as before, still located atop Metallasaurus's head.
  • Metallasaurus's eyebeam (shot from its new eye visor) was now blue with red and black flaming energy around it.
  • During the fight with the Rescuezords, Metallasaurus pulled out a cage with the listless Phantom inside.
  • Metallasaurus shot a grinning cannonball from its chest cannon.
  • Some time later, when Metallasaurus shot a second cannonball, Lightning Fire Tamer (in high stance mode) caught the cannonball and threw it back at Metallasaurus.
  • The artillery cannons, held by the Rescue Megazord, destroyed Metallasaurus.
  • After Metallasaurus's destruction, Havoc was on the Space Base, where he promised to return with a new Metallasaurus; Divatox reminded him that his last promise had taken 100 years to keep, and he called her an ingrate as he walked away.


  • Rygog's "Monster List" on his clipboard at the villains' monster training area, listing a number of monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, also listed "Metalsaurus," but Metallasaurus was not a monster, and its name was pronounced differently than its spelling on this list would have been pronounced.

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