Metallic Armor
- shiny powered-up suits for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Metallic Armor
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First Appearance: 329-MVA1
Last Appearance: (red, white, pink) 332-TSOD, (blue, yellow, black) 333-RIRv


  • Perhaps having anticipated Master Vile's arrival, Zordon and Alpha had been working on the Metallic Armor, a new defense mechanism to protect the Rangers in battle.
  • Alpha said the Metallic Armor defensive shield would be (future tense) built directly into their suits.
  • Zordon said the Metallic Armor tapped directly into the Morphing Grid, and to receive it the Rangers were to use the word command, "Metallic Armor, power up."
  • Zordon warned that the Metallic Armor should be used only in emergency situations and with extreme caution, as the effects on their powers could be much more dramatic.
  • The Rangers were forced to summon the Metallic Armor to fight the super-strong Tengas.
  • White Ranger leapt up into the air and faded into white light with his head back and chest out, then Blue and Black, then Pink, Red, and Yellow did the same.
  • To suit up in their Metallic Armor, the six Rangers stood in front of a rippling black circle with a gold border, in front of a black background; a white lightning bolt struck them after they'd called out, "Metallic Armor," and they glowed as they became suited up in the Metallic Armor, after which they continued, "...power up!"
  • The Metallic Armor consisted of glittery new suits, with the Rangers' motion blurred.
  • The Metallic Armor increased the Rangers' speed and strength.
  • Standing in the sun, White Ranger simply posed as his suit sparkled and a beam of white light shot out from him like he were a lighthouse, knocking the nearby Tengas back.
  • When Tommy and Kat prepared to travel to the moon palace to infiltrate the Caves of Deception and capture the Zeo Crystal, Zordon warned them that the Metallic Armor wouldn't operate outside of the Earth's atmosphere.


  • After the Rangers had donned the Metallic Armor for protection against Globbor's power draining, Tommy said he didn't know how much longer the armor could protect them, but Globbor appeared to be unhampered in his draining of their energy.
  • The weak Rangers each had a bit of power left, and they combined it to shine bright light from the Metallic Armor at Ninjor-Globbor, blasting his sucking gauntlets off.
  • Back in the Command Center, the Rangers were helmetless without their Metallic Armor; Adam said his legs felt like mush, and Zordon told the Rangers that it would take time for their energies and the Metallic Armor to recharge.


  • After Zordon had used a high energy surge from the Morphing Grid to recharge the Rangers' energies somewhat, he said it might take several hours to recharge the Metallic Armor.
  • Billy told his fellow Rangers that, due to the planet's corrosive atmosphere, they couldn't use their shielding (the Metallic Armor) on the planet in the M51 galaxy to where they would be journeying to retrieve the Zords and the Zeo Crystal, but in 329-MVA1, Zordon had said that the armor wouldn't work outside of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • As the Rangers prepared to destroy the Zeo Crystal in the desert, Billy had them use the Metallic Armor to protect them from extra energy that might be thrown off during the crystal's destruction.


  • During the Rangers' fight with Dischordia, Zordon had the Rangers use the Metallic Armor.
  • The Metallic Armor gave off bright light with sparkles, bothering Dischordia.
  • The Metallic Armor supposedly blocked Dischordia's song, but their immunity wasn't demonstrated, as Dischordia didn't again attempt to use her dancing spell.
  • When the Rangers deactivated the Metallic Armor, the suits sparkled and shone, reverting back to normal.


  • When the Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers powered up their Metallic Armor, each Ranger had a separate powering-up sequence; as each Ranger was powered up, he or she was in front of a Ranger-colored circle in front of a black background.
  • The Metallic Armor Rangers no longer had constant motion blur effects.
  • Morphed Aisha, in her Metallic Armor, leapt off a truck and then performed a Ninja Ranger slide-teleport with a kick straight into a Tenga.
  • Morphed Adam performed a Ninja Ranger slide-teleport through a parking lot, delivered a blurry punch to a Tenga, then performed another slide-teleport.

    - Phrases used for six Rangers to summon Metallic Armor
    Rangers: "Metallic Armor, (transform) power up!"

    - Phrases used for Blue, Black, and Yellow Rangers to summon Metallic Armor
    333-RIRv Billy: "Metallic Armor, (transform) power up!"
    Adam: "Metallic Armor, (transform) power up!"
    Aisha: "Metallic Armor, (transform) power up!"

    - Phrases used for six Rangers to deactivate Metallic Armor
    332-TSOD Rangers: "Metallic Armor, power down!" (transform)

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