- high-ranking GSA officer, currently living on Mirinoi (since 745-End3), brother of Leo
- former MagnaDefender (716-DFrG through 742-EsLG)
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Full Name: Michael Corbett (701-QsQ1, 739-DrBa)
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3


  • The morning of Terra Venture's departure day, Commander Stanton walked through a hallway in the control tower with GSA officers as his right-hand man Mike Corbett gave him a report from a panel display device.
  • Mike wore a blue Type 1 GSA uniform with a red stripe on his oval badge.
  • Mike reported that the engine tests would occur at 0800; Stanton was pleased and told him to keep the shuttles running on schedule and to add more flights if necessary.
  • As Mike and Stanton entered the Science Division once the other officers had gone their separate ways, Mike reported that the reactors were charged at 98.8% and rising.
  • When Kendrix told Stanton that they were running ahead of schedule by 20 minutes; Stanton and Mike pleasantly teased her in passing about being ahead by only 20 minutes.
  • Stanton and Mike then entered the adjacent Command Headquarters; while Stanton checked the work of all officers manning control stations, Mike silently looked out the windows at the Earth below.
  • Soon noticing Mike, Stanton joined him and remarked on how beautiful the Earth was; he then told Mike to take a good, long look, as odds were he'd never see her again; he then left Mike alone after glancing at him once more.
  • Two hours later, Kendrix and Kai walked with Mike in the black uniforms which were worn underneath GSA soldier gear, and they each carried a battle helmet.
  • Kendrix was excited, unable to believe there were only six more hours left, but Mike reminded her of their one training exercise left.
  • Mike split up from the other two, saying he'd see them on the moon.
  • Later, Mike was in the cockpit of a heliship to the moon with the two pilots when Stanton came in after addressing the soldiers in the rear cabin.
  • Stanton asked Mike and the two pilots if everything was at full, and Mike replied they were, and ETA was at 1700, yet previously, before 0800, Terra Venture had been eight hours from departure, meaning departure should have been no later than 1600.
  • On the moon, at least two heliships were landed on the surface, with two neatly-arranged groups of soldiers on the surface without spacesuits.
  • Beside one group, Mike ordered them, "Come on, let's move!" and the soldiers all shouted and began running.
  • After an explosion had sent Kendrix and another soldier (secretly Leo) flying and Kai had run back to check on them, Mike soon ran up as well and was angrily surprised to find Leo there.
  • Kendrix was surprised that Mike knew Leo, and he replied it was his little brother.
  • Taking Leo aside, Mike told him, "I told you not to come on Terra Venture. This isn't some joyride, Leo. Anything could happen. The colony may never go back to Earth... ever," but Leo protested that he wanted to see what was out there as badly as Mike did.
  • When three Stingwingers attacked after following the sudden arrival Maya through a strange portal, Mike prepared to fire his energy rifle, but a Stingwinger knocked it from his hands.
  • During the ensuing hand-to-hand combat, Mike took off his helmet and slammed it against a Stingwinger's back.
  • Sadly after telling her name and that she was from what was left of the planet Mirinoi (with which the teens were not familiar), Maya prepared to go back, saying Scorpius would destroy her world if he got the Quasar Sabers.
  • Leo wanted to help, but Kai thought he was nuts; Leo pleaded Mike that she needed their help, and Kendrix agreed.
  • Mike said Leo wasn't going, but Kai objected to their even going at all, pointing out that Terra Venture left in a few hours and wouldn't wait for anyone.
  • Mike went with Kendrix and Maya, leaving Leo with Kai, planning to be back soon.


  • As Maya led them through the jungle, Kendrix told Mike he hadn't mentioned he had a little brother, and Mike said he was a handful.
  • Kendrix thought Mike was a little hard on Leo, but Mike said Leo sometimes did the craziest things, and he just wanted to make sure Leo was okay.
  • Alone in the jungle, Leo was confronted by three Stingwingers and cockily readied his gun, but he was swarmed by many more.
  • Leo was kicked back to where the other three found him, and Mike said he'd told him not to follow them.
  • Some time later, Stingwingers held captives near the Quasar Sabers' stone, with the sage named Jera closest, and Furio ordered him to tell him how to release the sabers or he'd destroy the whole planet.
  • Jera told Furio he would never release them, as he wasn't chosen, and as Furio prepared to strike with his sword for Jera's insolence, Maya leapt in and was soon joined by Leo, Mike, and Kendrix, then Kai and Damon as well from the other direction, astonishing the crowd each time.
  • The six teens fought Stingwingers, none of them doing very well; facing Furio, Mike lost his gun and was kicked back against the saber rock.
  • As Furio, tired of toying with him, prepared to strike, Mike, in one quick move, pulled out the center (Lion) saber and struck Furio's blow; with a spark explosion from his sword, Furio flew back, startling Mike.
  • Once the others, except Leo, had pulled the remaining sabers after Kendrix had asked Mike if they should, Furio began turning Mirinoi to stone, and the teens fled.
  • Elsewhere, Furio and Stingwingers appeared in front of the fleeing teens with red and green energy respectively.
  • With his sword crackling red, Furio sliced the ground, making a quake which split the earth open; as the crevice opened beneath Mike, he fell in but grabbed the edge with his hands.
  • Leo broke free from Stingwingers and rushed over; Mike couldn't reach Leo's hand or hold on to the rock much longer, so he had Leo take his saber despite Leo's shouts otherwise.
  • Mike reassuringly told Leo it was okay, as he could carry on for him; he told Leo he'd always been so proud of him and always would be.
  • Having said his final words, Mike then nodded, his business finished, and apparently let go, perhaps even pushing himself from the cliff; he fell limply into the mist below with a final, "Leo!"
  • Once Mike had fallen, the ground sealed back up.


  • In a ploy to exploit Leo, Mutantrum disguised himself as Mike, luring Leo to the cave supposedly containing the Lights of Orion.
  • Nearly defeating Leo, Furio told him he was lucky his brother wasn't around to see his defeat, but Leo got back up, saying if there was one thing his brother had taught him, it was never to give up.


  • Morphed Leo approached a cavern opening in the Forest Dome; this was the same cave from 706-LOrn, but without the rock which had immediately surrounded the original metal seal on the cave. (Source: Cave similarity submitted by SirSTACK)
  • Approaching, Leo remarked, "This is where I last saw Mike," apparently referring to either a recent dream/hallucination or his deceit by Mutantrum in 706-LOrn.
  • In a dream after he'd been saved from an explosion by Magna Defender, Leo was being carried out of the cave by Magna Defender, but he briefly saw Mike carrying him instead, and he awoke and returned to the cave to find out whether it really could've been Mike.
  • When Magna Defender was later walking away after failing to get the Lights' stone, Leo grabbed his shoulder, causing Magna Defender to turn and punch him in the gut.
  • As Magna Defender later twisted Stingwinger arms, slashed Stingwinger legs, and otherwise walloped the insect warriors, Leo noted that he fought just like Mike had.
  • Later, after Magna Defender's cold attitude toward the Rangers, Leo said he'd thought Magna Defender might have been his brother, but he now guessed he'd been wrong.


  • Alone in the guys' room, Leo was wearing Mike's GSA dogtags around his neck looking at a picture of himself and Mike together; where he'd gotten the picture and dogtags are both uncertain.
  • Leo had been wearing a red shirt, and Mike a blue "32" jersey, with the two having their arms around each other and giving a thumbs-up.
  • One of Mike's two dogtags read, "Mike Corbett / GSA #1122-413-9."
  • During his fight with Fishface, Magna Defender blasted in the direction of innocent people to try to hit the monster, regarding the civilians as insignificant toward his mission.


  • As Defender Torozord fought the Galactabeasts as the three Rangers were attempting to stop him from attacking a forcefield which might harm the colony if broken, he suddenly froze and dropped his weapon, then clutched his chest.
  • Torozord and Magna Defender flew apart as black teleportation streaks, and Magna Defender landed below, clutching his chest and wondering what was happening to him; agonized, he ran and leapt away as the three Rangers approached.


  • After the Lights had returned to Terra Venture, Magna Defender stood on a hilltop watching as the Lights hovered over trees on a nearby hill.
  • When Magna Defender said the Lights were his only chance to destroy Scorpius, he suddenly clutched his chest and dropped to his knees as a heartbeat sound could be heard.
  • Groaning, Magna Defender asked where this pain was coming from, saying he had to get the Lights.


  • In the Forest Dome, Magna Defender cornered Trakeena, intending to kill Scorpius's only daughter, as Scorpius had killed his only son Zika.
  • Magna Defender had Trakeena held against a tree and prepared to thrust his sword into her, but his heartbeat and chest pain agonized him, making him drop to his knees, and she ran off.
  • Mike's voice could be heard echoing, "Don't give in to vengeance. Seek only the good."
  • As Leo prepared to strike a blow on the downed Treacheron elsewhere, Mike's voice echoed, "Good will always triumph," starling him and allowing Treacheron to run up and deliver a vicious upward slash to his front, knocking him unconscious.
  • As Leo slept in the Megaship infirmary, he saw a vision of Mike speaking his name, asking if he could hear him.
  • Leo saw Mike's dogtags jingling, then saw the scene of Mike's fall, with Mike shouting, "Carry on, Leo!" which he had never originally said.
  • Mike's vision told Leo, "Your friends need your help," and Leo then saw visions of the four Rangers being pounded; he then awoke and rushed off to battle, saying he'd never been better.
  • Later, Leo was alone in the guys' room when Maya came in; he told her to save her breath if she'd come to tell him that he'd only been dreaming about Mike, as he knew what he'd heard.
  • On the contrary, Maya admitted she'd first thought the voices had been in his imagination (apparently alluding to instances before 714-ShAt in which Leo had thought he'd heard Mike), but she was now sensing something in the air that she couldn't explain, and she too thought Mike was alive.


  • In the Mountain Dome while the Scorpion Stinger was outside draining energy from the dome, Magna Defender told Torozord that the day had finally come to avenge his son; when he destroyed the dome, Scorpius would be destroyed as well.
  • In Defender Torozord, Mega Defender shot a steady green energy bolt from his lance into a lava pit in an attempt to cause a meltdown which would blow up the Mountain Dome and destroy the colony, but the Galaxy Megazord grappled him before he could blast a second time.
  • Mega Defender declared from Torozord that he would do whatever it took to have his revenge, and he struck the Megazord.
  • After striking the Megazord, Torozord charged its lance again, but as it held it out, the energy faded from the lance, and Torozord glowed blue and reverted to bull form, ejecting small Magna Defender below.
  • Magna Defender, in pain, now had a shattered hole in his chest hexagon.
  • As Torozord roared, Magna Defender asked Torozord what it was doing, and he was dismayed to watch Torozord walk away, lamenting, "Betrayed by my own Zord!"
  • Freaky Tiki suddenly stabbed Magna Defender in the back with his spear, and Leo would rush the critically wounded warrior away to safety.
  • Magna Defender observed that Leo was always fighting for good in futility, just like his brother had been; he then explained the history between himself and Mike.
  • After his defeat by Treacheron, Magna Defender had lain stranded at the smoking red bottom of the crevice on Mirinoi for 3,000 years, his legs appearing to be paralyzed.
  • One day, the crevice had opened, and Mike had fallen in; taking his only chance to escape, Magna Defender had thrown his sword, pinning Mike by the uniform to a rock wall directly over a flaming pit, seeming to knock him out in the process.
  • Magna Defender had stolen Mike's spirit by switching life forces with him: he had first held out his hand, then turned into a white energy sphere and gone into Mike, who then turned into Magna Defender with purple energy and immediately flown out of the earth as a purple streak, a smoke explosion erupting from the crevice.
  • At the time of Magna Defender's release moments after Mike's fall, the surrounding area of Mirinoi wasn't yet stone (which agreed with 702-QsQ2), but it was also much more mountainous and open than the jungle area in which Mike had fallen, indicating that Magna Defender had escaped from a different area, one which hadn't yet been hit by Furio's stone wave.
  • As Magna Defender despaired over the death of Zika and the noble warrior he had once been, Zika's ghost visited him, encouraging him to fight for what was right.
  • In agony, Magna Defender looked at the wildflowers Zika had given him before vanishing, and he slowly got to his feet; going behind a rock formation, Magna Defender said he knew what he must do, then put his hand on his chest (releasing Mike, as shown in a flashback in 716-DFrG), causing cracks to appear in his visor, gashes to appear in his armor, and his cape to become shredded.
  • After Magna Defender had sacrificed himself to stop the meltdown, Mike walked up from behind the rock formation, wearing his black GSA suit and armor from 702-QsQ2.
  • The four teens were delighted, and Mike was pleased; he then walked toward the startled Leo, and the two hugged fiercely.
  • The brothers had missed each other incredibly; Leo said he'd known Mike would come back someday, and Mike told him he was never leaving again.


  • In the guys' room, Leo made a toast to Mike, who wore his blue GSA uniform and had slicked-back hair; picking up Magna Defender's sword from the table, Mike toasted to the Magna Defender, owing the warrior his life and wishing his spirit lived on.
  • Mike said that Magna Defender had taken his spirit inside of him to escape.
  • During a flashback of Magna Defender releasing Mike, the warrior had summoned Zika's dart from orange energy, seemingly from his chest, his cracked chest hexagon glowing green after removal; a green stream of energy had them formed Mike in front of him, and the teen had collapsed.
  • Leo gave Mike the box which contained the dogtags he'd been saving; when Mike asked about the dents in them, Leo said it was a long story.
  • Mike wondered how he'd explain where he'd been, and as the others laughed, Leo thought seriously.
  • At a hillside outside the city, Leo was looking at his Quasar Saber thoughtfully, waiting for Mike.
  • As Leo was still holding his saber nearby after he and Mike had walked up the hill together, Mike picked a cluster of white wildflowers, the same as Zika had given Magna Defender.
  • Mike said he'd taken life for granted, but not anymore; he planned to make his life important, not wasting the second chance Magna Defender had given him.
  • Leo began to tell Mike what he'd been wanting to say, but Alpha called them to the plaza, where the others were fighting Skelekron's Stingwingers; unmorphed with Leo, Mike fought the insect warriors expertly.
  • After capturing the four Rangers, Skelekron turned to the brothers to capture them next, but Mike shoved Leo out of the way and then rolled aside; during the struggle, Skelekron ended up slashing Leo's arm with his sword, injuring Leo, and Mike flipped over the Stingwingers and pulled the protesting Leo away.
  • Looking around secretively, Mike led Leo into a dorm which was either his or the guys' and sat him at the table while he got an emergency medical kit from the cabinet.
  • Leo was upset that Mike had made them leave their friends, but Mike said they would've been captured too.
  • With his arm now bandaged, Leo shoved Mike, saying they had to go find them; Mike dangled a dogtag from his chain, telling Leo that he'd planted one on a Stingwinger, which he'd done by sticking it into its back armor while flipping over it.
  • As Leo caught on, Mike said it was a metallic alloy, which they could trace easily, telling Leo, "Just leave it to me, little brother."
  • Outside the warehouse after Mike and Leo had found the dogtag using their computer, a tiny Skelekron Warrior confronted them but then grew to human size; Leo fought the Skelekron Warrior quite well, eventually kicking it hard into a fence, destroying it.
  • Around another side, Mike and Leo were attacked by a full-grown, yellow-scarved Skelekron Warrior who leapt off the roof wielding a scythe.
  • Mike fought but was knocked down, so Leo fought fairly well.
  • When the Skelekron Warrior launched a spinning orange energy blast from its scythe, unmorphed Leo reflected the blast back with his Quasar Saber which he was instantly wielding, knocking the warrior down but also knocking the saber from his hands.
  • When Mike went to hand it back, Leo told him he'd pulled it from the stone and had been chosen to be the Red Ranger, not Leo; Mike told Leo he'd earned it, having seen the way he fought.
  • Mike told Leo the Quasar Saber shared Leo's heart and soul, not his; Leo argued that it had been Mike's destiny, unchangeable, but Mike suggested that his destiny had been to pull the saber from the stone to give it to Leo, saying he had a feeling that it had been meant for Leo all along.
  • Just then, the Skelekron Warrior got back up and charged; Mike threw Leo the Quasar Saber, and the second he'd caught it, it glowed red, humming like a lightsaber.
  • Leo spun and slashed the incoming Skelekron Warrior in the midsection, destroying it; pleased, Mike told him, "You see, destiny doesn't make mistakes. There is no other Red Ranger."
  • Leo nodded, and they ran off toward another side of the warehouse.
  • Inside the warehouse, unmorphed Leo fought the Skelekron Warriors with his Quasar Saber while Mike fought Stingwingers; Leo soon destroyed both Skelekron Warriors, with a bit of help from Mike.
  • Mike and Leo both kicked Skelekron, and an energy attack from Leo's saber knocked Skelekron out of the warehouse and freed the four teens.
  • The five teens faced off with Skelekron and morphed, with Mike standing with them.
  • Mike and the Rangers fought Stingwingers while Leo fought Skelekron for a while, but Skelekron would eventually grow, and Mike would watch as the Rangers used the Orion Galaxy Megazord to fight him downtown, above.
  • Watching as the Megazord was in trouble against giant Skelekron, Mike said he had to do something.
  • The ghosts of Magna Defender and Zika walked up to Mike holding hands as Magna Defender told Mike he would carry on the work they had begun.
  • Magna Defender's sword teleported into Mike's hands, and Magna Defender told Mike his weapon was now Mike's, and two Magna Defender Morpher wrist components formed on Mike's wrists.
  • Magna Defender told Mike he would be the Magna Defender, as it was his destiny; the two ghosts then faded out despite Mike's calling after them.
  • Mike then looked at his Morphers, and Torozord walked up; Mike then tossed his sword into the air, connected his Morphers, and was morphed into the Magna Defender armor.
  • Amazed, Mike had Torozord transform him into the giant Mega Defender, and he formed Defender Torozord to destroy giant Skelekron.
  • In the city, the five teens ran up to unmorphed Mike, who held Magna Defender's sword and looked up at Torozord; he said that this was his destiny.
  • Later, Mike was allowed free entrance past two black-suited guards into High Command where Stanton was giving the councilors a progress report; none of the leaders had been expecting Mike.
  • Mike entered, and there was some whispering; Stanton uttered a shocked, "Mike."
  • Shaking hands with Mike, Stanton had thought they'd left him on the "practice moon," although this seems like an odd name for their training area on the moon.
  • As Mike searched for an explanation for his absence, Renier interjected to Stanton that whatever the reason, she thought she could speak for all of them when she said they were glad to have him back safe and sound; Stanton agreed and asked Mike to be at Command Headquarters at 0800.
  • After walking out to an area where two officers stood guard, Mike gave a loud, "Yes!" once the doors had closed behind him.


  • After emerging from an underground stairwell into the streets of the city dome, Mike went to the Comet Cafe.
  • Knowing Mike's name, Bulk asked "Mr. Second-in-command" how things were in the GSA, and Mike said they were pretty good.
  • Mike had thought Bulk and the Professor had been in the Science Division, but they explained they'd been canned.
  • Sitting beside Mike in the Comet Cafe, Trakeena, disguised as a stunning human woman, asked for what he was having, and Bulk gave her Mike's plate of a burger and fries.
  • As Professor, Bulk, and Mike argued over the burger, Trakeena secretly poured poisonous red dust into the burger and then returned it to Mike.
  • Mike introduced himself, and Trakeena spoke the "Tr--" before thinking up the name "Tracy."
  • Mike asked "Tracy" if she lived around here and prepared to take a bite from his burger, but he then looked at her as she stared at the burger in distraction.
  • Tracy said she was new here, and Mike chuckled over the notion of being new on a space colony.
  • As Mike prepared to bite the burger, Bulk apologized that they were all out of burgers, making Tracy exclaim, "Blast it!"; when Bulk and Mike looked at her oddly, she then said, "Oh, what a shame."
  • Mike suddenly looked at the clock (the time being 1:20) and remembered he had to meet his friends, inviting Tracy along, and they left the secretly poisoned burger behind.
  • With Tracy, Mike came into the guys' room, where the five teens were lounging around; Leo had had something to tell Mike, but the guys were all stunned by Tracy.
  • Maya and Kendrix annoyedly reminded Mike and the guys that they had just been on their way out, and Mike invited Tracy to come with them.
  • Tracy and Mike were walking arm-in-arm in front of the others in the city when two iron girders nearly crushed them, with Mike saving Tracy just in time.
  • Crumummy, attacking after having triggered the falling girders, stole the beauty from Maya and Kendrix, knocking them out, and Mike rushed Tracy away, leaving the three guys to fight the monster.
  • Nearby, Mike had Tracy stay behind an area of plants while he ran back and checked on the girls; at the fight location, Kai had Mike get the unconscious girls out of there.
  • After Crumummy had retreated, the three Rangers immediately demorphed, and the three teens and Tracy then joined up nearby to check on the girls, where Mike hadn't taken them far.
  • Mike said he'd take Tracy home, and Leo was outraged, saying she'd be just fine, but Mike left with her anyway, saying she wasn't safe there.
  • In the park, Mike waited at a bench while Tracy got two glasses of orange-colored juice from a vendor and secretly sprinkled more red dust from her ring into one glass.
  • As she returned, Mike took the cups she'd set down and prepared to walk away, but she had him stay to relax for a second.
  • Handing Tracy a cup, Mike drank all of his cup as she watched, then he suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed, gagging.
  • Crumummy teleported in, congratulating the "princess" and handing her the beauty jar, but Mike snatched the jar and released its gold sand, curing Crumummy's victims.
  • Tracy was alarmed, and Mike triumphantly said he'd switched them, throwing the cup at her; she ducked, and the juice splashed on Crumummy, making his face steam and burn.
  • Leo arrived, and as Tracy turned into Trakeena, Mike explained to Leo that the monster had been stealing all of the beauty in the colony but hadn't attacked Tracy.
  • Later, in a GSA lift leading to the floor of the girls' room, Mike did a magic trick for the guys by holding a red handkerchief in his hand, then making it vanish; Damon was mystified.
  • As they exited into a hallway, Mike gave the handkerchief to a red-uniformed girl, not seeming to particularly amuse her.


  • Mike was walking into Command Headquarters when everyone was watching a static-filled emergency transmission from an alien (referred to in this guide as an alien crewmember) begging for help; unable to contact the aliens to reply, Stanton told Mike to compile a report and meet him at High Command; Mike agreed and left into the hall.
  • At High Command, the councilors discussed having to divert from their course to help, and Councilor Brody reminded them of their goal, to find a New World in the Eurolean Galaxy, and that they weren't equipped for rescue missions, making it just too risky.
  • Mike began to interject but then stepped back, apologizing; Renier told him not to keep them on the edge of their seats, an interest perhaps sparked by knowledge of Mike's association with the Rangers, but this is by no means certain.
  • Mike spoke, "Our mission doesn't spell out that we have to rescue others in times of trouble."; Brody agreed, but Mike continued, "But that's because it doesn't need to be spelled out. Helping should be second nature. As you said, it's dangerous out there. And the day may come when we have to send a distress signal of our own."
  • After Brody and Renier had looked at each other, Renier commended Mike and had Stanton put together his best rescue team; when the team was assembled during the presumed weeks- or months-long journey to the alien ship (see "Missing time") is unknown.
  • At a park, Mike drove up to where Leo was playing with some kids, soon recruiting him for the rescue mission; later, fully-suited GSA soldiers went down a hallway as Mike led them; his helmet had a blinking red microcamera attachment on the right side.
  • Leo, suited as well, was at the back of the line, and Mike thanked him for coming, as he felt a lot better with him along; Leo said he wouldn't miss it, but jokingly told Mike just to watch his back.
  • On the bridge of the alien ship was a crewmember's skeleton wrapped in sticky webbing, inside of which Leo, slightly disgusted, found the mysterious Galaxy Book.
  • Leo had Mike come over and look; Mike was still recording as he examined the odd book.
  • There was firing in the tunnel outside, with the unseen alien creature quickly leaving, and soldiers were firing rapid yellow energy bursts from their rifles.
  • Arriving with Leo and not seeing the creature, Mike had them hold their fire, with one soldier, probably Hargan, continuing to fire a bit until Mike again shouted to stop.
  • A female soldier urgently said something had grabbed Jasper from the shadows; Hargan was mumbling frantically, breaking down, so Mike shouted for him to pull it together and wait for them at the heliship.
  • Mike reported to Stanton that they'd lost Jasper, but the transmission couldn't get through the hull either way.
  • As they were a rescue team, Mike had them get to work to go after Jasper.
  • As the soldiers moved through the tunnels, a bit of slime landed on Leo's rifle; he and Mike froze for a moment but then shouted to the others, aiming up at the creature on the ceiling.
  • The alien creature, with a humanoid physique but quite monstrous features, dropped down and attacked, slashing them and their weapons, knocking them back.
  • Leo grabbed his dropped rifle after being knocked back and shot at the creature, but it leapt up the wall onto the ceiling, where it crawled along dodging the laser fire, then dropped down and shoved Leo against a railing, making him drop the Galaxy Book over the edge.
  • Mike blasted the alien in the back, making it retreat; Leo was left exhausted but fine.
  • Leo said they were the only ones left, and Mike said they had to get his team back; Leo then realized the book was missing from his pack.
  • Mike and Leo eventually discovered numerous webbed cocoons containing the lost unconscious soldiers, whom they freed and awoke.
  • As the last soldiers were released from their cocoons, Leo saw a glowing spot of light near the chest of an alien crewmember skeleton in a cocoon, and he tore it open to find the Galaxy Book having been recently placed inside the cocoon over the crewmember's chest.
  • As the soldiers climbed up, Leo told Mike he'd gotten the book, but just then, the creature from the ceiling peeked around the corner, apparently preparing to attack.
  • Leo and Mike grabbed their weapons off the floor and ran in another direction to buy the others some time as they fled.
  • Running from the creature, Leo and Mike unleashed a barrage of laser fire on the alien, stunning it, but explosions from stray fire began to erupt in the background, and the two ran off, knowing the place was about to blow.
  • Further down the corridor, Mike and Leo found a large door with a wall button, but it didn't work, so Leo thought for them to blast the door, causing it to fly off, revealing the vacuum of space which nearly sucked them out before they ducked beside the doorway.
  • As the alien creature ran down the tunnel growling and swiping its claws in the air, Leo and Mike agreed it wasn't looking good.
  • Just then, the heliship flew up with its side near the open doorway, and the side door flipped up; inside, the Rangers and soldiers were calling for the two brothers to jump.
  • Mike had Leo go first, and he leapt across the void into the heliship.
  • With the Galaxy Book, Mike leapt, but the alien creature caught his foot, and Leo caught his hand from the heliship.
  • Mike told Leo to save the team and let go, but Leo replied, "Not this time!"
  • As explosions continued in the rear of the alien ship, morphed Kai flew by on his Jet Jammer and slashed the creature with his Quasar Saber, making it let go.
  • With Mike inside, the heliship flew away as the alien vessel exploded.
  • Everyone in Command Headquarters cheered when Mike radioed, "Terra Venture, we're heading home."
  • Mike and Leo sat down and looked curiously at the mysterious Galaxy Book, wondering what this book's story was.


  • After Kai and Damon had escaped from Deviot's planet one afternoon, armored Mike soon joined the Rangers to confront Deviot.
  • In the Defender Torozord, Mike helped the Rangers confront Deviot's evil Zords, but, like the Galaxy Megazord, Torozord would drop its weapon and refuse to fight back.


  • When the evil Zords attacked again shortly, Mike manned Command Headquarters, assigning groups of soldiers sectors to go to during the crisis.
  • As Kendrix worked secretly in the deserted Science Division, Mike entered, and she told him of the guys' plan and her concern, so he went to help.
  • In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed numerous rows of blue and red officers, apparently four mixed groups of four, including Kendrix and Kai, with Mike in front.


  • After Leo and Kai had been restrained, Deviot revealed the other three Rangers and armored Mike chained up as well.
  • As promised, Villamax released the others once Leo had surrendered himself.
  • Soon, the four Rangers flew their Jammers alongside the Megaship piloted by Mike, who would locate the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet.
  • Mike was not with the others as they confronted Trakeena and fought Kubak on the planet's surface.


  • After Maya had confronted Shondra (actually Rykon in disguise), the other Rangers and armored Mike arrived to help.


  • Mike and Kai were working at Command Headquarters during Trakeena's ultimatum to Terra Venture following the abduction of High Councilor Renier.
  • After Damon had volunteered to go to the Scorpion Stinger, Stanton had Kai and Mike prep the heliship quickly.
  • With Damon alone in the rear bay with a toolbox, Mike flew a heliship from Terra Venture, having secretly recruited Leo as his copilot, saying a little backup never hurt.
  • After Damon had been escorted into the Scorpion Stinger and Leo had sneaked in, Mike was following the Stinger from a distance, watching the approaching meteor storm on his radar.
  • Running for his life in the Scorpion Stinger, Damon called into his Transmorpher for Mike's help, and Mike replied simply using his standard GSA pilot's headset.
  • Soon after the heliship had landed, Cannonbrawl fired at another heliship on Terra Venture, and armored Mike, and then the Rangers, immediately confronted the monster.
  • Mike didn't participate in the Zord fight as the Galaxy Megazord and Stratoforce Megazord fought giant Cannonbrawl.


  • During the Rangers' second confrontation against Icy Angel, armored Mike helped out, this time also helping in the Zord fight.
  • Following Icy Angel's destruction, Kai and Mike ran back to the alley, where Kai unlocked the room where he'd trapped the evil Stanton; Stanton, having regained his senses, was sore and confused.
  • Terra Venture was now dangerously close to drifting into the nearby red giant star; Command Headquarters was red and uncomfortably hot.
  • Entering, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course at maximum thrust, and they quickly flew out of danger.
  • Later taking the day off to spend some time with Jodie, Stanton proudly left Kai in charge of the colony, rather than second-in-command Mike.


  • Mike was jogging in the Forest Dome in a gray tank top when he heard something; investigating, he saw Villamax and Kegler instructing Stingwingers as they were moving massive parts somewhere.
  • Mike's primary color of civilian clothing was gray.
  • Tripping, Kegler left behind a miniature disc which Mike retrieved before being confronted by Chameliac, a gladiator-like robot warrior bearing a Barbarax symbol; Mike then morphed.
  • After armored Mike had been blasted by Chameliac's duplicate Magna Blaster and slashed by his duplicate lightning slash, Mike was in the Megaship infirmary with a bandaged forehead and right arm in a sling.
  • The teens went to investigate the villains' operation in the Forest Dome, telling Mike he had to stay despite his wanting to go.
  • Later on the Megaship bridge, Mike, ignoring Alpha's instruction that he should be in bed, inserted the damaged minidisc into a black reader device after removing his jacket and sling, causing slight momentary pain to his shoulder.
  • DECA announced reconstruction of sectors 07-2459, and on the monitor formed schematics of the laser dish, which was the only retrievable data.
  • When the Galactabeasts were summoned to fight giant Chameliac, Mike saw a diagram showing the laser shooting the Galactabeasts, and he realized the laser could destroy the Galactabeasts, so he ran out.
  • Meanwhile, at the dish site, Villamax and Kegler prepared to fire, but armored Mike arrived, blasting the dish with his rifle and causing the entire structure to explode into fragments, throwing Stingwingers and debris all across the forest.
  • Later, Leo and Mike jogged through the Forest Dome, and as they finished, the Lion Galactabeast growled gently to them from over a mountainside in what Leo thought were thanks, so Mike replied it was welcome.


  • After all of the teens but Leo had been abducted by Psycho Rangers, Alpha and Mike were on the Megaship bridge when Leo entered with Andros.
  • As the startled Alpha hugged Andros, Mike smiled at Leo indistinctly.
  • Mike shook hands with Andros, saying it was an honor to meet him.
  • According to Andros's plan, armored Mike freed the four teens as morphed Leo and Andros lured the villains out of the warehouse they were trapped in, and the four teens and Mike joined the two Red Rangers outside, where they were aided by the other four Space Rangers.
  • While the Space and Galaxy Rangers fought the Psychos, Mike fought Deviot and Villamax inside a warehouse shed; during the fight, Mike sent a kicked barrel flying while fighting Deviot, then soon slash-exploded two others aside to get to Villamax, whom he disarmed and slashed in the stomach.


  • As four Space Rangers and four Galaxy Rangers (both Pink Rangers having chased Psycho Pink to nearby Rashon) fought villains on Terra Venture, the ground suddenly rumbled with thundering noise, and a huge blood-red cloud poured down through the sky.
  • In Command Headquarters, an alarm buzzed, and Mike told Commander Stanton about a high-energy disturbance, and as the red cloud approached the windows, he called for full reverse thrust.
  • Despite their reverse thrust, the cloud began to envelop Terra Venture, shaking the colony.
  • Suddenly, the energy storm dissipated, and the rumbling stopped, causing Mike and Stanton looked at each other in surprise; unbeknownst to them, Kendrix had sacrificed her life on the planet below to stop the disturbance.


  • Later, after Karone had retrieved the missing Quasar Saber and become the new Pink Ranger, Maya was showing Karone their room when the guys and Mike rolled in a cart of food including a roasted chicken, a special feast for the ladies.


  • As Leo and the teens were in the Megaship infirmary after Magnetox had stolen Leo's powers, Mike ran in and told them of another attack, and he would join Damon, Kai, and Maya in confronting the monster.
  • After Kai and Maya's powers had been stolen, Damon said the monster wouldn't stop until he had all of their powers, but Mike said they couldn't think about that now, having to get Magnetox out of the city dome where he couldn't hurt innocent people.
  • In an industrial area, the four fled, but a huge explosion knocked them aside.
  • Magnetox stole the powers from Damon and Mike as well and prepared to finish them off, but they escaped thanks to Damon.
  • Following Magnetox's destruction by the Red Armored Power Ranger, the heroes' powers were returned to them, and they congratulated Leo.


  • After an energy surge from the Galaxy Book which shorted out most of the colony's power, Stanton forced his way into Command Headquarters and came to Mike for a damage report, then had Kai lock the book up until further notice.


  • Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Stanton walked with Mike, looking at a report, as Mike told him the computer couldn't tell one direction from another, as there were no stars to navigate by.
  • When the elevator doors opened into a desert mountain, Mike and Stanton were both silently confused, and they stepped forward hesitantly, with a black and red starscape above, probably the Lost Galaxy sky.
  • After a ghost commander had told Stanton never to look back, lest they vanish without a trace, the two suddenly found themselves standing in Command Headquarters as Kai was talking about their systems.
  • Soon, while Stanton was in High Command, Mike reported from Command Headquarters that a vessel was approaching, reluctantly telling Stanton it was a castle sitting on a flying dinosaur.
  • In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, Stanton, Kai, and Mike watched from an overlooking ledge as people were cleared from the plaza below by soldiers.
  • After Mutiny had left, speaking of a machine which would send them home, Mike told Stanton he didn't trust Mutiny, but Stanton replied they didn't have many options, telling them to take a heliship to get the machine.
  • Two pilots flew a heliship to Mutiny's planet following Titanisaur down, along with Mike in soldier gear with his camera helmet.
  • Mike called for flight pattern delta, and the five Rangers flew their Jet Jammers above the heliship in a triangle shape; this was a rare instance of direct GSA-Ranger cooperation.
  • On the rocky surface, Swabbies tied a rope net around a large wooden case with Mutiny emblems on it and a caged dark window in the side, beside the heliship.
  • Mutiny handed Mike a small black key, telling him everything they'd be needing was right inside.
  • Before moving the heliship out, Mike looked at the five unmorphed teens as they were hiding nearby.
  • The heliship hovered up from the surface, lifting the crate to take back to Terra Venture.
  • In a vast desert on Terra Venture, a road led to several Terra Venture warehouses where the heliship approached with Mutiny's "gift"; waiting at the area were Stanton, two GSA officers, and numerous soldiers.
  • Stanton and Mike watched from a distance as a soldier unlocked the crate.
  • As the soldier removed the wooden plank across the crate's doors, the Rangers leapt down from their Jet Jammers and ran shouting for them not to open it, but the hideous monster Grunchor was released, tunneling into the ground.


  • Following Grunchor's release, the Rangers told Stanton of Mutiny's plan to enslave the colony; as the Rangers left to figure out where the monster had gone, Stanton told Mike to put all available personnel on search teams, also wanting an alert to clear the streets.
  • Later, during the search for the monster, the Rangers met up with armored Mike long enough to tell him about the scanner they'd stolen from Deviot, and they split up, Leo and Mike together.
  • Later confronted by a more menacing Grunchor, Mike suggested that the Rangers join powers, and the Rangers charged up Leo fire a fire blast, but Grunchor only grew into a stronger, giant form.
  • Mike helped the others in Defender Torozord until the Zord was defeated in battle, reverting to bull form.


  • Leo said he'd known from the beginning that something about Magna Defender had reminded him of his brother.


  • From the guys' room after Damon and Kai had fallen into a sleep spell from some flowers, Leo tried to call Mike repeatedly with no response, but when Mike finally answered, Leo sleepily had him meet in the girls' quarters.
  • There, they found the girls asleep on the floor; when Mike read the note, "To the girls from the guys," Leo realized the spell was in the flowers just as Mike sniffed them, and Mike had them keep walking to find out who'd been sending the flowers.
  • Outside Mike's room, the brothers, propping each other up, learned from the delivery guy that the flowers had come from a shop in the plaza, and Mike would leave alone after Leo had fallen asleep in the hallway.
  • Approaching the plaza, Mike wearily went the wrong way through a crowd of marching people, and as he stumbled, he was hit by an electric car on a walkway but was unharmed.
  • In the plaza, Mike came to the shop but found it completely empty; as he pulled on the door handle, he vanished and dropped into Hexuba's magical parlor, presumably in her floating mansion.
  • Hexuba had been waiting for Mike so he could join the others in the nightmare; she forced him to his knees with an energy bolt, telling him to let the darkness overtake him.
  • Mike had a silver tag on a chain around his right wrist.
  • Struggling intently, Mike grabbed a hand mirror off a table and reflected Hexuba's restraining energy bolt away; the beam bounced off two mirrors before hitting the chandelier, making it fall on Hexuba's crystal ball and shatter it, somehow helping the Rangers win against the Nightmare monster in the dream world.
  • With Hexuba now in another place, Mike and Leo ran into the guys' room with the girls as Damon and Kai awoke; how Mike had returned to Terra Venture is unknown.


  • As Mike manned a seat in the front of Command Headquarters, an orange streak flew by the window, and Mike called the Rangers to tell them of the object having fallen to the main city dome; meanwhile, the Rangers were fighting Teksa in a plaza after having destroyed the resurrected Freaky Tiki.
  • After the Rangers had destroyed Teksa and Horn, armored Mike joined them, saying Alpha had detected the arrival of two more monsters they'd previously destroyed.
  • Mike fought the resurrected Fishface and Treacheron (whose name he knew) and later helped the Rangers destroy Hardtochoke.
  • When Hexuba flew by telling Blue Ranger he'd pay after the destruction of her mansion and her monsters, Kai spoke her name, and Mike's reply was, "Who-xuba?", yet he'd personally foiled Hexuba's nightmare spell the episode before (the aftermath of which we did not see); aside from the explanation of memory erasure during the missing time, his remark can alternately be explained by his only seeing the sorceress from the back as she flew through the sky obscured with sparkles, and Kai's being the only Ranger to know her name.
  • Late at night after Hexuba's destruction, Stanton walked down a GSA hallway, empty except for a few hardhat workers at a panel, and met up with Kai and Mike who'd been waiting at the elevator doors, not knowing what was going on; he had the two follow him.
  • In Command Headquarters, Renier sat alone at a control panel sipping from a canteen when Stanton entered with Kai and Mike.
  • Stanton apologized for getting Renier up at this hour, but she replied the hour was unimportant, asking for any news; Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left.
  • Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.


  • The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
  • In Command Headquarters, the alarm was blaring as Stanton entered from the lift; Kai was at a console, with Mike at the control podium.
  • Kai showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red, and it soon hit critical and exploded, terminating Engine 4.
  • Stanton looked silently devastated, and officers looked at him; he had the remaining engines brought to half thrust.
  • When Damon approached, Stanton spoke with him reassuringly, saying he'd done his best; after Damon had left, Stanton privately told Mike that if they lost another engine, they were lost.
  • With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters shortly after the Rangers' destruction of Titanisaur, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats, and Mike reported trouble in Engine 3; Kai said temperature was 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
  • Soon, Damon and the workers in the engine room managed to avert a second disaster, although the center engine cluster did blow out.


  • Later the same day as Titanisaur's attack and the loss of Engine 4, Barbarax attacked a plaza.
  • With a boat hovering nearby, Rangers and armored Mike fought Swabbies and attempted to lead panicking citizens (and a few GSA teens) to safety.
  • After Barbarax had sucked up a group of people into a small barrel, Mike called out Barbarax's name and slashed through Swabbies to get to him.
  • Refusing to let the captives go, Barbarax struck a stone pillar with his axe, making a building above crumble into bits, and Mike was struck with large amounts of rubble from above, making his armor spark.
  • As Mike helped the stunned Rangers, Barbarax and the Swabbies rowed away in their boat, Barbarax laughing that he'd be back for more.
  • Mike said this was crazy, and they had to find a way to stop him.
  • In the guys' room, the teens and Mike sat.
  • Kai said they needed some way to get into the slave camp, and Mike got an idea, saying he'd let them capture him, as they didn't know who he was; once inside, he could free the people from the slave camp.
  • According to Mike, the villains didn't know who he was, yet armored Mike had helped the Rangers against Grunchor, Hexuba's resurrected monsters, Titanisaur, and recently Barbarax, and had personally thwarted Hexuba's nightmare spell in her parlor in his civilian form.
  • When Leo wanted to go, Mike objected that they wouldn't be able to use the Lights of Orion if they split up.
  • Mike was wearing his left Morpher, but on the right was just his GSA tag bracelet.
  • Soon, Barbarax and Swabbies raided an office building for more slaves.
  • As Barbarax projected the goo from his bucket, Mike, the only GSA officer in the group, secretly ran up and was captured along with the others; at the slave camp, he was shackled along with everyone else.
  • Later, a dirty Mike wore a black tank top with his dirty blue uniform pants; among the crowd of slaves, none now wore recognizable Terra Venture uniforms.
  • Swabbies led Mike and the girl beside him, Haley, to a spot where they were forced to begin digging in the rocky dirt with pickaxes; like everyone else, they were to put gems and jewels they found into their buckets.
  • Mike's bucket was nearly full.
  • Haley collapsed weakly beside Mike, and he helped her drink some water from a metal cup despite her not wanting him to help her.
  • Haley told Mike never to help her again; if he did, Barbarax would destroy both of them.
  • Later, Ben watched as Barbarax shouted that one slave's gems weren't enough, having the Swabbies take him away.
  • Walking by Ben with Haley, Mike dumped his nearly-full bucket into Ben's as the old man was scrambling to dig more; Haley was shocked.
  • Soon, Barbarax held his axe in front of Mike, having the Swabbies show how many gems he'd dug up.
  • Finding Mike's bucket empty, Barbarax shoved Mike down to set an example for everyone.
  • Barbarax shouted to the crowd that if anyone else wanted to show up empty-handed, this was what happened when they didn't pull their weight, and he prepared to chop Mike with his axe before Haley pleaded for him to wait, protecting Mike.
  • Haley explained he was new, then shouted out for all the new slaves to remember that they worked for Captain Mutiny now, and as Barbarax agreed, she added, "So you dig and you dig hard, or you are all dust!"
  • Haley told Barbarax she'd make sure he (Mike) digged, and Barbarax told her she'd better, or it would be her next time.
  • Mike asked why she'd stuck up for him, and she explained he'd helped her grandpa, Benjamin.
  • At sunset on Mutiny's planet, a horn in the distance blew, and Barbarax ordered the trudging masses to get back to their cells.
  • As slaves walked by through the rocky path, a Swabbie scooped some water from a bucket with a ladle to pour into people's cups.
  • When the Swabbie turned, apparently from a faint knocking sound that had been nearby, Mike flung himself and Haley into an area behind some rocks near the rock wall beside them; Ben watched nervously.
  • When the Swabbie turned with a curious, "Ar?" after Haley had whispered for her grandpa, Ben grabbed the water bucket from him violently, crying out that it was all his.
  • Swabbies grappled Ben, and as they dragged him away, he nodded to Mike and Haley, and the two made their escape during the distraction.
  • Swabbies led the prisoners into stone-blocked cells apparently built into a cliff wall.
  • As she and Mike hid behind some barrels in the area, Haley wondered what they would do; after a pause, Mike spoke into his left Morpher with a warble, confusing her.
  • Mike contacted Leo, telling the teens to come in exactly thirty minutes.
  • With a shocked whisper, Haley asked Mike who he was, and he said he'd tell her later.
  • After a few Swabbies had padlocked the three cell doors, Mike had them rush out, and they fought and grappled the Swabbies with the chain that connected them by the wrists.
  • After knocking out the Swabbies, they got the key ring and unlocked themselves, then unlocked each of the cell doors, and the prisoners rushed out, trampling a conscious Swabbie as Mike tried to quiet the elated crowd.
  • Haley was looking for her grandpa in the crowd, but Mike made them go.
  • Presumably thirty minutes after Mike had called for assistance, the Astro Megaship had landed in the desert, and the Galaxy Rangers ran out of the hatch, leading the fleeing masses inside.
  • As the Rangers led the former slaves inside the Megaship, Kai called into the crowd for Mike to move it; up close, Kai told him the portal was open, and Mike said that was great, but Haley ran back for her grandpa.
  • In the crowd, Haley learned Barbarax had taken Ben away.
  • Mike tried to make Haley go back to the ship while he went, but Haley ran off, refusing to leave Ben.
  • In another stoneblock alcove area with some flaming torches, a Swabbie had Ben in neck/wrist shackles, but Mike immediately grabbed him from behind, pulled him behind the barrels, and beat him so hard that his sword flew up into the air from the pounding.
  • Mike unlocked the shackles with the Swabbie's keyring as Haley worriedly helped Ben out.
  • The three ran through the mountainous ground, saying they were almost there as the two helped support Ben, but Barbarax suddenly confronted them, saying no one escaped from his slave camp.
  • With both Magna Defender Morphers on his wrists, Mike told Ben and Haley to go to the ship and he'd catch up, and he then ran forward and morphed into the Magna Defender.
  • Armored Mike fought Barbarax, shouting for them to get back to the ship, and they would soon run up to the Megaship.
  • Mike slashed Barbarax back, making him fall over a wooden cart, the last the warrior would be seen battling with Mike.
  • As Mutiny prepared to fire on the Megaship with an arm cannon, armored Mike shot him in the back with his Magna Blaster.
  • As the Megaship flew off, Mutiny turned and shot several blue energy spheres, making enormous explosions around Mike.
  • Losing his rifle, Mike rolled down a hill, and collapsed at the bottom, demorphing with a green gleam, still having his Morphers.
  • As Mike lay unconscious in the desert as Mutiny pursued Terra Venture toward the closing portal, Magna Defender's ghost appeared and spoke to him.
  • Magna Defender told Mike to listen to him and that he must rise up, causing Mike to weakly clench his hand; Magna Defender told him to reach inside and find the strength of the Magna Defender, for his greatest mission lay ahead.
  • As Mike weakly looked up, Magna Defender's spirit told him he could do it, then faded away, and Mike stood and ran off with determination.
  • At least a half-hour after beginning its approach, Terra Venture continued toward the vortex tunnel, but the portal was slowly closing.
  • As the Megaship approached Terra Venture in preparation to dock, Defender Torozord passed it in space.
  • As Mike approached the portal in Torozord, Leo cried out for Mike not to do it, though how he knew Mike intended to sacrifice himself is unknown.
  • Defender Torozord braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward as green energy bolts glowed around the portal.
  • Suddenly, in a chain of explosions beginning in Torozord's left arm and quickly going to the chest and legs, Defender Torozord exploded, flinging metallic shrapnel everywhere, and the portal was reopened.
  • Soon after Terra Venture had returned to the normal universe, Leo flew through space on his Jet Jammer looking desperately for Mike in normal space.
  • Leo found Mike drifting unmorphed, unconscious, and apparently unprotected in the void of space with his Morphers on; how he would survive is unknown.
  • Leo pulled Mike in and tried to wake him but saw his mangled, smoking right Morpher, saying the Morpher had been destroyed.
  • Some time later, Mike awoke in the Megaship infirmary, his head bandaged and wearing what looked like a hospital gown.
  • Beside unmorphed Leo, Haley asked how he was feeling.
  • Mike said he was okay, asking about her, and she laughed softly that she felt free, saying they all did thanks to him.
  • Haley was sorry it had cost him his powers, but Mike wasn't sorry at all, saying it was exactly what the powers were meant for.
  • At the foot of his bed, Magna Defender's ghost spoke, probably heard only by Mike, "Thank you, Mike. You've served the legacy of the Magna Defender with honor."
  • Mike looked at his bare wrist and smiled softly.


  • In the minimally staffed Command Headquarters that night, Mike (in uniform) was standing at the eastern windows (just as he'd done hours before departure from Earth in 701-QsQ1).
  • Approaching, Stanton lightheartedly told Mike he could maybe get some sleep, as the planet wasn't going anywhere, but Mike didn't want to miss anything, after all it had taken to get there.
  • Stanton said there had been a time that he'd wondered if they'd ever make it at all.
  • Stanton said they had a big day tomorrow, and Mike agreed and said he'd just stay a little while longer.
  • Later the next morning, Kai and Mike manned a console as Stanton entered from the lift.
  • Stanton had Mike begin landing procedure, and Mike agreed, announcing he was sealing all domes.
  • After the Scorpion Stinger had destroyed the Industrial Dome and their last remaining engine cluster, Stanton came in from the hallway, and Mike announced they'd lost all power; Kai said they were headed straight for the moon below.
  • After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, as people groaned and helped each other up from the wreckage.
  • An urgent voice over a loudspeaker announced, "Attention all firefighting personnel, please report immediately to building 7-C for further emergency procedure!"; in response, Mike took a GSA girl he'd been helping, telling her to come on as he supported her.
  • Helped up from the control table, Stanton wanted a full damage report, ordering that all medical teams should be moving out now, and some blue-suited officers including Kai and Mike ran out.
  • Soon in a hallway, Mike and Kai told Stanton they were losing atmospheric pressure, as the main dome was cracking faster than they could fix it, and he would soon decide to abandon Terra Venture.


  • Later entering with a flashlight from the rubble-filled darkened hallway, Mike found Stanton standing solemnly at the Command Headquarters window.
  • Mike told him the final shuttle was waiting and that he was the last person.
  • After a moment, Stanton turned to go.


  • On Mirinoi, GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents, and some GSA equipment including a satellite dish.
  • Walking, Mike told Stanton everyone was accounted for, despite the great unlikelihood of there being no fatalities from the city dome's earlier catastrophic crash-landing.
  • Stanton asked Mike to collect a report on the food and water supplies.
  • Behind a tent, Mike radioed Kai over a small walkie-talkie to ask about Leo, but they still hadn't found anything.
  • As the four teens searched the forest, Mike privately radioed Kai, telling him he'd found Leo, flying on a collision course toward them on Terra Venture, assuming Trakeena had figured out how to power it again.
  • In a white GSA tent outside which Mike reported to Kai, the members of High Command, Stanton, and others watched in dismay on a monitor, part of an equipment setup, as Red Ranger was being pounded by Trakeena on the approaching city dome.
  • When the Rangers leapt down after surviving the crash of the city dome (slowed by the Galaxy Megazord), everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Mike and Red Ranger (with a shattered hole in his helmet over his right eye) immediately hugged.

    Other Sources

  • The following bio comes from the Fox Kids website:
    First Officer of the Galactic Space Alliance, Mike has proven again and again to be a brave and dependable soldier. He can be a bit overprotective of his little brother, Leo, but only because he cares about him so much. When Mike is called upon to take on the powers of the Magna Defender, he joins his brother in the fight against evil.
  • Describing his childhood, Leo said he'd hung out and played sports, remarking that although they hadn't had a lot of money, it hadn't really mattered. (Source: Fox Kids Magazine, Spring 1999)
  • Leo further recalled the beginning of Terra Venture's construction and always wanting to be onboard. (Source: Fox Kids Magazine, Spring 1999)

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