Millennium City
- 30th century North American city, protected by Time Force
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First Appearance: 901-Fut1
Last Appearance: 1025-RFF2
Subcategories: Time Force Headquarters, Funaro Maximum Security Prison
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  • All events occuring within and around Millennium City took place in the 31st Century, approximately one thousand years from the present, though the precise month and days this episode took place are unknown.
  • An overview of the city revealed the design of the majority of buildings were mostly tall and circular with concaved sides shaped like hourglasses. Most of those visible were seemingly painted light pinkish, or in some cases, just white.
  • Hover-vehicle traffic was pretty much random, limited to any open space between buildings and above the pedestrians on the ground. No visible barriers marked the sky-roadways.
  • When vehicles drove on the paved ground-roads, traffic-flow was on the right.
  • According to narration, peace and justice reign a thousand years in the future. Thanks to the brave legion of the Time Force Police, the streets have been cleared of every criminal, except for Ransik.
  • Ransik and the Cyclobots held siege in a warehouse; a two story grey building with a large red door.
  • A pair of spotlights waved back and forth at the night sky in the distance.
  • The TF Courthouse overlooked the futuristic landscape of the city, with the Time Force Headquarters and runway directly across from it by several blocks, located at what seemed to be the center of the city.
  • Millennium City was in a valley between what seemed to be at least two mountain ranges.
  • The Funaro Maximum Security Prison was a considerable drive away from Millennium City, across a mountain range and just offshore from a series of pinkish buildings.
  • The sky above the city usually appeared normal blue with white clouds, with two exceptions: near dusk it was tinged pink, with bright orange clouds; and at dawn it was dark blue with pinkish clouds.
  • Alex's TF Patrol Car revved up off down the deserted four-lane paved street, showing the sidewalks had trees in block-planters spaced apart evenly, and what looked to be a small "No Parking" sign.
  • Along the shoulder of the road on the outskirts, were numerous small white poles, with glass half-orb tops.
  • Above and around the outskirts' roads, were basic telephone poles and cables, no different than what we have today. Whether or not they were functional is unknown.
  • Also, atop some of the hills in the outskirts, were power lines, also similiar to that of today. Functionality is also unknown for them.


  • The name "Millennium City" comes from internal documents associated with the show. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)

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