Millennium Message
- warning from the future brought to Dimitria by Blue Senturion, intercepted by Divatox; contents unknown
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  • According to Blue Senturion's estimated future from the year 2000, the universe's greatest evils (Machina, Mondo, Zedd, Rita, and Divatox are shown in front of an exploding city) would join forces to destroy the Earth and the entire universe, then divide its wealth; only one force stood in their way, a force which only Divatox, Elgar, and Porto saw, and a force which angered Divatox.
  • After the hologram had ended, Elgar asked Divatox if she'd seen that; she replied that she knew what she had to do, then told Porto to reprogram Blue Senturion to turn him against the Rangers; she declared that nothing would come between her and the riches of the Earth. (For further actions taken by Divatox after learning of the millennium message, see the "Divatox" page.)
  • Later on the Power Chamber's medical table with wires hooked up to him, Blue Senturion played for the Rangers, Alpha, and Dimitria what he could of the message, but it was now in fragments which failed to name the only force which stood in the way of the villains' universal domination; all that remained was the definite article "the" before the missing noun.
  • When Blue Senturion played back the hologram for the third time, it showed Divatox in the center position of the villains rather than on the side.


  • Divatox sent Piranhatrons to attack the soccer field; as the teens observed, the Piranhatron were after Carlos and Ashley, not Adam.
  • After blaming Elgar for the destruction of Electrovolt and the disarming of the detonator she'd had planted at the soccer game, Divatox said she wasn't beaten yet and that she would never let the millennium message come to pass.


  • Elgar and two Piranhatron brought a treasure chest into the bridge from the lift after someone, presumably Divatox, had told him precisely where he would find it, in the Salton Sea (in southern California); such precognition might have stemmed from the millennium message.
  • Divatox had Porto bring her Dreadfeather to obtain the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, which she called the two most powerful vehicles in the universe; if she possessed them, she said, nothing would stand in her way.


  • Divatox didn't believe Rygog and Elgar when they described the Phantom that had attacked them outside Angel Grove Bank.


  • Divatox was shocked to see Havoc when he came aboard the subcraft, and she was delightedly surprised that he had brought the Space Base and Metallasaurus.


  • Divatox planned to combine the power of the Rangers (using the stolen Turbo Megazord) with the power of the Phantom (using the stolen Power Ruby) and change the course of history forever.


  • Rygog's "Monster List" on his clipboard at the villains' monster training area had Lord Litter, Maniac Mechanic, Torch Tiger, Wild Weeder, Wicked Wisher, Voltmeister, Metal Mangler, Metalsaurus, Mad Mike, Dreadfeather, Flamite, and Shrinkasect on it, each with a "yes" or "no" beside its name, with the first three having "no" circled; these were not the monsters present at the training area (with the exception of Torch Tiger), but rather the past and future (future knowledge from precognition?) monsters from 516-Shr1 through 535-SpOW, though "Metalsaurus" (Metallasaurus) was Havoc's evil Zord, not a monster; missing from this list were Delisha Ennivel, Translucitor, Clockster, Crosspatch, and Flash Head.
  • After seeing Lightning Cruiser flying overhead while she was unimpressed with the monsters present, Divatox said Lightning Cruiser was what she wanted.
  • Divatox was unimpressed by and impatient with Torch Tiger when he tried to prove himself to her.


  • After he and Rygog had been blasted by Lightning Cruiser's laser cannon, Elgar told the Rangers, "You're gonna need [Lightning Cruiser] when Divatox sends down her big--" but Rygog interrupted him, telling him to be quiet; Elgar may have said "ol'" or possibly "gold" before being interrupted, or this may have been merely a grunt.


  • On the moon, Divatox was impressed with Goldgoyle; when he claimed to be the most destructive monster in the universe, she happily told him he could prove it by destroying the Power Rangers.
  • T.J. flew in Lightning Cruiser toward Goldgoyle with the Turbo RAM, set to detonate upon impact, mounted to the top of the car; as he approached, he sent the Turbo RAM flying straight into Goldgoyle's mouth, and an enormous explosion from inside Goldgoyle's body obliterated the monster.
  • Just as the Rangers returned to the Power Chamber, Rygog and Elgar, walking in the desert with Piranhatrons, saw the teleportation streaks and followed them to the Power Chamber.
  • Divatox was astonished to learn that Rygog and Elgar had found the Power Chamber and that the Rangers were inside; as she set up her army in the desert, she was also surprised to see Dimitria and Blue Senturion, leaving to try to help Zordon now that Eltar had fallen to evil forces, teleporting away.


  • Divatox was quite unimpressed when she saw that the space cars had arrived to help fight the invasion.
  • As Divatox watched the capture of the space cars, Elgar asked her, "Things are looking pretty good, huh?", and she then looked up at the Power Chamber and said it was only a matter of time.
  • Entering the Power Chamber as Piranhatron ransacked it, Elgar spotted Zordon's and Dimitria's empty plasma tube; if he destroyed it, he said, they couldn't come back, so he threw a Piranhatron's hammer into the tube, shattering it.

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